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Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream 24/09/2010

Nivea Creme-Not my first choice!

Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream If you haven't used this product this product before, then where have you been?! Nivea general creme is a staple product for anybody. I haven't really used it too much, I only happened to use when my boyfriend left his pot in my washbag. To be honest, I thinks it's generally a good product, however definitely not my ideal chosen moisturiser. Here are the reasons why is what I really think of it: **Price** you can buy this product in poundland. So it's pretty cheap. Or you can buy it in the supermaket, boots etc. etc. At Sainsbury's, Asda and Tesco, for 200ml, the price is £2.80 so if you can't find it at Poundland/99p store then going to get it from the supermarket isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg. to be honest, I think the product is good value for money. **Usage/effectiveness** Using the product is simple. It can be used as a general moisturiser and the product itself is apparently suitable for face and body. Personally, I disagree with this. When If you haven't used this product this product before, then where have you been?! Nivea general creme is a staple product for anybody. I haven't really used it too much, I only happened to use when my boyfriend left his pot in my washbag. To be honest, I thinks it's generally a good product, however definitely not my ideal chosen moisturiser. Here are the reasons why is what I really think of it: Price you can buy this product in poundland. So it's pretty cheap. Or you can buy it in the supermaket, boots etc. ...

This Water Real Fruit Quenchers 18/09/2009

This water is tasty!♥

This Water Real Fruit Quenchers I really love the this water brand. They have different flavours to suit each person's tastebuds and the product is basically a water and fruit blend which tastes great. **The flavours that are available are:** -Mangoes and passion fruits -Pomegranates and blackcurrants -lemons and limes -cranberries and raspberries -passion fruite and peaches. I have tried both the lemon and lime flavour and the pomegranates and blackcurrent flavour. **The Taste** I would definately say that this brand of drinks (or at least the experience I have had so far) is one of the best. I dislike some juices and smoothies and so was interested by this product when I picked it up in Waitrose. The lemon and lime one is really refreshing and crisp but is a little sour and does make your cheeks go a bit funny! you know when you get that kind of sharp tangyness! It's still absolutely wonderful though, especially when it's been in the fridge for a while and poured into a glass with ice. Nice for a hot day! It's definately very hydrating and it's just a soft drink that nayone will enjoy (unless you hate citrus!) It tastes like still old fashion lemondae! mmm! The second flavour I have tried, the pomegranate and blackcurrant flavour is porbably my favourite. It tastes a little juicier and sweeter than the previous flavour and I think pomegranates and blackcurrant really tastes good together in this drink. This flavour is also equally as refreshing and hydrating. The only trouble is that once ...

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB 14/09/2009

**Apple Iphone 8GB**

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB I Got the apple iphone for Christmas and just to let you know. I will be writing about the 8GB iphone because this is the one I have. --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ------------- --------------- ------ Price The apple iphone 3 GB is currently only available on o2. Personally, I think this is a good thing because o2 are an excellent phone company and the others simply just don't deserve it! O2 own the rights to sell the iphone from apple and this is why you can't buy it from your local orange shop or whatever. Now, my phone is on pay as you go. I have what is called a 30 day contract which is sim only meaning I have all the advantages of a contract but it's cheaper because the 'free' phone isn't included in my monthly price. Therefore, my boyfriend bought this for me on pay as you go and I put my sim in it. Now as it was a present I can't tell you how much he paid. However I believe he purchased it from an o2 store in which case it would have been about £350. Okay so this is allot of money for a phone. But as you will find out throughout this review. It is simply not just a phone and if, you're going to look after it, well worth the money. You can also get this on contract. The price of the iphone varies from free to £155 depending on which phone you get in terms of GB and which contact you take out. The contract prices are as follows: £29.38 per month you get 75 mins and125 texts but have to pay £96 for the 8GB model and £155 for ...

Tell us about your Summer Holiday 2009 experience! 10/09/2009

My lovely holiday-in Benidorm!

