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The Ultimate British Pub Quiz (DVD) 15/12/2006

Get A Round In

The Ultimate British Pub Quiz (DVD) There's something about DVD games that always made me wonder what the fuss might be about. It's not something I have contemplated before but then, I have a man who plays the XBox 360 all the time so anything on a DVD game would seem tame. Right? Well, I was inclined to agree. But then I spotted this one on and found it had gone through the checkout before I knew what I had done. It must have been the yellow outer to the casing or the highlighting of the word PUB that got me going. Anyway, having purchased this is such unusual circumstances, I had it delivered and left it for a few days. Like I said, this wasnt something I had actually intended to buy. I'm just too lazy to chase them up or send it back. Until one night hubby came home and sat his ass on it. Clean broke the case in half! Still, he persuaded me to have a go. He said it would be a good change. On went the TV, the DVD player, the comfy pillow onto the sofa, the bottle of wine glugging gently down his throat and me say wondering what I had gotten myself into. When you first get the DVD in you get a basic screen with a picture very similar to that on the case. I would describe it but Ciao have a picture of it - so look at the top of the screen! Then you get the menu. Quite easy really - select the number of players, how many rounds and what difficulty you want it to be and away you go. Up comes the first question and you hit the button for the corresponding answer on your DVD remote. Easy ...

Toshiba 37WL66 16/11/2006

HD TV Is A Minefield. Don't Get Blown Up!

Toshiba 37WL66 We needed a new TV. The old one had finally given up the ghost and was on its way back to the land of scrap. The purple haze in one corner had become something of a quirky trait to the X-Factor but it was annoying none-the-less. So we scoured the internet and found some good prices for LCD TV's. Hubby rather likes his XBox so we knew a plasma wouldn't do. But it was time to invest - and heavily invest we did. Our final choice was a Toshiba 37WLT66. A HD ready LCD TV with the all important integrated freeview digital tuner. Now we have Sky, but with all the warnings about the switch to digital only TV coming, it is worth knowing that your cash has got you something that will still work should you fall out with the providers of everything worth watching. The Freeview Digital Tuner means you get all those freeview channels without needing a set top box - so its rather a good bonus really. It comes with a remote control, headphone socket (for those who really want to keep their neaighbours happy), fastext and various other features. It's in HD but its not Widescreen - so don't be fooled! So why did we want HD? Well, HD is the latest technology and the picture was supposed to be remarkably better. I would argue that older style TV is still fine, but there is certainly something about the image in HD that lets you sit back and feel satisfied that your cash was worth it. The rolling frames on this TV are easy viewing and are certainly better than on our normal TV in the ...

Interactive Bingo Party (DVD) 29/08/2006

Lets get interactive

Interactive Bingo Party (DVD) I had a game of bingo from a long time ago where you had the numbers in a ball shape with a little hole for one number to come out at a time. I think I picked this up in Argos and I have to admit my family and the family next door would play this for ages, all the kids enjoyed this and we would give the winner a treat of some sort they were happy to win but enjoyed getting their penny chew to show they had won something. Was looking for some thing a little diffrent foir the family games and came across this last year at Bingo on a Dvd I thought would my kids like to play this they enjoyed playing it manually. After all the toying with the idea for a bit I decided even of they didn't play my man and I would have a go when the kids were in bed fast asleep. In the end it turned out that my kids loved the idea of playing bingo on the telly they liked it even more when they won as they got to sing and dance to the winners song and for me this was better than giving them a sweet as they wern't getting the idea that they had to recieve something every time they won they just got their 5 mins in the spot light. This was great for my kids self asteem. This is an ideal game for all the family from as young as 5 as long as the kids can keep up with the calling of the numbers they will enjoy this as much as my little girls (aged 6 and 8 ) have. About the game of bingo for those who don't know... Bingo is a board game made up of 90 numbers from 1 ...

Mcvities Caramel Chocolate Digestive 28/08/2006

What would you cover in chocolate and caramel?

