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Mitsubishi Carisma 1.6 15/06/2006

mitsubishi carisma 1.6 glxi new family car

Mitsubishi Carisma 1.6 I was given this car by my dad as he has bought a mitsubishi carisma but only newer and a desil because of his long journeys. Since i've had the car in the past 6 months i've done 5000 miles!!!...going to and from my mom and dads 178 miles away. Its a lovey drive and has never let me down, it never overheats and rairly needs top ups of water, oil or any other fluids. it holds then all well. It's very comfortable and spacey. Out of the 22 cars i've had over 7 years this is by far the best. and you can now pick them up very cheaply. the interior is comfy and the air conditioning is very effective especially at the moment in the hot weather. Top speed i've reached is 115 on the motorway and you can get 400 mile out of a full tank which is about £47-50. Mine is a 1999 s reg which can range from £500 to just over £2000 depending on condition and whether you buy from a garage which is more expensive or private. It mark one goes from 1995 to 1999. parkers suggest a price of £2030-£5115 but upon experience you can get one a lot lot cheaper. Ive also added a spoiler which was £45 from ebay which is a lovely added touch. If you want to know about crash testing which is very important to me having a small child see If you want the mark 2 the prices tend to be more like £1785-£7156 this is for a 99 - 04 model. also very realiable. I would really recommend this car as a good family car.!!!

Panasonic TX210 24/12/2005

old faithful

Panasonic TX210 Yes i know its and old phone and it's discontinued, but if you get one of these little beauties don't just chuck it away or sell it on ebay. It's a fantastic back up phone. Up to now ive had no complaints, maybe due to the minimal usage and even now i think it still looks pretty funky. now for the info!! This is discontinued so getting hold of one maybe almost impossible. If you want one id try ebay. it's available in silver and blue, I like the silver it looks snazzier. It doesn't have a colour display but then again do you really need one for a back up phone? Or a phone for your nan, its easy to use and grip so would be perfect for my nan. talk time is 120minutes and standby time is 200 not fantastic i suppose but when you have a bulky brand new 3 phone as your main phone this seams a lifetime. It doesn't have bluetooth or internet. That would stop my nan pressing anything she shouldn't !!! :-) It also doesn't have games, camera or email. All in all it is a great phone for old and very young, and it's been a godsend to me as a back up phone. I paid £49.99 some time ago now but i bet it would even be half that now I found the manual here i thought id add this as chances are you wouldn't be able to get the manual anymore. Hope this has been of help to you. Merry xmas

JCB DD 014 23/12/2005

dust buster says no

JCB DD 014 i bought one of these recently and i must admit i wish id had the chance to use it first. After trying several other makes i have found that the likes of black and decker and dirt devel can give you a better clean for your money. I bought this for £49.97 from and if you feel this is the one for you it is currently still in stock and delivery is free. It is a rechargable 14.4 watts mini hoover. by jcb, It doesn't have a filter or a bag so that is a cost saver. It weighs 5.25kg. The one that i had didn't seem to keep the charge and when it came to the end of its charge all the dirt seemed to fall back out. Im not sure what the capacity is but it's better than a bag one because I had one of those admitidly it was an unknown make and i cant remember the details. But i was not dissapointed with the amount it held. I swaped this shortly afterwards for a dirt devel which ive found a must better choice and it works out £10 cheaper from amaxon. You can also buy the jvc at a good price from for £45.00. and it's always good to try ebay but be careful with electrical goods. all in all I think its a good hoover but theres better out there. Hope this helps merry xmas 23/12/2005

megabus rulez-online ticket bookers...... On the 18th december my boyfriend, son and i took a megabus from birmingham to london for 4 days. It cost £26 and to be honest i can't fault it. I spotted the megabus sign when i went on holiday to scotland, i never used the bus but noticed the £1 sign on the sign and looked it up when i got home and noticed it went from birmingham to london. Well the travelodge had a £10 a night deal on so i booked 4 nights and booked the bus with it. It was there bang on time and made it there and back exactly the time they said on the timetable. The only thing i could say maybe was that it was a bit cold. but it is the winter, and for the price we paid i didn't really care. The priced start from £1 and worked out that next time we go if we book early enough i can probably get it down to around £2-£3!!! you can get more infomation from Im just a bit dissapointed that the only bus from birmingham goes to london. At the moment there are 2000 free seats and all you have to do is pay the 50p booking fee but finding these tickets are a bit more difficult than you'd think. I can't find might be more lucky but apparently they are always doing offers like this. All buses go into london. Other stops include inverness, aberdeen, dundee, perth, glasgow, edinbourogh, newcastle, scotch corner, lancaster, preston, blackpool, leeds, manchester, sheffield, liverpool, chesterfield, nottingham, stoke-on-trent, wolverhampton, birmingham, coventry, leicester, ...

