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Collection 2000 24hr Extreme Felt Tip Liner 01/11/2013

Easy Eye Liner !

Collection 2000 24hr Extreme Felt Tip Liner Collection 2000 has been one of my favourite make up brands for a few years now. I love the simplicity of their products and the overall good quality and affordable price that they have to offer. One of their products that I am absolutely loving right now is their 24hr Extreme Felt Tip Liner! WHAT IS IT ? The 24hr Extreme Felt Tip Liner is an 'easy to apply' eye liner that will leave a gorgeous bold colour on your lids. Collection 2000 claim that this will be 'easy to apply' 'leave a bold beautiful look' and 'last up to 24hrs'. PACKAGING The liner comes in a sleek pen like package that if put into a pen pot, would definitely be confused as a felt tip marker pen. The brush is very much like a felt tip marker which will help to give you that sharp edgy winged effect! AVAILABILITY/PRICE You can purchase this from the Collection 2000 website, in Boots and Superdrug stores and on their websites too. This comes in 4 shades. Matte Black, Purple, Blue and Teal This is £2.99 MY THOUGHTS I've never been one to apply eye liner perfectly. I'm the sort of person that always has a make up wipe on hand ready to wipe away the messy black smudges that will inevitably end up on my face! My first thoughts on this product were "wow". Need I say more? The idea of a felt tip liner amazed me. I've always used liquid liners and pencil liners and found them to be extremely difficult to use. When I saw this I felt like a new world had opened up! I know it sounds silly but if you are ...

Bioderma Crealine TS H2O Micelle Solution 20/10/2013

Good product but just fancy water

Bioderma Crealine TS H2O Micelle Solution As a blogger, I constantly see products being hyped up every single day. Most of the time the hype is worth it but other times the hype was for nothing. Bioderma has got to be one of the biggest hyped products that i've seen in the blogging world. FIRST IMPRESSIONS I purchased my bottle of Bioderma whilst on holiday in France. I was really excited to use this as I had seen so many people raving about this product and I assumed that this would be the best product that I have ever used. I'm not one to use make up removers on my face. I tend to use baby wipes or facial washes so this was going to be a new experience for me. PACKAGING The packaging is very plain and simple but you KNOW that it is Bioderma. The pink catches the girly girls eyes and the simplicity catches everyone else's eyes in my opinion. The packaging is usually what sells the product. If you haven't tried a product before it's usually the packaging and recommendation that is going to get you to buy that product! PRICE The price for this wasn't cheap. I bought two large 500ml bottles for £18. In the UK these are around £10 for a 200ml bottle which is a little pricey. These can be purchased from ESCENTUAL's website which offers UK delivery. QUALITY/PERFORMANCE I will be honest and say that this is basically just fancy water with a few chemicals in it. The good points are that it is alcohol free, PH and soap free and mild which make this perfect for using around the eye area and for sensitive skin types. ...

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection 19/10/2013

Goodbye Frizzy hair, Hello sleek & Soft!

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection After years of bleaching and dying my hair a variety of colours I started to notice that my hair was looking a little frizzy and the ends of my hair were well and truly splitting. I didn't want to get my hair cut at that moment in time as most hair dressers I had previously been to had cut my hair about 4 inches shorter than I asked them too. I searched the local beauty stores for a miracle product that would give some life back into my horrific hair. That is when I came across the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split end Protection Cream. FIRST IMPRESSIONS I've used herbal essences products before so my expectations of this product were immediately high as I'd been impressed by their other hair products. PACKAGING The product comes in a tube bottle with a pump nozzle which pumps out just enough to put onto the ends of your hair DIRECTIONS OF USE To use you simply squirt a small amount of the product onto the palms of your hands, then massage into the ends of you hair. If you have thicker hair then I would use two pumps. This can be used on damp or dry hair WHERE TO BUY/PRICE I bought mine from boots a few months back for £2.99. I have recently found this being sold in Pound stores so I would recommend checking these first. QUALITY/EFFECT The quality of the cream is brilliant. It's a lovely thick consistency that absorbs well into the hair. I wouldn't say that this FIXED my split ends but it has certainly made my hair look a lot less frizzy and a lot more healthy. ...

