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A Serbian Film (DVD) 12/02/2013

This shockers of it's rocker!

A Serbian Film (DVD) WARNING - this review contains terminology that could be offensive to some. The nature of this film, I feel requires an equally graphic review. I have tried to keep spoilers to a minimum. Please do not continue if easily offended. There is a line. Anyone who has read any of my reviews, will know that I have a great interest in film, and especially in any film that has a reputation for being over the top and nasty. It started as a fascination in the films from the so called video nasty period, and has continued on to modern day films. Anything that has pushed the boundaries will eventually get a watch from me, and as a result I will formulate an opinion on it. The film industries have had boundaries since it began. Scenes such as rape, child molestation, extreme and unnecessary violence, the male form in a state of sexual arousal, ejaculation and animal cruelty are such boundaries, all of which have been broken. Solo, for its scenes of sodomy and child molestation, 9 songs for its famous ejaculation scene, cannibal holocaust for its rape, and animal cruelty. Here are only three films, and yet several of the ancient boundaries have been broken. So where is film to go now? Where will the extremist directors move on to, in order to continue to push the boundaries and shock us further? The answer is that they make up a completely new genre, allowing them to bring scenes so graphic and shocking that they have no predecessor to compete with. That is exactly what Srdan ...

Audition (Collector's Edition) (DVD) 10/02/2013

Going by her audition, she will make a killing!

Audition (Collector's Edition) (DVD) It's all in the name. If you know anything about horror films, and were asked to name the most influential director of Japanese psycho-horror, you would surely answer with the name Takeshi Miike. His name is synonomous with over the he top psychological horror, and he has made some truly fine, if somewhat underrated films to date. One of his most famous works is the positively zany Ichi the killer. Having recently watched Ichi, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It was gloriously gory, and wacky to boot. It was the reason I then searched out this film, and bought it on eBay. The DVD was the collectors edition, released by tartan, and costing the princely sum of £3.00. I wanted to see if Miike was capable of mixing it up a bit, or if all his films followed in a similar fast paced gore-fest manner. And mix it up he did in this notorious film, which is not only chilling, but extraordinarily well written. Audition is the bipolar opposite of Ichi, as it drags you in slowly, and surely, during which time you become emotionally attached to the characters. It is this emotional attachment that makes the climax of the film so hard to watch, and so damn creepy. It sneaks up on you when you least suspect it, and that is the key to this film. Suspense followed by surprise. The cast. Ryo Ishibashi as Shigeharu Aoyama Eihi Shiina as Asami Yamazaki Tetsu Sawaki as shigehiko aoyama Jun Kunimura as Yasuhisa Yoshikawa Although there are more characters, these are the four that ...

Moon (DVD) 07/02/2013

Moon - starman, waiting in the sky

Moon (DVD) One small step Moon is a modern day miracle. A low budget film, from a debut director, that not only cuts the mustard, but creates it's own flavour as well. Duncan Jones has boldly gone further than any other first time director has done for some time. Not surprising that he was so good at telling a story in space since he is the original space oddities son. One giant leap Any self respecting son of David Bowie's has to be out there to a certain extent, and Jones' style certainly is different. He creates a very claustrophobic atmosphere that is perfect for this film. Although early days in his career, he seems to have a great future in film, and if he is half as successful as his old man, then he will go far. The fact that he admits taking influence from the film 'alien' and using it in his own work stands him in good stead. Cast Sam Bell - Sam Rockwell GERTY - Kevin Spacey That is all! The plot Sam Bell has been harvesting a renewable energy source from the dark side of the moon for almost three years. His shift is almost up, and he wants to get back to his other half, and his little girl. Having been stuck up here on his own, with no direct link to back home since the transmitter went down, Sam is quirky to say the least. Things are weird after the accident. He finds a man who looks just like himself. He's called Sam Bell to. Strange. At least the computer, GERTY is there to keep him sane. If it wasn't for him, then that other Sam might try and take over. ...

