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Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee Decaffeinated 03/12/2007

Caffeine, No Caffeine, I cant tell the difference!

Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee Decaffeinated As one of those individuals who has never been able to tell the difference between Caffeinated, and De Caffeinated, probably through poor upbringing, or having learnt that a drink is a drink, so long as it is warm and sweet, who cares, I seldom look at the Caffein status on the jar. But, by the brand, is to which all things are possible! Coffee, isnt just coffee, the cheaper brands are usually tainted with a repulsive flavour, and a colour content that not only stains your teeth, and mug, but is likely to cause harm to any surfaces it is spilt upon! Nescafe certainly is the market leader when it comes to instant Coffee, and Im sure we have all seen the adverts from the year dot! Nescafe as a company has been trading in coffee since the 1930's, the Brazilian government contracted the company to come up with an idea to produce instant coffee, to which you just add water,- and hey presto, it smells, and looks like coffee! Other companies had produced products not dissimilar to instant coffee, however, it just diddnt have the bean, and subsequently, was not coffee. (Usually made from Acorns for example) April 1st 1938 saw Nescafe launch its instant coffee powder, and a ledgend was born in the "Need a drink now" department. So, how does Nescafe do it? Simply, they dont scrimp like the other companies, only 100% coffee bean goes into the mix. There are many varieties of coffee bean, all of variying quality and flavour, but the two most common are Arabica and ... 29/11/2007

Clean Eze Cymru Ltd - Nowt to do with Catalogues! A longstanding reliable company that has huge contracts under its belt, working in secure sites, such as MoD bases, as well as providing a service for the home. The Quality of the service provided is second to none, their prices are very competetive, yet the company really should have no competiton, as their standards are very much higer than the rest. From Window cleaning, all the way through to cleansing of a sterile zone, this company has been there and done it! They can be contacted on 0845 2570429, 01554 751947 and they have a website at I have used the companies services on several occasions to deep clean carpets, drapes, and tidy up after wild parties, their maid service comes monthly to do the work I dont have time for, and they keep my properties in tip top shape. When a tennant moves out, Clean Eze Cymru, moves in! Its staff are mainly ex military (hence the high standards) and operate globally, being able to provide the right person for the right job at the drop of a hat. Their real strengths sit in presenting a property for sale, by appointment, their team turns up, and deep cleans the house from top to bottom, cleaning in places, you never thought were there. As they move around the property, they have a free service called the RASS (Repair and Service Scheme) so they seal gaps in windows, tighten screws, fix furniture, check smoke alarms clean and fix ovens and fridges, and so on. With bases all over Wales, one would think ...

Auschwitz (Poland) 26/11/2007

Auschwitz, Cold, Hard, and Evil within a fence.

Auschwitz (Poland) Auschwitz Review, by GT5952 I visited Auschwitz on several occasions related not only to work, but also for personal reasons. My first visit was as a young soldier, with the off chance of being within a Land Rovers drive from the site, subsequent visits were made in relation to the early days of work, and its from this, where the information from the review is gathered. My last visit was made with my eldest son, and it was indeed a moving experience, to be here with my son, and experiencing the emotions it brought to him. My partner at the time couldnt bring herself to go, understandably. The site had a visit from those following the Jewish faith, both young and old, and this compounded the emotions I had, as I witnessed the older members, litterally break down and cry. Some 60 years on, the pain and anguish caused by the Holocaust is still fresh in the minds of those who perhaps were even remotely effected by it, and its memorials like Auschwitz that should be preserved to never allow us to forget, and more importantly, never allow it to happen again, however, similar event have, and do occur globally. The Address which is GPS'able from my Tom Tom 5 European is as follows: Panstwowe Muzeum Auschwitz-Birkenau ul. Wiezniow Oswiecimia 20 32-603 Oswiecim Poland tel.: +48 (0)33 843 20 22 / 844 20 77 \"My Mama and sisters were taken away from Papa and I, they were moved to another part of the camp, I never saw them again, in a few days they took my ...

