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Gillette Satin Care Sensitive Skin Shave Gel 25/03/2017

Shaving For Us Sensitive Types

Gillette Satin Care Sensitive Skin Shave Gel I recently reviewed another Gillette shaving gel within their Satin Care range, the Touch Of Olay. This review is for their Sensitive Skin version for us delicate flowers that need to be a little careful of the products we use. … Looks & Availability … The design on the canister has changed over the years and even now there are slight variations. For instance, the one I have (as per the photo) is a little different to the one shown on the Boots website, which appears a little more contemporary. The Satin Care range is widely available, with the sensitive skin version often being sold when others aren’t. It should therefore be pretty easy to come across in supermarkets, chemists and beauty stores, and some discounters, such as Savers. … Claims … “For soft and satiny smooth skin” This is infused with aloe vera and is designed specifically for sensitive skin. In addition, “the lightly fragranced gel, with advanced lubricants, provides incredible razor glide for protection against nicks and cuts”. This gel is therefore designed for to do a couple of key things in particular : Provide a smooth shave and leave your skin soft / prevent against nicks / be gentle even on sensitive skin. … To Use … Dispense a small blob of the gel on to your fingertips and gently rub it over damp/wet skin to create a foamy lather. You want reasonable coverage without overdoing it otherwise there’ll be too much gunk for your razor to get through. Shave away to your heart’s content, and ...

Gillette Satin Care With A Touch Of Olay Sensitive Shave Gel 20/03/2017

A Satin Shave In A Swirl Of Violet

Gillette Satin Care With A Touch Of Olay Sensitive Shave Gel Those who shave may know the futility of the experience at times, and the importance of finding a decent razor and gel to pair it with. Gillette are one of the bigger brands when it comes to both, and I have a reasonable amount of trust in their products being both effective and good quality. There’s a good choice when it comes to their shaving gels; I used to use their Sensitive Skin version but now I’m quite keen on their Touch Of Olay range for something a little more luxurious for what is otherwise a rather boring chore to undertake whilst in the shower. Gillette’s Satin Care With A Touch of Olay comes in two varieties : Vanilla Cashmere, and Violet Swirl. I wasn’t even aware of this until researching current prices for this review, so now I’m quite tempting to try the vanilla! This write-up is for Violet Swirl, which can be found quite readily in various supermarkets, some discounters such as Savers, and health & beauty stores. … Claims … This shaving gel is designed to allow you to get a close shave, whilst also moisturising your skin : “For the perfect shave, use with Venus with a Touch of Olay Violet Swirl shave gel, which contains 4x more moisturisers to help protect skin against moisture loss while shaving.” … To Use … Remove the lid, and press down the pump dispenser to get a medium-size blob of gel on your fingertips. Smooth the gel over wet skin and with a gentle rub you can get up a soft lather ready for shaving. Gillette do suggest that, for best ...

Walk Hard -The Dewey Cox Story (DVD) 17/03/2017

Keep On Walking Hard Past The Dewey Cox DVD?

Walk Hard -The Dewey Cox Story (DVD) I came across this whilst browsing for something easy and rather mindless to watch recently. It rang a bell, but I hadn’t seen it so I decided to give it a go, keeping my expectations low despite not really knowing much about it. Walk Hard The Dewey Cox Story falls within the comedy/music genres and was directed by Jake Kasdan, whilst being written by both him and Judd Apatow. On the DVD cover we are told this is from “the guy who brought you Knocked Up and Super Bad”. … Premise … We are introduced to Dewey Cox, initially as a child who grew up with his parents and brother. A tragic accident results in Dewey killing his brother in a comical yet awful way, an incident that goes on to tarnish the rest of his life. His father was utterly torn by the tragedy and made it known, for years to come, that “the wrong kid died”. Dewey went on to live his dreams, perhaps partly for himself and partly for the brother he accidentally killed. As the years pass, Dewey inspires and wows audiences with his musical prowess. He goes through the ups and downs of every musical genre he touches and brings to life. This includes, of course, a bad ass roll n roll period of sex and drugs, which doesn’t bode well for the family life he started with a wife and child. One child becomes several; one happy marriage becomes an angry ex and a string of groupies and failed relationships. Can Dewey find salvation or will he continue to leave destruction in his path until the bitter end? … // … This ...

