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Move to back to Birmingham is finally complete, now I just need to find time to write! I have lots of catching up to do, reviews of pets, pet products, many video games, books and travel are all on the way... Eventually! ;)

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Powerstar Golf (Xbox One) 22/01/2016

Hole in One!

Powerstar Golf (Xbox One) Powerstar Golf Powerstar Golf was released on the Xbox One in 2013. From the title it is very obvious this is a golfing game, however unlike many golf titles currently available Powerstar Golf is a golf game with a bit of a difference as I will now explain in my review of the Xbox One version of the game. Time to Tee Off Powerstar Golf has a variety of game modes to choose from in both single and multiplayer modes. I will Tee off with single player which has the options of Open Play and Career. Open play allows you to simply play any course with no challenges or competitors and simply enjoy the courses. Personally I am not really a fan of Open Play as there isn't a lot to be gained in the game from this mode because any progress you make here doesn't count towards your career progress, so this really is more of a just for fun or practice mode. Career mode is much more my cup of tea and has a wide variety of challenges and AI to compete against. When you first play Powerstar Golf you will only have the option to play as one of two golfers, Frank or Reiko. Each character has their own special ability or power, hence the name of the game, which can be used a certain amount of times during each round of golf. For example Frank has a Rocket Shot which gives you the chance to hit the ball about 30yards further than a normal shot. Reiko has a magnetic field which is used on the green to help draw the ball towards the hole. The powers are specific to each golfer and can't be ...

Next Hostel, Lisbon 23/09/2014

Staying at Next Hostel made me want to go to our Next Hostel!

Next Hostel, Lisbon Next Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal For our summer holidays this year we decided to embark upon a 2 and a half week trip around Europe. Obviously we wanted to do this in the most economical way possible with regards to places to sleep so we decided that hostels were going to be our best option. Our first destination was Lisbon in Portugal. Why Next Hostel? After searching the website Next Hostel came up as one of the cheapest and after reading a few reviews from previous guests everything seemed very positive and the location seemed acceptable too with the city centre being quoted as a 15 minute walk away. Next Hostel is located on Avenida Almirante Reis Nº4, Lisbon, Portugal 1150. The hostel is located very close to one of the city’s Metro stations which has a reasonably easy link to the airport. We arrived in Lisbon at about 11:30pm and we decided to follow the directions from the airport which were given by the hostel on the Hostelbookers website. The directions were very good and we arrived at the hostel within about 40 minutes of leaving the airport by Metro. Making the Booking As I mentioned earlier we used the website to make the booking with Next Hostel. Making the booking was really easy, we simply selected the date we wanted to stay and which room we wanted to be in. We chose the 5 bed dorm with shared bathroom at a cost of £7.85 per person per night. I then entered my card details on a secure page to pay a 10% deposit. There was ...

3 on 3 NHL Arcade (Xbox 360) 17/07/2014

Woosh, Bleep, Bloop, Blurp... It's 3 on 3 NHL Arcade!

3 on 3 NHL Arcade (Xbox 360) 3 on 3 NHL Arcade (Xbox 360) 3 on 3 NHL Arcade is an arcade version of the NHL series of games available for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The format of this title which I will be reviewing today is the Xbox 360. NHL - Let's Play Some Ice Hockey! First of all for anyone out there who is unaware of what the NHL is, it is the National Hockey League in the USA and Canada for professional Ice Hockey. Each year EA Sports release an NHL licenced game and back in 2009 the developers released 3 on 3 NHL Arcade as well as the yearly NHL title. The game differs from the usual NHL games because you are playing with a team of only 3 players plus a goalie on each team. Now, I must point out that until I played this NHL game I have never played an Ice Hockey game on a games console in my life and I know very little about the sport other than it can get a little 'rough' at times! Therefore the reason I came to own this title is a very similar story to a lot of titles I own... It was on sale! Back in December 2013 Xbox put this and many other games on sale during the run up to Christmas, at the time I remember I purchased quite a few of them and as a result I cannot remember the exact price I paid, however I know it wasn't more than a couple of pounds. I initially decided this sale title was worth buying because it was firstly nice and cheap, it looked like good fun and it was also a kind of game which I have never played before so I thought it would be a good new experience. ...

