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Hipp Organic Baby Food 18/11/2008

HiPP 'n' Healthy

Hipp Organic Baby Food HiPP Organic Products --------------- -------------- Ordinarily I make my own home-made baby purées as I like to know that my daughter is eating fresh, organic produce and I also rest well in the knowledge of knowing what's going into her mouth i.e. no salt or chemicals. However, what I want and the practicality of life are two entirely different things so it's not always an option to offer her my home-made food for every meal, such as the occasions when we are out. This is where I bring you my review of the 'HiPP Organic' range of baby foods and drinks. What I like most about the range is that it is 100% organic. Organic produce has become more and more popular as we have realised that a lot of produce we have been consuming has been genetically modified and filled/covered with chemicals and packed full of sugar and salts. Like any parent I would only want what's nutritionally best for my child so I believe that for those occasions when I cant offer my homemade food the 'HiPP Organic' range comes as the next best thing. HiPP have been making baby foods for over 50 years and specialise in making foods with the highest quality produce. They have since become one of the top manufacturers of organic baby foods - so much so, they have frequently won awards for their high quality. What makes this high quality is: · They only use certified organic ingredients · They use no harmful pesticides · They use no GM (Genetically Modified) ingredients · They ...

Matey Bubble Bath 28/02/2007

Bubbly-tastic Bath Tub Fun With Me & My Matey

Matey Bubble Bath The Introduction ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm 24 years and 5 months old, I am a grown up, so what exactly is it that makes me buy 'Matey' bubble bath. I remember having it poured into my bath as a wee nipper so some may say it's got something to do with that and/or I could argue that it's the bubbly-tastic fun that I get from a bottle of 'Matey' bubble bath. So climb on in and enjoy my 'Matey' bubble-tastic experience with me….. Please Give a Warm Welcome to…. 'Matey' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ Made in the UK and being sold on the shops shelves since 1958, 'Matey' bubble bath's have been the No.1 selling bubble bath product for kiddies over 1 year of age. 'Matey' is the name of the product, in the products range of bubble baths there are 4 different characters. So why is the 'Matey' bubble bath range so popular? I feel that not only is it a brand that has been trusted for decades by parents but that it's been judged for nearly half a century by the harshest critic's of all…. children, but not just our children - us as children. Over time the 'Matey' bubble bath range has made bath time fun for millions; it's been sat at the bath side throughout generations. It's made many fun bath time memories and as I know it, most people have met my mate 'Matey' in one of his 4 bubble bath guises: 1. Sailor - He is the Captain of HMS Matey, he wears a blue uniform and a white hat. 2. Mer-Matey - She is the beautiful golden haired mermaid who is wears a pink hat. 3. ... 02/08/2006

Rpoints.... A Little Bit Back In Life Introduction ~~~~~~~~~~ We all want something for nothing in this life but we all know that this rarely happens… Being quite clued up on freebie sites on the Internet I thought I knew it all… that's until I came across ''. What Is Rpoints? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ '', offers cashback on the Internet from 100's of online retailers and also provides you with the chance of earning cashback from signing up to newsletters, free trials and surveys etc. Navigation ~~~~~~~~~ The site itself is easy to navigate, with a drop-down menu and has member forums where the thousands of members, share their latest finds…. These offers vary from the latest freebie available i.e., free stationary to the lowest prices found for a specific product i.e. Sony LCD television. The huge varieties of retailers are placed into categories and then sub-categories making it very easy to navigate through, so for example: 'Gifts - Wedding' or 'Gifts - Greeting Cards'. The format of the website is quite basic so even the novice can navigate with ease. Seeing, as you have to be a member to sign up, you can then access the member forums, which provide members with some un-missable offers; be it for your utility bills, day trips out or voucher codes for your online shopping. All of this is accessible from a tabbed and clearly labelled homepage. It really is very simple and clear. There are moderators, which monitor the forum boards to ensure that member offers are ...