A Poem for a Friend. 26/11/2007

My Poem

A Poem for a Friend. Just decided to write something down for the heck of it. Never been too much of a poet, as you can probably tell from my other reviews, but I thought Id give it a go. Feel free to use it as you want, or to change it, or whatever, its just a bit of fun. Enjoy and have fun! A Poem for a Friend, any friend, no one in particular! Here we are, my dear friend, My Shoulder, my heart, your tears to mend, Here we are, a warm embrace Joined together, face to face The times apart, the times together are like the change of the weather but with you side by side I know my emotions I cant hide for you are to me all a friend can ever be. Gaz Mathias (gt5952)

Member advice on cot death 26/11/2007

Sometimes, God calls our children home early.

Member advice on cot death Rated as very poor, as Exceptional doesnt fit, neither does very poor, well, you get my drift Im sure. Cot Death, Known as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) has become rarer with the advancement of sleep studies, and medical intervention. Since 1991 it has been reduced by 75%. 1.) Help 2.) The Facts 3.) Decreasing the Risk 4.) Authors Experience 1.) HELP As this review is Advice on Cot Death, I suppose, if youre reading this, you may have been affected by SIDS, or the fear of it happening is worring you, so before I start my review, I want to pass on some information that may help. In the UK we have a website owned by the FSID (Foundation for the Study of Infant Death Syndrome). They have worked remarkeably hard to reduce SIDS and offer advice and support. Their website can be found at: If you have been affected in any way, I understand how you feel, and my heart goes out to you. I know there is nothing that can take away the pain, but sometimes just allowing your emotions to come out can help take the edge off it. An organisation called \"The Samaritans\" offers free and impartial help by listening to you. They are real people, and provide a very solld shoulder to cry on. If you need to, give them a call. Their number is : 08457 90 90 90 if you are on a mobile or pay phone, they may call you back if you so wish. 2.) THE FACTS No one knows why some babies die from SIDS. At the moment doctors believe that there may ...

Mr Bean's Holiday (DVD) 25/11/2007

Bean, youre so British!

Mr Bean's Holiday (DVD) Join Mr Bean and his friends on this roller-coaster film of laughs and fun as Rowan Atkinson delivers yet another stunning performace of laughter and rib tickling entertainment that makes this film one for the whole family! Mr Bean is famous the world over, and when people find out I am British, even in countries that dont have private TVs or even sometimes electricity, the locals immediately break down the language barrier by saying "Ah, Mr Bean!" over and over again (Makes life a nightmare, but its better than what they say to my American colleagues!) This film has all the content that makes a film memorable, it has Laughter, it has tears, it has something everyone can relate too, yet so many people review it in a negative way,- I guess its all down to personal tastes! Film Synopsis (Spoiler) Mr Bean has bought a Raffle ticket, and typically, from the start, his loose mind nearly costs him the prize, but in a chance of fate, he wins, and embarks on his holiday of a life time to Cannes, to see the Sea! As a child in a adults body, Mr Bean really should be accompanied by a full time carer, and yet, he is allowed to get up to all mischief! On his Journey he meets a young boy from Russia, Stephan, played by a young actor called Max Baldry, who himself is set to have a great career in Film and Tv work. As Mr Bean causes problems everywhere, Stephan is in turn dragged into Beans world of turmoil, and has to join him on his journey to Cannes after seperation ...

