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Twinings Options Hot Chocolate Mini Sachets 25/06/2008

Options to many options

Twinings Options Hot Chocolate Mini Sachets Options hot chocolate mini sachets, an easy way to a perfect hot chocolate, however i always feel i need 2 sachets for one cup but thats me. I love the range of flavors but i have to make sure i buy an even amount of my choices. and what a choice from plain and belgian chocolate, vinilla, toffee, orange, hazelnut to white chocolate and my favroite mint madness. Pop on your kettle empty the sachet or two in to your mug add the boiled warter or hot milk stir and your done. The mint madness has a distinct minty flavour mixed very well with the smooth creamy hot chocolate both flavours a very apparent. the white cohcolate is a nice change from the usual hot chocolate, i found it a little more refreshing as a drink as it seems a little less thick and creamy. i guess its vanilla flavourbut its hard to tell. the belgian chocolate i found very rich, its a great flavour, strong rich chocolate but more of a sweet treat than a cosy hot chocolate. i found the same true with the toffee flavour very sweet and rich. another of my favs is the orange. is a sweet, tangy, chocolatey, orangey smooth creamy hot chocolate thats just right in every way in fact thats what im going to have now. a great range of flavours for every taste, keeping the lovley creamy texture you expect from Options ...

Sony NV-U 93T 08/02/2008

Sony sat nav a bit lost

Sony NV-U 93T There is a huge choice when it comes to satnav these days, it took me a whole week looking at different modles before i chose the Sony NVU93T. i chose the Sony NVU93T because it was huge compared to all others i could find, it has a 4.8inch wide screen display, i have seen dvd players with smaller screens. the 4.8inch display is touch screen no fiddly buttons. it can do 2D or 3D mapping, Mapping UK, Ireland and 21 European countries. Traffic information available but subscription required, Safety camera alerts, Points of interest, Dynamic route information which details all the parking, petrol stations, garages, traffic problems etc along your chosen route and it has Blue tooth. which is all great but only if the unit works i had my first unit for a month and altho i was parked up on the strand in central london, the unit insisted that i was parked next to the vatigan in rome i tryed everything to reset the unit and get it to the right country to no avail. i took the unit back to the shop where they replaced it with a brand new one this worked great for about 2 months while driving thru camden the unit lost signal and when it found signal again, we were back at the vatigan in rome i have no got a third unit which has also told me i am driving in rome so this is a great unit to have in rome but a bit usless anywhere else in the world after about 2 months this is a good satnav when it knows where it is, just keep your recipt and an A to Z ...

OKI C 3200 23/01/2008

OKI lazer printer cheap and cheerful

OKI C 3200 The Oki C3200 lazer printer was great value purchase. i got mine for £160 which for a lazer printer full of toner is actually quite cheap. the printer its self is quite big and can only do up to A4. it also weights a bit so pick a spot where it will live because you wont ever feel like moving it. Using 4 color toner cartridiges (cyan, magenta, yellow, black.) the printer preduces great quality prints, thats once it warms, takes about 2mins in my experience. once it does warm up it just spits out the pages one after another almost no pause between pages, it seems to take less than 2 seconds per page. For the size of this printer i was suprised that it only holds 500 sheets of paper which means regular trips back to it. the upkeep can work out expencive depending on how much you use it toner prices start at £24 for 1,500 page black cartdrige then £43 for each other color so a whole set of cartdriges costs £153 which is just £7 short of the asking price of a brand new printer. If you want larger cartdriges up to 14,000 pages you looking at £260. i have to say that in my experience the cartdriges ran out at different times which helped spread the cost a little. after i refilled my first printer once i then only wanted the smaller cartdriges at the time it was cheaper to buy the printer again. This is a fantastic printer for any body looking for a colour lazer printer but i would use sparingly as running cost can mount ...