Tell us about your Summer Holiday 2009 experience! Okay, don't laugh, I went to Benidorm on holiday. Yes it's tacky, yes it smells a bit funny in places and yes it is full of Brits but it is amazing! I had been twice before with my family, but at the ripe old age of 19, I decided it was time to go on holiday with my lovely boyfriend (besides my mum couldn't afford to come) I chose Benidorm because I know the place surprisingly well and I really fancied a lovely beach type holiday. I had been working very hard at uni all year and decided I really needed a break. My boyfriend initially didn't want to come with me :-( He thought that we might just kill eahc other spending a whole 7 days together with no breaks! I went for the hotel in the ITV programme 'Benidorm.' It's called Sol Pelicanos/Ocas and is absolutely beautiful!!! I booked this with Thomson/First choice, I could have got a teletext deal cheaper but as i was only my second holiday without mummy, I wanted a name I could trsut!! I went on the 9th July for a week and it cost £800 for both of us half board! excellent value! If you are a uni student or can get time off work in the school holidays it really does make a difference because before we went, we looked and we saw that for a week in August, it was £600 each!!! Anyway, so we got the flight soooo early, 7:15AM but this meant I had to get up at 3AM. I had never been so tired in my life! When my mum waved me off, I got a bit scared because although I am infact an adult now, I am a bit silly and have no common ...

Rennie Spearmint Tablets 07/09/2009

Rennie Spearmint Tablets. Yummy and effective.

Rennie Spearmint Tablets Rennie tablets The Rennie brand is seemingly one of the most recognisible in it's category. They are taken for indigestion and heartburn but are also supposed to relieve wind problems and problems with digestion in pregnancy. This particular product is the spearmint flavour which is part of a whole spectrum of Rennie products including 'Rennie Ice' and 'Rennie fruit'. Indigestion and Heartburn..what is this? As I didn't know really what indigestion was I thought I'd tell you what I learnt about it! Incase anyone reading this is unsure of whether they need to consider this product or not. It is casued by a build up of too much acid in your stomach and means that generally a pain is felt in the stomach or just behind your rib cage. Some people say it is caused by eating too fast or spicy foods which I think is true but to be honest, whenever I experience it, I'm not quite sure what brings it on. My indigestions pain isn't severe as I've heard some people can get it really ba dand feel sick and physically vomit. Heartburn, I wasn't really aware of. I thought that it was the same as indigestion but apprently it's not! Heartburn, in my opinion hurts more (thank goodness Rennie!!) It really does burn! it's when the acid from your stomach travels up to your throat. If you have eaten too much sometimes this happens but it can really hurt because some people eat more to try and make it go away but it just gets worse. Insturctions of use Adults can safely have a maximum ...

L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss 07/02/2009

Casting Creme Gloss

L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss -Why I chose this product / my history with the product - To be honest, I don't often colour my hair. The only time I ever do it is to just cover the fact that my hair has suddenly become absolutely, unbelievably frizzy! and so it should be, the way I look after it. My hair touches my hip and it is a light/medium kind of browny colour. I have used this product three times before, sort of every 3 months or so. This time, I bought it and hadn't actually used it for about 7 months. I sometimes use it to dye my hair for special occasions and so that's another reason why I'm not really a regular user. The reason I do this is because I feel that dying your hair, especially a darker colour than you are now, makes it shinier and conditioned for a short while. Also, just to let all of you readers know, I will be reviewing the semi-permanent line of L'Oreal casting crème as I only ever dye my hair semi-permanently as I am too scared of something going wrong and me hating my hair forever. As my hair is so long (it would take probably 5 years to grow the colour out! Eeek!) since Ciao doesn't have a separate product for semi and permanent this is why my review is in this category. Please don't mistake it for permanent, in fact, I'm not even sure you can get excellence crème in permanent; you'll have to do some snooping! I bought this product at boots and it's normally £6.98, which I think is a little pricey for a semi-permanent hair colour but it was a pound of so I got it for ...

