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Book Of Eli , The(DVD) 24/06/2010

Some will kill to have it. He will kill to protect it.

Book Of Eli , The(DVD) In post-apocalyptic America, Eli makes his way slowly across the desolate land heading to the same place he's been trying to get to for the past few years. With him he carries a precious book, one of the only books left after everyone went to war, and with it the only possible chance to save the human race. But in a world where the only few remaining people have nothing and no one, everyone is out to get everything they possibly can, and Eli finds himself in many dangerous situations on his way. But the most dangerous situation is when he ends up caught up with a group of violent thugs whose leader will do anything to get his own hands on the book. ~ Cast ~ Eli - Denzel Washington Carnegie - Gary Oldman Solara - Mila Kunis Redridge - Ray Stevenson Claudia - Jennifer Beals I love action movies like this with a little bit of fantasy thrown in and the trailers made this film look brilliant and really action-packed so I couldn't wait to see it. When I did get around to seeing it though, I was quite disappointed as it wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be. Because of the time it's set in - a desolate wasteland world where only a few people are still alive and most of the land is desert - the majority of the film was simply following Eli as he travelled over land to his destination. These bits were pretty boring as most of the time he had no company and there was nothing of much interest that he came across. This made these parts pretty boring, ...

I Love You Phillip Morris (DVD) 28/05/2010

The conman who wouldn't go straight

I Love You Phillip Morris (DVD) Steven Russell is happy with his life. He loves his wife Debbie and their daughter, and enjoys his job on the local police force. But when he is involved in a car accident, Steven realises that he hasn't been living his life the way he should have been and decides to come clean about being gay. But being gay comes at a price, and Steven's expensive tastes means that he needs lots of money. Becoming a conman is easy for him and even though it means he's breaking the law, he isn't hurting anyone except himself. But the law eventually catches up with him and Steven finds himself locked up in the State Penitentiary, where he meets the very friendly and naïve Phillip Morris and the two instantly fall in love. Being in love means that Steven now has even more of a reason to live life to the fullest and his conman ways begin to spiral out of control. ~ Cast ~ Steven Russell - Jim Carrey Phillip Morris - Ewan McGregor Debbie - Leslie Mann Jimmy Kemple - Rodrigo Santoro Larry Bukheim - Brennan Brown Lindholm - Antoni Corone I love any sort of comedy film like this Jim Carrey is always good for a laugh so this was definitely something that I wanted to see. The film is actually based on a true story and even though that is very hard to believe what with the amount of times Steven manages to con someone, and the number of times he escapes from prison, this just makes the film all the more shockingly funny. I have to say that I think this was one of Jim ...

How To Train Your Dragon (DVD) 24/05/2010

Everything you know about dragons is wrong

How To Train Your Dragon (DVD) The Vikings on the island of Berk must continuously fight to prevent their village from being destroyed by the fire-breathing dragons that plague the island. Hiccup, a young Viking, dreams of becoming as famous as his father who is the leader of the island and has killed many dragons, but Hiccup is far too small and clumsy to fight and is left indoors while the rest of his friends get to slay dragons. To prove himself to his father and the town, Hiccup takes down the most feared dragon of them all, the Night Fury, but when he finds where it landed, he can't bring himself to kill it. Instead, Hiccup ends up befriending the dragon, who he names Toothless, and he realises that the dragons aren't anything like what the Vikings think they are. ~ Cast ~ Hiccup - Jay Baruchel Stoick - Gerard Butler Gobber - Craig Ferguson Astrid - America Ferrera Snotlout - Jonah Hill Fishlegs - Christopher Mintz-Plasse Tuffnut - T.J. Miller Ruffnut - Kristen Wiig I wasn't originally too bothered about seeing this as the trailers didn't make it look like one of the best animated films ever made but my mum said she thought it was brilliant so I changed my mind and decided to see it. And I was so glad that I did as it was an absolutely brilliant film. The animation was all so good. The Vikings looked exactly as you would imagine them to be - big burly men with long brown beards, gruff Irish voices and all sporting the trade mark helmet with horns on top of their heads. ...