Numark DXM06 Mixer 14/01/2008

Excellent mixer with fantastic effects

Numark DXM06 Mixer the DXM06 is my favorite Numark mixer. In this nice little 24bit digital mixer, you get everything you would expect from a mixer. there are 2 phono inputs and 3 line/ cd inputs, 2 out puts master and record. Full high, mid, low trim and kill switches topped off with some very nice sound effects. you only get 6 effects but they are all perfect at there job, the 4 main effects are ECHO, Flanger, PHASER and Filter all controled with a slider and turn knob giving you a full range of parimiters to make that mix sound amazing. the mixer looks grat and sounds fantastic i didnt know that a digital mixer would make the vinyl sound better too. this is a very easy to use mixer and would suit most users bigginer or pro

Numark TT500 Turntable 14/01/2008

Numark TT500 all looks and power

Numark TT500 Turntable I had a pair of these Numark TT500 for a short while and although good they left me wondering WHY. Numark are old hands at making good quality dj turntables but i dont know what they were thinking when desiging this one. part of a dj set up is the look and 2 of these used normaly with the tone arm and pitch control on your right and a mixer in the middle looks a little silly. The tone arm design is straight which again i found very different and wierd. apart from the looks its a good turntable with all the functions you expect. the pitch control has a huge range, Variable pitch range 8/10/20/50 %. and adjustable start stop speeds. This is pitched as a high torque direct drive tturntable and yes the torque is good but i have felt better. all in all a good turntable, great if you need the extra pitch range not very good if you dont ...

Samsung Syncmaster 225MW 14/01/2008

22" LCD worth every peny

Samsung Syncmaster 225MW Flat screen displays are every where these days and there are so many out there to choose from. with prices as low as £50 and as high as £1000 where do you start whats good and good value. my bosses insisted on splashing out a bit on a really good large flat screen for art and presentations. i had already seen a bigger samgung monitor do a very good job and we liked how it looked. Presented in a slim shiny black frame the 22\" viewable screen reproduces colour and texture at all Resolutions,the Maximum resolution is 1680 x 1050 @ 60 Hz this is also the monitors Optimum resolution. other specifications include. Synchronization = Horizontal 30 ~ 81 kHz , Vertical 56 ~ 75 Hz Display Colors 16.7 M Input Signal, Terminated RGB Analog Maximum Pixel Clock 135 MHz Signal Cable 15pin to 15pin D-sub cable, Detachable (standard connection) DVI-D to DVI-D connector, Detachable ( Sold separately) Signal connectors 15pin 3-row D-sub connector, 24pin 3-row DVI-D connector 19pin Type A HDMI Conntector, Composite, S-Video, Component, SCART, TV, DTV Dimensions (WxHxD)/ Weight SyncMaster 225MD 520.0 X 439.0 X 201.9 mm / 20.5 X 17.3 X 7.9 inch / 7.1 kg / 15.7 lbs (With Stand) 520.0 X 386.0 X 65.5 mm / 20.5 X 15.2 X 2.6 inch (Without Stand) we used this monitor for displaying an artists project which involved a game engine runnig thru a sequence of hacked games creating random chaos of charactors running about causing explosions. all the colours where there and ...

Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070SB 22 in 13/01/2008

excellent CRT in todays TFT / LCD world

Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070SB 22 in in todays TFT and LCD world this CRT is actually worth a look. Orignaly bought for design work this monitor now lives on my desk as my pride and joy. i use it to play games, watch movies and Photoshop. The monitor its self is nice looking with a clean sliver and gray finish so fits well any where. i got the 20inch and WOW its big. the screen is flat which helps on a monitor this big. it supports huge resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 @ 86 Hz which im sure is big enought for any body. that display is nice and bright with no flicker which i noticed on other big monitors. the colours come out good too apearing very righ and real. movies looked great clearer than my TV. games also look fantastic and the monitor had no problems displaying them. working with phootoshop was a breeze, lots of space to have your tool bars open and actually looking at the picture in it correct size. the big advantage in having a monitor like this is it quality better than TV orTFT in my opinion. ...