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 15/03/2017

Gentle Yet Effective - A Miracle Micellar?

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Micellar water cleansers started becoming popular in 2015/2016, with various brands jumping on the bandwagon. The first I tried was the regular version from Garnier, followed by their sensitive version, which I’ll review here. Garnier is a popular brand with an ever expanding product range, and I reasonable amount of faith in their product being decent quality. The Micellar Cleansing Water is available in a few different varieties : Combination and sensitive skin / Pure Active / Sensitive Skin. The latter can also be bought as a gel wash rather than a water, though I’ve not tried this. This comes in a clear plastic bottle with a pink flip top link and a transparent label on the front featuring a white/black/pink design. It’s the pink that differentiates this one and makes it stand out from the crowd as being the Sensitive Skin version. Further information on the product claims, usage and ingredients can be found on the back label. The bottle is recyclable, which is good to know. … Claims … “A super efficient and gentle way to cleanse, remove makeup, soothe the feel of skin and hydrate in just one step; it's not magic, it's Garnier Micellar!” This product is designed to result in “beautifully cleansed and refreshed feeling skin in an instant.” It claims to lift “away makeup and impurities from the skin, without the need to rub or rinse”, so it’s both a general cleanser and a make-up remover in one. Why go for this one over the other varieties? This is “designed for ...

David Brent: Life on the Road (DVD) 13/03/2017

Time For Brent To Hit The Road

David Brent: Life on the Road (DVD) This is a mockumentary type comedy written, produced and directed by Ricky Gervais. “The funniest film of the year” - Daily Mirror. On the DVD are star excerpts from the Daily Mirror, Heat and the Daily Star, all giving it 5 stars. … Premise … Life On The Road sees the revival of David Brent as a camera crew catch up with the character 15 years following the sitcom “The Office”. It is filmed as a documentary, with Brent addressing the camera directly. We see the awkward ex-office manager taking time out from his job to live his dream: he’s going on tour with his rock band, Foregone Conclusion. Deciding to throw caution to the wind, Brent ditches Slough and ploughs his money into the tour in the hopes of catching his big break. Unsurprisingly, his band mates aren’t too keen on him and the audiences subjected to the band even less so. Will Brent be able to pull something out of the bag and hit musical stardom, or will he come crashing down to reality and return to his day job as a sales rep with his tail between his legs? … // … The premise is reasonable though nothing too surprising, so it did feel a bit predictable on the whole. This is a tale of someone getting fed up with the run of the mill life they’ve fallen in to, or a guy who thinks he’s cooler than he is having a midlife crisis. The cast includes Ricky Gervais front and centre (David Brent), Andrew Brooke (Jezza Collins), Mandeep Dillon (Karen), Abbie Murphy (Serena), and Tom Bennett (Nigel Martin) among ...

Bridget Jones's Baby (DVD) 08/03/2017

Bridget's Baby Daddy Dramas

Bridget Jones's Baby (DVD) This is the third and latest instalment in the Bridget Jones saga, released in 2016 to much anticipation from film and novel fans. While the original was creative and novel, and the second was decent enough, I just didn’t find the Baby addition to be anything gripping, unique or memorable. This falls within the comedy/romance genres, thus making it quite a solid ‘romcom’. The screenplay was in part written by Helen Fielding and it was directed by Sharon Maguire, who worked on the original Bridget Jones. … Premise … “We’re going to need bigger pants” We’re introduced to the leading lady, Bridget Jones, who is now a forty-something and single again after her ups and downs and love triangles in the dating department. She’s a news producer and doing reasonably well for herself, maintaining a solid social and professional life. It looks as though things are starting to get a little more mature and stable in her life. that is, until Bridget finds herself face to face with a gorgeous American guy, Jack, who is as refreshing as he is dashing. She risks her heart having a little fling, but then finds herself back with an old flame, none other than Mr Darcy. Fast forward a few weeks and, what do you know, Ms Jones is pregnant. Not a shocker given the name of the film. The problem is, with two guys in the picture at a similar time, neither knowing the other exists in her world, Bridget doesn’t actually know who the father is. How will she go about announcing the news to the ...