Predator 2 (DVD) 05/02/2013

He's in town with a few days to kill.

Predator 2 (DVD) A proud history "What would I possibly be able to tell you about this film that you don't already know? It's a classic action movie featuring Arnold schwatzen.... no wait, that was the first film. What was Predator 2 like?" This viewpoint is shared by more people than you would think, such is the legacy that has been left by the first film in the series. It hit our screens at the right time, way back in 1987 when I of course, was only a nipper. Everyone back then loved a action movie. Arnie, Sly stallone and Van Damme All made a good living, despite being rather poor actors, because they looked how I imagine I look after several beers. Predator was slightly different, in that it had a plot. Not a great one, but it was in there somewhere. bad ass group of killers go into the jungle, and are picked off one by one, until our hero is left alone. He then overcomes the odds, by surviving and killing the thing that was hunting them. Brilliant. It was very well done, quite well written, had buckets of blood, was scary and generally it was a rip roaring ride, with very few dull moments. It seemed that the latest big money franchise had been found. The potential was there for it to become as successful the film that was to become it's twin in later times, Alien. But somehow it went wrong, but as a fan of the movie myself, I just don't know how. The cast Kevin Peter Hall ... The Predator Danny Glover ... Lieutenant Mike Harrigan Gary Busey ... Peter Keyes Rubén Blades ... ...

Unrest (DVD) 31/01/2013

Unrest. It ain't the best!

Unrest (DVD) Unrest was a film that I first watched more by accident than good planning. Insomnia is a hard mistress, and when you combine that with a nexus 7 and a Netflix account, and you end up getting through the good stuff too quickly. When the good is gone, you inevitably end up on the dark side. Unrest is definitely on the dark side. The plot Alison is a young medical student, on her own and in a new place. She is bright, beautiful and generally happy. Something, however feels wrong. Oh well. To be expected I suppose. She is to learn anatomy. Taught in the morgue. Creepy. Still , she has to put on a brave face in front of the other students, especially if she is going to make friends. She is assigned a group, and a cadaver. A real live dead person. Wow! Why does it make her feel so weird. Why does it look like the body cut herself. Has she had a baby. This feels wrong. Too personal. She won't disrespect the body. It feels wrong. Bad things might happen. Bad things do happen. It still feels wrong. Is she really dead. Is she watching. Waiting. Looking for revenge. Is she at peace, or in a state of unrest? My two cents I went into this film without expecting too much. That way I wasn't going to be disappointed. It was an independent film from 2006, that went straight to DVD and was largely missed by the vast majority of people. It couldn't be up to much? The truth of it is that Unrest is mediocre at best. The story itself isn't too bad. Archeologist opens burial ground and ...

Prometheus (DVD) 30/01/2013

Prometheus - Questions won't be answered.

Prometheus (DVD) Questions will be answered. The infamous tagline to the 2012 film Prometheus. Some may see this as intriguing, but I am a nerd. I see it as a challenge. I challenge that I have since duly accepted, and been left hollow and empty. It seems to me that questions will not be answered, rather, more questions will be asked, and the answers seem further away than the films setting. The alien franchise is, in my opinion, one of the best series f films in terms of atmosfear ( see what I did there?). I have long since been a fan, and pride myself in having an in depth knowledge of the films. I have to agree that the first two films are far superior to the rather thrown together Alien 3, and the slap dash ressurection. That said, the thought of q new film linked to the franchise got the hairs standing on the back of my neck again. As then release date grew closer, I re-watched the Alien films to 'swat up' in preparation. I watched and read any material on the film that I could, in order to be fully prepared for the test. The film promised answers, and I wanted to make sure I knew what questions to ask. The plot We start with two archeologists who find a drawing on a cave wall. A seemingly innocuous cave drawing showing nothing more than a link to our past. That is until it is put beside several other almost identical drawings from centuries apart. Civilisations that could not possibly have known eachother. All linked by a series of five spheres in the sky. Spheres that match one ...

