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You Are the Quarry (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Morrissey 08/02/2005

Review from a new Morrissey fan!

You Are the Quarry (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Morrissey Up until two weeks ago, I had never even heard of Morrissey before. (I'm a female college student in the Eastern United States. Not too many Morrissey fans here!) But I was sitting in the nurse's waiting room to check up on an allergy, and I flipped through the latest issue of SPIN Magazine. They were thoroughly praising "You Are The Quarry" and the single "Irish Blood English Heart," so I decided to download the song and give it a try. And this led to another download... and another... and soon I've heard the entire album and I'm ordering the deluxe CD/DVD edition off of the Internet. Instant fan! Haha. This CD is very consistent musically. This is rock music with a slightly dark sound, smoothed out in slower tracks by sweeping background strings, and leaning toward pop in some tracks with moderately driving pop rhythms. The melodies are very catchy, and will grow on you if not on the first listen, then certainly after two or three. I find Morrissey's vocals to be very smooth and brooding, very pleasant on the ear. For comparison, I would say this CD has a similar feel to David Bowie's newest CD, "Reality." Morrissey's lyrics are a double edged sword, however. He doesn't hesitate to express his political leanings and his thoughts about the church in a very blunt, straightforward fashion. While I personally find his lyrics wonderfully sharp and intense, I can understand why people would be turned off. For instance, the first song is called "America Is Not The World," ...

Labyrinth (Collector's Edition) (DVD) 02/10/2004

A magical and breathtaking fantasy.

Labyrinth (Collector's Edition) (DVD) ~*~ "Through Dangers Untold..." ~*~ Let's get the negatives out of the way first. While Labyrinth -- with its basic storyline and use of little puppets -- may seem like a "kid's movie," is probably more suitable for adolescents and adults. Young kids likely will have trouble understanding the characters, and be frightened by the imaginative monsters and scenery. ~*~ "How You Changed My World, You Precious Thing..." ~*~ When I first watched Labyrinth, I was about seven, and the movie was being broadcast on TV. I didn't remember much of it, but one scene that stuck in my mind was a bizarre, dreamlike ballroom, and a young woman and a man dancing to some ethereal music. It was one of those memories that seemed like something from a very unsettling dream, and after a while I was wondering if I ever saw the movie, of if I really did just dream it up. A whole bunch of years later, I happened to pick up Labyrinth by chance at the rental's, and only then did I realize it was that mystery movie I saw on TV! Of course, I was able to appreciate the movie a LOT more, but one aspect remained: Labyrinth still invoked in me that magical, dreamlike feeling that it gave me when I was young. ~*~ "It's Only Forever, Not Long At All..." ~*~ So just why is Labryinth, a kid's flick from 1986, so enduring? It's probably because of its relevance. Most of us have wanted to escape this world into a fantasy realm at some point, and most of us identify on some level with the ...

Rat Race (DVD) 01/10/2004

Hilarious! You've never seen anything this funny!

Rat Race (DVD) If you're looking for a laugh out loud comedy that will make you laugh so hard you can't breathe, stop reading this review and get Rat Race now! True, Rat Race isn't filled with super special effects. The script does not contain answers to the Universe. It will not influence you to be a better person. But Rat Race WILL make you laugh! The story is simple enough, starting out in a Las Vegas resort casino. As the visitors hit the slot machines, ten strangers -- including a recently reunited mother-daughter pair to a quirky narcoleptic Italian -- recieve single gold coins from the machines that tell them to congregate at the top floor of the casino. When they do so, an eccentric millionare (played hilariously by John Cleese, wearing fake, Chiclet-like white teeth) tells them that they have randomly selected to win 2 million dollars. The money is located in a duffel bag in a small train station in Silver City, New Mexico. All the contestants have to do is be the first to reach the money, and the money will be theirs. The rules? There are no rules! Get to the money first and keep it! And so begins the exploits of these initially skeptical, but soon frantic characters, as they fight to reach the money in New Mexico first. As this is a comedy about, well, a rat race, most of the gags are physical, almost cartoonish gags and comedy sketches that build up on one another. For instance, you'll see actor Seth Greene be dragged through a field of cows as he dangles from a ...

Nutella 01/10/2004

Eat this and be a better person!