Mcvities Caramel Chocolate Digestive When I was in my local supermarket looking for treats for the kids I came across these new biscuits from McVitie's. The packaging was easy on the eye and they looked nice (very tempting). A caramel and chocolate digestive biscuit.... yum yum I thought. After putting away all my other messages i put the kettle on and got comfy with my new biscuits and a cup of tea in front of the TV. My first bite didn't have me to impressed so I dipped it into the tea and wow, what a diffrence. The classic dunking action made it nice and soft and made my taste buds tingle. I had to have more. The chocolate and carmel mix well together when dipped and the biscuit topped it of for me as I like a digestive all ready with out the chocolate and carmel. These tasty biscuits can be bought at most grocers and supermarkets for just over a pound and they are good value for money. They are tasty and I really enjoy the blend of biccy, milk chocolate and caramel. You actually get a lot for your money. They look attractive are tasty, and the milk chocolate coating is yummy, it is the same in the Chocolate Digestive. The caramel coating is a bit thin but I do like Caramel and it blends nicely. A little more carmel would make these so much better I think - but might drive the price up! THE PACKAGING: As with all McVitie's these are very easy to spot on the shelf. They are in a blue and gold/carmel and a chocolate corner colour on the packet. The Packet alone will sell these to you if you ...

An Eye For An Eye (DVD) 23/08/2006

Would you seek revenge if your child was raped?

An Eye For An Eye (DVD) Who are we to decide people's fate: This film was one to watch I sat down to this late last night and couldn't put it off. THE PLOT: At the start of the film the main actress, Karen McCann (Sally Field) is talking to her friend about her 6 year olds party and about how all the decorations are way over the top. I mean who gets thier 6 year old an ice sculpture. When she was on her way home she was hoping to talk to the baby sitter when she called to check on how things were going with the decorations at home. To her surprise her eldest daughter was at home taking care of every thing rather than being at her normal football pratice. Whilst on the phone talking to her daughter there was a knock at the door so her daughter put the phone down with her mum hanging on to talk again. To both their disbilieve the person behind the door is infact a rapist and murderer. Whilst the mum is still on the phone this man brakes through past the girl and rapes and beats her to death whilst her distraught and desperate mother tries to get help as she listens to her child screaming. Then every thing goes quiet and the phone goes dead this makes the mum worse. She doesn't know what has happened to her child who has been screaming for help. Karen finally finds someone who is willing to call for help and send the police on ahead to her house. By the time she gets home through the rush hour traffic, the street is swarming with police cars and all the street is out to see what ...

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (DVD) 23/08/2006

The Darker Side Of Chocolate

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (DVD) If you didnt watch the earlier version of this as a kid then you have surely missed a crucial part of your childhood. Shame on your parents. Despite your misfortune, I am sure that you, along with the rest of us, know the story inside out. Still, there is something about seeing your kids that makes you think how great some stories really are. We all know the ones, its the ones that have truly stood the test of time. Winnie the Pooh, The Labyrinth etc. Well, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory need not worry as it slots finely into this catalogue of timeless classics. Well, now it has had a remake and has been released on DVD. Having missed taking the kids to the cinema to see this, I was unceremoniously forced into providing the DVD. Thankfully I had 400 extra points when I spent so much at Tesco on Kids DVD's, so this was it (they can go to Butlins if I get enough points by the end of the year). The cover looks like the same film as before - the same characters are there, although they look a little different. Johnny Depp features prominently on the front as is really the only big name in the film. So I showed the kids and a flurry of excitement ensued. Now, eldest was a little disappointed at first, as this is literally a re-make of the original. It's ot a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2 - its just a remake of the first. The characters really are the same and the storyline is too. You get a few exceptions, like Veruca Salt gets herself taken away by squirrels ...