Radox Passion Fruit Splash Shower Gel 04/03/2017

Not So Passionate About This Shower Gel

Radox Passion Fruit Splash Shower Gel I like to give different shower gels a go when I see them on offer to try out new scents. I usually make a selection from a couple of known brands and most recently pick up a Radox offering : Feel Bubbly with Passion Fruit Splash. Sadly, it hasn’t left me feeling too Bubbly. Radox is a popular, well known brand and a good range when it comes to bath and body care. The have various varieties of shower gels, including Feel Refreshed, Feel Gorgeous, Feel Glam, Feel Indulged, and Feel Bubbly. It’s the latter that I’m reviewing. Feel Bubbly is the Passion Fruit Splash shower gel that’s given the following description : “Intense and exotic, one splash of passionfruit and you hear the sound of a cascading waterfall. A one way ticket to an island paradise. Just close your eyes and go!” This comes in a very eye-catching bright yellow bottle with the green and white Radox logo easy to spot front and centre. The design on the label shows passion fruits flying around and gives us an idea of what to expect from the product and its scent. The plastic bottle is recyclable, sans the lid. You use this as you would any shower gel. Squeeze out some gel, and either lather it directly on your body on put it on to a shower poof thingymajig (I use one of these). After you’ve smothered yourself in it, rinse it off well. It’s easy enough to flip open the lid and to store the bottle standing up on its lid afterwards; there’s not too much mess, but I’ve noticed a little more residue around the ...

Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On 28/02/2017

Roll On To Reveal Refreshed Eyes? Not Quite...

Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On I bought this eye roll-on as part of a set of various facial products and bits and pieces quite some time ago now, and as I’ve also used the same roll-on, I thought I’d give it a review. It’s had long enough use on the both of us to work its magic (or not, as the case seems to be), so is it any good? … All Boxed Up … This comes in a predominantly black box with a white and green design, which looks modern and suggests quality. On the front, sides and back we are given all of the pertinent information about the product, how to use it and the ingredients list. It tempts those of us who struggle with our sleep by claiming on the front that this is Anti-bags and anti-dark circles. It also appeals to those with a tight or dry eye area as it tells us the product provides “immediate relief”. The packaging is eye-catching, but you may struggle to find it on the shelves now as availability seems very limited. I think it’s been phased out and replaced by an upgraded, and pricier, version. More on that at the end of the review. … What It Is & The Claims … This is a roll-on designed for the eye area that you can use as little or as often as you like. Garnier claims the product has been dermatologically tested to ensure “effectiveness and respect for your skin”. This seems to have 3 key results - Refreshing, reducing bags and reducing dark circles. Garnier claim the roll-on “immediately refreshes the eye contour for a bright eyed look”, while tests have apparently shown that ...

Imperial Leather Signature Summer Sunrise Handwash 25/02/2017

Cocoon & Cleanse With Imperial Leather

Imperial Leather Signature Summer Sunrise Handwash I like to try different hand soaps every now and again for the bathrooms depending on what’s on offer and what sounds tempting. While I keep to plain and unscented for the kitchen, I quite like sweeter though not overpowering scents elsewhere. Imperial Leather is a brand I often pick up and their ever increasing range is readily available in various supermarkets, discount stores and beauty stores/chemists. … This review is for their Summer Sunrise liquid hand soap - Shea butter & honeysuckle - which is part of their ‘Signatures’ range of scents. This is described as a “cocooning hand wash” on the front of the bottle, as well as being “naturally antibacterial”. What does it claim to do? “Pamper your hands with our cocooning hand wash. Feel the rich, fragrant and creamy lather gently cleanse your hands, leaving them feeling healthy, supple and soft.” This sounds quite luxurious and a little special, which I found appealing. I really like the bottle design. It comes in a clear plastic 300ml bottle that shows the lightly golden handwash, and the clear label features a flower, sunshine and swirl design that’s modern yet strangely quite pretty. It has a push down pump dispenser, which you twist to ‘pop up’ for first time use. The bottle is plastic and widely recycled. … The liquid soap is just right in terms of consistency, being well balanced so that it’s neither too thick nor too runny. It’s easy to dispense and a little goes a long way, so you only need a small pump ...

