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Nursing 09/01/2009

South Bank for Nursing?

Nursing London South Bank University is one of the oldest universities in London. It has three campuses, one in Southwark, one in Harold Wood and one in Whipps Cross, though as far as I am aware, Harold Wood and Whipps Cross campus are only used for faculty of health and social care. I chose London South Bank, mainly, because I did not have a choice! I had always wanted to do adult nursing but left school with no GCSE's so i took a cadet nursing course at LSBU and gained an NVQ level 2 with some extra credits, this meant I had to stay on at LSBU to do my adult nursing. I started Adult Nursing on March 2008 but have been at LSBU since September 2007 due to the cadet nursing before I moved onto the nursing course to gain a degree. So I currently attend the Harold Wood campus and am doing adult branch nursing. I am currently off with a lot of annual leave and going into my second year shortly and so far have done two placements. Luckily, I had done the cadet course first so I had an insight as I think i would of been in for a real shock starting at the hospital without any prior experience! A lot of your first placement is learning basic care so I did feel greatful that I had learnt this and was a couple of steps ahead. So how is the application process? Well you can still apply direct to the university as far as i am aware, though you have to register with UCAS to and track your application on there. It's a fairly straight forward process,the application form is the usual ...

Asda Group 27/12/2008

Happy to help!

Asda Group Me and my husband are writing this together, seeing as he works for them, but let me tell you, the effects the job has on my husband effects me to! Asda is a well known supermarket, it provides all sorts of stuff, food, clothes, dvds, etc. They are practically everywhere around the country and you can't fail to see their adverts on the telly. My husband applied for this job in september 2007. The role was for a full time assistant in BIBC (bought in bread and cakes) His main role is basically to servce customers and a lot of stock rotation. He applied for this job by obtaining a application form in the job centre. The application form was very basic to be honest, and shortly after he submited this form he was called for an interview. The interview was a group thing, with a small presentation. Succesful applicatints went onto have a one to one interview then were told they would here shortly. About a week later, my husband heard back. The first thing they did was offer a contract for 30 hours a week. (He was told in the interview it was 38) Nevertheless, a job is a job so my husband signed the contract and his hours were all agreed and he had a lovely new contract. First came the training, which was full time hours. This again was very basic stuff, the "training" was a lot of waffle about customer services and all about Asda. There was nothing to really pass and hubby described the training as mind numbingly boring but then I think most training days when ...

Pump It Up - Dancemix (DVD) 19/01/2008

Strut it girls!

Pump It Up - Dancemix (DVD) I got this DVD as I prefer to work out at home (the gym is way to expensive!) To keep fit I like to do cardio work using fitness DVD's and free weights to tone up, though I have to admit, since Christmas, I have let slip and gained a few unwanted pounds like many others...! I therefore thought this would be perfect way to freshen up my routine, as I am already a huge fan of the Pump it Up Ultimate Dance work out with Deanne Berry. The DVD is avaliable for about 11 - 13 pounds at the moment from all good DVD shops and websites such as amazon and play. :) So first of all, this is a dance work out, though I didn't know what to expect as the first Pump it Up claimed to be a dance work out though is more of an aerobic workout. The first thing that attracted me was the soundtrack! It is really brilliant, features some of the best dance songs of 2007 such as Alex Guadino - Destination Calabria, Let me Think About it and the Creeps by Fedde Le Grand, Booty Luv's Don't Mess with My Man, Some kind of Rush and Shine and plenty of other songs you'd expect to hear in the club! The pretty toned girls on the front cover are also very appealing and make you feel envious and determined to get the same bod! So the actual DVD starts off with a warm up. The Warm up is very good, some squats and jumps t get you warmed up and again, the music is excellent so it keeps you interested. The girls don't say much, as they are just backing dancers, but they look good and make you want to work ...

Nokia 7373 31/08/2007

Girly, pink and it swivels!