Nutella Oh my gosh, Nutella is the most sinfully delicious thing that has ever come into the Breakfast Spreads isle. It's a very creamy, sweet, thick chocolate and hazlenut spread. The hazlenut flavor is a great addition because it gives the chocolate an extra, unique zing. And besides, you'll be putting CHOCOLATE onto your breakfast toast! Isn't that a reason to buy Nutella? I can't begin to describe how delicious this is. Okay, now why does it give you energy? It's high in calories. That's not a bad thing. That simply means you have more energy to do the stuff you like. How is it versatile? Well, if you put it in the refrigerator, it will be nice and cool and firm, wonderful for sneaking into the fridge and scooping out a neat chunk to nibble on. If you leave it at room temperature, it will be creamy and silky and smooth, perfect for easy spreading. It tastes great on toast, cookies, crackers, pita bread, fruit, anything. And it tastes great alone. This is your meal in a can. And how does it help you make friends? Well, I went on a week-long camping trip with 8 people I didn't know. We had among ourselves a jar of Nutella. Some people hadn't tried Nutella before. We experienced, enlightened ones began to gush on and on about how great Nutella was. With one taste of the unique hazelnut flavored chocolate, they were hooked! We spread Nutella on everything. (We were camping and the foods we brought were basically flat tortillas and various sauces and packaged tuna.) We ...

Robin Hood - Prince Of Thieves (DVD) 01/10/2004

Solid historical action movie, but with flaws.

Robin Hood - Prince Of Thieves (DVD) <> Now you may wonder why having the wonderful actor Alan Rickman stealing the show with his classic portrayal of the Sheriff of Nottingham is a Con. Well, that's because the Sheriff is the "Bad Guy." When your main character is the legendary Robin Hood, you're NOT supposed to be rooting for the bad guy. And that's a big problem of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves: actor Kevin Costner doesn't manage to bring out Robin Hood's swashbuckling dazzle. He comes across as a goodhearted, falliable, normal man, and ends up being a satisfactory, but thoroughly unmemorable character. Alan Rickman, on the other hand, turns on the charm as he swaggers and sneers and prances from one corner of the screen to another, spreading his evil plans all over the town. He practically fizzes with energy, spits out the best one-liners, and manages to add enough character depth to make you sympathize with him. At end of the movie, during the swordfighting showdown between Robin Hood and him, Robin plows on as the Sheriff hops around him like an evil fairy. When the Sheriff dies -- and I'm not ruining the movie for you because in formulaic movies like this one the villain always dies -- you want to boo, because now the fun is over. If Kevin Costner had possessed as much magnetism and charm as Rickman, this movie would have been MUCH less stilted in the acting department, and we would have found ourselves cheering for the legendary Robin Hood, as we're supposed to do, instead of guiltily ...

Reality - David Bowie 30/09/2004

For casual, die hard, and future Bowie fans alike.

Reality - David Bowie If you've never heard Bowie before, or if you're only a casual listener, this would be the album to get. Reality is the most accessible Bowie album in the last decade, but at the same time it doesn't sacrifice any of Bowie's creative rock talents in order to "sell out" to the masses. First, a little history leading up to Reality. For those of you who have been following Bowie's career in the mid-nineties, you'll know that the albums he released during that period weren't exactly... mainstream. First there was "1. Outside," a dark, art rock creation about a ritualistic murder of a 14 year old girl. And then there was "Earthling," a heavy techno, drum and bass album with beats frantic enough to drive you to a migrane. And then, "hours...," an album that started out as a soundtrack to a video game. Now personally I quite like all three, especially "1. Outside," but I'm not at all surprised when people say that they find the mid-ninties Bowie strange and virtually inacessible. But good news! With the 2001 release of "Heathen," Bowie seemed to have stopped his musical flirting with various quirky genres, and returned to his roots: rock music. And now his latest, "Reality," shows him at his unique, rocking best. Most of the songs on the CD are what Bowie describes as "thrusty." Crank up the volume and you'll find yourself bopping your head to the beat. (Or in my case, dancing.) But in no way is "Reality" just another manufactured rock album! Remember, this IS David ...

Dell Latitude D600 29/09/2004

Great student and all-purpose computer!

Dell Latitude D600 I'm currently in college, and the college offered us Dell Latitude D600's at discounted prices. I agree with their choice at picking this laptop, because it's a great all-purpose laptop for a wide variety of uses. Okay, first, hardware. This laptop is not the lightest out there, for those of you wanting featherweight laptops, but I carry mine with me all the time in my bookbag and I don't feel the weight to be an issue. The matte screen gives crisp, vibrant images that are easy on the eyes, without any annoying glares. The DVD ROM is excellent because you can use it to burn CDs and DVDs, in addition to playing them. Perfect for students (or just anyone in general) who have limited room on their dinky desks and don't want eighty plug-ins sticking out from all over the place. There is NO floppy disc drive, but those are becoming outdated anyway. There is a USB port, and you can use the USB storage devices easily. Simply plug it in, and you're ready to save stuff onto your USB storage without having to go through any new hardware install processes. The keyboard is very quiet, which is a plus when you are typing (as I am) at 4 in the morning while your roomate is asleep. In addition, the keyboard has both the trackstick and the touchpad, so fans of either will be satisfied. Also, both of them (yes, even the trackstick) include the tap-clicking function, which is a small nuance, but nice. Basically, you tap once on the touchpad or trackstick and it'll be as if you ...