Maytag MSE 661 FARS 20/08/2006


Maytag MSE 661 FARS Now someone must be made aware that when you have 3 kids, regardless of how many times you order a take-away, the kids will still manage to use every pot in the house in one sitting. So, when you no longer have enough forks and plates, you buy more to increase the size of your beloved crockery set. Low and behold, that very same day, 5 plates and twelve sets of cutlery are located in the deeper and darker depths of the kids bedroom. Oh yes, it's time for a dishwasher. Now I am a woman of very little understanding when it comes to dishwashers, so I walked blind into the murky underground world of Dixons in search of one. Oh they were all so expensive and useless, so I decided that it was time to go and do some research. Firstly, my kitchen is my haven so I wanted the silver to match the rest of my appliances. Kettle, cooker - you get the idea. You'll be amazed at how much this puts the price of the appliance you are buying through the roof! Not because it costs a lot to make it in silver, but because only the more expensive models come with a colour option other than white. So, with my choices narrowed, I began looking. I was hoping to spend less than £300, but that was soon to be overturned when I saw this one for £429.99 delivered. Yep, it was something to fall in love with. Here are the stats the website gave: *12 place settings *4 programmes: heavy soil, normal, quick, rinse and hold *6 wash temperatures *3 drying options *Energy efficiency A ...

Coyote Ugly (DVD) 17/08/2006

How ugly....

Coyote Ugly (DVD) Coyote Ugly is a film that is fun to watch if you like a chick flick..... It is all about a young wanna be who leaves home and moves to the big city (New York) to try and get her songs noticed. However, she doesn't want to be a singer, she wants her songs to be performed by a person with a big name one day. Her biggest down fall is stage fright that is why Violet Stanford (Piper Perabo) wants some one else to sing her songs for her. When she gets to the city she finds life on her own is very tough and no one is willing to listen to her music. All violet keeps geting is the run around from all these big hot shot companies telling her they will not listen to her music with out her owning the copy write or having a manager. Then she meets a man who pretends to own a club and he takes her demo tape. She soon to finds out he was leading her on. Violet wasn't to know that she would find herself in a strange love affair with the man, who's only interest is to see her do well. Shortly after moving in someone has broken in trashed her things and taken all her money so she is now in a place where she has to go look for a job. With a bit of luck when she was having a coffee and some pie in a corner cafe she noticed some girls living it up and splashing their cash like it was nothing. The Cafe owner then tells her that these are the all famous Coyotes. Violet was in luck when she heard one of the girls were leaving, which meant there was to be a job opening. The next ...

Cheaper By The Dozen 2 (DVD) 14/08/2006

How Cheap?

Cheaper By The Dozen 2 (DVD) Can you ever imagine having 12 kids? This film is about a happily married couple who have had a very large family of 12 kids, 7 boys and 5 girls. As if that isn't bad enough they have a dog to. THE PLOT: Tom Baker(Steve Martin) wants to keep his family together but his elder kids want to move out of town and get on with their own lives. His eldest is married and due a baby and his other kid is ready to move town after she graduates high school. In order to keep them all together for one last summer he talks them into a family holiday at a lake where they went when the kids were lots younger. When they got there Tom ran into a old school friend who was jealous of him as a teenager and it was clear to see that these two grown men still have a grudge. The only problem for Tom was that Jimmy Murtaugh (Eugene Levy) owned most of the lake and a big house across the lake from him. Indeed, he was a financial sucess in all corners. If you have watched the first film you would know that Toms kids are a little rough and like to play dirty were as Jimmy's kids were made to do as they are told and as jimmy said 'on a short leash'. The only problem for both the men was that the kids liked each other. Some more than others, but the fathers still being long-time rivals just couldn't exept the friendships (and more) and tried to prevent it happening. Tom's kids wreck everything more than once in this film but no harm done and they keep getting invited back for more right ...

Mighty Ducks Are The Champions (DVD) 10/08/2006

Quack, Quack!