General: Brazil 24/11/2007

Hola Brazil, Bye Bye Wallet

General: Brazil \"Mister\" I look down, and there is a young boy, no older than 6 or 7, with big brown eyes, and messy hair, dressed in blue shorts, a ripped Bucks Fizz T Shirt, barefooted, arms outstretched, hands cupped, begging for money. Accross the street, a business man smokes his Cigar and laughs with a colleague, both dressed in suits, better placed in saville row, rather than this dusty street. This is Brazil, a land of culture, experience, scars, and dealers of all things not good. Nothing is simple in my life. Rich in aesthetics and adventure, the would be James Bond will have a field day slipping in and out of decadance and modern lux, to extreme poverty and crime. Flying in to Aeroporto Galeão in Rio de Janeiro with Varig, Brazil\'s international airline from New York, I knew what to expect. Rio is great, but, I dont like the nice and great, I like the rough and traditional, I like like to be away from it all, where I can only access the net from my portable Sat Dish, and where I can only call someone by finding an open space with a view of the sky, and trying to find a signal on my £14 a minuite Sat Phone. But stay in Rio, I must, just for a while, and here my bubble is burst. The Down Side - Crime wherever you go! In Rio Violence and threatened violence is a common occurrence. Vigilance in Rio de Janeiro should be heightened before and during the festive and Carnival periods, as there is often a seasonal upsurge in robberies against foreigners ...

Llanelli, South Wales 24/11/2007

Youre Welcome to my Home, Anytime!

Llanelli, South Wales Welcome to Llanelli The Home of the Scarlets Rugby Team, the home of Industry, poets, novelists and last but not least, the home of me ! Llanelli (Meaning Church of St. Elli in English), is the largest town in the county of Carmarthenshire and West Wales, it sits on the Burry estuary on the west Wales coast, approximately 13 miles west of the city of Swansea and 12 miles east of the administrative town of Carmarthen. Amongst other things, it is famous for its proud rugby tradition. Llanelli is a fast growing town with large residential, leisure and retail developments, most of which Im afraid to say is still in development, but should be completed in my lifetime (I hope!) Llanelli is also surrounded by many small villages and communities known collectively as Llanelli Rural. A large proportion of these communities, more notably those that immediately surround the town are often unofficially referred to as Llanelli. Historically a minor town, Llanelli grew significantly in the 18th and 19th centuries with the mining of coal and later the tinplate industry and steelworks. It became such a significant regional producer of tin that it was referred to as \"Tinopolis\" by the latter half of the 19th century. The closure of coal mines and competition from overseas steel plants meant that Llanelli, like many other towns in South Wales, saw significant and sustained economic decline from the late 1970s. Oh, The Beer, Hmmm, Beer.... Llanelli has a proud ...

Pembrey Country Park, United Kingdom 24/11/2007

Its Hidden, Its Beautiful, Its Pembrey!

Pembrey Country Park, United Kingdom Look out for my forthcoming Video review on this site ! Pembrey Country Park Pembrey, SA16 0EJ, Carmarthenshire Tel: 01269 833913 Fax: 01554 833913 Nearest Train Station - Burry Port (3 Miles from Gate) Buses go to park in Summer Nearest Winter Bus Stop Approx 1 Mile from gate Taxi's will go to gate Best Visited by Car Review As far as budget family attractions go, it doesnt get much better than this! As parents, we often feel the need to spend a fortune on presents and days out, the idealogy being, the more we spend, the more it will be enjoyed,- this isnt true, its the complete reverse! Pembrey Country Park is right on my doorstep, and what a lucky guy I am to have such a great place within a bike rides distance! Before, During, and shortly after the second world war, Pembrey was a War Office establishment, and housed a large scale munitions storage depot. The remains of the train tracks and earth covered bunkers are still all over the site, however, are completely safe, and form part of the attractions. The site is next to RAF Pembrey Sands, a Air Force training facility, and it is not uncommon to see Aircraft from the entire Nato flying over to practive manouveres and attack stratagys, often completing bombing missions within audiable distance from the park (It is perfectly safe) The beach at this park was used by the RAF for practice missions landing the C130 Hercules on sandy ground prior to deployment to the Arab countries for ...