Invisible - James Patterson, David Ellis 23/02/2017

Catching An Invisible Killer

Invisible - James Patterson, David Ellis This falls within the crime thriller genre of the American ilk and is a combined effort of James Patterson and David Ellis, who do a wonderful job of skilfully navigating the thoughts and actions of a killer and one woman hell bent on tracking him down. On the cover we are told this is from “The world’s bestselling thriller writer”, along with a tagline to draw us in : “She’s the only one who knows he’s out there”. On the back is a further, longer, snippet/tagline : “My nightmare: It’s the same every time. I’m trapped in my bedroom with an inferno blazing around me”. The blurb is written in first person as though from the protagonist’s point of view. … Premise … We are introduced to Emmy Dockery, an analyst with the FBI. Her sister Marta died in what was believed to be an accidental house fire, which shook Dockery to her core. But she never quite believed the candle-accident report, and her spidey senses starting tingling when she started to come across other house fires. So she goes digging, analysing patterns, looking at reports, trying to see if anything jumps out where similarities can be found. Victims that die in their bed, often with a candle said to be the cause, with the fire originating in the bedroom. Victim is burned beyond recognition. Results showing smoke inhalation suggest the death was caused by the fire - accidental - therefore case closed, no investigations ever undertaken as no suspicions were ever raised. Except by Emmy. But she’s going to struggle ...

Philips GC2040 03/02/2017

No Frills & No Creases

Philips GC2040 Philips is a reputable brand with a large range of products, from household electrical items to beauty electricals and TVs. It’s a brand I have a reasonable amount of trust in to produce quality items that are effective and reliable. The GC2040 is the EasySpeed model by Philips that you can buy currently for just under the £25 mark, so it’s the modestly priced end of the iron range. … The Claims … This iron is designed to provide “fast crease removal from start to finish, thanks to the triple precision tip, even heat distribution and continuous steam output.” It is supposed to be more powerful and more effective thanks to the steam options : “This steam iron features powerful 30g/min continuous steam and 100g steam boost for deep set crease removal on everyday ironing loads.” … Key Features … * Power - 2100W * Water tank capacity of 270ml * Anti-scale * Anti-drip system * Non-stick soleplate and anti-scale * Vertical and variable steam function * 30g p/min continuous steam and 100g “steam boost” … Lookin’ Good … It’s an iron. It’s nothing fancy, nothing stunning, but it’s still quite aesthetically pleasing. It has a very similar format and appearance to other Philips irons, and a standard layout in terms of what buttons are where. It has a white body with a white power cord, and blue elements varying between light blue and a darker blue. These are translucent with a clear water tank, giving it a more contemporary appearance. It’s a bit plastic fantastic, but not ...

Wicker Park (DVD) 29/01/2017

Lost Love & Mystery In Wicker Park

Wicker Park (DVD) This falls within the drama / romance / mystery genres and is a bit of a cult classic. Directed by Paul McGuigan, this is a remaking of L’Appartement, a 1996 French thriller. … Premise … Set in Chicago, we are introduced to Matthew, a young guy seemingly at a good point in his life; a stable relationship with a wonderful girlfriend and a solid job as an advertising exec. He’s about to get his first big break and score a big account, hence he’s making his way to the airport to leave for China. But just before he does, something happens to change the course of events beyond anything he could have imagined. He spots a woman in a cafe that bears a resemblance to Lisa, an old girlfriend from his past. Throwing caution to the wind, and unable to resist scratching the itch to know, he starts obsessively trying to track down Lisa. Then he bumps in to his friend Luke, who is now dating a woman called Alex. When he meets her, it’s the same woman from the cafe, the one he has just tracked down on his search for his ex girlfriend. He is sure it’s her, which makes no sense given the different name and how she acts as though she’s never met him before. Who is this woman? Could she be the one that mysteriously took off and disappeared from Matthew’s life all those years before? As he tries to find answers, Matthew realises just how complex the situation really is and risks everything he has worked for in the process. … // … In terms of the storyline, it’s quite straightforward on the ...

