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McDonalds Restaurants 06/06/2007

McDonalds Goes Green!?

Kissdafunk (Mixed By The Trophy Twins & Rob Tissera) [Digipak] - Various Artists 06/06/2007

KissdaFunk - The forefront of Funky House Music

Statues - Moloko 02/01/2005

STATUES by Moloko - A Groundbreaking Masterpiece

Statues - Moloko Statues is the 2003 album by Moloko, comprising of the flamboyant, extravagent Roisin Murphy on vocals, the talented Mark Brydon on programming and guitar, and the ecentric Eddie Stevens on keyboards, renown for his black bowler hat, together with a couple of other musicians on drums and guitars (who seem to change between each album!) Moloko formed in 1994, when roisin approached mark at a party uttering the words "do you like my tight sweater?" "see how it fits my body." Upon these words alone, Mark, who had been in the music industry for the past few years, saw potential in the beautiful young sheffield girl, Roisin. Their first album was released in 1995, and was named "do you like my tight sweater" (for obvious reasons.) This was folowed by "I am not a doctor" in 1998 and "Things to make and do" in 2000, which included the two popular singles, "the time is now" and "sing it back." Things to Make and Do was and remains the best selling album of moloko, with many people buying it for those two songs alone. In 2001, the group launched a remix album "all back to the mine" featuring some of their favourite remixes, and "Statues" finally arrived in 2003 and became their fourth studio album. It was the first album made since Mark and Roisin had ended their relationship, Roisin now dates a Turkish DJ. As an initial introduction to the album, one word which I think sums it up quite nicely is "Original" even "very original." This isn't the sort of music you hear everyday. Statues ...

LG L1520B 22/11/2004

LG Flatron L1520B - A fashion Statement

Epson EPL 6200 20/11/2004

EPSON EPL6200-A tough competitor in laser printing

Very - Pet Shop Boys 31/08/2004

Very REMASTERED - Very Pet Shop Boys

Samsung ML 1510 25/08/2004

Samsung ML 1510 - laser printing for the home

Samsung ML 1510 In the nineties, laser printers were an asset for the elite few in the home office. Traditionally, laser printers have been primarily for business use and most homes use the standard inkjet printers. Laser printers were far too big and bulky, and also too costly for the home office, in contrast inkjets were light, compact and cheap, perfect for home use. Now, however the scene is changing, and its thanks to printer likes this (The samsung ML 1510.) The Samsung ML 1510 is one of the cheapest laser printers yet, and its also one of the smallest, making it a perfect solution to black and white printing in the home office. ------- Price ------- In the late nineties, a standard black and white laser printer would easily cost in the region of £200, however as the technology is becoming more widely available, and cheaper to produce the cost of production of the printers is decling. And, as with everything after a while, prizes begin to decline as the product reaches its maturity stage and all the people who could afford it in the first place already have one. Its the art of price skimming, reducing prices over time so that products are attractive to different market segments, and it happens with all durable goods, televisions, TFT monitors, MP3 players, etc. Price skimming is clearly evident with Laser printers, however to an incredible extent which means you can now purchase a laser printer for just £49.99, yes just £49.99. Admittedly, it wasn't this price when I bought the ...

Epson Stylus Photo 830 25/08/2004

Epson Stylus Photo EX 06/08/2004

Epson EXA3-A3 graphics printing in the home office

D2 Jeans (Shop) 05/08/2004

D2Jeans-Topman fashion at a fraction of the price

Nightlife - Pet Shop Boys 18/07/2004

NIGHTLIFE - Superb Album from the PSB

Moloko 25/06/2004

MOLOKO - The best of the best of House Music

Everything that starts with S ... 21/06/2004

Speech-Are the ways men and women speak similiar

Everything that starts with S ... Research into male and female linguistics always tend to focus on the differences in their speech styles, interactions and use of language. Linguists often fail to acknowledge however, that the ways in which men and women interact may actually be very similar. After all, difference sells, people wouldn’t be interested if someone came out and said “a recent study shows men and women speak exactly the same” however may be interested if someone showed “a recent study shows men interrupted ten times more than women.” For that reason, contemporary literature, magazines even the news has been based around the “differences” rather than the “similarities” of male and female interaction. There are also other factors which may affect language use, for example one would expect variation between an upper class woman and a working class man, regardless of gender. Throughout the late 1870s and early 1980s research carried out by independent linguists claimed to find that there were definite differences in the way men and women spoke and claimed that such differences were down to male dominance or female deficiency. In 1975 Robin Lakoff introduced a theory whereby society had made women believe that assertiveness in conversations was not feminine and therefore women frequently used checking devices as a way of ensuring they were correct. This perhaps conveys and idea that men had more power over women and so were able to be assertive, yet women had a deficit where by they were made to ...

Do we need more nuclear power stations? 20/06/2004

Is Britain facing an "energy crisis"?

Essays 20/06/2004

How responsible was Germany for WW1?

Essays The First World War was and still is one of most horrific examples of modern warfare that world had ever seen, yet still, nearly a century later, historians have not been able to come to a majorital concludion regarding who was responsible for such a catastrophy. When the war came to an end on the 11th November 1918 Germany was believed to be responsible for the outbreak of war, this was to be reinforced by the Treaty Of Versailles the following year, in which Article 231, the “war guilt clause” pinned the outbreak of war down to Germany. Traditional, orthodox historians still agree with this “war guilt clause” and believe Germany and her allies are solely responsible for the outbreak of war. Revisionist, contemporary historians have, however, in the past few decades, discussed the idea that perhaps the war was a result of the collective responsibility of all of the powers involved. One important factor in determining german responsibility is Germanys foreign policy during the years building up to war. As far back as bismarckian rule, germany created tension and rivalry in the centre of Europe. In 1871, for example, in The Franco Prussian war, germany gained power of the French regions of Alsace and Lorraine, causing a major upset to the balance of power. Towards 1890 Germany looked to be heading towards a more stable country, with Bismarcks behaviour changing from “poacher” to gamekeeper” it seemed that once he had provoked the tension, and now he was trying to ease it. ...
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