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American Express Platinum 14/03/2010

Cashback galore with this great card

American Express Platinum Hi again people. I have decided to endorse another product that I have been using for several years and wanted to let people know how good it is and how it can be used to great advantage. As with my ONE ACCOUNT review, there is a basic principle with credit, and that is, whenever possible, do not use it as the interest is expensive!!! So, why I am recommending the AMERICAN EXPRESS PLATINUM card? Well simply because they offer a great cash-back deal that gives you money for nothing, simply conducting your normal monthly spending (with the exception of the small shops that do not accept AMEX). Looking back to the previous paragraph though I referred to credit as expensive, so what exactly am I getting at? Credit is expensive when you pay the interest on it, simply look at any loan company, credit card company etc, but if you conduct your monthly spend using this card instead of your SWITCH or MAESTRO card and then pay the bill off in full each month……REPEAT – PAY THE BILL OFF IN FULL EACH MONTH then you will receive the usual 30 day interest free credit as standard, and also a percentage of your monthly back as a cash (payable yearly from the date the account was opened). Currently AMEX are offering 2 great offers combined into one. The first offer is when you open the account you will be granted 5% of your total purchasing as cash back for TWO months. The second offer is that when you are referred to the account in the first place by a ‘FRIEND’, then you will also ...

The One Account 28/10/2009

The One Account

The One Account I HAVE WROTE AN UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. HOPE YOU ENJOY READING AND PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GET IN TOUCH IF YOU WISH. GARY. The One Account…...where to begin??? Well for a start you need to have a common sense mentality, or this product will simply not work for you. The account works by purchasing your house on your switch card, i.e. you have a massive overdraft; as simple as that. You then pay in your wages and any other sums of money you can get hold of into your account, and hey presto, you simply pay off the debt. Why does this product work for me? Well my scenario is that my I own over half of my property, so I benefit from the lowest rates of interest that they offer. If you are not in this situation then the account is not really for you as better deals can be found. Now for the interesting bit…..can you save money….or do you have savings??? Quite simply, if you have £10,000 of savings in the bank that you like to have access to but save it and don't spend it, then you will technically make more money by paying it off your mortgage and reducing your interest than having it sat in a bank account. The Halifax etc brag about 5% interest on current accounts which in a normal world is very good, yet I get 6.5% on my savings TAX FREE as it is held in the form of a debt. I still have access to it as I please and when I want. I simply call the One Account and arrange to pick it up at my local Royal Bank of Scotland. As for the common sense approach to this account. ...

Royal Bank of Scotland Accounts 28/10/2009

The One Account

Mazda MX-5 1.8i 17/01/2007

Second time around and still having fun.

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