Johnsons Baby Top To Toe Washing 27/03/2006

A Touch Of Tender Loving Care

Johnsons Baby Top To Toe Washing The Introduction ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay so the 'Johnson+Johnson' disclaimer reads that 8 out of 10 midwives use JOHNSON's baby on their own children, so would that make you trust their brand when it comes to your own child or even yourself? So I don't have children myself but I still think that I am qualified with writing a review when it comes to Johnson's 'top to toe' wash, as I frequently have my six nieces and nephews (all under 10) over to stay and bathe them, very frequently using this mild and gentle wash. The Infant Test ~~~~~~~~~~~ So mild is this wash that it's claimed to be as soft on your babies' eyes and skin as water is. It is dye-free and hypoallergenic making it the perfect product to use even on your newborn baby. When bathing children as young as 6 months to 10 years I can stand proud when saying that all of the above is true. You can lather it up like any ordinary soap based product to cleanse the delicate skin of any child. It's also multi-purpose and can be used to wash your child's hair…. I find that it cleans an infants hair as well as any shampoo and leaves it tangle free - why pour a chemical ridden product onto your child's very delicate scalp when you can use a single product to do the whole job. One of my nephews suffers from cradle cap so to wash his full head of hair with a shampoo product would naturally irritate this, but again Johnson 'top-to-toe' wash is so mild it does the job without irritating it. Being PH balanced and milder ...

O2 20/10/2005

I'm Certainly Not Disappointed - O2 Overall

O2 ••Introduction•• ~~~~~~~~~~~~ How do you choose which network provider to subscribe with… they are all competitive and what one offers another will try to better. I don't know about you but I have tried all the available networks providers that the UK has to offer. I have finally found a network that offers me everything that I need. I know a few people who don't like the O2 network, making claims that they are unreliable and over charge but to be honest I couldn't ask for more. Let me tell you why I chose O2 as my network and why I will be a customer for life. ••A Bit About O2•• ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ O2 was brought to us, the consumer, by the merging of two networks called, BT Cellnet & Genie. After merging these two companies together they created the now ever popular network provider - O2. O2 have had a very large impact on the market of communication by supplying the consumer with both mobile phone handsets and the use of their mobile network. ••Coverage & Reliability•• ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ So O2 claim to have network coverage of 99% of the United Kingdom, they also claim that no other network provider covers any more than this, so this is definitely a huge selling benefit for O2. I have been in the depths of hilly Scotland and not suffered from any problems with coverage on my phone. The signal strength albeit does weaken when in very remote areas, but from having experienced this issue ...

Samsung E800 14/10/2005

It's Good To Talk

Samsung E800 Introduction ~~~~~~~~~~ "Its year 2005 and I can honestly say that I don't know a single person above the age of 18 who doesn't own a mobile phone. My boyfriend drives me crazy telling me about the latest mobile technology but to tell you the truth, I just am not interested that much. Now that is not saying that I don't care when it comes down to my own personal phone". When I buy a mobile telephone I look for several things and take a lot into account. First and foremost is price. I normally set myself a budget of £150 for an unlocked and sim free mobile phone. After considering the price margin I take into account the technological features that a particular model has. This brings me to my review of the Samsung - E800 Camera Phone. Design & Operation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ The Samsung E800 really does look good, it differs a lot in comparison to the average Nokia type mobile phone (Candybar style) as it features a slide up/down front screen which is on a spring loaded mechanism. When opening the sliding front panel it is very quiet and easy to do simply do so by using your finger to push it up. It is a small phone weighing in at only 85 grams and that's including the battery! It sits nice and snug in the palm of your hand and is very stylish to look at. The operation of this phone is very simple, it has the usual green (Answer) and red (Hang up) buttons, and these are situated on the front panel of the phone along with the navigation arrows. It's simply ...

L'Oreal Shock Resist 19/09/2005

L'Oreal Paris Shock Resist Or Sock Resist?