SuSE Linux Professional Edition 9.0 Complete package 13/01/2008

LINUX for the NEW to linux people

SuSE Linux Professional Edition 9.0 Complete package Linux is poping up every where these days and it is said that 80% of internet servers are Unix / Linux based. So what is available for me and you the home or new to linux user. SuSE linux brought to you by Novell is a great home or business linux solution. it comes pretty complete with almost any piece of software you could need in the box. i recomend SUSE because of its ease of use and simularity to windows or mac depending which you choose at start up. this can all sound very confusing but is very simple, In linux you have a choice of GUI (graphical user interface - windows) 2 known popular GUIs are GNOME and KDE. gthe GNOME desktop enviorment is very like macs OSx and the KDE desktop environment is very like windows. and you can choose which to use at logon with one click. the installation process is very simple and if you have installed windows or a mac OS then you will find this very easy and everything is fully explained to you in a panel on the left of your screen any way. you can chose the typical install which install most of the software from the 5CDs. you can easly change all this by chosing the stuff you want from groups of programs. like games, multimedia. graphical, development, Office, productive,ect,ect all with full descriptions of what the program does,so finding the right things is easy. by default it usually give you the option to install the GUI you want with basic program packages and Office, perfect for anybody new or old user to get their ...

Powercolor RADEON 9250 Graphics card 128 MB DDR SDRAM 13/01/2008

ATI Radeon 9250

Powercolor RADEON 9250 Graphics card 128 MB DDR SDRAM in the big world of graphics cards its hard to know which card is best other than how much it costs. ATi card range from £20 to £300 so deciding which one is for you can really be a matter of budget. the 9250 is a budget card available from £20 yet it is a very capable card. i have used this card in a games PC for a good while and only upgraded because the upgrade was a present. The 9250 comes with 128mb of graphics memory which is more than enought for most games. i played alot of sid mieres railroad which is very graphics intensive. i needed to turn down the shading a lilttle to set smooth game play but there was no real visual loss. i also played alot of need for speed undergroung 2 on this card with absolutly no problems the graphics were smooth and steady no matter how fast i went. you get standard VGA out and a DVI out also the TV oit which is well usefull for watching movies from your PC on your TV so no more region lock dvds. down load tv programs and watch at your own leisure a good budget graphics card for watching TV or playing games but will need upgrading sooner rather than later ...

Atari Jaguar 13/01/2008

Retro atari jaguar

Atari Jaguar This is one for the Retro gamer out there. orignaly a forgotten about console that nobody really could be bothered with. now i see people walking into secongd hand shops and paying hundreds for these ( DONT) i got one for £20. its a great console with great games but only if your into your games from the late 80s and 90s. they came usually with Doom so you had somthing to play and at the time Doom on a 64bit console was unheard of now its just great to play doom on a console with easy ro use buttons because the jaguar comes with a rather differen control. its a bit big but with the card overlays that came with the games labled all the buttons for you. its actually easier to find game for the jaguar now then when it was released as loads of game shops stock secondhand and new games. also bargains can be found on ebay from 99p not a console for everybody more for the retro old school gamer

Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood (DVD) 13/01/2008

Don't Be A Menace To South Central

Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood (DVD) i thought this was one of the funniest movies ever. there are gags gallore in this mad master piece. the movie follows the life of well to do Ashtray brought to the hood by his mum to live with his dad. you get introduced to his hood born cousin Loc Dog who only knows the hood and its ways. so taking scenes from so many movies from dont be a menace to socity to drinking yor juice and boys in the hood, there are jokes a many with references to nearly all movies of that year. watch ashtray and LocDog try over come the troubles of the hood while being cool and wearing slippers. not many dvd extras on there and what there is are watchable but nothing to write home or a review about

Burnout Dominator (PS2) 13/01/2008

Burnout Dominator

Burnout Dominator (PS2) Burnout returns with the cahos and carnage just not as much as before. this latest burnout has a new navagation system with a few more fun ways to wreck a car. you are missing the beloved crash junction which i feel really made the game. now you have a story line with crash or race challengesyou must complete to move on, you dont really get a choice of what to do unlike burnout 3. the graphics have been updated a bit and the few added features dont really make up for the missing crash junction. you do get lots of boost and even more super boost for being that bit more reckless. you do still get to do some crash junctions but you cant spend the day doing it. you follow the story line and unlock new races goals. you still get to race road rage events which is always fun battling to wreck you oppenants cars, there are still the dreaded preview laps where you go hell for leather as fast as you can with out crashing for a good time i hate those. all in all its a good game. if you have not played burnout this will entertain you if you have played burnout 3 you may not like this one ...

