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Terrible - don't buy at Pixmania (Since November 2010) I ordered a nice big suitcase that included a luggage scale and paid £172. One week later, I received the luggage scale only (it was delivered to the wrong address, but never mind). On the status of the suitcase, Pixmania mentioned on their website, it would be delivered within two weeks. After three weeks, I received an e-mail that I would get a refund of £158 without any explanation or reason. I immediately called Pixmania and asked why they sent me that e-mail? I also mentioned that I wasn't interested in the scale and would be happy to send it back, but want my money back. Mario from Pixmania was very friendly and said that he would come back to me within 24 hours after he had spoken to his Manager. It is now one week later and I still haven't heard back. This is really outrageous. I would never ever buy anything from Pixmania. ...
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