Nokia 7373 I was getting bored of my sony ericsson k800i. All though the camera was brilliant it was just... so dull to look at! I thought I needed something to match my personality, girly and went on the hunt for some pink phones! Then I came across the gorgeous Nokia 7373... --- What do you get with the phone? --- Well I got the phone which was locked to orange, a pretty little charm that attached to the phone, a charger, a pink cover case with brown velvet inside to protect my phone, a hands free kit also that acts as earphones for music, a 64mb memory card and all the other diddly bits like leaflets and things. I was also provided with a orange pay as you go sim card but did not need this as I was on contract. I found this phone on and lurked around bidding for it. I feel this is the best place to buy it as I've seen it for 179.99 in catalogues and shops... --- What is the phone's battery life like? --- Well I have to say, it's one of the negatives. It may be pretty, it may be pink, but a good battery it ain't got. The longest my battery lasts without having to be charged is a measly two days. Compared with my old ericsson which could go for a week without being charged, this is not good, not good at all. But it's so pretty, I think I may just let it slip. ;) --- And what about the phone's reception? --- I've never had any trouble with this, though I suppose it's also down to the network... I've traveled around different places in the country with ...

Members Advice on Weight Loss 09/06/2007

Weight Loss Can be Easy... Ish!

Members Advice on Weight Loss So recently I have put on weight. I am currently 10 stone and 5’5, so all though I am not over weight, this certainly isn’t my comfort weight. I am at my most comfortable when I am weighing between 8 stone 12 – 9 stone 2 so fed up with my muffin top and not being able to get into my size ten’s anymore, I decided it was time for a diet. Right now I am going to be honest, I am 19 years old, and I love my food. Anything sweet or spicy or fizzy, I love. But to lose weight, I know I’d have to give up a few of my favourite things. I am not a believer of any faddy diets like the Special K one or the 3 day diets; I just reduce my portions, because I can’t give up what I love! I also try “swaps” with certain foods that are no no’s on diets. (I.e. chicken chow mien!) I think that if you’re on a diet and you’re eating less, you need to be eating fruit and veg and drinking water otherwise, from personal experience, you just end up feeling weak, tired and generally rubbish! OK, so I am NO saint and I find fruit and water just as boring as the next person but it’s something you don’t have a choice on, and, as much as I hate to say it, it’s really not that hard to include some fresh fruit in your diet and to drink some water! You must also exercise. I’m no personal trainer, far from it lol and I am not an expert on food but if you want to follow a diet where you don’t deprive yourself, but want to lose weight steadily, I really think you should include some sort of exercise in your ...

Virgin Media 09/06/2007

Make a Switch to Sky!

Virgin Media I joined Virgin Media when they were NTL about two - three years ago now. I have a package which includes all the channels (Inc Sky Sports and Sky Movies) and an apparent broadband with speeds of up to 10mb and just a bog standard phone line with them. So how much do you pay a month? With all the channels, 10mb broadband and a phone line it comes to 85 pounds per month. Quite a hefty price, me thinks. So what do you get once joint up with Virgin Media? Well you get your set top box that connects to your telly with a remote and a nice NTL/Virgin man will install your broadband on your computer for you. Not 100 per cent sure on how it's done now as I joint with NTL, but our broadband is connected through one of our set top boxes upstairs which, I personally think has caused us major problems. The telephone is quite an easy switch; if you're with BT they will sort that all out for you. (One of the small things they can actually get right) Depending on what packages your choosing you will receive quite a good amount of decant channels. I won't list all the packages separately as I will be writing all day but these are basically the channels that you can receive with virgin Media. Music Channels such as MTV, MTV2, Kerrang, TMF, Q, the Hits, the Box. All together there are 17 music channels. A wide range varying from heavy metal channels, to pure pop to old classics. Kids channels such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, The Disney Channel and Discovery ...

Pump It Up (DVD) 09/06/2007

That's the Way!