The Mighty Boosh - Series 3 - Complete (DVD) 28/01/2009

* The Mighty Boosh Series Three! *

The Mighty Boosh - Series 3 - Complete (DVD) I decided to construct a review about the Mighty Boosh as I feel, as an excellent part of British comedy it is underrated and often ignored. It is true that The Boosh has become more popular and received a 'cult' following but I think it still needs to recognised as a perfect piece of comedy! The Mighty Boosh is made up of comedy duo Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding with a range of others who contribute. The Mighty Boosh started off as a radio show and just a three-date small-scale theatre production and has since grown into three BBC series and two UK-wide tours. If you haven't seen Mighty Boosh before, then perhaps the series I am reviewing, series three is not the most appropriate series to start watching, however, it is not necessary that you need to watch the first two series as there is no coherent storyline or narrative. The Mighty Boosh, or just 'The Boosh' as it has been coined by fans is a strain of comedy that can be loosely be defined as: 'weird.' To be quite honest, this is the only way in which I can describe it, but I'm not an expert who can define different types of comedy. The comedy expressed in The Boosh, and especially, in my opinion, in series three is clever and random, as there are sketches throughout the programme concerning giant pieces of talking bubble gum, a man made entirely of cloths who occupies 'The Mirror World' and a talking ape. I say this, and fully understand how simple it is for one to think: 'I would hate this.' But this is what ...

Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (DVD) 27/01/2009

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (DVD) I can't begin to tell you how awfully awful this film is. I have never seen the Prequel and I didn't choose to watch this either. A friend of mine put it on and as I had not much else to do, I decided I would watch it. I have to say though, as I am reviewing this, I'm not really a fan of the american style 'comedy' films and so possibly my view of this film is more pessimistic as other views. If you find un-politically-correct films that poke fun at just about anything you are sure to enjore this film. At the end of the day, the film is supposed to be a bit of fun which allows you just sit and watch and not bother thinking about anything. The central characters- Harold and Kumar, a lazy twosome who can be described at 'potheads' plan a trip to Amsterdam: The capital of Mariijuana. They plan this in order for Harold to meet his girl and for Kumar to enjoy the aonders of pot smoking. The first scene of the movie is moderately amusing as we are introduced to the main character's personal traits. Trouble begins when Kumar introduces Howard to the 'smokeless' bong on the plane journey. This is mistaken for a bomb and causes the characters to be in great trouble. The pair are put into Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and the prision scenes are fairly funny although I never actually laughed. Although, just as a for instance, one of the 'funny' parts at this point in ther film is when big bob tries to make them eat his 'cockmeat' sandwich. What kind of humour is ?! After escaping from ...

Chilston Park Country House Hotel, Lenham 24/01/2009

Chilston Park Hotel

Chilston Park Country House Hotel, Lenham I decided to stay at the Chilston Park hotel by accident really. On they have this promo called 'Top Secret Hotels,' this basically means that they tell you where you are staying in terms of location but don't tell you the name of the hotel until after you book. After looking for top secret hotels near me, I decided I would crack the system. There was a short description of the hotel on the website; some person had named the restaurant in the 'secret' hotel so I googled the restaurant and it came up with Chilston park. It was £77 but I decided to look on the actual website for Chilston Park. I saw a deal £99 for a stay on a Thursday night with a three course meal, champagne and canopes and breakfast. I booked this deal for two people. I stayed here on the 22nd January 2009 with my boyfriend for his birthday. *About the hotel* The hotel is in Lenham which is a really small village near Maidstone in Kent. It has 53 rooms and is an old grade one listed manor house set in 22 acres of land. The hotel has four stars and has a restaurant called the Culpeper which has been awarded two AA fine dining rosettes. It has a great wine cellar and specialises in a variety of different wines. *First Impressions* The hotel is fairly easy to find. A week before we stayed, we went to see what it looked like and found it without the sat nav, we just headed for Maidstone and then followed the signs to Lenham, driving through Lenham village, it is well signposted. Second ...

