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Sorry to disagree, but I can't fault them. We bought our new car and the garage offered us the autoguard warranty for 12 months for £200. We thought this excellent value and went for it. I'd always been sceptical about warranties but for the amount we thought it worth a punt. We'd had the car for no more than a week and the engine management light came on. We took it to the BMW dealer to diagnose the fault. The put it down to a faulty NOX sensor on the exhaust system. I read the reviews on autoguard on this website prior to contacting them and was therefore not holding out much hope of them paying for the repair. We contacted autoguard and were greeted by a nice chap that confirmed that the repair would be covered under the warranty. The work was authorised and carried out shortly after. We paid the BMW garage and sent the invoice off to autoguard. 3 weeks later and the cheque for £474 has just arrived. I felt that our experience with this company should be shared as it would appear that only negative reviews are being posted here. I really cannot fault the service at all. ...
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