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Liverpool (England) 04/12/2007

Liverpool shines

Liverpool (England) Liverpool is a lively and happening city and now that it has won the right to be called European city of culture things are really looking onup for a city often overshadowed by Northern neighbours Manchester. I spent a week in liverpool and had a relaxing time. Current works are going on in order to get the city just right for 2008 when it opens its doors as the city of culture with big events and showcases. Highlights of the city inculde the famous ferry mersey pier and the Albert Docks. From here you can see miles out on a good day and its relaxing sitting by having a bite to eat and watching time fly by.The Beatles shop is must for fans of Paul,john,ringo and george and great to catch the old tunes.The Anglican and catholic catherdrals are worth a visit as well as the trendy shops and Liverpool and Everton football clubs.

Greatest - Duran Duran 04/12/2007

The greatest of all the New Romantics

Greatest - Duran Duran Duran Duran were part of the New Romantics music craze which swept the uk in the early 80's.This consisted of other bands like Adam and the Ants,Spandau ballet,Visage,Japan and ABC.The orginal line up of the band consisted of Simon le Bon (vocals) Roger Taylor( Drums) Andy Taylor ( guitar) John Taylor ( bass ) and Nick Rhodes(keyboards). The group hailed from Birmingham and stood out with their dress sense and style. Their first hit Planet Earth set the formula for their future success, stylish video mixed with bombastic lyrics created a heady pop mix. Greatest contains their hit singles from their first album Duran Duran though to the wedding ablum. Hits include Girls on film, hungry like the wolf, Rio,wild boys and ordinary world to name a few.They hold up surprsingly well with their catchy lyrics and Duran always were a classy pop band. Some of the later songs meet el presidente and skin trade were a bit patchy but ordinary world and come undone were great returns to form. My top 5 faves from the album 1- wild boys 2 girls on film 3 ordinary world 4 the reflex 5 a view to a kill.....Overall the album is well worth a listen and a good guide if coming to the band afresh with their latest outing Red letter massacre

Superman Returns (DVD) 22/07/2007

Superman soars!

Superman Returns (DVD) Superman Returns is a excellent superhero movie which really soars on the DVD format.Picture and sound quality are excellent doing full justice to the special effects and action sequences.Director Bryan Singer who did such a good job on the X-Men movies stamps his style on the film which is also a homage to Richard Donners first Superman film with the later Christopher Reeve. Brandon Routh is great as Clark Kent/Superman returning to a changed Earth after 5 years to learn that his love lois lane( Kate Bosworth) has now married and is not pleased to see him return.Kevin Spacey is good value as Lex Luther out to destroy Superman.The plane rescue scene is the highlight of this really cool fim. ...

16 Blocks (DVD) 28/08/2006

The return of a older,downbeat Bruce Willis..

16 Blocks (DVD) 16 Blocks is a fast paced,action drama which marks the return of Bruce Willis now more older and downbeat than previous roles.The film is directed by Richard Donner no stranger to the action genre as he was responsible for the lethal Weapon series,Superman and the little seen but enjoyable Slyvester stallone thriller Assasins.Willis is cast a det.Jack Mosley who has to escort a prisoner Eddie Bunker|( played by singer Mos Def) to a court hearing in New york where the film is set. However plans go awry when corrupt cops led by Lt Frank Nugent( David Morse) intercede to try and kill Bunker to stop him testifying.He has seen Nugent kill in cold blood and can send him and his associates to jail.Willis prevents this from happening and the chase begins across 16 blocks in New York as attempts are made to stop Bunker reaching court. The plot of the film is similar to Clint Eastwoods 1977 thriller the Gauntlet.It moves at a fast pace and the film is just under 100 mins pretty short for films of this type.Bruce Willis not seen on screen for a while now plays his age to nice effect.He sports a paunch,world weary look and often mumbles.There is a melancholic air to his character as if he's seen too many things in life and wants to do the right thing.Moss Def is good as the Eddie Bunker,showing different shades to the character the fear and sensitivity of somebody running away from death.David Morse who has done excellent support work in fims like The Rock,Proof of life and The ...

The Last Boy Scout (DVD) 04/09/2005

Life yet in the Boy scout

The Last Boy Scout (DVD) The last boy scout was released way back in 1992 and i can remember watching it at the cinema and enjoying it a lot for its action sequences and pacey one liners.The script for the film was written by the Shane Black ,who had risen to prominence as a scree writer with the lethal weapon movies.Here he uped the violence mixing it with rougher dialogue and world weary characters.Tony Scott director of earlier flashier hits like Top gun and beverlyhills cop 2,gave the film a stylish fast paced look. The last boy scout refers to lead character Joe Hallenbeck(Bruce Willis) a former secret service agent now struggling to make a living as a detective for hire.His marriage is floundering and he has a wayward daughter to contend with.He takes on a case helping Johnny dix( Damon Wayans) a disgraced football player find the killer of his stripper girlfriend Cory ( Halle Berry). Along the way they ecounter hard killers,corrupt police officers and a mastermind with connections that go high up.Willis is on good form here perfectly suiting his washed out character.The smirk which he has become his trademark comes through now and again but for most of the time he plays his worldweary part well.When the going gets tough and violence is required for survival you know he will deliver.Using his brain and brawn Willis shows there is life in the boy scout yet. Damon wayans as Johhny is also good and the verbal exchanges between him and willis are funny and a highlight of the film.Halle berry ...