Shoot Many Robots (Xbox 360) 06/05/2014

Shoot Many Robots... Literally!

Shoot Many Robots (Xbox 360) Shoot Many Robots (Xbox 360) Ever had one of those dreams where the unthinkable happens and the world gets taken over by robots? No? Neither have I! But if you have then I have bad news for you because this potential nightmare has now become a reality! Robot overlords and their millions of robot minions have invade earth and are trying to take over! "What? Your name is Walter and you are stepping up and accepting the challenge to rid the planet of these evil robots and save the world? Yes? Well good on you and good luck!" Walter, The Beer Drinking, RV Driving Hero! Your quest to literally Shoot Many Robots begins in the back of Walter's RV Motorhome. Here you will find everything you need to begin your mission to save the world. All weapons can be found in the shower located in the centre of the RV and should you fancy a change of clothes then you will also find these in the shower too. Clothes and weapons are earned throughout the game and the more experience you have then the higher your level will be and the better weapons and clothes you will receive. Weapons and clothes will be awarded in the from of random drops during the levels and you will see exactly what the weapon is at the end of each level. Once you are kitted out its time to take the wheel and pick your first destination for robot slaughter! When you first begin your robot murdering ways there will only be one destination to choose from, this will serve as a tutorial level and introduce you to the basic ...

Kinect Adventures (Xbox 360) 05/05/2014

Adventure Time!

Kinect Adventures (Xbox 360) Kinect Adventures (Xbox 360) Welcome explorers! It's time to get on that multi-coloured jumpsuit and start jumping around your living room exploring weird and wonderful places while burning a few calories and getting a bit of muscle ache at the same time! It's time for Kinect Adventures! Kinect Adventures is an Xbox 360 game which gets you hot, sweaty and very achy, but at the same time is addictive and a lot of fun to play! The game itself doesn't have any kind of story as far as I've been able to make out but it does remind you on a regular basis that you are an explorer who needs to complete challenges in order to move further on your quest. The game requires the Kinect motion sensor for the Xbox 360 and cannot be played without this. For those of you who are unaware of the Kinect motion senor, it is basically a camera which connects to your Xbox 360 and tracks your movements around the room. These movements are incorporated into the video game and your character moves in almost exactly the same way as you do. I say 'almost' because the Kinect isn't always 100% accurate at tracking people but this depends largely on a number of factors including the setup of the room, play space and the setup of the sensor itself. So, back to these Adventures you are about to embark on with your Kinect... There are 5 adventures you will be taking part in and each adventure has many different challenges and difficulty levels. The adventures are as follows: River Rush: This adventure ...

Dead Island (Xbox 360) 04/05/2014

Welcome to Dead Island!

Dead Island (Xbox 360) **Warning: The game I am reviewing is rated 18. As a result some content in this review may be a little too descriptive for anyone under the recommended age so please only proceed with reading if you are fine with this fact. Thanks. Dead Island (Xbox 360) Welcome to Banoi Island Resort, an idyllic paradise full of white sandy beaches, private holiday bungalows, a large hotel, multiple swimming pools and more zombies than you can count! Following a recent outbreak of an unknown disease many visitors to the island have unfortunately become infected by this disease which has a very common side effect of turning people into zombies. No one is safe from this outbreak, if you die then you will almost certainly return as a zombie with an instinct or urge to walk around mindlessly biting and eating both fellow zombies and those few humans left who have either barricaded themselves in random building or simply been lucky enough to survive so far. If you are bitten by one of these zombies then you will begin to experience high fever, cold sweats and eventually when the time comes for you to pass into the next world you will instead become a zombie! Welcome to Paradise! You Are A Survivor! Lucky you, you are one of a group of 4 people who have so far survived the outbreak on the Island and so far you seem to have some kind of immunity to the disease too! Lets see if we can use this to our advantage! When you first begin playing Dead Island you will need to choose your character, ...

K-Swiss Lozan Tongue Twister Trainers 06/03/2014

Can You Twist Your Tongue?

