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Sony KDL-40D3500 05/04/2008

Excellent, good value TV from Sony.

Sony KDL-40D3500 After almost 10 years since we upgraded our lounge TV we decided the time had come. We were still using a non-flat screen 28" widescreen TV and with the arrival of a PS3 we found the need for a HDTV in the lounge. Looked at all the options over a few months and on Bank Holiday Monday we saw an excellent deal at Empire Direct, which was £799 for the TV, glass stand and Sony DVD/HDD freeview recorder. Went down and took it away same day, plus we also got a 3 year warranty since we are an ed-extra club member (£20 a year to join, we joined late last year when we upgraded our bedroom TV). So onto the TV set. It is a full 1080p panel which was an important factor to us as we wanted as future proof as we could get. It also has a built in freeview tuner so is ready for the digital switchover. The picture quality through the freeview tuner is excellent, however pictures through scart are not as good, still very good but not as sharp as the internal freeview tuner. As for the analogue tuner I wouldn't even bother trying to watch it, it is terrible, but then again, why would you want to? The PS3 and DVD player are connected to the 2 HDMI sockets, the picture quality from these is excellent as expected, especially HD blu-ray movies played on the PS3. If you want this set has a light sensor and alters the backlight according to your rooms light, I find the picture too dark using this but some, like my Father for instance, prefer it. Sound is also very good but I do not use ...

Foxconn NF4K8AB-8EKRS - motherboard - ATX - Socket 754 - nForce4 02/06/2006

Great budget buy

Foxconn NF4K8AB-8EKRS - motherboard - ATX - Socket 754 - nForce4 I bought this about a month ago when i decided to build my own PC. My main reason at the time for buying this was price but i didn't want a board that was going to fail so i looked into the company a little. I found out that they have supplied top PC manufacturers like Delll and IBM which pursuaded me to go and buy it. I purchased this for around £45 from CCL as i live close to their store. The people their were very helpful and didnt mind checking over the spec for me to make sure it was all compatible. I finally got it home and found it did not have firewire but i looked on the internet and found that CCL did not do the firewire version and it was pot luck if the company supplied it with or without firewire. I was ok as i had a spare firewire card lieing around anyway. I began to fit it and it fit in perfect, all cables were easy to fit except the primary IDE slot (there are 2 IDE slots) for the dvdrw which requires pushing in very vigerousley using the correct tool. It has 4 sata connections and was supplied with a sata cable and sata power cable for my hard drive. It has a 24 pin power connector but i just fit a 20 pin and left the top 4 pins vacant and it still seems to work. It has 1 16x PCI-E slot which is the only reason not to buy it. Because you can only connect 1 graphics card it means that it will be compatible with todays and tomorrows games but after that some of the top games will be demanding 2 graphics cards. If youre not that into games ...

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) 03/05/2005

The best handheld ever!

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) I got a Japanese one of these in March and all i can say is WOW. The graphics are up to PS2 standard and the controls are easy to use. It can be used for games which come on a UMD disc or music, pictures and videos which are accessible using a memory stick duo. I got ridge racers with mine and this shows the quality that the console is capable of, the game can be played at any time and is great on a long journey. The movie quality is also exceptional due to the high quality screen but the memory sticks are very expensive at the moment which could put people off trying the movie capabilities. Everyone i meet cant believe the quality of the product and a few people who got a DS are starting to regret it. It is a shame that us brits have to wait until september until we get the UK version but it is worth the wait.

Panasonic TX28PM1C 02/05/2005

Best TV you will ever find for sub £300

Panasonic TX28PM1C I wanted a cheap widescreen tv for my bedroom and saw this at empiredirect for £270. I walked down to my local electrical store and had a look at it but like always it was so busy i could not judge the sound and picture. I decided to buy it anyway and thought that with a name like panasonic on it it cant be bad. I recieved it and connected it up to my dvd/video/freeview and switched it on. I was amazed at the levels of sound produced and the picture quality was the best i have seen for the price. I do notice some flicker from time to time but i cant complain for the price. The set has 2 scart connection, one is RGB. I connected my DVD through the RGB and the quality was much better than i expected and produced less flicker. The analogue tuner is not the best quality but i use a freeview adaptor instead so it does not bother me. The unit seems strong and the stand is very stylish but the unit is not what you would expect of panasonic. Compared to my tv in my front room which is also a panasonic 50hz there seems to be too much flicker. It was also voted the best tv on the gadget show. This is an excellent tv but only because it is very cheap, if you look at the highstreet price of £500 it becomes very unatractive

Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 24/02/2005

A great all-rounder

Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 I have owned a Toshiba A10 for over a year now and I am using it right now to write this review. I ordered it direct from Toshiba for around £650 and I received it the next day. I opened the packaging and like many computers the software was preinstalled. Meaning I only had to switch it on and I could start using my laptop right away. It comes supplied with a external floppy drive which is worth £40 from PC-world, a modem cable, power cable, backup disks and manuals. It has a good range of connectivity for a laptop which compromises of: 2 USB ports 1 Monitor port 1 parallel port 1 RJ11 port (dial up modem) 1 RJ45 port (network) 1 Headphone port 1 Microphone port Now I have used it and installed lots of software on it, it is running as smooth as the day I got it. It starts up and shuts down in about 30 seconds. When it starts up you are displayed with the Windows XP welcome screen. From there you can select who is using the computer and the desktop is then displayed. From the desktop you can do anything you want to do, just as you can with any computer. It has 2 titanium speakers mounted under the screen, these are not great speakers, but it will probably be a feature that won’t get used much. The touchpad is easy to use but I would advise people to disable the click feature or you’ll be clicking everything while trying to move the cursor. The screen is bright and as the battery runs low on power the screen gets darker with it. The first ...

Panasonic SCHT520 19/02/2005

When i switched it on i said WOW

Panasonic SCHT520 I got this sytem before christmas at empire-direct for only £180 (that's cheap). It arrived soon after and i had it running a week before christmas. The setup was very simple, all the speaker wires go to the sub and then a very high-quality thick cable through to the decoder. The power goes through the sub, which is a fantastic idea because it makes the sup an active sub which means one simple thing, more BASS. When it was all hooked up i had to find a movie to try on it, i chose 2 Fast 2 Furious. On starting the dvd i discovered that the picture quality was not so good, luckily i have an RGB compatible TV, when i enabled it the picture quality was instantly great. I then started the movie, at the beginning there is a very bassy soundtrack which instantly blew me away. I was surrounded by really clear and precise sound and a heartfumping bass backing. I continued to watch the movie and throughout, the film sounded great and the picture was sharp. I think this was a great choice and i would highly recommend this system to anyone on a budget. It has no digital connectivity which is the only minus but for the price i can't complain! It also looks cool aswell, it sits on my glass shelf and instanly shines and is the first thing you notice in the room.

Honda Civic Aero Deck 19/02/2005

Good strong car that will never fail

Honda Civic Aero Deck My Father purchased a Honda Civic Aerodeck 1.6 vtec se. The car is obviously well built and the Honda garage has so much confidence in it they gave us a 4 year warranty and servicing for only £400 and its already 4 years old! To me this says it all. It has quality wood-effect interior, a great speaker system and a hugh boot (for a smaller car). It does have it's flaws though, the seats are terribly uncomfortable on long journeys, the ride is very rough and every bump can be felt. It has one of them stupid locking remote's that requires you to point it through the window to work. The car is perfectly styled, and from the back looks superb (rear blacked out windows) the alloys are stylish but not overwhelming and the cars are in demand, so will keep their value. Unfortunatley there is no CD but it does have a pioneer radio/tape. It also has air-con and a heater with more vents that you could bellive. There is room for 4 adults to fit comfortably. It does around 30mpg which is a bit dissapointing but you just have to live with it. As we dont need to touch this engine, i will not be investigating the pro's and con's of the engine and the servicing accessability. Unfortunatly it lacks feature's like auto-wipers and auto-headlamps but has the basic abs and power steering.

Apple iPod mini M9435B/A 4 GB 19/02/2005

One of the best

Apple iPod mini M9435B/A 4 GB Apple's ipod has been around for some time now, but a lot of people think they are too big and heavy. When the mini came out in the UK i was the first to order one. Not only was i the envy of everyone i know but i had discovered a whole new world of music. Up until then my mp3 could only store 20 songs, now i had 1000 in my pocket. I can't complain about anything except the sound can lack depth (if you know what i mean). The software is very easy to use, it finds all your music when you install it and then you connect your ipod and it automatically transfers it and sorts it out into artists, albums etc. Then it is even easier to browse through your music, just choose your artist and select your song. Also the click-wheel is really cool to use as it moves the selection on screen up and down while lightly moving your finger on it's surface. I would choose no other mp3 player, so my advice is just go get one! I would also recomend investing in some different earphones, the sound quality will go up and people who where the ipod's white earphone's are often the target of criminals.
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