Kidwelly Castle, Carmathenshire, South Wales 24/11/2007

By Horse, By Sword, By Romance, By Wales

Kidwelly Castle, Carmathenshire, South Wales Keep an eye out for my forthcoming video on this Attraction, come End Nov, Mid Dec 2007! As you drive through the costal countryside of South Wales, your breath is taken away by the rolling hills to your right, full of mystical mystery and legends, to your left is the stunning beauty of the Gower Penninsula, spaced by the Bury Estuary. This is the Land of Dragons and Wizards, this is the home of Merlin, this is Wales. Passing through sleepy seaside towns, you eventually come to the town of Kidwelly. As if from nowhere, the imposing gates of Kidwelly Castle stand in view, a testament to their construction, they look as impenetrable as they were 800 years ago. Kidwelly Castle is owned and maintained by Cadw (the word \"Cadw\", (Pronounced Cad Oooh!) means \"To Keep\" in Welsh. Cadw is the Welsh Assembly Government\'s historic environment division. They aim to, protect and sustain, encourage community engagement and improve access to the historic environment of Wales. This includes historic buildings, ancient monuments, historic parks, gardens and landscapes, and underwater archaeology. Kidwelly Castle is a mighty and imposing monument of Norman power. It is also a beautiful example of castle development, as the castle was dramatically altered on a number of occasions to conform to the latest thinking in military science. Roger, bishop of Salisbury, the justiciar of England, established Norman power in the area and this ringwork castle that ...

Dextro Energy 21/11/2007

Up and Down like a Yo Yo

Dextro Energy Boing! What was that? Well, thats the sound of me bouncing off the walls aged 5 from eating about 12 packs of these as a kid! The British Army used to put these in their ration packs for the soldier, well, Dad was a soldier, and he brought 12 packs home with him after an excercise... You can only guess what happened! Since then the Army has learnt its lessons, and when I joined, they had excluded them from the boxes. Why? you may ask, well, simply put, the high is high, and the low is low, It gives a huge boost of sugar, and then drains you, both physically and mentally, it will also aid in dehydrating you immensley, but it does taste rather good! So, whats in these strange white tablets? Dextro is the shortened name for Dextrose, and is really just Glucose, a form of sugar. Glucose is chemically considered a simple sugar. It is the main sugar that the body manufactures. What use is it? The body makes glucose from all three elements of food, protein, fat and carbohydrates, but in largest part from carbohydrates. Glucose serves as the major source of energy for the body. It is carried to each cell through the bloodstream. It may also be used for conditions like Diabetes, when the blood sugar level drops well below the norm. The Company Dextro Energy has its highest sales of the Dextrose product in Germany, where it advertises itself as the whole form of brain power from Birth to Death. Its adverts show children playing and studying ...

Lada Riva 20/11/2007

Lada Riva, Da! Spasiba!

Lada Riva Truth be told, Ive never actually owned one, I would never admit it, but Ive been in quite a few. This is the car made from scrap sardine cans, yet can run on Vodka, that is because, of course, it is Russian made! (In Russia, its called the Zhiguli) In most former soviet countries, including the UK.... ur, sorry, slip of the tongue, we are of course still under a communist Dictatorship (I jest) you will find a Lada Riva, or its variant, or indeed, a Lada Riva Chasis, with things welded to it, driving around at full pelt. The Engine Rev counter only needs 2 settings for display, Engine off, and Full Revs, as Ive certainly never seen a Lada of any description operating under differing circumstances. Lada is the trademark of AvtoVAZ, a Russian car manufacturer.. It was chosen for exports over the domestic Zhiguli brand, but since the 1980s the name has been used in Soviet and later Russian market as well. Lada made its name in Western Europe selling the Lada Riva as an economy car in large quantities during the 1980s, but subsequent models have not enjoyed the same success as the Riva. It was marketed as the Lada Nova in some (but not all) European countries, and as the Lada 1500 and Lada Signet in Canada. In Brazil it was sold as the Lada Laika. The Lada Riva is the second most built single vehicle design in the world, at 13,500,000+ units. FUNNY LADA RIVA STORIES. Well, I dont know if they are funny, but they are true. My Brother My older brother ...

Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina) 20/11/2007

Sarajevo, Famous for the wrong reasons!

Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina) My first visit to Sarajevo in Bosnia was a few years ago,- to think this place is twinned with Coventry! At the time, it was hardly a tourist desitination, and I made a Lada Riva shift like a Ferrari as my skin tone turned a whiter shade of pale due to the onslaught of bullets falling around me. Fortunately, I, and said Lada made it out of there in just about one piece (The exhaust fell off as I hand break turned around a corner to come face to face with an IFOR truck full of Germans) In latter years, certainly since the end of the war, the City has cleaned up a bit, and you can walk freely without stepping on a corpse, or indeed, joining the corpse on the floor courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood sniper. Sarajevo is the capital city and largest urban center of Bosnia, It is also the capital of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity, and the de jure capital of the Republika Srpska entity, as well as the center of the Sarajevo Canton. Sarajevo is located in the Sarajevo valley of Bosnia, surrounded by the Dinaric Alps and situated around the Miljacka river. The city is famous for its traditional religious diversity, with adherents of Islam, Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Judaism peacefully coexisting there for centuries. The Miljacka river is one of the city\'s chief geographic features. It flows through the city from east through the center of Sarajevo to west part of city where eventually meets up with the Bosna river. Miljacka river is \"The ...

General: Sudan 20/11/2007

Sudan - Why is beauty so ugly at times?

General: Sudan The Country that brings you some of the oldest Archeology around, also brings to you an experience of Hell on Earth. Sudan is the largest African and Arab country by area. It is bordered by Egypt to the north, the Red Sea to the east, Ethiopia to the east, Kenya and Uganda to the southeast, Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic to the southwest, Chad to the west, and Libya to the northwest. It is the tenth largest country in the world by area. Its very location makes it prime real estate for war and genocide. Archaeological evidence shows that the area in the north of Sudan was inhabited at least 60,000 years ago. A settled culture appeared in the area around 8000 BCE, living in fortified mud-brick villages, not a lot has changed. The area was known to the Egyptians as Kush and had strong cultural and religious ties to Egypt. In the 1890s, the British sought to re-establish their control over Sudan, once more officially in the name of the Egyptian Khedive, but in actuality treating the country as British imperial territory. By the early 1890s, British, French, and Belgian claims had converged at the Nile headwaters. Britain feared that the other imperial powers would take advantage of Sudan\'s instability to acquire territory previously annexed to Egypt. Apart from these political considerations, Britain wanted to establish control over the Nile to safeguard a planned irrigation dam at Aswan. Even when the British ended ...

General: Nigeria 20/11/2007

Nigeria - Land of Internet Crime?

General: Nigeria Nigeria, so many people have a bad view of people from this place, a typical example of the minority taring the majority, but for the few interent scammers, and fraudsters who use the country as a safe haven, you really should look beyond the cloak! Nigeria, is a federal constitutional republic comprising thirty-six states and one Federal Capital Territory. The country is located in West Africa and shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north. Its coast lies on the Gulf of Guinea, part of the Atlantic Ocean, in the south. The capital city is Abuja. The country itself harbours many dangers, and as man who tends not to pay danger money to the would be mafia style hi-jackers who stop your jeep and threaten you with a sharpened coke can, I take most of them with a pinch of salt. Sure, if the gangs dont get you, the Malaria ridden mosquito will, heres praying the gangs carry anti malarial tablets. Im quite de sensitised to the gory sites that man has produced over the years, but even I found it shocking to find a corpse of some guy, minus his hands, rotting away in a back alley, obviously a thief who couldnt stop the bleeding in time, or couldnt pull his health insurance card out from his wallet. To avoid this sort of outcome, it really is best to go around armed to the teeth with a wad of dollar bills (Throw them in the air, and run) and of course a 9mm pistol, oh, oh, I nearly forgot, and dont ...
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