K-Swiss Lozan Tongue Twister Trainers K-Swiss Lozan Tongue Twister Trainers When it comes to footwear I am much more of a trainers girl than shoes. I find them much comfier to wear and with my current job involving a lot of walking on a daily basis a good pair of trainers are a must. Around 18 months ago I was visiting my family in Birmingham and of course had a little shopping trip to the Bullring where I ended up with yet another pair of trainers. These are the trainers I will be reviewing today, they are the K-Swiss Lozan Tongue Twister Trainers. Why? I chose to buy the K-Swiss Lozan Tongue Twister Trainers as I really liked the design and I liked the novelty of being able to twist the tongue of the trainer to vary the look of them. I also liked the overall design as they reminded me of my Adidas Superstar trainers which are still my favourite trainers by a long shot. I tried the trainers on in the shop and, as you do, I had a little walk around in them and they felt really nice and comfortable. I knew they would need a little time to break in so I wasn't overly fussed that while they felt comfortable there was a slight stiffness to them as well. I purchased my trainers from the Junior section of JD Sports for just £20. This is one of the big bonuses of having size 5 feet! Twisty Tongues! The K-Swiss Lozan Tongue Twister Trainers which I purchased are the red and white version. They are also available in white combined with other colours including blue or green. The trainers have a flat sole, but this ...

Ikea Gubbrora Rubber Spatula 05/03/2014

Perfect for Omelettes & Pancakes!

Ikea Gubbrora Rubber Spatula Ikea Gubbrora Rubber Spatula Since moving into our new flat just over a year ago, my partner and I have made countless trips to our local Ikea. One of the items we purchased around a year or so ago was the Gubbrora Rubber Spatula. The Gubbrora Rubber Spatula is available in a variety of nice colour combinations including black and white, blue and green, green and orange and the colour which we own purple and pink. Personally I love the colour of ours as it brings a bit of colour to the kitchen and it is just a generally nice combination of colours. Why? We initially made this purchase because I was going through a stage of making pancakes for breakfast almost every weekend and as I really cannot flip a pancake in our ridiculously heavy frying pan I needed a spatula which was more flexible than the one which we already owned to make my life easier in flipping pancakes without destroying them! Plus at the bargain price of around 60p it was a lot cheaper than buying a new and lighter frying pan. I actually bought this spatula at Ikea in Krakow, but I have checked on the Ikea website and they are available in the UK for the above mentioned 60p. In Use As I mentioned earlier, when we bought this spatula I was going through a bit of a pancake phase and therefore this utensil found itself in use quite often. The spatula has a plastic handle which is of a decent enough length not to burn yourself on the pan. The handle is around 20cm in length and the surface of the spatula is ...

Jet Set Go (WP) (Windows Phone) 12/02/2014

Jet... Set... Gooo... For a Few Days!

Jet Set Go (WP) (Windows Phone) Jet Set Go. Windows Phone Jet Set Go is one of the number of Xbox Live games which are available to download for Windows Phones. I purchased Jet Set Go in January 2014 when it was offered as the deal of the week at 79p instead of the usual £2.29. Jet Set Go is a game produced by Electronic Arts and to get the game on your phone you will need to go to the games section of your Windows phone and simply do a search for Jet Set Go. The game will then need time to download, this will vary depending on your connection speed but the file isn't too big so it shouldn't take too long. So, have you ever fancied running your own Travel Agency? Now you have the chance. Jet... Set... Goooo! Jet Set Go is a game where you are responsible for the daily running of a travel agents, you will begin the game with a 1 Star rated agency located in Montreal. When you begin the game you will need to serve your customers and help them to organise their dream holiday by helping them choose everything from their destination all the way through to what meal they would like on their flight and even clearing their schedule so that they can go on holiday in the first place. For each customer you successfully satisfy you will earn Excitement points. Once your working day is over you will have earned some money from your customers which you can then use to make improvements to your agency with new items such as extra chairs or to employ staff to help you with the customers. The more improvements you ...

Moo Moo Steak & Burger Club, Krakow 26/11/2013

I had a Moo-Moo Baa-Baa Burger!

