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Welcome Home - Brian Littrell 14/10/2007

Welcome Home

Welcome Home - Brian Littrell Brian Littrell started, and continues, his career as a member of the Backstreet Boys, one of the most popular Boy bands to grace the 90's music scene. Brian though felt it was about time for him to release a solo album and this is it. Brian Littrell's Christian debut album Welcome Home. Song Listing: 1 - My Answer Is You 2 - Wish 3 - Welcome Home (You) 4 - You Keep Givin' Me 5 - Gone Without Goodbye 6 - I'm Alive 7 - Over My Head 8 - We Lift You Up 9 - Grace Of My Life 10 - Angels And Heroes 11 - Jesus Loves You Throughout the album Brian addresses issues of his faith and his family and happiness. It's not the feel good album that I would have expected from a Backstreet Boy but it's definately a moving and thought provoking album. Whilst listening to this CD I found some of the songs to be a bit too slow for my liking. Gone Without Goodbye is an example of this that seems to involve only a guitar and Brian's voice. Another fairly acapella song is Jesus Loves You, which also opens with his Son Baylee claiming "I wanna hear Jesus loves you daddy". Brian wrote or co-wrote most of the songs that appear on this album and even dedicates the song Grace Of My Life to his wife and his son which I found to be quite a moving sentiment considering the song is about people gracing his life. One of my favourites on the album has to be Welcome Home (You), which is a song about father and son relations and also about a relationship that people have with god. The ...

Mission Without Permission (DVD) 13/10/2007

Mission Without Permission

Mission Without Permission (DVD) This film takes the idea of a childs imagination and makes it a reality. Kristen Stewart plays Maddy, a young girl who loves her family and has a passion for climbing. She idolizes her dad as he was a climber as well but when an old climbing injury plays up, he winds up in hospital and facing a very expensive operation. Maddy's mum is unable to get a loan from the bank so Maddy takes matters into her own hands, by planning to rob the bank that her mum works at. With help from her friends Gus (Max Thieriot) and Austin (Corbin Bleu) the three of them set out on a mission that is definately not going to be easy. Not to mention the love triangle that is thrust upon the three of them when Gus and Austin find out they both have feelings for Maddy. A fun film filled with emotions, gadgets, action, adventure and humour. It's great to see a young female lead with so much leadership ability. Kristen plays a great heroine and it's nice to see an action film with a young female lead. Max and Corbin are also great supporting characters and keep you laughing throughout the film. Whilst the storyline is fairly unbelievable, it's still fun and entertaining for anyone who just wants to escape from the real world. It's a good story for making people believe that anyone can do anything and that people can succeed. It also shows in a more obvious manner that everyone has their skills and is helpful in all situations. Some of the scenes I was expecting to be completely computer ...

Pop Star (DVD) 13/10/2007

Pop Star! Maybe not...

Pop Star (DVD) Aaron Carter takes to one of his first major acting roles in this film and in short is a little disapointing. He takes on the role of teen heartthrob J.D McQueen who just so happens to be the hottest pop star around. Within the first few minutes of the film you already understand the whole concept of the storyline and can predict what will happen. J.D McQueen may be a superstar but he's failing his maths exams so if he fails again then his summer tour will be cancelled. Solving this problem, his mum sends him back to regular school where he has to pass his maths class. Not surprisingly at the school there are the usual cliques of the populars and the not so populars. When J.D steps foot into the school he is immediately loved by everyone. Shockingly though he falls in love with the geeky maths whizz Jane (Alana Austin), who just so happens to be his biggest fan. She teaches him algebra and he teaches her to drive. Then it's all up to Aaron to see if he can pass the final test on his own. I watched this film as an Aaron Carter fan and even I was appauled by his acting skills. Whilst not really being fantastic, Alana does do a slightly better job than Aaron but she's still not spectacular. While watching some of the scenes it made me wonder how anyone could have included them, they're totally fake and unrealistic. Luckily ths film was shot before Aaron became a little creepy looking so he does still have his teen star looks. If anyone was to see Alana Austin they would ...

The Sound Of Music (Special Edition) (DVD) 13/10/2007

The Sound Of Music

The Sound Of Music (Special Edition) (DVD) The film is hailed as one of the best ever musicals ever and it does in fact live up to it's reputation. Everyone told me this is a must see film and for years I didn't take notice. I sat down to watch it and the film is warm heartedly gripping and the songs are catchy and enjoyable. After watching this I had to go out and get the soundtrack as well. Even though it was produced in 1965, this film is still as effective and moving as it would have been back then. Julie Andrews plays a spectacular Maria and along with the kids they are the highlight of this delightful family film that will have you singing the songs for many weeks afterwards. If you're a fan of musicals then this is definately one you will want to sit down and watch if you haven't already.

For God and Country - Dolly Parton 11/10/2007

For God And Country

For God and Country - Dolly Parton Another amazing album by Dolly Parton. This album consists of some amazing and emotional songs. Dolly has always been a religious woman and in this album she really shows her religious and patriotic beliefs. Re-mastering some classics such as Tie A Yellow Ribbon and My Country 'Tis, whilst also belting out amazing songs such as God Bless The USA and even The Star Spangled Banner. Dolly however never takes herself too seriously and whilst this album includes heart wrenching tracks such as Brave Little Soldier, Dolly herself has a nice comical song in Gee, Ma. I wanna go home. The innocence that always seems to be hang around with Mrs Parton is still there in this album, especially when singing about the war and how she supports the troops. From my experience this album made even an British man fall in love with the USA and take a whole new look on life.
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