L'Oreal Shock Resist Introduction ~~~~~~~~~ I made it as a new year's resolution (2004/05) to buy myself a new nail varnish every month of the year. Extravagant maybe, but well looked after nails is the one thing I really enjoy spending time doing. I am not keen on painting my finger nails in bright colours but have a big thing for cute coloured toe nails in all sorts of colours. I try to be bold and bright with my colour choices and have experimented with reds, blue, greens, purples, yellows, you name it my toes have seen it! I am about to review one of my monthly resolution nail varnish purchases for you…… L'Oreal Shock Resist Shade: 288 (A Pearly Purple Colour). So What Made Me Choose L'Oreal Shock Resist? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Having seen an advertisement on telly (Earlier this year), which featured claims by 'L'Oreal Paris' about how in their laboratories they had come up with a unique formula to resist all sorts of wear on your nails and enhance colour, I knew I had to get myself off to my local Boots store to try out this new range of nail lacquer. The advertisement claimed that they had uniquely formulated a nail polish that contained a 'special film' that moulded to the nail after application. This would in theory protect your nail varnish from accidental chipping and thus resisting wear in daily activity. The best part of the advertisement was the additional claim of the special 'light reflective pigments' that would supposedly enhance the ...

Tesco Clubcard 13/09/2005

Reap What You Sow & Maximise Its Potential

Tesco Clubcard *************** *************** *********** Tesco Clubcard You don't get much for free in this life so when a good offer or deal comes about we grab it while we can. I must admit that I am one for getting something for nothing and do very well out of various schemes... one of the better schemes I use is Tesco's Clubcard. *************** *************** *********** What is Tesco's Clubcard? Tesco's Clubcard is a free loyalty card scheme. You receive approximately 1% rebate on purchases via their stores, internet sites or from shopping with one of their partner sites. You receive 1 Clubcard point per every £1 spent in store, on the website or via one of their partner sites. It may sound like not much but over time it can add up quite fast, especially if you use it to its full potential. If Tesco's is your regular supermarket, then I strongly recommend you getting a Clubcard, you will be really grateful for it, read on to see why I think so… *************** *************** *********** Signing Up To Clubcard Signing up for a Clubcard is very simple and is free. There are several ways in which you can do this: In-Store: Available in all major stores you can simply complete a short application form, seal it up and return it to them by Freepost. Forms are available at most checkouts, if unsure ask a member of staff. Tip: In some stores a small box can also be found for new applications where you can leave your application form once ...

Top 10 Songs of All Time 13/09/2005

My Emotional Expression To Extreme's

Top 10 Songs of All Time *************** *************** ************** Introduction Before I start I would like to just explain that this review has not been an easy one to write nor has it been quick to decide on my top 10 favourite songs….. I live for music; I am very very passionate about the way music makes me feel. It's like I can feel music deep within me and it also helps me express my emotions, so here I have listed my top 10 songs that mean the most to me lyrically and musically. *************** *************** ************** 10. Chicane - No Ordinary Morning, (Album: Ministry Of Sound, Chillout Session) This track is an ambient trance track; with the harmonious type lyrics, I feel it brings my emotion to the forefront from inside my mind. So why do I identify with this track? It dates back a few years… I had just split from my then boyfriend and this song was released (2000). It offered me so much hope whilst I was at the same time rebelling against my whole life. I became very attached to this song and to this day it still offers the same emotional connection for me. It makes me reminisce to days, that I realise now, were pretty much care free. Sensational listening value. *************** *************** ************** 09. Christina Aguilera - The Voice Within, (Album: Stripped) Christina's voice is extremely powerful when expressing the lyrics of strength and power to get through life as a young girl. A pop song with a lot of class and style, it is ...