Salo, Or The 120 Days Of Sodom (DVD) 29/01/2013

A difficult, but strangely rewarding watch

Salo, Or The 120 Days Of Sodom (DVD) The 120 days of Sodom The movie Salo goes by another name. It is perhaps better known as the 120 days of Sodom, named so because of the literary work upon which it has been based. The work of the same name was written by the Marquis due Sade, and indeed the words within caused the Marquis to be label led as being quite mad. If you have ever seen this film, you may begin to understand why. Also, the Marquis's name was the origin of the word sadism, which is what most of the work is about. Salo has foundation laid in Dante's inferno, and the film itself is split into 4 main portions inspired by such. They are the 'anteinferno', the circle of manias, the circle of shit and the circle of blood. I think that the names of the portions help to go some way to explain some of the content of the film, and may have your stomach churning somewhat, which in essence was the whole point of the work being made. Couple that with its setting slap bang in the middle of fascist Italy, and you have got a bubbling cauldron of filth and depravity. The plot The story centers around four powerful men, the president, the bishop, the duke and the magistrate, all of whom perform a bizarre and horrific social experiment. After that marry each other daughters, the go about capturing eighteen teenagers, nine male nine female. They do this with the aid of some young people enlisted especially for the task. They take the teenagers to the palace, and with the help of four older prostitutes, the ...

Shakespeare Alpha X Beach Rod 28/01/2013

Ideal starter rod, great beach caster.

Shakespeare Alpha X Beach Rod Me man, me must hunt. There is something to be said for basic instincts. I am not talking about the Sharon stone movie made famous for that one scene. You know the one, the one where she drives a car (hmmm.). no, I am talking about the instincts that lie deep in all of us. The instincts of self preservation, of reproduction and somewhere deep down inside all men of a certain age, the instinct to hunt. You know, the need to bring food back to the cave. A few years ago, I found my hunting instinct. It hit with a vengeance, as I initially took up fly fishing, and I must say I have never looked back since. The thrill of outwitting a wild brown trout, by imitating a fly using nothing but feathers and thread on a hook cannot be surpassed. Besting a hard wintered fish after a tense battle of brains and brawn gives one an intense feeling of pleasure, that can be likened only to those of your formative years, when you are in the loving walls of you family home. Indeed, I have come full circle now, as I bring my kids with me often when I fish. They seem to get as much pleasure from as I do, not to mention the fresh air and long hikes to the best spots. The instinct took me further still, and I as so many men are, was drawn to the sea. I think that it holds an awe and wonder that cannot be matched elsewhere. So beautiful, yet so violent. And what lies beneath is anyone's guess, as we have explored far less of the sea as a species, than the rest of the world. The urge to fish the sea ...

Borderland (DVD) 28/01/2013

Ever wanna go to mexico?

Borderland (DVD) It proves testament to my patience, that it probably took me to watch thirty to forty dire and instantly forgettable films before I came across this film. It seems par for the course with horror films, that for every good film, there was tens if not hundreds of horrifically bad ones. Borderlands seems to be one of the few needles in the horror haystack, that seems to have slipped through my net first time round. In fact, it seems to have slipped through everyones, on its way to dusty DVD shelves up and down the country. I often think that a real horror is none that could really happen. Don't get me wrong, I still like the odd alien jumping out at me, and they still have a place in film. But for me, its the reality horrors that are best. Nothing does it better for me than the opening credits saying 'based on real events'. Either that or that the film is simply one that has a chance of happening in the real world. That's where Eli Roth started with his 'hostel films', and they were genuinely shocking. I sure as hell hope that this doesn't happen in real life, but it undoubtedly could happen, and for that alone it is a really chilling film. The torture aspect of Hostel translates well to this title as well, as its base is a truly gruesome set of torture scenes, in a quaint little town close to the Mexican border. Everyone and anyone who watches the news knows that mexico is one seriously dangerous place, which again means it was a good setting to portray the events that ...

