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The Palm Island Resort, Palm Island 29/04/2011


The Palm Island Resort, Palm Island Palm Island Resort in the Grenadines is a Private Island retreat set amongst some of the most relaxed, friendly fun ,unspoiled Islands.In My Opinion. You have to fly to Barbados to take the flight to Union Island for the Boat ride to Palm Island. You can alternatively fly to Grenada and take a flight to Union but it can be difficult to coordinatehowever there are other options especially if you have the time to explore the Islands by sail boat before arriving. A sail and stay package is truly a memorable experience, I think! When you arrive in Barbados you are met and instructed through security and into the airport.(Your baggage is handled by the meet and greet service). You then board your flight to Union Island which is about an hour on a small 16 seat plane. Land at the tiny airport in Union Island where someone is waiting with a golf cart to take you to the dock to board the boat to Palm Island. You will get a cold cloth and bottle of water, sit back and start to relax. When you arrive you feel like you are on a deserted Island. There are staff on the dock waiting to Welcome you with Rum Punches your bags are immeadiately taken to your room and some instructions for dining etc. Close the door and get acquainted with your room. Beachfront is the best location but just get there based on your budget. Freshen up and go to the bar to get a drink. Then get ready for your first night on paradise. It is so relaxing just note that you should bring repellants ...

Olbas Inhaler 29/04/2011

I can smell again

Olbas Inhaler Even when I am not sick I like to get a wiff to wake me up. This is the best nasal inhaler as it is natural. The only warning on the label is to not share your inhaler with other people as oto not spread infection. I just got another one today and ordered the tea 3 jars, this is the best with a whole lemon and some honey. forget the doctor when you are sick, nurse yourself back to health with the tea, cough syrup and the pastilles. Don't forget to smell the inhaler too. I also like the bath oil as a steamer for opening the nasal passages as well the ointment to rub on sore parts. All around the olbas products are great and natural. ...

Shark Steam MOP 29/04/2011

stop pushing dirt around

Shark Steam MOP I hated doing the floors until I got the Shark steam mop. I love this product and love doing the floors, I even cleaned my neighbors floors. I sweep the floors as usual, fill the canister with water, leave it for a minute or town finish sweeping and put the cleaning pad on the steamer head. Push the handle down or just give it a swipe across the floor, and hear the steam. Tehn just keep going until you think you have cleaned a good section of the floor, now turn the head over and use the other side. I recommend for the 1st time clean your floors as best with your old mop and spot clean the heavy dirt. Then steam away. You will see the pad get diry so go to the sink and use some detergant of your choice to the clean the pad(I love LA'S Totally awesome from your local dollar store) it gets the dirt and grime out quick and says it is non toxic. I also use something with fragrance as between the fresh steam smell and some fabulouso my house never smelt cleaner. repeat a few times until you see the steamer pad is no longer picking up dirt and you have now fully steamed your floors. I also recommend you not wear shoes in the house as well steam the floors 2-3 times a week. I promise you will not have to wash the floors daily(Just sweep up any debris) but if you wanted to steam the floors daily it is not the same chore as washing your floor. GUYS, go get this for the special woman in your life(it will be the best gift you ever give her, better than ...

Instead Softcup 29/04/2011


Instead Softcup I have been using instead soft cups for over 15 years and they are the best tampons ever. I used to wear cotton tampons until one day I found these in CVS(I purchase mine online at 24 cups for less than $10) The main reason I love these tampons as I feel fresh and do not have the nasty menstrual odors that I tend to smell in the public restrooms. Since these are inserted in the cervix the menstrual flow is collected in the cup which positions itself comfortably. No strings no tampon falling out and painful digging and NO SMELL. you can wear them for up to 12 hours, I recommend less 8-10 hours depending on activities and remember your cup may overflow on a heavy day so be sure when you use the rest room to check it is in properly as when you urinate or deficate you tend to push it out a bit and at this time it can leak the fluids (hopefully in the toilet) so you can just wipe good and make sure to push it back in so it is comfortable. When you are ready to remove just push like you have to poo and it will come out some so you can grab it(I suggest using toilet paper on your finger to grab it and pour liquid into the toilet and wrap the cup in paper and put in the trash(never flush the instead cup) If I am near the sink or in the shower I will rinse it out so it is less messy. Ladies these tampons are messier (to your hands) than cotton tampons but they are so much better for your body than cotton(unless you are allergic to plastics) I have ...
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