Mighty Ducks Are The Champions (DVD) This is a family film that my self let alone the kids will sit and watch time after time. And so we get on with it: THE COVER: This would be quiet easy to spot on a shop shelf as it has a large title and a large picture of Gordan (Emilio Estevez ). Behind him is the team all crushed up against the glass of the ice pulling faces at Gordan. SYNOPSIS (FROM THE BOX): Screen favourite Emilio Estevez (Stakeout, Young Guns I and II) stars in the hilarious comedy hit, The Mighty Ducks Are The Champions! Aggressive trial lawyer Gordon Bombay (Estevez) has never lost a case. But when he`s sentenced to a community service assignment, he must coach a ragtag team of pee wee hockey players who can`t stake, can`t score and can`t win! First he teaches the hapless team everything about winning, and then they teach him that winning isn`t everything. Watch the pucks fly as they battle their way to the most important game of their lives! THE PLOT: The film starts with a high flying legal type who has done wrong and winds up doing community service. As he was once a promising young ice hockey player - thats what his boss decides he should do. And so our intrepid young business man takes to the streets and finds the lowest bunch of no hopers you can imagine. Skating is a no way and the ability to hit a puck seems beyond them. But they enjoy the game and despite finishing bottom of the league every time they play, they keep going. The task handed to Gordon Bombay ...

The Goonies (DVD) 07/08/2006

The Goonies

The Goonies (DVD) This is one even I like to watch, I cuddle up with the kids and get the dvd out the rack and set up for a few hours of a family movie. I picked this up at the weekend from Game, which is a store that deals more in computer games rather than in dvd's. It was on the counter that was showing at buy any item and get the dvd for £5. If you didn't want to buy any thing else this dvd in this store would cost you £8 which is still an ok price for a film that the kids will watch over and over again. This is also availible to buy online from tesco at £6.97. I think that for this being a full length version the price that I paid was a fair deal and it was worth £5 of any ones money, well any one who has kids or an imaginanation that is. SYNOPSIS (from the box): From the imagination of Steven Spielberg, The Goonies plunges a band of small heroes into a swashbuckling, surprise-around-every-corner quest beyond their wildest dreams! Following a mysterious treasure map into a spectacular underground realm of twisting passages, outrageous booby-traps and a long-lost pirate ship full of golden doubloons, the kids race to stay one step ahead of a family of bumbling bad guys... and a mild-mannered monster with a face only a mother could love. A family adventure classic from start to buccaneering finish, The Goonies is a cinematic treasure trove of breathtaking action, dazzling effects and shiver-yer-timbers thrills. THE FILM: The film itself is basically about a group of boys ...

Big Cook Little Cook - Farmyard Friends (DVD) 10/07/2006

Hot Hot Hot

Big Cook Little Cook - Farmyard Friends (DVD) Big cook Little cook: If you have read my other review you will more than likeley notice that i have written about another Big Cook Little Cook DVD. .............Farm Yard Friends......... These have got to be my little girls favourite cooking show as it suits their age group. Farm yard friends is all about six new customers all from down the farm, apart from the vet named Vera she comes to help out with a missing dog. The show also pleases parents (myself included) as it gives them an icon that cleans the kitchen and is always safe. 'get the adults to take it out of the oven as it's Hot Hot hot!'. This time Big Cook Ben and Little Cook Small have chosen SIX of their favourite episodes for you to enjoy. COW: When Clover the cow visits the cafe Small whizzes off to find out how milk is made and they make her a yummy spotty trifle. My girls thought it was fun to watch how Little cook took them to milk the cows. It kept them all entertained for ages watching over and over again. DONKEY: Ben and Small cannot come up with a game for Old King Cole`s Party but after making a munchy crunchy carrot for Daphne the Donkey, she comes up with a fantastic idea; Pin the tail on the Donkey! Again kids love to play this game I went and got it out the closet and my older kids played this game for about an hour thinking it wasn't so lame as Big and Small play it to. It hasn't been used since its first outing months ago! And they say peer pressure is ...

