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Capital One Platinum 12/10/2001

Only fit for the Bin

Capital One Platinum Well hello all here is my first go to writing an opinion. I have not been on recently due to a house move. Too much hard work! Capital One is Company, which has come from America. It offers people with a low credit score and previous defaults, the chance to improve their credit rating and receive there own card! Very appealing I must say, if they actually meant what they said. So do they hold up to there fancy promises? I applied for a capital One Platinum card a few months ago, just to see if it was that simple. The application did not require any personnel questions except for your employer’s name and telephone number, your name and address and your e-mail address. It also asks if you would like payment protection. I filled this simple form out and sent it away, within ten days I received a letter congratulating me, but they needed a utility bill to prove I lived at my address. So I posted my electricity bill, within 5 days I had my agreement to sign with the promise of "After we receive your signed agreement your card will be with you within days". Bearing in mind they kept reminding me my card was ready and waiting. Three weeks later, I still had not received my card. I had phoned several times and each service advisor had a different story. Another three weeks went by and then a letter was popped through my letterbox. It said it was unable to issue me a card due to my credit score. I was annoyed as I thought my score was actually ok as I had already had my ...
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