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since 25/08/2006


Nursing 09/01/2009

South Bank for Nursing?

Asda Group 27/12/2008

Happy to help!

Pump It Up - Dancemix (DVD) 19/01/2008

Strut it girls!

Nokia 7373 31/08/2007

Girly, pink and it swivels!

Members Advice on Weight Loss 09/06/2007

Weight Loss Can be Easy... Ish!

Members Advice on Weight Loss So recently I have put on weight. I am currently 10 stone and 5’5, so all though I am not over weight, this certainly isn’t my comfort weight. I am at my most comfortable when I am weighing between 8 stone 12 – 9 stone 2 so fed up with my muffin top and not being able to get into my size ten’s anymore, I decided it was time for a diet. Right now I am going to be honest, I am 19 years old, and I love my food. Anything sweet or spicy or fizzy, I love. But to lose weight, I know I’d have to give up a few of my favourite things. I am not a believer of any faddy diets like the Special K one or the 3 day diets; I just reduce my portions, because I can’t give up what I love! I also try “swaps” with certain foods that are no no’s on diets. (I.e. chicken chow mien!) I think that if you’re on a diet and you’re eating less, you need to be eating fruit and veg and drinking water otherwise, from personal experience, you just end up feeling weak, tired and generally rubbish! OK, so I am NO saint and I find fruit and water just as boring as the next person but it’s something you don’t have a choice on, and, as much as I hate to say it, it’s really not that hard to include some fresh fruit in your diet and to drink some water! You must also exercise. I’m no personal trainer, far from it lol and I am not an expert on food but if you want to follow a diet where you don’t deprive yourself, but want to lose weight steadily, I really think you should include some sort of exercise in your ...

Virgin Media 09/06/2007

Make a Switch to Sky!

Pump It Up (DVD) 09/06/2007

That's the Way!

Pump It Up (DVD) I have been doing this DVD for roughly four – five weeks now and combined with a calorie controlled diet, it has helped me to lost 8 pounds so far, so I thought I’d review it! --- What is Pump it up and who is starring in it? --- Well Pump it Up is a fitness DVD by Ministry of Sound. This one is called the Ultimate Dance work out but there are also a few others in the collection like the high energy one and the ultimate beach body work out. In this particular one which was made in 2004 it is starring the girls (and one man) from the infamous “Call on Me” video. The lead instructor is Deanne Berry, the star of “Call on Me” who is an Australian dancer/fitness instructor who has choreographed many videos and dance steps for famous people. You may also recognize the girl on your left, Laura More, from music video Ai No Corrida and the main man (“Juan”) from film flop, Three, starring Kelly Brook. The DVD is a mixture of dance moves, aerobics (high and low intensity) some toning exercises and also a few pilates based moves in the “cool down” and toning section. --- What sort of music is in this DVD? I hate all that cheesy music in some of the celebrity DVDS! --- Well, it’s not at all bad! As it was made in 2004, the tracks are a bit old but still played regularly at clubs and on the radio and they are still catchy and work well with the exercises. The music is club and dance music, very catchy! Here is a list of the songs on the DVD. 1. Call On Me - Eric ...

10 Worst Television Commercials 27/05/2007


Top 10 Foods 27/05/2007

Food, food, food!

Percy Pigs 22/05/2007

I'm Just a Big Kid!

Alton Towers (England) 15/04/2007

A Magical Day Out

Southend-on-Sea (England) 15/04/2007


Microgynon 30 Contraceptive Pill 14/04/2007

Little Yellow Pills

Slendertone Flex 28/03/2007

On my way to a Britney stomach?!

Letter to an Animal 14/10/2006

I still miss you Sam.

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