Moo Moo Steak & Burger Club, Krakow Moo Moo Steak & Burger Club, Krakow During the last year or so my partner and I have been trying to eat in as many different restaurants as possible here in Krakow. The restaurant I am reviewing on this occasion is Moo Moo Burger. At the time of this review we have visited Moo Moo burger on two separate occasions and I hope there will be many more to come. Moo Moo Burger is "officially" known as "Moo Moo Steak & Burger Club" but I don’t think I have ever heard anyone call it anything more than Moo Moo Burger so for the sake of this review I will be referring to the restaurant as Moo Moo Burger or Moo Moo. So, Moo Moo Burger is, as it sounds, a restaurant which specialises in burgers and burger themed meals. We initially chose this place in particular as firstly the name made me laugh and secondly at the time we had planned to eat out we both fancied burgers, but something of a higher standard than Mc Donald’s! Location Moo Moo Burger is located in the centre of Krakow on a side street just off Florianska Street which the main street leading to the main market square. It is about a 10 minute walk from the central train station and shopping galleries. It is located on ul. Swietego Krzyza, number 15 and is about a 5 minute walk from the nearest tram stop. We found the restaurant quite easily as it is clearly signed with a Moo Moo Burger sign above the entrance and there are a couple of nice blue neon signs in the windows with "Moo Moo Steak & Burger Club" lit up. Getting ...

Boogie Bunnies (Xbox 360) 20/11/2013

I Have No Urge to Boogie With These Bunnies!

Boogie Bunnies (Xbox 360) Boogie Bunnies (XBLA) Boogie Bunnies is a game available for the Xbox 360 through the Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) for download only. This game is not available to purchase on a disc in the shops and if it was then I would probably enjoy playing Frisbee with the disc more than playing the game! So with that in mind, lets discus why this game is simply better avoided and what possessed me to purchase it in the first place! Download & Installation Downloading Boogie Bunnies was a very quick and easy process. The download speed will vary depending on your internet speed but as it is a relatively small file it still shouldn't take too long. I think mine finished downloading and installing and it was ready to play within the time it took me to make a cup of tea. Who, Or Rather, What Are The Boogie Bunnies? Boogie Bunnies is a kind of action-puzzle game where you have to match Bunnies of different colours into groups of 3 or more to clear the screen. Unlike traditional colour matching games with blocks or jewels Boogie Bunnies has cute animated bunnies who sing, dance and cheer as you progressively clear the screen of them. The reason I purchased this game was because on the whole I enjoy puzzle games and this one had the "cute" appeal, I mean who can resist multi coloured dancing bunny rabbits?! Well, I can safely say that after playing this game I will be able to resist any future dancing bunnies! Upon starting the game and going through the usual manufacturer logos and safety ...

Vancouver 2010: The Official Videogame of the Winter Olympic Games (Xbox 360) 06/11/2013

A Gold Medal for Vancouver 2010? Hmm... Maybe a Bronze!

Vancouver 2010: The Official Videogame of the Winter Olympic Games (Xbox 360) Vancouver 2010. Xbox 360 Vancouver 2010 is the Official game of the Winter Olympics which were held in Vancouver in 2010. I bought this game around 4 months ago when I was looking for some more "wintery "games to play as I was coming close to completing my favourite snowboarding game and I knew I was going to need a nice snowy replacement for this. So, does Vancouver 2010 fit the bill? Well, not really. While I do enjoy the game and I find it great fun to play I do feel that there is "something" missing as I will now explain. Getting Started After putting the game disc into your Xbox 360 console and going through all the usual manufacturer logos and Health & Safety warnings you will finally arrive at the title screen. It is at this point where I was expecting to be launched into some kind of story line about being an Olympic superstar or at least be given one of those annoying tutorials which you cannot skip as it turns out to be quite useful! But as it turned out, when you press the start button from the main menu you are swapped from menu to menu until you have selected the sports you wish to play and unless you decide to select training mode then the only tutorials offered are just at the beginning of each sport where you can press the B button to activate the tutorial. As a result of this I have quite often flicked past the tutorial and ended up having to reload the event as I had no idea what I am doing in most of them! From the main menu you will have the choice of ...