The Cave DVD 27/01/2013

No need to be afraid in this cave

The Cave DVD Scared of the dark? I don't think that it will surprise you to learn that this film is set in a cave. And, again, I would not give anything away by telling you that caves are dark. Dark places are scary. How many of you have sat in a room, with the lights out, or in a power cut? Things seem a lot more atmospheric, as your other senses kick in double, and you seem to imagine things that are not there. How then is it possible that the makers of this 2005 horror managed to get it so horribly wrong? The setting is perfect to create scenes of absolute terror, with little or no special effects needed. It seems, however that director Bruce hunt deemed it more important to add lovely Hollywood lighting to the cave setting, shattering the illusion that most of us would have gone on to make in our own heads costing him nothing. He may as well have set a few IKEA lamps in there, and a halogen three spotlight number on the ceiling! Perhaps this strange choice of lighting was due to the fact that the main protagonists are all very good looking females? Anyhow, In my honest opinion, it is this decision that prevents the film from being a fairly smart horror, and condemns it to the genres ever growing pile of has been, and never was. A brief outline of the plot A group of friends that share a love for thrill activities like white water rafting and caving, end one trip in the most horrific ways. The death of a friends child can be tough, and indeed it has a huge effect on this group ...

Asus Google Nexus 7 32GB Wi-Fi 22/01/2013

Like an Apple, but cheaper!

Asus Google Nexus 7 32GB Wi-Fi Lucky me I am fortunate enough to have a gorgeous and very generous wife. We have known eachother most our life, and we are past the stage of buying eachother silly christmas presents that we don't really want. So this year, for the first time we decided to simply tell eachother what we would like. The result was that she got her beloved friends boxset, dvd player for the bedroom and a few other practical, yet pretty items. Ihowever went all tech minded and geek-like. I asked for a nexus 7, and she duly delivered. Yay! Unwrapping After i delicately (I was like a tasmanian devil in the living room!) unwrapped my wifes perfectly chosen paper, I got to my prize fairly quickly. A surprisingly small box, that was as smart looking as it was functional. I must confess that the size of the box made me thinkt that the actual nexus must be tiny, despite the rather obvious clue in its name that means it has to be seven inches. The box itself was black, with a smart dust cover over it with company logo and pucture of the nexus on it. The inner box was black. Sharp, and classy. The kind of box you wanna take on a date, only to realise its too good for you. Inside the box, the nexus was the full size of the box top, which settled my earlier size related worries (eek). After carefully taking it out, the rest of the box contained a plug/usb in three bits. Being an accomplished male, it took only two hours to assemble and we were ready to get on to the main event. Lets ...

The Woman In Black (DVD) 22/01/2013

Harry Potter, and the horribly typecast school of acting

The Woman In Black (DVD) Sir Daniel Potter Daniel Radcliff is one of the luckiest young people on the planet. Plucked out of his life as a normal child, he was thrust upon us as the young harry potter. Several years, and films later, that ship has now sailed for poor Daniel, leaving him naked on stage playing with horses, and more recently, being Harry Potter with a different name in The woman in black. Now, perhaps I am being unfair. Poor Daniel is only continuing on in the way he was taught to act. He continues to do the same things, using the same actions, and mannerisms that were so succesful last time out. However no-one has mentioned to Mr Radcliff that there is more out there in the big bad world than Harry Potter. It seems that we are destined to see a number of wooden performances from him, as he struggles to come to grips with what is known in the trade as character acting. The plot In brief, with no spoilers, the woman in black centres around Radcliffs character Arthur Kipps. Kipps lost his wife to childbirth, and has since struggle in his job as a lawyer to provide for his son, who survived the ordeal. In a kind of "last chance" sort of way, his boss sends him to a remote town to tie up the loose ends, after a woman dies. Her paperwork has been poorly looked after, and it is up to kipps to sort it out, aso the womans estate may be apportioned as it should be. It soon becomes apparent that all is not what it seems in the town, and especially in the house when all manner ...

Cannibal Holocaust (DVD) 23/08/2012

Cannibal holocaust - Animals WERE harmed in the making of this!