Boots No7 Purifying Sauna Mask 26/01/2017

Pricey But Purifying

Boots No7 Purifying Sauna Mask I think this may have been rebranded slightly. This is the Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask designed for normal/oily skin. I picked one of these up during the Boots 12 days of sales on the run-up to Christmas where it was reduced to just under half price at £6. Not being one for pricey facial and beauty products, this was a bit of a treat purchase for me. Since owning another No7 product, and seeing the positive reviews, I was quite keen to give it a go. … What Is It? … This is a ‘thermal’ mask, meaning it is designed as a face mask that warms on the skin. The product is non-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. It’s designed to be gentle and good for those with normal to oily skin : “This gentle thermal mask is ideal for blemish prone skin”. … How Does It Work? … “It heats on contact with water to open pores and draw out impurities. As you rinse, it tightens pores to leave your skin feeling refreshed, healthy looking and incredibly clean”. There are pumice particles to give your skin a thorough, deep cleanse and exfoliation. Although this is a mask, it’s a bit of an all rounder product because it’s supposed to clean out gunk, cleanse, exfoliate and then tighten pores afterwards. The end result is, hopefully, clean, fresh and healthy skin and, with any luck, less spots/oiliness over time. … To use … Dampen your skin and massage a blob of this evenly onto your skin for a minute or two. This is what exfoliates. Put your feet up for 2 minutes and then rinse it ...

Ordinary World (DVD) 21/01/2017

Just Another Green Day In An Ordinary World

Ordinary World (DVD) Ordinary World falls within the comedy/drama genres, with, in my opinion, more of a leaning towards the latter. It was written and directed by Lee Kirk, who has worked on a small handful on things but nothing I recognise. I don’t recall any press or mention of it being released, so it’s seems to be one that has very much gone ‘under the radar’, so to speak. … Premise … We are introduced to Perry, a former punk/rock guitarist in a band until they split and went their own ways. Perry settled down, with a wife, Karen, a daughter following in his guitar footsteps and a new little sprog, but he still hangs on to who he once was; the Converse, the messy hair, the hoodies and the casual attitude. As he approaches his 40th birthday, sure Karen has forgotten it, he starts to feel an aching for the life he once had. He’s not so keen on this grown up, real world malarky. His brother takes pity on him, thinking perhaps he just needs to let loose for a while and get it out of his system. He gives Perry money to have a huge party and celebrate. But Perry blows it pretty quickly on a posh room at a NY hotel. The problem is, the friends, the social circle, the life he once had isn’t what it was. Will he ever learn to move on and be happy as he is, or will the calling for the rockstar lifestyle call him back for more? … // … It’s not so much of a premise as a journey that Perry takes. There aren’t really any big revelations or questions hanging in their air that draw us in to keep ...

AnySharp Knife Sharpener 16/01/2017

A Sharpener Crocodile Dundee Should Have Used

AnySharp Knife Sharpener "That's Not A Knife... That's A Knife!"* * When sharpened with the AnySharp. This is the #1bestseller on Amazon in the “Camping Knife Sharpeners” department and scores an average 4.5 / 5 stars. It wasn’t until Christmas that I realised the knives just weren’t ‘cutting the mustard’, so to speak. We have a block of decent knives, and various other ones in the drawer, but one or two that need to be super sharp just weren’t, well, sharp any more. I browsed a few options until settling on this, the AnySharp knife sharpener. … What Is It? … The AnySharp knife sharpener is, despite looking a bit odd, a manual sharpener. There are no batteries in sight. It’s far more straightforward and basic than it looks, or than the prices leads you to believe it may be. The sharpener roughly weighs 18g, with a size of approx 6.4 x 6.4 x 6.4cm. It is a rounded tool that’s quite small and light, with a ‘handle’ like thing at the top and the sharpening element to the front. It’s made of plastic and while it can feel a little plastic fantastic or tacky, it looks neat and seems sturdy enough for careful but casual use. “With a totally blunt knife, AnySharp will hone it to an optimal angle, and remove excess metal rapidly the first time you use it.” This uses “tungsten carbide technology to extend the life of almost any knife”. This includes the pricier steel knife, and also serrated knives, providing they’re not”very fine toothed”. They claim the following : “The optimum angle to sharpen a ...
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