Housewife in Love - Alison Penton Harper 18/05/2010

Love is in the air

Housewife in Love - Alison Penton Harper 'You're the bride, babe. You just go right ahead and arrange anything you bloody well want. And I mean anything. I don't care how we get married. All I want is you.' When Rick hints at having sex in the aeroplane toilets, Helen starts to think that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to start sleeping with her boss. And back on solid ground, things only get worse when Rick's demanding and self-obsessed daughter turns up out of the blue and hates Helen on first sight. But when Rick asks her to marry him, Helen can't help but say yes and is glad that she has another chance to be happy again with someone she loves. Amongst planning her wedding, Helen also has the excitement of her sister being pregnant for the first time at the age of 43, even though their friends are determined on warning her against motherhood. And to create a bit of excitement of her own, Helen takes Rick at his word when he tells her she can arrange anything she wants for the wedding. ~ My opinion ~ Having read the first three books in this series, I was quite excited to start this one as I'd got quite into them. And having read the first couple of pages of this book before realising it was actually part of a series, I already knew that just the first couple of pages were great. This time around, Helen eventually finds love in the form of her very demanding and very successful boss, Rick. At first she seems to struggle with the idea of being in a relationship with him even though I ...

Housewife on Top - Alison Penton Harper 12/05/2010

Helen is well and truly stuffed

Housewife on Top - Alison Penton Harper In the third book in the Housewife series, Helen is finally finding her feet and getting used to life by herself. With her beautiful home, a job she enjoys, lots of money in the bank, and her friends and family around her, Helen can finally relax and just enjoy her freedom. But all of a sudden, everyone around her seems to be having a crisis of their own and Helen's life is once again thrown into chaos. Organising her best friend Leoni's Christmas and preparing her children for their school play is the first of many difficult tasks on Helen's list. Then her usually sensible and trouble-free sister, Julia, seems to be having a midlife crisis which no one seems to be able to get to the bottom of. And then to top it all off, her boss asks her to arrange his Christmas too. ~ My opinion ~ From the very beginning of this book I already found it a lot more interesting and enjoyable than the first two books in the Housewife series. Alison Penton Harper seems to have upped her game a bit and her writing style seems to get better here making it a very easy book to get into and read and one that you find hard to put down. Even just the cover of the book makes it look a lot better and more modern than the previous two. All of the previous characters are still very much the same but their personalities seem to spring to life a bit more this time round along with the actual story. Leoni, Helen's best friend, seems to get funnier and funnier, with her constant moaning about ...

Housewife Up - Alison Penton Harper 11/05/2010

Heaven save us from ourselves

Housewife Up - Alison Penton Harper "Heaven save us from ourselves. And if you can't manage that, I'd settle for saving me from me." Having recently lost her husband, Helen begins to make a new life for herself with help from her much-loved family and friends. Despite the rapid approach of her fortieth birthday, her gorgeous new flat, new friends, neighbours and boyfriend, and a new feeling of freedom that she hasn't felt in many years, is everything that Helen needs. But when she suddenly begins to have money troubles, the only thing Helen can do to save her herself is to jump back into the employment pool once again. But with no experience, and not having had a job in fifteen years, Helen knows she's going to find it difficult. But the one job she is qualified for is a housewife and when the perfect job comes along, the only thing she needs to get to grips with is the boss from hell. ~ My opinion ~ This is the second book in the House Wife series by Alison Penton Harper and, even though the first wasn't the best chick-lit book I've ever read, I had the whole series at home so ploughed on with this one. This is very similar to the first book where there isn't really that much of a storyline. Helen just seems to plod along with her life not really seeming to go in any particular direction and without any real emphasis on the point to the story. As I said with House Wife Down (the first in the series), as a stand alone book, this isn't such a good read, but when read in the series, especially ...

Dear John - Nicholas Sparks 10/05/2010

Is duty enough reason to live a lie?