Sid Meier's Railroads (PC) 11/01/2008

sid meiers railroads 10/10

Sid Meier's Railroads (PC) Sid meiers Railroads is the most fun i have had with a train simulator ever. i dont have room in my house for a train set and over the years i have tried most train simulators, they were ok but let down by their graphics or lack of gameplay. Sid Meiers has changed that. now you get stunnig graphics and goals gallore. set in the times just as the railroad were just getting started, you are a budding young investor look to make money, a bit like transport tycoon each town has industries each with there own needs. you must build the rail roads between towns and industries supplying them what they need and taking away what they dont. you will start with one depot and be given goals like recreate the north pacific rail road connecting various citys and industries along the way. once you get in to it you really get in to planning your railway for the best routes and profits. the graphics are so perfect really does look like a train set and with loads of maps from the USA, UK, france and gremany you feel right at home. all the animation really adds effect. i have heard people complaining about the game crashing or running very slow. i belive this to be their computers, i first run this game on an AMD 1.8ghz processor 512 mb of ram and an ATI 9250 128mb ram. it ran pretty goos with some graphics stuff turned off i up graded my system ram from 512mb to 1Gb this had no effect. after a few months i got a better graphics card a ATI saphire 9550 with 256mb of ram. this ...

Behringer VMX100 Mixer 06/01/2008

Behringer VMX100

Behringer VMX100 Mixer Behringer keep spoiling us with great quality mixers at the lowest prices compared to any other manufacturer. The VMX100 is an entry level dj mixer. it has 2 channels split for phono or line input. each channel has it own beat counter and full high, mid, low trim.. The beat counters work quite well and along with the tempo and sysc LED displays,any body can learn to mix. there is a best assist button just press this button in time with the beat at the BPM is worked out and the sysc lights will tell you which channel is too fast or too slow. the head phone mixer can play both channels at once or can be addigned to one channel or the other. the cross fader in the VMX100 is excellent useing a glide bar to stop your movements damaging it. the life cycle is estimated at 500,000 slided thats alot. after nearly a year practicising my scratcing with the cross fader it still worked with out any channel leak or crackling other than that this is a very basic mixer ideal for a frist timer getting used to beat matching with the beat counters or first time scratching as the cross fader is clean and reliable i paid £50 for mine new and thats a bargain for somthing to learn on and then replace. i still use my VMX100 to save wear on my other mixer

Technics SL-1200MK2 Turntable 05/01/2008

Technics 1200 / 1210 Mk2

Technics SL-1200MK2 Turntable Technics 1200 / 1210 what more can you say its the number one DJ turntable on the planet. For years and years when i was younger just geting in to Djing all i wanted was a pair of technics. after a few years with other direct drive decks i finally saved enough money to buy a pair i of technics, i bought the SL1200Mk2 because they were silver i did not like the brown of the 1210 much. i have read around and talked to people and aparently the only difference between the 1200 and the 1210 is the colour. I set up my new 1200s and got the tunes out. Wow what a turntable, after years of trying out all other types of direct drive turntables i could instantly see and feel the difference in build quality. the technics weight alot compared to any other turntable, this is because the bottom black base you see is not made of cheap moulded plastic, its made of a thick heavy rubbery stuff which helps cut out vibrations from very loud sound systems making feed back not such a problem. The platter is stainless steel and also has a good weight to it. when you press the strat button you can feel the torque pull the weight of the platter to full speed almost instantly. once spinning the strength of the motor is far better than any thing i have used before if feels right. touching the platter to make small adjustments to my mix is now so easy and smooth. the pitch slider feels solid and precise there is no fiddilyness to it. nearly all the parts are meatal and the whole thing feels ...
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