The Gormenghast Trilogy - Mervyn Peake 29/09/2004

A book for people who love the beauty of words.

The Gormenghast Trilogy - Mervyn Peake This book is meant for people who love to read for reading's sake. If you can't bear to read five pages of description on one object, then read a plot summary of this book or watch the BBC movie. Or... you can pick up this book anyway, and be transformed. With a little patience, the lush beauty of Mervyn Peake's words will truly touch you. The story is centered around a large, imposing dark and ancient castle in the land of Gormenghast. Inside, rules Lord Groan, his wife Gertrude, and his daughter Fuschia. They are surrounded by their many subjects, including a doctor, the doctor's sister, Fuschia's old nanny, the cook, the professors, Lord Groan's manservant, and more. Their lives are very routine -- schedules having been listed out to the day in a huge, ancient book -- until Gertrude gives birth to the future heir of the throne, a little baby boy named Titus Groan. The news of the birth attracts the attention of a lowly kitchen boy, Steerpike. He uses the hectic, festive atmosphere surrounding the birth to escape from the confines of the kitchen, and then, having infiltrated the main part of the castle, decides to ascend to the throne of Gormenghast. Read as our anti-hero Steerpike begins his ascent as he lies, backstabs, and manipulates the characters in the book into following his wishes. This very dark and gothic book (from now on I'll just refer to the trilogy as one book) is hard to fit into a genre. It has elements of drama, psychology, science fiction, ...

John Carpenter's Ghosts Of Mars (DVD) 29/09/2004

Um... no.

John Carpenter's Ghosts Of Mars (DVD) I really regret to say that this movie is a big, big flop, and if you want to see it, don't. But read on, if that is your wish. The main story takes place in a series of flashbacks on Mars. Mars has been colonized and is home to criminals sent from earth. A group of cops try to transport a convict (played by Ice Cube) to a remote jail. When they arrive, they find out that savage ghosts have taken over the jail, and now they must try to stay alive, blah blah blah... Don't watch this. Now, I very rarely say that about a movie, because I feel like all films must have some redeeming aspects to some people, but this movie falls into the "Complete Miss" category. First of all, the whole concept of having a so-called Sci Fi Thriller in flashback mode, with lots of voice over narration, fatally slows down the pacing. The flashbacks would do great in a film noir, but not in a movie that tries to be an action thriller. Also, the flashback within flashback makes the viewer think way too much. When I want to watch a movie called "Ghosts of Mars," I don't want to undergo an excercise in deductive reasoning, and try to see how many flashbacks within flashbacks I can logically fit into my head. This ends up totally confusing everyone. The special effects are very low quality for a science fiction movie made in 2001. The computer generations look like rough creations from Xena, or that early 1990's show, Sinbad. When you watch an outer space science fiction movie, the ...

Galaxy Quest (DVD) 29/09/2004

A funny and exciting romp through space!

Galaxy Quest (DVD) <> Modern day: It's twenty years after the original "Galaxy Quest" last aired on TV, and now the actors of the Sci Fi show are reduced to signing autographs for sniveling, costume-donning teens at conventions. But one day, their lives are turned around as Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen), the egotisical actor who played Commander Taggart, gets a visit from some real life aliens! These aliens have recieved broadcasts of "Galaxy Quest" episodes through space, and have interpretted them as actual historical documents detailing the heroic sucesses of a real-life spaceship. Since their homeworld and their race are getting destroyed by evil, green reptilian thugs, the aliens ask Commander Taggart and his crew to command their spaceship in defeating the invaders. Of course, "Commander Taggart," along with his "crew," are only actors, and now they must bumble ineptly through space, trying to save their alien friends and themselves. <> Tim Allen -- Jason Nesmith Sigourney Weaver -- Gwen DeMarco Alan Rickman -- Alexander Dane Tony Shalhoub -- Fred Kwan Sam Rockwell -- Guy Fleegman Daryl Mitchell -- Tommy Webber One of the highlights of this movie is definitely the great ensemble acting. All the talented actors seem like they are embracing their roles, having fun working with each other, and valuing their time onscreen. And their energy shows through to us, the audience. Just watch the beginning scene when the Galaxy Quest actors are waiting ...
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