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The Body Shop Body Mist 08/11/2016

Good smell but fades away very quickly

The Body Shop Body Mist I am honestly a big fan of body shop products and I love their business idea and how seriously they take environment into account. I think every skin care product I use is from body shop that's how much i admire the company. I bought Body Shop body mist 3 times and always different smells. It smells fantastic, especially Shea Butter but one disadvantage that smell fades away so quickly I can't even notice. In my point of view developers should really focus on making a long lasting smell of this body mist. Though, I think it is worth the money considering it is not so expensive. I am not sure whether if I ever buy it again as I will probably now will try something from Body Shop fragrance collection. But maybe it is a matter of personal choice as my friends really enjoy this body mist collection.

GoPro Hero4 Silver 08/11/2016

Camera that does everything

GoPro Hero4 Silver I bought GoPro Hero4 Silver in the beginning of summer 2016 for my trip to Ibiza. Because me and my friends wanted to capture the best moments. And it did its work exceptionally well. Not only we managed to record all our underwater adventures but also every single moment on all the parties where we went. Camera is so safe in it's waterproof case that it was saved not only from water but also from paint when we went to the paint party. The only difficulty I would say is that it is hard to get used to all the options it has. Kind of confusing at times and you surely have to buy extra accessories like monopod to make your photos better. And also if you have a remote for gopro it will make your life so much easier. Hence, I really love the fact that I can control the camera from my phone. And time lapse videos turn out to be amazing. Recommend!!

Versace Eros Pour Femme Eau de Parfum 08/11/2016

One of my favorite

Versace Eros Pour Femme Eau de Parfum This is by far one of the best perfumes I have ever had. Just cannot get enough of it. In my point of view it is really worth the money. I got 100ml and it is almost gone, so really considering buying a new bottle. More to that all my friends keep asking me what is the name of the perfume. I am myself a fan of Versace perfumes, but this one is the top. And the bottle looks amazing, I think bottle was the main reason how I noticed this perfume in the store. But I have noticed that price varies a lot in different stores and countries. I got mine from Amazon and it was the cheapest I found around UK. Can't wait to get another bottle and keep impressing people with the smell.
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