Big Cook Little Cook - Fairytale Feast (DVD) 10/07/2006

Can you cook for the kiddies

Big Cook Little Cook - Fairytale Feast (DVD) BIG COOK LITTLE COOK: Synopsis: Big Cook Ben and Little Cook Small love their third DVD which features five fairytale episodes. Princess And The Pea Ben`s family are coming to stay but there aren`t enough beds! Luckily a Princess visits, and in return for making her a delicious Princess Pie she leaves some duvets and mattresses for Ben`s guests. Little Bo Peep Ben ruins his woolly jumper from Aunty Betty - oh dear! Little Bo Peep arrives and Ben and Small make her a Potato Sheep. In return she leaves them a lovely new jumper, just like the one Aunty Betty made. Snow White When Snow White visits the cafe, Small whizzes off to find out how custard is made, so they can make her some Seven Dwarfs custard and apple tarts. Old MacDonald Ben and Small decide to make Old MacDonald some Farmyard Smoothies. He leaves them a present that will help them to keep the grass short - it`s a goat! When Mary Mary arrives at the cafe, Small finds out how boiled sweets are made, and Ben adds these as a finishing touch to her Fancy Flower biscuits. WHAT MYSELF AND MY KIDS THINK: My kids love this programe it is on all the time on BBC2 in the mornings and if you are a Sky or Digital viewer you can also find it on Cbeebies on weekdays. This is aimed at kids under the age of 5 years. I find my older kids like this aswell they like to learn how to cook all the nice treats. I also find that when the songs are on myself included will sing along, The tidy up ...

Cadbury Animal Bites 09/07/2006

Do you have an animal in you

Cadbury Animal Bites ANIMALS BITES: Animals Bites for thoses of you that are unsure are little biscut type snacks with a milk chocolate centre. These come in packs of five in a box all individually wraped which makes them a handy snack for kids at home or on the go. As I have said before in past reviews I have three little girls aged between 1 and 9 and all of them enjoy these biscuits as a snack and they won't fill them between meals which I find is a good thing. These are also handy for lunch boxes or for when you have a little one and you are on the move. THE DESIGN: The box is purple in colour with yellow writting which means they are easy for little ones to spot when they go shoppping with mummy or daddy. It also shows a picture of all the diffrent animals on the front of the packet. Each biscuit has it's own detailed little picture on the biscuit of a different animal. The animals are: * A Tiger * An Elephant * A Hippo * A Monkey These biscuits are made by Cadburys and carries a warning about containing nuts. DAILY GUIDELINE AMOUNTS: This is recomended by nutrition professionals for average adults not kids (wonder why this is on a kids pack ?) Per Bag: Per 100g Woman Man Calories 120 480 2000 2500 Fat g 4.8 19.0 70 95 Nutrition Facts: Nutriton imformation per bag per 100g Energy kj 505 2010 kcal 120 480 protein g 1.8 7.1 carbohydrates g 17.5 69.8 (of which sugars) g 7.0 27.9 fat g 4.8 19.0 (of which saturates)g 2.5 9.9 fibre g 0.4 ...

BenQ SF65 03/07/2006

Camera Fun

BenQ SF65 Ok, I have a confession to make. I never got this phone for £129.99 (the RRP). In fact, I got the phone for free. How did I manage this? Well, I will tell you later, but thank Virgin. Anyhow, onto the review. THE APPEARANCE: The phone itself is a compact white rectangle. It's almost smooth, is white on all sides with a silver strip along the side. This is when it's closed. Being a camera phone, the camera lens is printed on the top side of the front and is quite small. With the see-through plastic with a white background, it actually looks quite stylish, like it is meant to be there rather than just being 'stuck on'. When you open the phone (it's a flip phone in case I forgot to mention), you get the silver/grey keys. Imagine a brand new keyring bottle opener that you can see yourself in - thats the colour of the silver I am talking about. The grey writing on the keys is OK, although the letters may be hard to read if you struggle with your sight. There is a circular button at the top of the keys - this is used to navigate, and the corners of the circle are in place to make it a square, with each button being another key. In this case, the green phone handset indicates accept, the red indicates cancel/hang up and the top two buttons vary with what is on screen. The screen itself is quite large compared to other similar phones, which is aided by the phones size. The pictures are also OK. You can see them on the phone and they look fairly fuzzy but I should let ...
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