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Kong Classic Dog Toy 10/01/2012

Strangely Entertaining to Me

Kong Classic Dog Toy My two year old dog got his first Kong today and has yet to put it down. It came with some sort of snack that he ate in about 30 mins. However, I went on the internet and there is no shortage of Kong recipes to keep your dog busy all day. A word of caution, they can get messy (depending on what you put in it) so it good toy for your dog to toss around in the backyard or in the drive way. My pup likes it filled with peanut butter so when he gets after it inside he can make a little bit of a mess. Overall, I know for a fact that you can easily waste money on pet toys. But for some reason these Kongs continue to be popular with dogs so its a good bet your dog will like it. ...

Apple iMac (MC309B/A) 10/01/2012

A PC's Worst Nightmare

Apple iMac (MC309B/A) After growing up with various PCs my whole life, it was breathe of fresh air to bring home my iMac 6 months ago. Five minutes after opening the box I had all of my music and photos loaded onto my computer and it immediately became MY computer. Macs are intuitive enough that my wife's grandfather just bought his own after seeing ours. No matter how long you've been on a PC, you'll immediately appreciate the iMac as the best home computer available. I honestly do not know what else I would want our home computer to do. Also, the iMac makes life easier for people who own an ipod, iphone, or ipad. Especially know that Apple has rolled out their Cloud service, I use my iMac as the central hub for all of my families devices. PS. It brightens up any room its in as well. ...
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