Cannibal Holocaust (DVD) Freaks, like me. This perhaps results in me looking a bit of a freak, but I actually am a bit of an expert when it comes to the exploitation movie. Originally my problem stemmed from an urge to study the banned movies, to see if they really deserved the status "video nasty". Many movies of this era were banned for many different reasons, the main ones being extreme violence, sexual perversion, social degradation or rape. Most films of the genre contain one of these four things. It is rare indeed to have all four, as well as a whole bunch of new ones thrown in for good measure, but that is what cannibal holocaust manages to do. Rarer than that, though, is the fact that it manages to do this whilst still turning out to be a convincing effort. The truth of the matter is, you are all freaks like me, who have at least a little part of them that yearns to know more about films like this one. And, we will all have seen some of them, even if we didn't realise it at first. How many true film fans can stand up and tell me they have not seen Kubrick's classic " A clockwork Orange", or the timeless " The Texas chainsaw massacre"? What about the more mainstream films like "The excorcist", and Monty Python classic "The life of Brian", both of which were banned in some countries. Haven't you ever wanted to know why? Well join me on the rollercoaster ride that is, "cannibal holocaust". Did they bother with a plot? It is a well known fact that the typical exploitation film has ...

PGA Tour Perfect Touch Chipping Net 14/07/2010

Play like a pro!

PGA Tour Perfect Touch Chipping Net after months of listening to me go on and on about how poor my golf was when close to the green, my fantastic wife saw fit to buy me one of these. At first I didn't know if I should be greatful or insulted, but I guess the thought was there. When you open the box, you get a net folded into a small circle and held with a strap. You also get a bag containing two ground pins, similar to those used for camping, and a strengthening pole that comes in two pieces. The net itself seemed to be well constructed, and being a typical man, I had to use it straight away. I went to the garden, and removed the strap, only for the thing to open out fully and hit me in the face! It was now around two feet in diameter, and judging by my fat lip, it was quite sturdily made. The strap that held the net close, now doubles as the two holes that you insert the strengthening pole into. Simply push the two parts of the pole together, and put each end into one of the metal eyelets that are at the top and bottom of the strap. The net is now able to sit upright on the ground, but if you were to chip a ball in now, it would move. Therefore you push the two grounding pins into the ground hooking them over the bottom circle of the net, fixing it to the spot. The last thing that there was to do was to fix the smaller target net to the larger circle. This is done by using three popper style buttons, which when put around the frame, hold the target in place. Easy to set up, the net proved to be a useful ...

John Terry’s scandal - Should he remain the captain of England national team or not? 03/03/2010

Handbags at six paces?

John Terry’s scandal - Should he remain the captain of England national team or not? The Jeremy Kyle show The lives of the everyday Joe's found on Jeremy's brown leather chairs, and Premier league footballers seem a million miles apart. But in more recent times, the divide seems to be little more than a small crack in the pavement, rather than the Grand Canyon that it used to be. Sure, Jeremy's guests generally have no teeth, and a distinct lack of knowledge in the correct use of shampoo. But sleek good looks and hygiene apart, footballers seem to be getting into the same scrapes as the rest of us. We only need to look at the media speculation surrounding Ashley Cole, and the gorgeous Cheryl to be able to see that money clearly isn't everything. Are they to blame? We are all human after all, and the fact remains that the sort of thing that it is claimed Terry did happens to hundreds of people daily. The only reason that we care is because he is famous, and we like to have a bit of juicy gossip to try and make our own lives a bit less ordinary. So lets ask ourselves this - Should Terry remain the captain of England? It is my honest opinion that he should. He has done wrong, and in no way am I condoning the sort of activities he got involved in, but for me the question of captaincy must remain one that is answerable only by the players undoubted quality and leadership. "Roman Abramovich has parked his Russian tanks on our lawn and is firing £50 notes at us." - David Dein, Arsenal vice-chairman, August 2003. Money talks, or so it ...
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