America's Most Smartest Model 31/03/2008

Americas most smartest model

America's Most Smartest Model MTV are always looking for ways to diversify and try to really produce different television programmes. MTV is no longer 'music television' as the name of the channel suggests and if you do not have Sky you will probably not be as familiar with this finding. MTV are now concentrating on developing different kinds of reality programmes and 'America's most smartest model' is a television programme that was heavily advertised before it's premiere and is now on weekly. The basic idea of this television programme is that some American lovely looking model people are required to perform tests which test their intelligence. They have to take part in spelling Bees, experiments etc. etc. The basic concept of the programme is that it's supposed to be funny as the stereotype of models is that they only have beauty and not brains. 14 models- 7 girls and 7 guys move in together and competed in the tasks. They have been competing to win $100,000. The tasks determine who will go and stay. Individuals or teams which win the task can stay and others are eliminated and are out of the chance of winning. MTV set out an enormous marketing campaign to get people to watch this by creating comical slogans during the advertising campaign such as 'against model testing.' VH1 and MTV set out to find an answer to the following question: Do smart models exist, or does a life devoted to getting by on one's looks make a person stupid? I don't watch the show religiously as I don't think it ...

Your personal review of 2007: Which events stand out for you? 19/01/2008

2007: Heartbreak and hugs.

Your personal review of 2007: Which events stand out for you? I spent the last day of 2006 at a random person's party. It was a laugh and we decided that 2007 would be the best year yet. In many ways it was, but at the same time it was the worst year of my life also. The horribleness started 20 minutes after midnight, in fact. My boyfriend punched me in the face! NICE! This is going to be a marvelous year, I thought. It was in this year, I discovered the joys of alcohol and the joys of hangovers and the habit of smoking. I'm only 17 and so these were pretty new experiences, I mean, I had drunk alcohol before but never got drunk. This wasn't very fun some times. January was stressful. It was awful. I had my first set of exams for 6 from and I hated them. I went to Paris is January, which was a lovely experience as I had never visited Paris before. In March was my 17th birthday and I spent the whole day crying. I'm not sure why either, I just felt a bit weird having lots of attention and I also didn't get to see my Dad on my birthday for the first year ever and I guess this kind of upset me quite allot. The main event which really stood out for me was the fact that my boyfriend cheated on me. We had been together nearly two years and I loved him very much :-) My mum had gone away and my brother was in Spain and so I was left alone for a week. This will be great, I thought. He and I could spend lots of time together. When it got to the weekend before the Monday my mum was coming back he told me he was going to a music ...

Dove Invisible Dry 14/01/2008

Dove invisible dry deo♥ like a moisturiser!

Dove Invisible Dry I tried this product as it was on offer in Asda 2 for £1. Usually I would wear a roll on although I got a bit bored of these as they were kind of gooey and sticky and took ages to dry and so I tried this as it was on offer and I had seen in the advert that it was supposed to eliminate those annoying white marks! Dove are a truly diversifying company, and they can of course because their main products are so strong. I knew that this would be a quality, caring product when I bought it and my predictions were correct. First impressions. When I first looked at the white shapely bottle, I thought it was much more attractive than roll on, but who really cares about what it looks like! As soon as I opened it, I smelt it and it smelt very nice, kind of soapy and fresh and I liked it very much although it wasn't a particularly distinctive smell. Because the smell of this product isn't very strong, I would say that if you dislike the smell of aerosols then this is definitely the product for you because the smell is not overpowering and you don't choke as you apply it. What does it feel like? The first time I used it, I immediately noticed how lovely and soft it was. It feels so creamy and doesn't sting even if you have just shaved! That's always a bonus, especially if you have very sensitive skin like I do. Because, with this there was no soreness, no stinging and no red marks. It actually felt nice. It felt like I was putting some lovely soft cream on my ...