Remington CS1000 25/10/2005

best ones ive tried

Remington CS1000 In the past I have used serveral straightners. I've tried the steam ones by babyliss but they made my hair frizzy. I've tried 2 other babyliss models both similer model and price to this but they have never produced the same results. My hair tends to be very frizzy and is very thick. I love the effect the hair salons strightners have on my hair. No other straightners seem to heat up quite as much as these which i think gives them there advantage. There thin plates stop your hair from becoming tangled and takes half the time than other similer models to finish. My hair is very thick and takes a while to do roughly 1 hour with my own straightners but with these I can do my hair quickly at my moms before i go out to work. takeing half an hour max to do. Thr ceramic plates stay hot and have never damaged and i have never found a better set of straightners. When my hair is done by my mom it gives the same affect as being done at the hairdressers. I fully recommend these to anyone especially if you do not have a lot of time on your hands

Dyson DC07 24/10/2005

my dyson

Dyson DC07 I bought my dyson from ebay for £40 as a refurbished one. I was a bit worried about the price but bought it none the less and i tell you what ive never looked back. It picks up everything and having a messy boyfriend and 5 year old son it's fantastic. Ive also got pet rats and when the cage is being cleaned out it will pick up almost everything which is great because it's a hugh cage. It takes half the time to go round my house. And when you accidently pick up something you shouldn't have it's not hard to spot in the clear container. I guess that in itself can be a bit of a downfall as you dont really want to see whats on your carpet looking you right in the face. But at least you know your picking the dirt up. It makes housework so much easier as its light, practicle and also very easy to clean with 2 washable filters. These ive found in my local electrical store for £7.99 but they need not be replaced for ages being washable. good for cleaning cars because of the attachments . But dont think it will pick up everything, I got a bit adventuous and nearly blew the motor. Pick up the majoraty of spillages by hand to be sure!! ...

NEC E616 24/10/2005

the worst phone ive ever owned

NEC E616 I must admit from day one of owning this phone i had nothing but problems. I was acutally glad for the day it went. 3 where my main problem but the phone itself didn't help. It lost messeges occasionally, after 3 months of 3 tyring to find out what the problem was the phone went back the the shop for an upgrade on the service package. This did help but they could never track down the missing messeges and it made me wonder if any more since misterisly went missing. Everytime i went to my friends house in the countryside bearing in mind she wan't that far into the countryside just on the outskirts of town the phone would switch of altogether because it couldn't get a signal. It would switch off in the middle of a conversation. The buttons are fiddley. unless you have a battery the size of your pc hard drive it wont last longer than a day so keep a spare It has to be by far the worst phone i have ever owned!!! p.s dont drop it!!! it may not survive the fall!!!

PCD - Pussycat Dolls (The) 24/10/2005

pussycat surprise

PCD - Pussycat Dolls (The) I actually bought this based on the fact I liked thier lastest single. I wasn't even sure if i'd like it. But i must admit it's very refeshing. It's full of all sorts of types of music. From R&B to more older cover versions which they have done really well. You may remember the song sway if your around my age 25ish. When marimba rhythms start to play Dance with me, make me sway Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore Hold me close, sway me more Very latin and dancey. After playing tainted love quite a few times it has now become my favourite track and i love singing along to it. It was them thats what made me buy the album and now i play it all the time. I'm glad i bought it

Fiat Cinquecento 1.1 24/10/2005

cinquecento 1.1 sporting

Fiat Cinquecento 1.1 Hi, I have a bright yellow cinquecento sporting on a 1996 plate. I have had this car for nearly 4 years and it has 88k on the clock. Dispite the fact I would like another car Im going to put it through another mot in april and why? well. I work for a company who doesnt have enough spaces for it's workers. It's amazng with a little good driving and a small car just exactly where you can fit this thing!!! When it has broke down it tends to cost a lot. Over heating is a problem but don't mistake a water pump of broken fan ect thinking it's the head gasket. Easy mistake to make with these cars and costly. Use good tyres, it doesnt have a lot of grip especially in the wet or snow. I stick to only the best tyres thats what i would reccommend. It's not the safest car in the world so I wouldn't say it was good for families. Good for singles , learners ect. My boyfriend drives it whos 6 foot. He can drive it the only thing that bothers him is the colour :-)... If you want this car be prepared for cheap insurance, great fun, nippy driving and easy parking. But it will come at a price when it breaks down... Security is fine if you have a good alarm. I had malfunctioning central locking which invited someone to break into my car I spent £200 on a good alarm. I would recommend this. But i love her...what can i say
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