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Bloodtide - Melvin Burgess 12/10/2001

Bloodtide, warfare and family

Bloodtide - Melvin Burgess Having just done an opinion on Melvin Burgess' award winning Junk, I decide to write an opinion on this book, Bloodtide. It is a completely different kind of story to Junk, it is an adventure/science fiction. Set somewhere in the future, I can't remember if it tells you where, it tells the story of a torn apart London. The Londoners are kept inside London from fear of the outside, and guarded by seemingly evil halfmen, who crave for human flesh, but stay just out of the reach of humans. London is divided into two, two gangs, the Conors and the Volsons, battle for power. The leader of the Volsons, Val, decides to make a treaty with the Conors, by giving his daughter (Signy), as wife to Conor, leader of the Conors. It is all fine, until one day, the semi united gangs come together for a party, or a meeting, where all the treaty is destroyed, and family members killed and tortured. From then ao it is a battle for life, wealth and power, the main characters find friends and allies, as well as foes. Gods are involved slightly throughout, and a heroic venturre at the last ends in misery, confusion and happiness. The characters are developed well, though probably not as good as in Junk. After reading you maybe dissapointed, the story is painful and sad, but it is an interesting read, which can take over your mind. I would recommend it, but not as the best book by Melvin Burgess by a long way. The story is based on an ancient Viking Saga, but I think the sequel is inevitable. ...

Junk - Melvin Burgess 09/10/2001

Junk,Is it too much pro drugs

Junk - Melvin Burgess I first heard of this book from a friend who let me borrow it, he didn't recommend it, but it appealed to me as it was something different, set an area of time you hear about a lot in books, but not through city life. I was 13 when i read it, (ok, i'm only 13 now......), but i didnt feel it was hard to follow at all. I read it a few months ago, so forgive me if i am a bit rusty at some parts. Okay, it starts off as your average girl meets boy book, and girls parents dissaprove of boy, which leads to rows etc...But it is an understatement to say the plot thickens from thereon. I'm not gonna give you the whole story, but as you can see, it was based on drugs, which leads to it being slightly pro drugs, as the people in it appear to show no remorse for taking them, and also state the advantages of taking them. The girl and boy I already mentioned, run away into the city, where they meet friends and struggle through life, hich may not sound like a fantastivc in depth story but read it and find out, if you've already read it I hope you agree. At times you'll learn some disturbing stuff about life and youth. As with lots of Melvin Burgess' books, it is hard to put down, but if only to find out what happens next, as the book can be shocking and not the kind of thing you may want to read, but once finished, you'll reflect on how good it is. Again, the style of writing is not very familar, in a kind of diary foirm, jumping from one person to another. The characters are developed to ...

Championship Manager 2 (PC) 02/10/2001

Be a Manager

Championship Manager 2 (PC) This was made when Championship Manager was still pretty much in its early stages, whether you try Championship manager 2, (96/97), or the more prestigous championship manager 2 97/98, you'll agree its a groundbreaking game for football fanatics. You probably have to have a good knowledge of the game to play this well, but, after playing any championship manager game, you'll gain a good knowledge of football. for instance whilst watching the world cup you'll be able to name the team that every Peru or Saudi Arabia player plays for. Such is the addictiveness of championship manager, you'll be thinking of future transfers whilst being at work at school. Theres's nothing better than being able to discuss your tactics with friends and boast about your achievements. There is also a very useful update facility on the 97/98 version, which lets you add new signings made by any football league team, that arent on the game already. It also allows you to cheat, but most people who play on championship manager well, don't need to cheat and don't want to. ... 28/09/2001

Audiogalaxy Audiogalaxy is a more polished MP3 download program than Napster or any other of its rivals. It's ability to let you carry on downloading the song after going offline makes it a cut above the rest. Having said that, it is probably a bit harder to use, as on Napster you simply tipe the name of the song, then click on one of the songs that appears on your screen. Most people shouldn't have a problem, but if you don't know too much about computers, deciding what bitrate you want can be very confusing. Other than this though, hardly any songs are copyrighted, so just about every song can be downloaded. Any bonus is that, unlike other sites, if you put your name down, you are'nt bombarded with useless and boring emails. The actual information site is quite interesting as well, giving you detailed accounts of some artists work. The song download time is fast enough, and the web page layout is fine and attractive. It is also targatted at any users, from classical fans to death metal lovers, their is something for everybody. There isn't many banners, which speeds things up, and although I can't seem to find a chatroom, it is easy to leave a message about any band or subject. ...

Weezer (Green Album) - Weezer 25/09/2001

One of the Finest Rock Albums of this Year

Weezer (Green Album) - Weezer I'm not gonna give you the whole history of Weezer, or give you a detailed account of every member of the band, but I will tell you just how good this album is. It is possibly the most melodic album this year, and it gives you the feeling of being in a dream, not least the song Island in the Sun. The sound is soft and at a perfect tempo, a real holiday album, that should remind you of good times and probably will. Not one song is bad, it literally is an album full of hits. Dont Let Go, starts off beautifully, and shows a bit of anger and desperation on Weezers part. Then its Photograph, possibly my favourite song on the album, basically telling you what you should do if you want love. Then its Hash Pipe, the hit single, which includes a typical repeated Weezer chorus. Now of course it's Island in the Sun, which takes you away to a better place. This song could be the finest point on the greatest day of your life. Well maybe thats going a bit too far, but a song for me that is full of memories from a summer holiday, which is what the song is about, good memories and fun times. All the other songs are predictably (in a good way), happy songs, full of simple tunes and fantastic lyrics. Maybe I am being biased, as this album holds such good memories, but I am sure this is one of the best albums I own. It only last 30 minutes, that in my and most other peoples minds, it doesnt matter. ...

Warning - Green Day 25/09/2001

Underated, but different

Warning - Green Day Warning! is a very underrated album, it has recieved bad reviews from press and fans, but this is because it is slightly different from most other Green Day albums. It is slower and more original, and it is probably most commercial, but the intelligant lyrics and simple tunes with tough guitar parts are still there. It still does hold some top punk rock tunes, with Minority, Blood, Sex and Booze, and Church on Sunday being most peoples favourites. From number 1, Warning is a slow poppy song, which can get quite irratating, but is followed by a blaze of true punk rock, Blood Sex and booze, Church on Sunday and Fashion Victim. Fashion Victim is another underrated song with meaningful lyrics and a decent beat. After that is the acoustic Castaway, and then folky deppressing Misery. Which combines a slow drumbeat and an accordian to make for a 5 minute memorable but slightly tedious slow anthem. Then its another douse of mid paced punk rock with Deadbeat Holiday, (opening line:wake up the house is on fire, and the cats got in the drier).After dead beat holiday, there is a few more mid paced songs, and then you reach Minority, which is fast and furious, which is original and has a very catchy tune. Track number 12 is the very slow Macy Day Parade, is which is sad and mellowful, and definately one of the most memorable songs on the album. Finally is the previously released 86, which is live in Prague, and brings back the whole Green Day vision.
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