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HTC Flyer 16 GB 18/02/2012

HTC Flyer: My must-have accessory!

HTC Flyer 16 GB I was looking for a 7" android tablet, and initially went for what I thought was a great online buy. It was a false economy (lots of niggly faults and lack of connectivity) and I replaced it with an HTC Flyer – more expensive but well worth it! Appearance and Size A fantastic little device. It looks really stylish. The back is curved and just longs to sit in the hand! I didn't want big screen as I use a small laptop (11"), and wanted something smaller. The 7” screen is perfect for me. The Flyer fits in pocket or handbag, and is styled beautifully. I just wanted to keep touching it! The white leather case too, although I've since replaced the bundled case with a black book-type leather case (with integral stand) as the white wallet style case didn't really look so professional for work, and gave less protection during normal day-to-day use. Set Up It was a dream to set up – straight out of the box (in contrast to my brief experience with a budget tablet). No messing about, just found the network, connected and off we went. HTC puts its own 'sense' software on top of android. I only have limited experience of using pure android, but the HTC is very intuitive and just feels good. A couple of weeks after purchase, the software was upgraded to Android 3 honeycomb, which some websites have reservations about, but really just improved it even more for me. The honeycomb software is especially for tablets, whilst the previous gingerbread is for phones. It's hard to fault the ...

HTC Wildfire S 18/02/2012

HTC Wildfire S - great smart phone!

HTC Wildfire S Appearance and Size The Wildfire S is a small and stylish phone. I have the black version but it also comes with silver back which perhaps looks even better. Compared to other smart phones, it’s certainly smaller than most, and perhaps more importantly for me, thinner too. I carry my phone in my pocket rather than handbag, so size was all important for me. The screen is smaller than other phones of course, but it works well for me as it’s easy to zoom in or out with the finger pinching. A stylus works too, although it doesn’t come with the phone. I used a stylus a lot at first, until I got used to the size of the smallish keypad (it helps in landscape mode). Set up & connectivity It was easy to set up, and came bundled with lots of useful apps. It found my home and work wifi very quickly and it was just a case of typing in the password first time. Thereafter, it just connects automatically. When out and about, it scans for wifi networks and lets me know when a public one is available. Setting up Android Market was just as easy, using my gmail account, and then setting up a credit card for payments. Memory This is my biggest gripe with the phone. It’s got a relatively small memory, and HTC like to keep it updated with the latest software, which means several times I’ve run out of internal memory and had to move apps and data onto the internal microSD memory card. I did upgrade to a 16gb memory card which helps! The first sign of low internal memory is that my Gmail ...

Raleigh Dover HS Pedelec 16/02/2012

Raleigh Dover E-Bike: Perfection on 2 wheels

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