Lethal Weapon 2 (Director's Cut) (DVD) 03/07/2005

The boys are back!

Lethal Weapon 2 (Director's Cut) (DVD) Lethal weapon2(1989) is the sequel to the original Lethal weapon(1987).Mel Gibson and Danny Glover return as LA cops Riggs and Murtagah,this time looking to bring down South African gangsters led by Joss Auckland.Joe Pesci is the wisecracking Leo Getz the informant under Police protection who gets dragged into helping Riggs/Murtagh out.Patsy Kensit is the personal assitant to Joss Ackland who gets involed in a romance with Riggs.The film is again directed by Richard Donner. Lethal 2 kicks off with a bang!..A very quick precredit with just the film logo explodes to a fantastic carchase which takes in Helicopters,explosions and Gibson wisecracks sets the tone nicely.The film is dominated by the action scenes which are really well done.A car chase with a flying canoe,a tall leap into a swimming pool, and soame explosive shootouts really pumps the feel of the film.Apart from the action L2 also has a nice dose of tongue in cheek humour mainly supplied by Joe Pescis funny turn as the informant who gets some hilarous lines,Leo Getz.The chemistry between Gibson and Glover as the two bickering cops is excellent.Glover has really homed in his part as Gibsons long suffering partner.Joss Ackland is slyly menacing as the south african kingpin and his no2 the brutal Derrick conner is a real handful.The only weak performance is by british actress Patsy kensit who plays joss acklands PA and gets involed in a romance with Gibson.She slows the movie down and her dialogue delivery leaves a ...

Witness (DVD) 24/06/2005

Witness a class thriller

Witness (DVD) Witness released back in 1985 is one of Harrison fords best movies and certaintly contains his best acting .It is directed by Peter Weir who had earlier acheived fame with Gallipolli(1981) and the Year of living dangerously(1983),both starring Mel Gibson.Ford stars as philadelphia cop John Book who takes into his protection a amish family Rachael( kelly mcgliss) and son Samuel(lukas Haas).The young Samuel witnesses a murder in the toilets at Philadelphia station and is in shock.After seeing a picture at the police station,Ford realises that the murder has been commited by corrupt detectives.After an attempt is made on his life ,he goes into hiding back in the familys Amish community.However the corrupt cops go after him and sets up a tense thriller. Ford is excellent in his role as John Book,bringing a tough but tender side to his character.He shows drive and courage tackling a dangerous situation.The scene where he does a dance with Rachal to the music of "wonderful world" is a great scene and Ford makes it come alive.He is also good as usual in the action sequences making them believable and enjoyable to watch.Kelly Mcgluiss is okay as Rachael though i think she could have been better.Lukas haas as the young boy is convincing and he acts well when showing terror.Of the villians the only known name is Danny Glover who was later to find fame in the Lethal weapon films.Here he is menacing and not one to cross Peter Weir directs the film really well capturing great ...

Lethal Weapon 4 (DVD) 10/06/2005

lethal misfires on third round

Lethal Weapon 4 (DVD) Lethal weapon4 was released in 1998 and was the fourth film,in the action frnachise that began in 1987 with the first lethal film.That movie introduced us to edgy detective Martin Riggs played brilliantly by Mel Gibson who teams up with family man/detective Roger Murtagh played by Danny Glover,to smash a drugs ring in Los Angeles.It was so successfull it was followed by two hit sequels in 1989 and 1992.In Lw4,Riggs and Murtargh are battling a Triad Kingpin(Jet li) who is seeking revenge for the death of his brother.Rene Russo returns as Lorna Cole who is now pregnant by Riggs. What made the first three films so good was the chemistry between the two lead characters.Here it moves at a sluggish pace due in part to the Lacklustre storyline.Richard Donners direction is sloppy throwing in loud explosions and desperate humour to keep the attention from wondering.Gibson sleepwalks through his role and looks a bit old to be playing a action hero.Danny Glover is better again good value as the contanstly stressed Murtagh.Joe pesci is again irratting as Leo Getz and he is upstaged in the comedy stakes by Chris Rock the cop in love with Murtarghs daughter.Jet li is the best thing in the film as the villian and his atheltic kicks and nimble footwork brings some style to the film. The action scenes are the best thing in the film.The freeway chase involing a flying table is good fun.The kungfu fights betwen li and Gibson are also staged well.Its a pity the rest of the film isnt as ...