Dear John - Nicholas Sparks For as long as he can remember, John has been angry. Angry at his mother who left when he was a baby; angry at his father who seems to have nothing to say to his only son; and angry at the world in general. Enlisting in the army seemed like the best thing to do, if not as something to focus his anger on, then just as something to do with his life. But, on leave from the army, John meets Savannah, and his dull life immediately changes. After only a couple of weeks together, they both feel a love so strong for each other that they no they will survive a long separation while John finishes his duty in the army and that one day they will end up being married. But when 9/11 comes and John feels the need to re-enlist, everything changes, and they both have to ask themselves whether their love is strong enough to make it through to the end. ~ My opinion ~ Although haven't read the book, The Notebook, I've seen the film and loved it, so when I saw that another of Nicholas Sparks' books was coming out as a film, I knew that I had to read the book first. I was quite excited to start this and had quite high expectations considering how brilliant and popular The Notebook was. Sparks' writing style is absolutely brilliant and from the very first page I was thinking how great his writing is. He writes in this beautiful way that just captures you and makes you unable to look up from what you're reading, and this is the reason that the story is so good. I think if anyone ...

Blind Side , The(DVD) 28/04/2010

"You're changing that boy's life." "No. He's changing mine."

Blind Side , The(DVD) Based on a true story, Michael Oher is a kind-hearted African-American teenager with not much to his name. He has no home, no idea where his mother is living, no education and only the t-shirt and shorts he wears to call his own. When the Tuohy's, a well-off white family, stumble across him walking alone in the cold streets at night, Leigh Anne, the strict yet generous mother, takes Michael under her wing and into their home. The family help Michael to reach his full potential both at school and in sports, and he soon starts to come out of his shell and begins on the path to making a proper life for himself with his new family. ~ Cast ~ Leigh Anne Tuohy - Sandra Bullock Sean Tuohy - Tim McGraw Michael Oher - Quinton Aaron S.J. Tuohy - Jae Head Collins Tuohy - Lily Collins Coach Burt Cotton - Ray McKinnon Miss Sue - Kathy Bates I was a little hesitant of Sandra Bullock's role in this as it's very different to the usual quirky characters that she plays, but she actually plays her role in this extremely well. Her character is serious, down-to-earth and very sophisticated yet there's also something charming about her because she is so kind and open-hearted, and she did still give her character quite a bit of quirkiness. Bullock won an Oscar for her performance in this and, although I'm not sure it was THAT amazing, she did do a very good job and made the film a lot more enjoyable and interesting. Tim McGraw plays Michael very well too and, although ...

Housewife Down - Alison Penton-Harper 26/04/2010

Helen's life is about to transform

Housewife Down - Alison Penton-Harper "The days I had previously filled with the duties of chief cook and bottle-washer now lay strangely empty and stretched out before me like a blank canvas. I kept looking at it, but couldn't think of anything to paint..." After thirteen years of being Robert's wife, Helen Robbins can't take it anymore. Preparing and sitting through dinners with his boring colleagues, wearing dismal clothes and doing dismal chores, not seeing her own sister because Robert didn't get on with her, and having a women's radio talk station as her only company, Helen drinks all the wine, ruins the dinner and insults Robert about his bad driving in front of his work friends. To prove to her that he is a good driver, Robert agrees to take a driving test only to end up in a fatal accident which leaves Helen without a husband. Not knowing where to begin in the world all by herself, Helen's sister and old friends return into her life and show her how she is much better off in a world without Robert. ~ My opinion ~ I accidentally bought the fourth book in this series without realising that it was actually part of a series. This meant that I had to go out and buy the first three books as I couldn't read the fourth one without reading the others first. Robert, Helen's husband, is only in the book very briefly at the beginning before he has his accident so you don't really see enough of him to actually feel anything for him. From what you do see of him though, he isn't exactly being the ...