Dealing with cyberbullying: Tips for kids and parents 17/10/2013

Don't Retaliate - Keep your head high

Dealing with cyberbullying: Tips for kids and parents MY EXPERIENCES As a 19 year old teenager I have had many years of being both a victim and a witness of cyberbullying. It's horrible. Words can't describe that gut wrenching feeling when someone you know is being hurt online or when you are being attacked for no reason at all. When I was in year 9 I remember sitting on Facebook one day, talking to my friend and suddenly a fight started. Over nothing. My friend was being attacked by 7 other girls in our year group. Swearing, threatening, abusive and just plain shocking for someone that is just 14 years old. My friend hadn't said or done anything to provoke these girls at all. I put it down to the fact that we were talking about a piece of homework that we had managed to get in early and I think it was down to the fact they were jealous that my friend was an A* student at just 14 years old. Pathetic. Why pick on someone who has a talent? As adults we praise this kind of thing but clearly to kids this means you're some sort of "boffin" or "swat". It's a shame. I've been a victim of cyberbullying too. I'm quite a strong person when someone picks on me. I tend to just shrug it off, let them see that I'm not bothered and they move along. That was until one day someone ruined one of my hobbies. Youtube. I was suffering from depression at the time because my brother had just passed away and I decided to make Youtube videos on what I was going through. Instead of my class peers seeing this as something good , they decided to ...

Make Up Academy Mua Nail Constellation Gemini 17/10/2013

Constellation ? Constant disappointment !

Make Up Academy Mua Nail Constellation Gemini In previous MUA reviews that I have written I can never find a fault in their products. I'm always satisfied with the quality and price of the products and I always find that I am pleasantly surprised after using them. That was until I tried this. FIRST IMPRESSIONS I wanted to try the CIATE nail caviare for quite some time now and so when I saw that MUA came out with their own version I was over the moon. The pictures of it looked amazing, it looked so easy to use and I absolutely loved the colour range PRICE You can purchase these on the Superdrug website and in store, and also on the MUA website for just £3 COLOUR RANGE There are 5 colours to choose from - Gemini, Leo, Libra,Pisces and Scorpio HOW TO APPLY To apply, the bottle claims that you simply pour the constellation pearls onto wet painted nails and leave to dry. Simple? No. It was so hard to apply. The beads went everywhere and most of them wouldn't stick to the polish. I applied a top coat to keep these in place, like you do with the CIATE pearls and it took the colour out of them completely. I was left with bumpy, odd looking nails that would have little colourless balls falling off of them when my hands moved. Not impressed. QUALITY The quality isn't great at all. The colours fade very quickly, the bottle just doesn't make it any easier to put the unused beads back into it at all. You can use the lid to funnel the beads back in but unless you have small and steady hands this is near impossible. It's too ...

Makeup Academy MUA Lipstick 17/10/2013

MUA Makeup Academy Lipsticks

Makeup Academy MUA Lipstick I've been a fan of MUA products for about a year now. I used to be a massive E.L.F Lover and when I found another makeup brand that sold similar products for an even cheaper price I couldn't resist trying them out! The MUA lipsticks are just £1 and can be purchased from selected Superdrug stores and on the MUA website. FIRST IMPRESSIONS My first impressions of the lipstick were doubtful. I was doubting that a lipstick costing just £1 would be any good. PACKAGING The packaging is really simple but unique. When you look at the MUA packaging you KNOW that it is MUA. I've not seen other makeup brands using the style of packaging that they use so this is handy when hunting for their products in the store. The packaging is well made, sturdy and will survive a battering if you're taking it out with you in your bag for the day. THE PRODUCT/QUALITY Much to my surprise this little £1 lipstick is wonderful. The pigment is lovely, you don't need to re apply until around 4/5 hours. I found that if your lips are dry then it can look very uneven and messy so maybe exfoliate and moisturise your lips before applying this. I did find that this was moisturising on my lips. It's very soft. There are a range of colours that you can purchase. I found the lighter shades didn't have as good a pigment as the darker shades but that's okay - I don't mind re applying lipsticks in all honesty. I don't know the names of the lipsticks as they are just named "shade 1" "shade 2" etc , so I'll ...

