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Milka Daim Chocolate Bar 02/08/2011

Milka Daim, perfection in purple.......

Milka Daim Chocolate Bar Ah, Milka Daim chocolate! Just writing about it makes me dribble.... Before I start, I admit to being a chocoholic. I can eat frightening amounts of the stuff without feeling even slightly nauseous or putting on weight. 200g per day is probably my average. You might think of that as greedy/slightly revolting, but I consider it a kind of super power. Anyway, indulge me before you judge me! The chocolate aisle is my favourite part of Tesco (the wine aisle is second - spot the healthy eater!). And my favourite bit of my favourite aisle is the Milka section. Tesco stock three products from the Milka range, and I shall probably review the other two later. But today, it's all about my personal favourite, the Milka Daim. The standard price for this 100g bar is around £1.08, but Tesco and other supermarketts regularly do reduced or half price offers, so keep your eyes open. INSTRUCTIONS. Think you know already how to eat a bar of chocolate? Oh, read on...... Set aside an hour of quality time, on your comfiest sofa, with a steaming cup of your favourite coffee. Ensure you are alone (Milka Daim is not for sharing). Once in position, spend a moment admiring the shiny, purple wrapping. Then gently prise open the wrapping and savour the luxurious rustling noise as it parts. Catch your first glimpse of the glossy squares of luxury about to come your way, each square embossed with the word 'Milka'. Break a line off, and hear that oh-so-satisfying snap. Break your line into its four ...

Tesco Value TH100 Slimline Gondola Phone 13/07/2011

Tesco Value Gondola Telephone - excellent value!

Tesco Value TH100 Slimline Gondola Phone My BT phone line was playing up. Naively, I thought all I needed to do was ring BT and they would come rushing out to help me and all would be well. Wrong. Before they will visit, they need assurance that it is not your actual handset that is faulty. If it is, you get to pay £130 for wasting their time. To avoid this they recommend trying a different phone in your socket to check it's not your phone causing the problem. So, it was off to Tesco to buy another handset, purely (I thought) to establish that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the ones I already owned. Tesco have a surprising and impressive array of phones. Many of them have lots of fancy features, but on this occasion I was only interested in price as I thought it was destined for a drawer after five minutes use. That led me straight to the Tesco Value Gondola, costing a mere £4.28. I wouldn't normally have bought this - the packaging would have put me off, screaming "CHEAP" as it does, with its standard 'Tesco Value' markings on the box. But common sense prevailed, and I shoved it in my trolley. When I got it home I was very pleasantly surprised. It looks just like the picture above - a semi-matte, cream plastic with black buttons. The box describes it as white, but it is definitely cream. The numbers on the buttons are white against the black background and are quite large, so they are easy to read. There is a grey sticker on the base where you can, if you wish, write down twelve phone numbers. It ...
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