Pump It Up (DVD) I have been doing this DVD for roughly four – five weeks now and combined with a calorie controlled diet, it has helped me to lost 8 pounds so far, so I thought I’d review it! --- What is Pump it up and who is starring in it? --- Well Pump it Up is a fitness DVD by Ministry of Sound. This one is called the Ultimate Dance work out but there are also a few others in the collection like the high energy one and the ultimate beach body work out. In this particular one which was made in 2004 it is starring the girls (and one man) from the infamous “Call on Me” video. The lead instructor is Deanne Berry, the star of “Call on Me” who is an Australian dancer/fitness instructor who has choreographed many videos and dance steps for famous people. You may also recognize the girl on your left, Laura More, from music video Ai No Corrida and the main man (“Juan”) from film flop, Three, starring Kelly Brook. The DVD is a mixture of dance moves, aerobics (high and low intensity) some toning exercises and also a few pilates based moves in the “cool down” and toning section. --- What sort of music is in this DVD? I hate all that cheesy music in some of the celebrity DVDS! --- Well, it’s not at all bad! As it was made in 2004, the tracks are a bit old but still played regularly at clubs and on the radio and they are still catchy and work well with the exercises. The music is club and dance music, very catchy! Here is a list of the songs on the DVD. 1. Call On Me - Eric ...

10 Worst Television Commercials 27/05/2007


10 Worst Television Commercials I HATE adverts, most of the time, I switch over and pass the time by with a music channel! However, like most people, there are a few adverts that REALLY get on my nerves and here they are.... (in no particular order) WARNING SWEARING BELOW! --- 10 CILIT BANG WITH BARRY SCOTT --- WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING?! YES, it's a cleaning product, yes, your called Barry Scott! Why does this stupid man insist on screaming at us about his cleaning products? Why would we want to go around like nuts cleaning our pennies? More to the point, why would we want to buy this stupid product, when we are all tone deaf now thanks to Barry Scott! The worst part of this advert though, surely has to be the cheesey catchphrase. BANG! And the dirt is gone! ARGHH!! ANNOYING RATING With a shouting twat going on about a bog cleaner and how we can clean our dirty pennies, this advert bursts the scale at 10/10 ---- 9 PICTURE LOANS --- JOSH! DAD"S FOUND YA SCOOTA! That line is enough to drive me into a frenzy, I cannot stand this advert! I nearly cringed when I saw it all the way through. It's not funny, it's not clever and it doesn't make me want to get a loan! Infact it makes me want to slap that geordie (no offense to any, your all lovely!) round the head with that phone! For a start you wouldn't start shouting to your family over the phone when your arranging a loan now, would you? Secondly why is she a geordie and her son who shouts back, is clearly, NOT?! The other thing that winds me up ...

Top 10 Foods 27/05/2007

Food, food, food!

Top 10 Foods My list is going to seem terrible, as I am a junk food queen and I am ashamed to say... I really struggled coming up with a top ten, I mean, I like HUNDREDS of foods! But there you go, I managed to think of the TOP TEN, I could not live without... 10. CHUNKY CHIPS DIPPED IN MAYONAISSE I LOVE chips. Especially big, fat chunky chips oozing in fat, yum, yum. The best chips I have ever tasted always seem to come from the seafront at Southend, though a close second are Harvester's chips. I cannot have my chips with mayo though, I know it's awful, as mayo is so fattening but I just cannot resist it! To me, chips and mayo is the ultimate comfort food! 9. BRICK LANE CHEESE CAKE I have a love for Brick Lane in East London, for me jumping off the tube at Aldgate East is paradise as I am in a sea of Indian restraunts and 24 hour beigal heaven. But Beigal Bake is the ultimate shop in Brick Lane. I love all cheesecakes, apart from those dreadful low fat ones (why?!!) They do the most brilliant cheesecake there, it has no topping, it's just this thick creamy loveliness with this soft, but crunchy base... MMM! 8 BRICK LANE'S BEIGAL BAKE BEIGALTUNA AND CREAM CHEESE No good for the waistline again, but I was introduced to this fab beigal two years ago. If you are coming out of Aldgate East and walk into Brick Lane, Beigal Bake is at the very end. I do like a salt beef beigal from there, but nothing beats a fresh cream cheese beigal from here. The lovely staff there always ...