Dead as a Doornail - Charlaine Harris 08/10/2013

Almost as Dead as a Doornail!

Dead as a Doornail - Charlaine Harris Dead as a Doornail - Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse works as a waitress in Bon Temps, Louisiana. Aside from her regular job as a waitress she also has the more unusual talent of mind reading. Due to this unusual gift the regular humans don't really like to get too close to Sookie, however as her telepathy doesn't extend to the Vampires minds she often finds herself spending time with the vampires and quite often she will end up working for them too, especially if it comes to interrogating humans for them. Sookie's life is not only filled with vampires but also Shape-shifters and Werewolves, all of these seem to come with their own fair share of drama and problems. As you can imagine, this is far from the quiet life which Sookie longs for but the quiet life is nowhere in sight as it seems as soon as one event is over with another one is following not too far behind. Recently Sookie's brother Jason was kidnapped by were-panthers who continually bit him and turned him into one of their own. Were-panthers appear to be like a cross between Werewolves and Shapeshifters. Werewolves are humans who turn to Werewolves during the full moon and Shapeshifters can turn into any animal they want to where as Were-panthers can only turn into panthers during the full moon. The full moon is approaching fast and Jason is about to change for the first time. Sookie needs to be there to support her brother through this time, but as always, nothing is ever that simple in Sookie's life. While ...

Beach House - R. L. Stine 07/10/2013

I Don't Want to Stay at this Beach House!

Beach House - R. L. Stine Beach House - R. L. Stine The sun is shining, the sand is golden, it is the summer of 1956 and the teenagers are enjoying their summer break at the beach fooling around in the sea, playing beach games and generally enjoying their youth. Four teens in particular, Stuart, the cool guy of the group, the guy who everyone wants to hang out with. Ronnie, Stuarts friend who is known to be the joker of the group and loves nothing more than playing tricks on the girls Maria and Amy. Maria and Amy are best friends, both are described as being equally pretty, however Maria quite often feels jealousy towards Amy. Amy is in a relationship with Ronnie. During this summer the group have met a young guy by the name of Buddy, Buddy is staying at the local Beach House, this surprises the teens as to their knowledge no one has ever stayed there, in fact no one even owns it, but nonetheless Buddy is now staying there for the summer and as he seems like a nice guy the teens are happily spending the summer simply chilling out and relaxing together. The summer is going well, Maria is spoilt for choice between Stuart and Buddy with regards to who she wants to date and this seems to be the major issue of the summer, that is until one by one the teenagers begin to go missing. All of the disappearances appear to be completely random and totally unexplained. For years their disappearance remains a mystery, no one knows what happened that summer and why all of a sudden these teenagers disappeared. Did ...

Shaun White Skateboarding (Xbox 360) 06/10/2013

Skateboarding To Save Your City!

Shaun White Skateboarding (Xbox 360) Shaun White Skateboarding (Xbox 360) Shaun White Skateboarding is, as it sounds, a skateboarding game for the Xbox 360. I bought this game because, as some of you may know, I am a big fan of snowboarding and this has also lead me to become quite a fan of skateboarding too, although I cannot skateboard in real life! Anyway as a result of these sports I am always interested in the skate and board themed games so this was a must have purchase for me. Defeat The Ministry So, we shall begin with the story mode of Shaun White Skateboarding. When the game first begins you will need to first of all select whether you want to play as a male or female character and then design your skater. Once this part is done you will be taken to the beginning of the story where you will be shown a couple of videos introducing you to the story and informing you that the city has been taken over by an organisation called The Ministry. The Ministry believe that everything in the world should be grey and that colours are bad for you. The also require everyone to wear the same dull clothes and conform to The Ministry way of life. People in the city are influenced by The Ministry through the use of Influencers, Skate Blockers and many forms of advertising. The Ministry also believe that skateboarding is dangerous to health and they have banned it and kidnapped pro-skater Shaun White. This is where you come in. Your job throughout the story is to complete quests and challenges in order to infiltrate ...
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