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since 17/08/2002


Go Cat Senior 8+ 16/06/2007

Go-Cat Senior +8

Everything that starts with B ... 06/08/2006

Books at low prices

Louis Armstrong 11/01/2005

Louis Armstrong

Fanta Orange 06/12/2004

Be real adults

Just For Men Shampoo-in-Haircolour 16/11/2004

Don't do it, unless your artistic

Kiss TV 18/10/2004

Influencing porn

Everything that starts with H ... 11/10/2004

starts with H

Stone Cold - Robert Swindells 27/08/2004


Breville Anthony Worrall Thompson Health Grill 22/06/2004

Get slimmer for £40

Everything that starts with K ... 31/05/2004


Everything that starts with K ... Kids I hate that term, kids belong too goats, but as my alphabet is limited, I had to choose K for my review. I was and still am upset about reading that children have and are dying from obesity. Parents are out living their children. I did a survey about this last week, the survey asked who is to blame…Government…adverts…parents…supermarkets I picked the parents…what I’m going to say now may upset a lot of people, but this is what I believe. Who puts the children’s meals on the plate? Does Tony Blair come to your house at teatime and dole out the food? Does the advertising manager or the boss of the supermarket come and dole out the food? I think the answer is NO. Yes, Yes adverts can be tempting, so can the food on the supermarket shelves, but haven’t parents heard of that little word called NO. Don’t parents know how to play games in the supermarket, such as, you say to little Billy go and get mummy four of the juiciest oranges you can find, or go and find the biggest carrot on the shelf…It will distract them from the chocolate shelf. What you keep in your kitchen cupboard/fridge is what they will eat…. if you don’t stock it they can’t have it, and if a child was that desperate for food a banana would look enticing. What do we buy our children for birthdays/Christmas? Videos, computers, gameboys……..just because little Mary down the road has got all these things. That leads to your child sitting on its bum all day…Why not buy him/her a skipping ...

Tesco Cotes Du Rhone 13/04/2004

Summers coming

Everything that starts with S ... 05/04/2004

challenge 03/04/2004

Don't bother me with crap

Dior J'Adore Eau de Parfum Spray 27/03/2004

Smell good

Everything that starts with X ... 02/03/2004

You really wanna know, boring.

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