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Finding Nemo (DVD) 04/12/2016

funny story

Finding Nemo (DVD) Synopsis: Life in the Australian Great Barrier Reef is full of dangers when it is a tiny fish-clown. And for Marlin, a father who alone creates the only child, Nemo, and is determined to protect it, and there are dangers in too much anxiety. When it comes time to leave the Nemo under your home protected by means of the tentacles anemone-fish for the first day that will go to school, the accompanying Marlin, panic and nervous before every movement of the child. When Nemo defies his father, moves away and nothing beyond the "wall" side of the coral to investigate a boat, he has taken by a diver in front of father speechless and powerless. The sadness of Marlin turns into despair as he frantically nothing behind the child. When passing by a school of fish, he literally "gives face" with Dory, a friendly blue tang who offers to help him. The only problem is that Dory suffers from a kind of temporary amnesia and forget things as they happen. Together, these two beings so incompatible embark on a mission impossible. Meanwhile, in a dentist office with a beautiful view over the bay of Sydney, Nemo did a huge aquarium, where he lives a group of excited people. The leader of the class is a menacing-Moorish idol named Gil, who also came from the ocean and dream of returning to the sea some day. The other members of the class of the tank include a star of the sea called Peach, a temperamental baiacu called Tusk; Bubbles, a yellow tang obsessed with bubbles and a real grass ...
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