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Elvis Restored - Elvis Presley 29/08/2017

Elvis is great

Elvis Restored - Elvis Presley Hi all, I bought the Elvis Restored from amazon and downloaded it because I absolutely love Elvis and I loved seeing him live in concert a time or two. A really awe-inspiring experience and to be able to listen to this in all it's glory it just brings back so many memories about the king of rock and roll himself. I love to sit back and relax and listen to him sing. My favorite Elvis song of all time has to be Blue Suede Shoes because it features Elvis when he was really in the prime of his career and his life and again it brings back a lot of memories for me. I got the album from amazon and they let you stream the whole album but I also got the physical version on CD for £7.52p as I enjoy having hard copies of things to add sentimental value for myself. I'd really recommend it if you are a fan of Elvis Presley and it is great for the car or if you have a radio in your house you can play it on there if it has a CD player on it. My car is full of Elvis music because I cannot get enough of the man himself even 30+ years after his passing I still miss him and I would bet a lot of other people do as well as I do. I really love Elvis Presley's music and this is a good idea for a gift if you want to buy it for someone. The songs you get on the disc are Blue Suede Shoes I'm Counting On You I Got A Woman One-Sided Love Affair I Love You Because Just Because Tutti Frutti Trying To Get To You I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin') Blue ...
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