Percy Pigs 22/05/2007

I'm Just a Big Kid!

Percy Pigs I do love Percy Pigs! My partner calls me a big kid, as I do get excited about my Percy Pigs! I have been eating them since I was a kid, and still get JUST as excited now as I did then when I have them, as it's a real treat! Percy Pigs can only be bought from Marks & Spencer, they are soft gums, that claim to be made with real fruit juice (it's actually only about 3%) and soft foamy little pig shaped sweets with darker pink ears. They come in a pink and green bag with a happy pig on the front, and can be found usually and very annoyingly at the counters of M&S! The packaging is defintely aimed at kids, with it's happy pig face and daisies on the front, but honestly, don't feel embarassed! The Pigs are almost something of a trademark and I know plenty of older people who are addicted! Percy Pigs can be bought in three different sizes, a small bag, a medium one and a large one for the pigs (no pun intended) like me out there! If you hurry down to M&S now there is a 3 for 2 offer going on these. For my large bag it set me back 1.99, I think it may be the smaller one that was priced at 1.09. So, they are a little more expensive than your usual sweets! The taste of Percy Pigs is what has me hooked! It's a juicy, sweet flavour that really makes you want to just keep shoveling them in your mouth! The sweetness is not too sickly, and you don't really taste all the sugar that is pumped into them, which I suppose makes them better than the usual sweet. They are very soft and easy ...

Alton Towers (England) 15/04/2007

A Magical Day Out

Alton Towers (England) I visited Alton Towers last year in April 2006. I went with four people and stayed a night at the Alton Towers hotel but I am only reviewing the theme park. --- So what is at Alton Towers? --- Well you have the actual theme park with its hotel, Alton Towers Hotel and you also have Splash Landings. Splash Landings is a swimming pool with wave machines, lazy rivers and all sorts of water slides set inside a building next to the Alton Towers hotel. Splash Landings also has its own hotel like the theme Park called Splash Landings hotel. The newest addition to Alton Towers is a spa and a golf course! So there is definitely plenty of choice if you do decide you want to go. --- Where is Alton Towers and how can I get there? --- Alton Towers is Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. Traveling from London it takes approx, 3 hours. We drove there and on the way it took us four hours because of traffic though the ride home was smooth. Traveling north you need M1 junction 23a or M6 junction 15. Traveling south you need M1 Junction 24a or M6 junction 16 and Alton Towers is clearly sign posted. We had no trouble finding it and there literally are sign posts about 10 miles before you even get there! We did find the RAC route planner really helpful for our directions so I do recommend you go to their website or the AA's route planner and type out your route. It gives you all the traffic black spots, rest spots and even speed camera warnings so it's really helpful. By rail the nearest ...

Southend-on-Sea (England) 15/04/2007


Southend-on-Sea (England) I have been visiting Southend for years now, my family owns a little caravan out in Rochford, Essex which is a short drive/bus ride away from Southend and in the summer time I also like to take my two pence pieces down to the arcades and play in the amusements like the big kid I am. :) So where abouts is Southend? Well it is situated in lovely Essex. I can't pin point exactly where it is but it is in the south-east of the country and actually, it's not that far from London really. Takes under an hour by train which is pretty good as it's taking you right out of polluted old London, right into "sunny" Saafend! :) How can I get to Southend? By car, though in peak-times, such as Summer Holidays, I don't recommend it. I've been there before and parking is a nightmare but a nice little route planner such as will give you your route and I'm pretty sure Southend is easily accessible! By Rail: You have two options you can use the "One" railway from London Liverpool Street into Southend Victoria or the c2c service from Fenchurch Street. I personally recommend c2c as the service is a lot faster, efficient and it's a lot more comfortable too. It takes just under an hour and c2c serve 3 what i call main bits of Southend. Southend Central, Southend East and Westcliff though Southend Central is the station for the arcades and beach. At the time of writing via the c2c line from Fenchurch to Southend a single ...

