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Halifax Property Services 02/09/2006

Another buyers perspective

Halifax Property Services I began dealing with Halifax Estate Agency Wolverhampton after applying for viewings of lots of properties on Rightmove. After applying for viewings with approx 15 different agents the Halifax were the only one that bothered to get back to me (but that is another review :-). They arranged viewings on the properties I had asked for and then began to suggest other properties based on my criteria. Despite a couple of viewings that clearly lacked off-road parking (one of my main criteria) this went well and we eventually found a house that we were prepared to put in an offer on. I emailed a reasonable offer through and the estate agent refused to send this to the vendor as a similar offer had been declined. I later found out that my offer was higher than the one that had previously been declined. This however turned out for the best as we were then sent to a viewing on a property that me and my partner both loved. We are first time buyers and were delighted to hear that the vendor was not part of a chain so the Halifax Estate Agent said that we could complete quite quickly. An offer was put forward in writing and after a week we were happy to learn that the offer had been accepted. This was until we received the notification of sale from Halifax who had added £3000 to our offer without our knowledge. I emailed Halifax who said that I had definitley confirmed the higher offer. I referred to the email I had sent them that clearly stated my offer. They replied saying that ...

Roku Soundbridge M1001 13/02/2006


Roku Soundbridge M1001 I decided to purchase the Soundbridge as I was sick of having to burn mp3s' to CD in order to listen to them in the living room. Despite being £40 more than the Philips Streamium, the Roku won hand down based solely on it's looks. Contained witihin the packaging box is everything you need to get going - remote control unit and batteries, spdif (optical) cable, RCA cable, power supply unit, mounting stand and finally the Soundbridge itself. Without reading the intructions the Soundbridge was quickly sat upon my TV and connected to the power and to my amplifier. Now I had to set up my PC to transmit to the Soundbridge. Incidentally, the Soundbridge accepts both a wired ethernet connection and also a Wifi 802.11b connection. The latter is the one I used. Setting up the PC side of things is straightforward, as I use iTunes it was a simple matter of enabling "sharing" in the preferences menu. If you don't use iTunes then Windows Media connect and others will work. With iTunes set up I went back to the Soundbridge and booted it up. A menu driven set up procedure appears which asked me to input my Wifi key and other preferences. Once that was done I could then see my iTunes music library displayed in the "connect to" menu of the Soundbridge. One click and I was browsing my mp3s After pressing play the Soundbridge will take a second or so to buffer the track and then playback will begin. Once it has buffered the first track of an album it will do the rest of the tracks ...

Black & Decker Dustbuster V2410 12/02/2006

It Sucks...

Black & Decker Dustbuster V2410 Or rather is doesn't and that is the main problem. I bought it to hoover the car and quickly discovered that anything larger than a single atom will happily defy this units suction power. Even a spindly little spider shrugged off a sustained attack by the dustbuster. You end up feeding the dustbuster by picking up whatever spillage you have and placing it into the upturned nozel. Despite the above, the lack of any attachments for the large hoover nozel also poses a problem. Why is the nozel so big? I'm unaware of any substance of this size that is also light enough to actually be sucked up in the first place except perhaps Aerogel. I would say that that this has been an all round disappointment ... 15/09/2004

Branson Finally Get's it wrong? After searching the net for a cheap car I was impressed by the range of vehicles offered by Virgin Cars and the prices that they were offering. I decided to place an order and ordered a 53 plate Fiat Stilo 1.2 with air con for about £6000. I called an got an initial quote and details of the finance package available which was very tempting and was told that the car would be mine in seven days. I confirmed the order and was told that the paperwork would be in the post. I waited eagerly for the paperwork which, as it hadn't arrived for a couple of days I chased with the customer services team. They advised that they were waiting on a response from their finance vendor and that I would be called back when everything was sorted. I waited another couple of days and had still not heard anything. I called the customer services team and was given the same reason as the first time - they were still waiting for their finance vendors. I called a few more times and was put through to the finance department. I wa informed that there was no trace of me at my address and could I clarify it. I gave addresses for the last 15 years and was told that I would be called back. I finally did receive a call back some days later only to be asked for the same information all over again. I advised the agent that I had all ready given it to (name) to which he apologised and said that this person would call me back... They never did. Another couple of days and the same thing - this carried ...
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