Obsession (DVD) 20/04/2010

All's fair when love is war

Obsession (DVD) Derek and Sharon Charles are very happy with their new life - newly married, a young son, a successful job for Derek and a new house - nothing could be more perfect. But when the overly friendly and very beautiful Lisa joins Derek's firm as a temp, the Charles' perfect life begins to fall apart. After a misunderstanding at the firm's Christmas party, Lisa seems to get the wrong idea. She believes that she and Derek are meant to be together and she will go to any lengths to have him for herself. ~ Cast ~ Derek Charles - Idris Elba Sharon Charles - Beyoncé Knowles Lisa Sheridan - Ali Larter Ben - Jerry O'Connell I wanted to see this when it first came out at the cinema but the cinema people obviously thought that it wasn't going to be that much of a success as it didn't even come out at my local cinema, so I was really disappointed. So Alex bought me the DVD for Christmas and we've only just got around to watching it over the weekend. I thought that Ali Larter was the best actor in this. From the very beginning, even when she seemed like she was being a perfectly nice and friendly person, there was still something about her that just seemed creepy. There's not really another way to explain it other than that she just made her character seem weird from the very start. Lisa seemed slightly psycho-ish and like a crazy stalker and the way she looked at Derek, even when she first met him, it seemed that something wasn't right with her. I just had a bad feeling ...

Case 39 (DVD) 06/04/2010

Some cases should never be opened

Case 39 (DVD) Emily Jenkins is dedicated to her job as a social worker and spends her time doing nothing but making sure the children in her cases are safe and happy. When she receives her 39th case she finds out that the parents are trying to kill their 10 year old daughter, Lilith. After a troubling call from Lilith, Emily arrives at her house just in time to stop her crazy parents from killing their daughter and Emily decides to take Lilith in and look after her herself. But soon bad things begin to happen to people around Emily and people she cares about are found dead in the most terrifying ways. Speaking to Lilith's parents who are locked up in a mental hospital, Emily realises that Lilith isn't as sweet and innocent as she makes out to be and case 39 is about to become a whole lot worse. ~ Cast ~ Emily Jenkins - Renée Zellweger Lilith Sullivan - Jodelle Ferland Douglas Ames - Bradley Cooper Detective Mike Barron - Ian McShane Wayne - Adrian Lester Jodelle Ferland, who plays Lilly, the young and very troubled girl, I thought was an excellent actress. She was the perfect person to play the part of Lilith as she looks completely sweet, innocent and angelic but she managed to make herself look evil and malicious just by a simple change in her facial expressions. Her very sweet and high-pitched voice and big sad eyes draw you in and make you think that she's such a lovely little girl. But when she turns into the demon child her sweet voice starts to sound like it's ...

Malibu Caribbean White Rum with Coconut 22/03/2010

The taste of the Caribbean

Malibu Caribbean White Rum with Coconut The main type of alcohol that I drink is spirits and Malibu has always been at the very top of my favourites list. Malibu is a white rum drink that is made with natural coconut extract. It's made in the Caribbean and the entire drink, from the palm tree design on the bottle to the coconut taste of it, is very exotic, tropical and summery. This is a very sweet drink and a lot of people don't like it as it is an acquired taste. The coconut flavour is very strong but it's a fruity and very sweet coconut taste. I used to drink this with pineapple juice as then the entire drink was very fruity and the two tropical flavours suited each other really well. That is a little bit sickly though and one or two glasses was always enough for me. A few years ago though I tried it with coke, thinking that it wouldn't be that nice, but I'm so glad I did try it as it's still my favourite drink today. It's the only drink that I actually have whatever the situation and I very rarely choose a different alcoholic drink. The mixture of Malibu and coke is just so divine even though I wouldn't have thought that coke and coconut went at all well together. I can drink plenty of these (and do on a night out!) without them getting at all boring or unoriginal. The only thing I do notice after drinking quite a few of these is that I do sometimes start to feel a little sick - and I don't mean sick from too much alcohol, I mean a kind of sickly feeling because the drink is so sweet. Although that ...