L'Oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Powder Compact with Brush 16/10/2013

Perfect Shade, Flawless Finish, Excellent Coverage

L'Oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Powder Compact with Brush I purchased this about a month or so ago on the Fragrance Direct website for £2.99. I've loved L'oreal for quite some time now and I am in love with their foundations as they always stock the shade "Porcelain". As a pale skinned girl I find it hard when purchasing powder foundations in my shade as the lightest colour that most companies stock is Ivory. This looks orange on my face sadly. When I found this I was over the moon and couldn't wait to try it. FIRST IMPRESSIONS My first impressions were mainly good. It took me a while to figure out how to get the packaging open. I thought it was a flip top capped lid but it turned out to be a twist lid. I nearly broke it but didn't thankfully! PACKAGING The packaging is a good idea. The little foundation brush is nicely stored in the lid of the packaging. It doesn't touch the powder it sits in a little slot on the lid. You should be able to make this out in the image. I would say that the packaging isn't very sturdy. It's very thin plastic which if dropped, the foundation would just shatter everywhere. I drop my powders a lot and they end up breaking so I tend to opt for well packaged foundations. I didn't buy this for the packaging (for once!), I bought it for the shade. PRICE AND AVAILABILITY You can purchase this on the Fragrance direct website for around £2.99 this can change depending on availability. In Boots however this sells at the retail price of £12.99. Always shop around before purchasing! QUALITY This is ...

Eco Tools Bamboo Blush Brush 16/10/2013

Soft Touch, No Fallouts, Perfect starter brush

Eco Tools Bamboo Blush Brush Eco tools are becoming one of my favourite make up brush brands to use. I find that their brushes are super soft, easy to clean and I never find that the bristles fall out. The Eco Tools brushes are made with all natural materials and are 100% animal cruelty free and environmentally friendly. QUALITY The Blush brush is brilliant quality. The handle is super smooth and is easy to grip whilst using. The handle is just long enough to give you enough control over the brush when applying your blusher. The bristles are soft and hold products on them well. The brush is dense and thick and although it takes a while to dry when cleaning, it's really easy to use and feels great on the skin. PRICE You can purchase these in Boots, online and in store for £7.99 , this does sound like a lot for a makeup brush but it's dense and made with good quality materials which means you get more for your money OVERALL This is a great beginner brush. If you're a little bit more proffesional with your makeup then I would suggest going with similar brushes like the Mac Blush brushes or the Real Techniques Blusher brushes. This isn't a domed brush so this might not be to some peoples taste. For me this does a great job of applying my powder foundation and blushers. It's great for blending the colour in and picks up just enough product to give you a flawless finish as opposed to an over bronzed, red cheeked finish.

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation 15/10/2013

Incredible Infallible

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation My first review in a long time on here! I'm really happy to be back and writing on Ciao! I've missed writing my reviews on here! I think my blog took over! haha! Anyways, onto the review! WHAT IS IT The Infallible foundation aims to cover your skin for up to 16 hours. It claims to give you a flawless effect on your face. The foundation itself comes in a range of colours varying from the palest shade of Porcelain to the darkest shade of Golden sun. MY THOUGHTS I am a pasty face and proud. However I get increasingly frustrated when I go to buy a foundation and the company hasn't included a porcelain shade. A lot of companies seem to think that peoples skin tones stop at ivory in terms of paleness but they are so wrong. This is why I am in love with the infallible foundations. Because they have a porcelain shade! THE PACKAGING The foundation is easy to use as it has a pump motion nozzle which gives you just enough formula to cover your entire face. With this product, a little goes a long way which is a plus. It's a glass bottle so this probably isn't the best product to chuck into your handbag and rush off with as it may break. THE QUALITY The quality is great. I love the creamy texture the foundation has and how smoothly and evenly it applies onto skin. The finish is matte and doesn't leave any streaks. I'd say this is a medium coverage foundation with the ability to be build-able to a full coverage foundation. DOES IT LAST 16 HOURS? No. In simple terms haha. It ...