Samsung L830 11/01/2008

♥Samsung L830

Samsung L830 An introduction The Samsung L830 is an advanced but usable camera newly launched by Samsung. I bought this camera for £79 from Currys just after Christmas. I though that this was very much of a bargain as I was told that it was reduced from £199.99. So what does it feature? The Samsung L830 boasts 8.1 mega pixels of quality, although you can also downgrade the settings to lower mega pixels. The 8.1 mega pixels provide the user with an astonishing degree of pure quality in both photographs taken and films created. The definition and detail is absolutely superb and when you take a picture of something it actually looks like the object in the photograph. There is no doubt that the quality is absolutely fantastic and you could use this camera and it's quality to take all different kinds of photos. However, as the photos produced in 8mp quality are so brilliant this means that this puts a great strain on your memory and in fact- without any memory card, the camera's built in memory could actually only hold 4 photos!!! Obviously this is a problem and so a memory card is needed. I managed to purchase a 1GB memory card for £9.99 in Currys which allows me to take around 500 8 mega pixel quality photos. It also features MPEG4 video recording technology which I know very little about but I do know that the quality of my videos- both sound and picture are absolutely fantastic. I can't see any faults with the video system on this camera at all. What's great about this ...

On Tour With Eric Clapton (Collector's Edition) - Delaney & Bonnie 07/01/2008

Eric, Delaney and Bonnie.

On Tour With Eric Clapton (Collector's Edition) - Delaney & Bonnie To be honest, I am not at all a fan of Eric Clapton! And to be quite honest, being only 18 myself I don't even know who Delaney and Bonnie are. I am told by my dad that they were part of a group called Delaney and Bonnie and friends which once featured many different people, like, the genius that is Eric Clapton. I accidentally started listening to this as it was on random in my dad's CD changer in his car. Immediately, I liked the first song 'Things get better' I found it a very upbeat song which was the song that made me listen on. I think it was a really happy, feel good song, and I didn't expect it to be so fast and energetic. I hadn't really heard much of Eric Clapton before and what I had heard was different to this song. I normally wouldn't listen to this type of music, but even as a non-musical person I could appreciate the expertise of Eric Clapton's skill. I don't think you can buy this in the UK yet, as we got it from AMAZON.COM. Delaney and Bonnie have awesome strong voices which are really powerful and throughout the whole album, you will not be disappointed by the sheer power and brilliance of their voices. (I'm sure most people know what they sound like anyway, but this is my first Delaney & Bonnie experience!) I believe that the best track on the album has to be the second track:" Poor Elijah - Tribute to Johnson Medley" This track is just an amazing tribute to Robert Johnson. I like this song because it's so different to the others and really ...

Lipton Ice Tea 18/09/2007

♥Lipton Ice Tea♥

Lipton Ice Tea Firstly, let me clarify, As Ciao has not listed this item as one flavour I will be mainly talking about the peach flavour ice tea in my review! There are, 4 flavours of Lipton ice tea- Peach, lemon, mang and green tea orange. Lipton Thomas Johnstone Lipton was borne in 1850 and he wanted to make tea accesible to everyone at good prices. Lipton is the 15th biggest selling soft drink brand in the world. So what is lipton ice tea Ice Tea? Ice tea is jsut like normal tea except it is served cold (Best when ice cold!) It's made from tea leaves as normal and it packed full of antioxidants. Lipton ice tea is made from using a small amount of fruitjuice andwater and belnding this with tea. What does it taste like? Lipton ice tea is, in my opinion, the best tasting ice tea I have found so far. Not only is it the nicest but it's also the best quality. I have tried both the lemon and peach iced tea and like them both. However, the peach ice tea is much more fruity and I find the lemon one a bit bland. You can buy ice tea in powder form and im my opinion this is actually better than the bottle form. The powder version is good for me because I like my drinks to be strong- i like my tea strong, my squash strong etc. etc. I find that if you use the powder versions you can make the concentration stronger and it tastes yummier! Nonetheless, I still but the peach ice tea whenever i am a bit hot and bothered and need to be refreshed. The taste of the peach ice tea ...
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