Microgynon 30 Contraceptive Pill 14/04/2007

Little Yellow Pills

Microgynon 30 Contraceptive Pill I have been taking this pill since 2003 now so i thought, with all the time I've been taking it I should write a review on it. :) --- What is Microgynon 30? --- It is a pill for ladies to take to stop themselves from getting pregnant. Some ladies also like to use it if they are suffering from heavy periods and pains. It's also used by women who suffer from irregular periods and puts your period in to come once a month. (If used correctly) Microgynon 30 IS NOT A FORM OF PROTECTION AGAINST STDS. --- How does Microgynon 30 work? --- Well, I won't go all sciency for you, because let's face it, I'm no scientist and you won't understand what I'm going on about with all the fancy words anyway so I'll keep it simple. Microgynon 30 simply works by releasing a hormone that stops your ovaries releasing an egg once a month. Usually every month, without a pill, hormones will be sent out and told to release an egg, our linen on our womb will then thicken in preparation to implant a fertilized egg. With Microgynon 30 your body still has a lining prepared by the womb but because of the clever hormone in our pill, an egg will not be released from our ovaries. Also Microgynon 30 also changes the "quality" of the lining of our womb, this makes it harder for an egg to implant itself in the lining, just incase a wee lil egg escapes! Well, I hope that was easy to understand. :) --- Where can I get Microgynon 30? --- Well it's a POM (Prescription only medicine) so you will have ...

Slendertone Flex 28/03/2007

On my way to a Britney stomach?!

Slendertone Flex I've never really believed in these belts. In the adverts they always use these perfect models, with totally flat abs to model for them and that always seemed kinda cheesy for me! But, you know, time was short for me. I'm always working or studying and I do like excersise, I regularly cycle and swim but it really wasn't doing much for my stomach. And me, being too busy to find time to do sit ups I thought the Slendertone Flex might provide me with a soluition to my wobbly tum! --- So how much does it retail for? --- I'd say the price varies where you look. On the Slendertone website the current price is 69.99. But I'm sure if you browze ebay you can find a better deal. I purchased mine from amazon for around 55 pounds which I thought was pretty reasonable. -- OK so I don't want to walk around the house looking silly now, do i? What does the belt look like? -- Well that's the beauty of the belt! Unless you like wearing belly tops (and why would you if your buying the slendertone?) The belt hides easily underneath clothes! The belt is not thick either so does not show! I walk around the house with it under my t-shirt and no one notices a thing! -- OK so what do I get with the Slendertone Flex? -- You get a black and green belt, a small screen that attaches to your belt, three pads that work the belt and an instructon booklet! Oh and 3 AAA batteries for your screen to work! -- Is it easy to use? -- SO EASY!! The instructon booklet is straight forward but ...

Letter to an Animal 14/10/2006

I still miss you Sam.

Letter to an Animal Dear Sam, It's two years ago since I lost you and I still miss you, to this day. I still wish I could get you back for just one day and have you sit on my lap, purring away... I got you when you were a kitten and I was growing up so we grew up together really, didn't we? You were lovely. In the pet shop a lot of the kittens were paired up and fighting but not you. You sat there looked up at me with your big green eyes. You were a handsome kitten. All glossy black fur with just a tiny patch of white underneath your neck. I tugged away furiously at my Dad to get you and we did! The pet shop put you in a horrible box with holes and you fidgeted all the way home in the car. I was only 6 or 7 and giggled away at you! So you came home with us and I was happy. You were my first pet! As you got older you blossomed into a beautiful boy! I make it sound like your a baby, but you were like a baby to me and i treated you like one! I loved you sitting on my lap and stroking you to sleep. I remember when you used to sit lay on my chest and put your paws around my neck, like you were hugging me. I'd like to think you were trying to do that. It was a comfort for me! I liked listening to your purring and I also liked to feed you up! Hehe. I spoilt you rotten with your favourite foods. Cheese, ham, corned beef! No wonder you were so fat at one point! Dad told me off! You also helped me a lot. You probably never knew it but when my Mum went and I was upset and couldn't talk ...
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