Bio Oil Face Cream 29/08/2005

The Secret Is In The Ingredients... Bio-Oil

Bio Oil Face Cream **Introduction** I may only be 22 years old and not yet have to worry about the effects of ageing but I still do as through media articles it's always shoved in your face on a daily basis. So when a friend told me that she had seen an advertisement in a magazine for a product called Bio-Oil I had to find out more about it…. Having taken a liking to what I had researched, I then headed straight down to my local Boots store to buy some… **Bio-Oil History** Scientists for years have attempted to develop a unique oil that will replicate the same properties of the human skin and they did this by bizarrely enough, studying ducks. After studying the preen gland oil of a duck, skincare scientists realised it was possible to recreate this uniquely formulated "dry" oil for use on human skin, this formulation has now come to be known as PurCellin Oil - one of the uniquely essential properties of Bio-Oil. "So how does it work and what are the ingredients?" So now we understand the basis of the main, unique ingredient of Bio-Oil - 'PurCellin Oil'. This ingredient works by coating a thin protective layer over the skins surface aiding the penetration of the other more common natural oils that Bio-Oil contains: Lavender, Calendula and Rosemary Oil. This is something that no other product on the market does. This is why I find Bio-Oil to be so special. Bio-Oil contains only natural herbal ingredients and has no preservatives (Unlike a lot of products nowadays), it ...

Zovirax Cold Sore Cream 13/07/2005

Tingle No More With Zovirax

Zovirax Cold Sore Cream ₪ Review: Zovirax - 2g Pump ₪ This review is for any of you who suffer from cold sore flares or will do in the future. ₪ Introduction ₪ Seeing as up to 85% of people have the "Herpes Simplex Virus no.1" laying dormant in their nerve cells until it's triggered by any of the many daily triggers that will cause it to become active. I am sure that many of you can relate to me when I say a "cold sore" really makes you feel down. The symptoms of a cold sore are: • A tingling sensation around the mouth and lip areas. • Small and painful, fluid-filled blisters on a raised, red, painful area of your skin. These blisters may in-turn develop into a larger blister. • A pain or tingling sensation, often preceding the blisters by a day or two. • If allowed to develop, the blisters will weep and the sore will scab over. 'Herpes Simplex Virus no.1, (HSV-1)' is highly contagious so do not share face cloths, towels, cutlery and avoid kissing. HSV-1 is a virus that you have for life, if you follow a healthy diet and avoid potential triggers then this will reduce your chances of an outbreak. Unfortunately though, like me you'll always be susceptible to reoccurring flares throughout the rest of your life. Please read on if you want to know what you can do to help yourself. ₪ Packaging ₪ The 2g pump of 'Zovirax' is supplied in a small carded box. Contained in this box is the usual pack leaflet that will explain ...

Mary Poppins (DVD) 27/06/2005


Mary Poppins (DVD) "It's…. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious If you say it loud enough, you'll always sound precocious Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!" Ah, those lyrics… I am so very fond of them! Although a long review, I am presenting this review to you with fact, history and opinion. I will describe some scenes in detail and others with just a mere summery as I do not wish to spoil the magical element of this film for anyone who hasn't seen it. I hope you will find this as interesting to read, as I am writing. Sit back, read and enjoy! **Introduction** Almost everyone nowadays can reel off the name of a film or musical that they used to watch over and over again when they were a child. Obviously it will vary with generation and age but as I find, there is a particular classic that is mentioned more than any other film. This is, Walt Disney's - Mary Poppins. Imagine my surprise when having not seen this classic creation for about 10 years when my boyfriend gave me a little surprise… the DVD - 2 Disc, 40th Anniversary Edition. So I spent my Friday night snug in bed singing and reciting every word to the lovely and comforting lyrics of this magnificent movie. I felt like I was 5 years old again…. **The History Behind Mary Poppins** This movie is based upon the original book by P.L. Travers and was published in 1934. Travers originally wrote this title, amongst 3 others as a 4-part series of books based upon ...

What's in my bag? 21/06/2005

Paranoia In A Handbag or Grossly Prepared??