Essays 01/05/2012

For My Big Brother, From Your Little Sister

Essays This essay is about my Brother. It is how he was taken from my life and how I have coped with living without him. It's quite short as it is hard to go into detail xI'll start from the beginning.2007...the year that changed my life forvever. It was June 2007. I was at school. It was extended learning day which is where we get to choose our own subject to study for the day. I chose to do drama for the day as it sounded like a fun day. We were going to be performing a short play of Billy Elliot. I was in the dance studio learning a routine when I was told to go to reception. At first I was scared that I was in trouble because, that lunch time I had an argument with a friend and really laid into her. So I grabbed my belongings and headed to reception. I arrived and they didn't know what was going on so they sent me to student services - this is basically reception but for the students. I arrived at student services and said "Hi I'm Hannah I was told to come here." The lady at the desk just looked at me red eyed and said "in there". At this point my heart was thumping because I thought I was going to be in big trouble. I walked into the room beside the desk and looked straight in front of me at the teacher. I said Hi and she looked to the corner of the room at my Mum. I looked at her and she was as white as a sheep and looked like she had been crying. The teacher left the room, shut the door. Silence. "Mum whats going on?" She started to cry. "Mum whats wrong, where's Dad? Is he ...

Panasonic HX-DC1 30/04/2012

Perfect for Youtubers and Amatuers!

Panasonic HX-DC1 I haven't used all the settings on this camera yet so can only tell you what I have used so far. I will be as imformative as possible about the one's I haven't used yet though!COSTI bought this for £99 on the CEX website. You can purchase this from a number of electronic stores for prices between £99 and £150. Obviously it is good to shop around first to get the best price!PACKAGINGThe camera comes in a box (obviously!) and in the box you get the camera, the manual, a cd set up for your computer and the USB cable which is also the wall plugin charging cable. The camera is very well packaged inside the box. My advice is to keep all the original packaging because if you ever want to sell it you can state that it still has it's original packaging which increases it's value slightly! BASIC FEATURESIt has a fold out LCD screen which twists 285 degrees which allows you to turn the camera around to film or take a picture of yourself. It has a built in speaker at the side of the camera to allow playback audio to be clear. It also has a flash underneath the lens. It is slim and stylish perfect for those that base their cameras on looks quite a lot! It is well built i haven't dropped it yet so I don't know if it will hold up! It has a lens cap which protects the lens when you aren't using it. It also has a hand strap that comes with it too. Now onto the more technical stuff! I am going to be honest - I got all these specifications out of the manual as a lot of it doesn't make much ...

Select (Shop) 30/04/2012

Lovely clothes - terrible service

Select (Shop) So I love online shopping - I love that you don't have to leave the house and face the irritating crowds and queues. I find that it is actually cheaper most of the time to order fashion and beauty products online but the sales you get in store are exclusive to the stores as opposed to online sometimes. So it has it's pro's and con's.MY FIRST THOUGHTSMy first thoughts about this website were "wow everything looks lovely and it is so cheap". The variety of clothes looked amazing, the quality looked good, the styles were bang on trend and the sales they had were awesome. I first found out about the website through just flicking through Google. I simply typed in "Cheap and affordable clothes" and Select Fashion came up.WEBSITETheir website is very easy to use. It used to be a sleek black look but they have now updated it to look more bright and colourful and it is a lot easier to find things now. SELECTIONThey have a good selection of clothes. Their stock is always up to date from what I can see. They offer lots of sizes from a size 6 - 18 and for shoe sizes 3-8. They are bang on trend too and match up to the standards of New Look and Topshop in my opinion!MY ORDERI ordered a few things from the website which included some leopard print leggings, leopard print wedges and a cute black tiger top. They were all affordable, the leggings which I had seen in Topshop at £40 were only £8 on select...amazing! The wedges I bought were £30 but I got them for £10 in the sale! And finally my ...