Swahili for the Broken-hearted - Peter Moore 17/03/2010

Lose yourself in the Dark Continent

Swahili for the Broken-hearted - Peter Moore "Q: What do you do when you're dumped by the Girl Next Door? A: Throw yourself into another madcap adventure and travel from Cape Town to Cairo." After breaking up with the GND (Girl Next Door), his travelling companion on his last trip, Peter Moore thinks it would be a fantastic idea to travel to the dark and dangerous continent of Africa to forgot about his woes at home. Travelling from Cape Town to Cairo overland, Peter finds himself falling in love with the beautiful city of Cape Town, the friendly locals in run-down townships, the huge game reserves, towering Mount Kilimanjaro and the awesome pyramids of Egypt. But amidst all the beauty and adventure, Peter finds himself in the middle of political and civil wars, natural disasters and deathly diseases. Travelling alone, Peter has to face the good and the bad, but he does it in such a way that makes you just want to get up and live life for yourself. ~ My opinion ~ For our upcoming overlanding trip across Africa, I thought it would be very interesting and helpful to read about someone else's experiences of a similar trip. Looking both in shops and online I was so surprised at how many books there were about people's travels in Africa but this one sounded by far the best. Peter Moore is an Australian whose job is to travel the world and then write about it - one of the best jobs in the world, me thinks! He has written about his other adventures but I was only really interested in this one as he ...

Cushtie 12/03/2010

Cushtie Smoosh Me

Cushtie I bought one of these cushions years ago and I still absolutely love it now. When I first got it I couldn't stop playing with it - it's a little bit like bubble wrap where the feel of it is just so addictive and you can't stop squeezing and squashing it. These are snug little cushions that are filled with thousands of tiny polystyrene beads with a soft polyester material on the outside. The beads make this cushion extremely soft and squishy and whenever you lean on it, they mould into shape to fit around your body and then go back into their original shape when you get off it. It feels so so soft and it really does feel very luxurious when you lay on it. The cushion moulds and fits into the shape of your body perfectly which is why it feels so comfortable. I had a road accident a few years ago and fractured my jaw in a few places as well as my cheekbone and this cushion was literally my saving grace after the accident. I couldn't use my normal pillow in bed as it was too hard but this Cushtie pillow was exactly what I needed. It moulded into the shape of my face and felt so soft and comfortable to lay on without causing me any pain or discomfort. I wouldn't have been able to sleep without it! Alex also used it to rest his foot on when he fractured his ankle and this provided him too with lots of comfort and pain release. I've had the cushion for probably about 5 years so it's quite old but it's lasted very well. I've never had a split or tear in it which is always ...

Pop Tart - Kira Coplin 02/03/2010

She was America's sweetheart until the love affair ended

Pop Tart - Kira Coplin Jackie Reilly is a young and struggling make-up artist trying to make it big in Hollywood. When she is asked to do a one-off job for Brooke Parker, a young confident singer who's set to be the next big thing, Brooke takes a shine to her and she somehow ends up becoming her full-time make-up artist as well as her best friend. But touring the world and facing the paparazzi and screaming fans begins to take it's toll on the sweet and innocent 16 year old Brooke, who soon begins to do what everyone does in Hollywood - drink, party, take drugs and hook up with boys. Her antics soon begin affecting those around her and when Brooke's world eventually collapses, she's taking Jackie down with her. ~ My opinion ~ I thought this book was going to be a great read as the blurb sounded interesting and the picture on the front cover of a young girl sucking on a lollipop made it look quite exciting too. To my disappointment though it wasn't really either interesting or exciting. The book started off well with Jackie rushing to the hospital where Brooke was being transported to. We don't know why Brooke is being rushed to hospital so we can only think the worse for a young girl who has been thrown into the Hollywood spotlight and it makes you desperate to know what will happen at the end. The whole story is about fame with the majority of it being set in Hollywood. I thought a lot of it was quite unrealistic such as the way some people spoke or acted and I just couldn't see ...
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