What's in my bag? **Introduction** So you want to know what is in my handbag then…. I always amaze my many friends and my boyfriend when he asks me… "Vicky, I don't suppose you have a **unlikely object** on you do you?" Well when you are sitting in a pub or on the train, you'd think I say… "Umm… sorry I don't at the moment!" Well, I have learnt over the years, from many a dire situation that I must literally carry everything except the kitchen sink in my small handbag! Here is my review….. "What's In My Handbag?" **Small, Zipped Compartment** Superglue: It's amazing how many times I have used this when out and about - especially to fix the heels on my shoe or friends till I/we/they can get home. Also comes in handy for screaming kids when they break their toys at the park. Lip Gloss: You never know when you will need it, even without your make-up on you must always have shiny lips. Tampon: For Emergencies Only! Need I say anymore……! (This is the one thing my boyfriend hasn't asked for). Plain Address Labels: I am always sending eBay parcels and use the strong self seal mailing sacks to mail my goods. I find that the Post Office can be too lazy to print the postage stamp onto a sticky label so this is what I use if I am forced to use normal stamps as they don't stick to the mailing sack. Tweezers: Eyebrows, splinters - again 'For Emergency Use Only'! A Stone: My boyfriend found a unique stone while in Turkey a couple of years ago and gave it ...

Dior Addict Eau de Parfum 21/06/2005

I Have Another Addiction - Dior Addict!

Dior Addict Eau de Parfum **Introduction** A few weeks ago I went into town on a Saturday afternoon with my partner. Of course, we went into the highstreet store - Boots. Like most women are prone to doing… I walked straight off towards the perfume section of the store and started spraying all those lovely scents on display that they have as testers. I have always been an avid lover of 'Christian Dior' products, so when I clapped my eyes on a bottle of perfume that I had yet to come across I was compelled to have a couple of sprays…. Like anyone would do, right? "I was in love with this scent as soon as it landed on my wrist!" I didn't have enough spare money to buy myself a bottle; as I was saving for my holiday to Amsterdam. I dropped a very large hint to my partner (As us women do), telling him that for our anniversary I wouldn't mind a bottle… I then left it at that. Fortunately for me; my partner picked up on my previous hint, so while we were out in Holland he bought me a 50ml bottle of the Eau De Parfum Natural Spray. I was wearing the biggest smile for days after getting this perfume... Lucky me! This brings me to my review of this spectacular fragrance….. "Dior Addict - 50ml Eau De Parfum Natural Spray" **Christian Dior - Dior Addict** Christian Dior launched a new line back in 1998 (Released in the UK 2002); called… you guessed it, "Dior Addict". Obviously being a new line, it consisted of more than a single product, there were lip liners, lip glosses, lip colours, ...

GHV2 - Madonna 09/06/2005

Madonna GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2)

GHV2 - Madonna **Before you read this, I will warn you as the reader and consumer; this album review does contain sexual references, therefore may not be suitable for a reader under the legal age or if this material type makes you feel uncomfortable** **Introduction** Ever since I was a little girl I have admired Madonna. I wasn't allowed to listen to her music very often; that was until I was in my teens. This was because of the heavy sexual references portrayed through her lyrics. I have always thought of Madonna as an inspirationally great person and I have so much admiration for her career and her strength. I love her tunes lyrically (now I am older) and almost every song she releases nowadays is a hit. I have a lot of her albums ranging from her first album to her latest album release of 'American Life'. I always find I can listen to Madonna regardless of my mood. Her voice has a lovely relaxing alto tone which makes her easy to listen too. This album is has a nice vocal mix and features smooth soft ballads to heavier dance tunes. I feel that Madonna portrays a lot of controversy in her music; talking about sexual fantasy, sexuality and religious beliefs - a lot of which has been picked up on and criticised over the years by the media. Many artists veer away from such subjects lyrically, hence why another reason why I love this musically inspirational woman. Madonna has a huge gay fan base and is it to any surprise?! I think that she is a very iconic role model within ...
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