E.L.F. E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set 29/04/2012

Smells amazing and Feels Refreshing!

E.L.F. E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set E.L.F is one of my favourite makeup brands. Not only is it cheap but they have great quality products too. They have 3 different ranges. They have their "Own" range which is where the products are all from £1.50. They also have their "mineral" range which is all mineral makeup and eco friendly. And they have their "studio" range which is from £3.50 and has a sleek and professional look to it.The E.L.F makeup mist and set is from the Studio Range and prices at £3.50. You get a 60ml bottle which is clear black with a spray nozzle which is protected by a plastic cap. The formula has aloe green tea, cucumber and vitamins A,C and E. So essentially this would be brilliant if you have problematic skin as these ingredients will do wonders for blemishes!You can purchase this on their website : www.eyeslipsface.comMY FIRST THOUGHTSMy first thoughts of this product that it was a little bit gimmicky. When I heard that it was a spray that is supposed to set your makeup my first thought was "So you are using a water based spray to set your liquid makeup...hmm I wonder what is going to happen?!". Well, I suppose I was half right.APPLICATIONTo apply you are supposed to hold the bottle 12-16 inches away from your face and squirt as needed. Then let it dry naturally or blot with tissues.USING THE PRODUCTAs I started to use the product my favourite thing about it was the smell. It smelt so refreshing...The only way I can describe the smell is freshly cut grass with a hint of a summers breeze. ...

What is your favourite spring celebration? 29/04/2012

Spring has Sprung!

What is your favourite spring celebration? Spring is bright,Spring is beautifulSpring is colourful,Spring is warm,Spring is happy,Spring is songful,To me Spring is the time that everyone comes out of hibernation and steps out into what is probably the prettiest time of the year. Tree's start blossoming, birds start singing and laying their eggs, warm winds blow in, and people's moods lift.As we come out of the colder months it is nice to feel the sun on your skin as opposed to the dull grey clouds. It's lovely to feel the warm breeze on your face as opposed to the ice cold breeze that stuns you. And it's nice to have nothing but blossom and leaves fall to your feet instead of cold wet snow. From a fashion aspect we go from wearing dull black and grey colours to beautiful pastel and bright colours. When in winter it's bad enough that the clouds dullen the mood but when the dark colours that people wear hit the streets it is a double whamy of darkness. With Spring the sun comes out and so do the peoples senses. You walk along the streets and you are hit with brightness instead. My thoughts on Spring.Spring, has SprungHannahisme x

Recipes for Desserts 13/11/2011

Vanilla Cupcake Recipe!

Recipes for Desserts I for one am a hugeeeee cupcake lover! I love the look, taste and smell of them! You can be so creative with them! But for now I will tell you how to make a simple, vanilla cupcake! INGREDIENTS For the Cake : 250g unsalted butter 250g caster sugar 4 eggs 1tsp vanilla extract 185g self raising flower 60g plain flower 185 ml Milk For the icing : 125g unsalted butter 250g icing sugar 2 tsp of milk 1 tsp of vanilla extract If you want , you can get creative and make it a different colour! To do so just add a couple of drops of food colouring ! TO MAKE 1. Preheat the oven to 180C / Gas 4. Grease a 12 hole non stick muffin tray 2. Put the sugar and the butter in a bowl and beat it together until the mixture is light and fluffy. Add the eggs, then the vanilla and beat until fluffy. Sift the flour into the bowl and again mix together until the mixture is creamy. While doing so add the milk then stir until creamy. 3. Next, divide your mixture between the 12 muffin holes, then bake for 20 minutes. Then take them out , to check that they are completely cooked, take a tooth pick and poke it into the cupcake and if it comes out wet then they are not done - so then place them back into the oven for another 5 minutes. 4. Once done, take them out of the oven and leave them on a cooling rack for 30 minutes 5. While waiting for them to cool make the icing TO MAKE THE ICING 1. put the unsalted butter and icing sugar into a bowl and beat until fluffy , then add the milk ...
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