Early Concepts - Stan Kenton 03/06/2005

In the line of excellence

Early Concepts - Stan Kenton In the line of fire(1993) is a excellent thriller well directed by Wolfang petersen( who directed last years TROY) and starring veteran Clint Eastwood as retired secret service agent Frank horrigan.John malkvoich portrays the charasmatic and dangerous villian Mitch OLeary.Rene russo provides unlikely love interest for Clint as a fellow agent and Dylan mcdermott is the rookie partner to Eastwood.The film has a typically stylish score by the legendary Ennio Morricone. The plot of the film is fairly interesting with a unexpected twist.Eastwood is the agent brought out of retirement to protect the presdient who has received numerous death threats.Malkvoich is the assasin previoulsy employed by the cia who has gone rogue and now kills for money.He will play a game of cat and mouse with eastwood taunting him his past with him not being able to protect President john f kennedy in the 60's.The film has action.terrific dialogue between the two main characters and fair dose of tension. Eastwood turns in one of his best ever performances.He is playing his age and thus it really well.He brings of the characters anger,sadness and depression really well.In one scene he even appears to be crying which is a great volte change from the normal tough and cold characters he has played in the past.The ending with eastwood racing against time to track Malkvoivch down is great acting mixing fear with relentless drive.Malvoich is fantastic as OLeary ,changing the way his character looks in ...

Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1 - George Michael 22/05/2005

listen to sheer class at its best

Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1 - George Michael Listen without predjudice(1990) is my favourite george michael album stronger in lyrical content and style than his other albums like faith(1997) and Older (1996).Even his latest release Patience(2004) though good doesnt match Predjudice.It is a wonderful album with mostly excellent songs.These songs show Michael at the height of his songwriting singing powers. At the time George was going through a difficult time in his personal life and also with his record Sony.The whole bussiness of being a celebrity was also begining to affect him.These moods helped shape the album with sensitivty and intelligence. The first thing notacable about the album is the title which is a mouthful.Why is it called predjudice 1? was Predjudice 2 to follow? Also was it a reference to listen to songs by already getting rid of your set ideas or beilefs and listen with a open mind.Whatever the reasoning behind the title the songs on the album proved that george had truly moved away from his Wham! days.The picture cover in black and white with a large crowd but no picture of George summed up his need to keep out the celebrity game.He wanted the audience to listen to the songs not look at him.The videos for the singles wouldnt feature him at all. The album has 10 tracks ranging with different moods. Track 1: Praying for time This i feel personally is one of Georges best ever songs andmy favourite.I remember hearing it for the first time and thinking i hadnt heard anything like it before.It is ...

National Treasure (DVD) 20/05/2005

Treasure hunt

National Treasure (DVD) National treasure is a enjoyable action adventure which is directed by John turtletaub and produced by jerry bruckheimer.It stars Nicolas Cage as Benjamin frankiln Gates.Ever since he was a boy he has been obsessed with finding the historic knights templar,a fantastic fortune.As he tries to find the treasure he has on his trail the cunning Sean Bean and his henchman who want the treasure for themselves.In a battle against time he is required to steal one of the most guarded american documents" the declaration of independence" for it contains the secret key that point the way to the treasure.He was on his side the relucant Diane kruger and close friend Justin bartha as well as dad John voight.They will have to overcome many dangers to get to the treasure. Director John tutletaub is best known for Phenmomen(1996) that starred john travolta as a everyday joe struck by lightning who develops super human powers.His direction there was nice and steady letting the story flow and the actors act.He pulls off the same trick here creating a nicely acted film with exciting blend of action and thrills.He mixes in nice touches of humour a bit like the indiana jones series.Producer bruckeheimer is well known for glossy hits like Top gun,days of thunder and the rock.He adds the same slick style here to created good all rouns entertainment. Nicolas cage is on good form as Gates who is intrepid in his search for the treasure.His sense of wonder,excitement and child like enthusiam shines ...

Random Hearts (DVD) 15/05/2005

Random desires

Random Hearts (DVD) Random hearts(1999) is a interesting well acted film dealing with complex adult emotions of adutlery,anger and loss.It stars Harrison ford as cop Dutch ven derbrock and Kirstin scott thomas as awaiting lady in congress Kay chandler.Also included in the cast is Charles s dutton as Fords cop buddy and Dennis haysbert as a cop gone crooked who ford is trying to bust.It is directed by syndey pollack famous for his films with Robert redford( The candiate,three days of the condour,out of africa). The film has an interesting premise which forms its core centre.Fords wife has been having a affair with Scott thomas husband.They both book into a filght to miami on alias names. However the flight is involed in a crash and both die.This throws the main characters into a moral hell as they try to discover how long the affair had been going on for and how they are going to cope with there loss.Things are not helped with tension in both characters personal lives .Ford is a world weary cop trying to bring down a crooked cop( dennis haysbert) and scott thomas is running to be elected for congress.Things occur that leads to both characters coming closer toghter because of there personal grief. Ford is quite good in his role reliable and solid.Its unusual not to seem him playing a guy of action as his usual trademark.But he captures his characters confusion,anger and weariness well. He strikes a grim tone through out the film and seems to relish the anger which he explodes in at the ...

Get Shorty (DVD) 15/05/2005

Travolta rocks again!

Get Shorty (DVD) Get shorty was released back in 1995 and immediately consolidated John travoltas comeback after his success in Pulp fiction the year before.Based on the novel by crime writer Elmore leonard ,he plays debt collector to the mob,Chilli palmer.After things go bit awry with his former employers he branches out on his own to track down a crook who has conned a airline out of money.After landing in Los angeles he gets involed with a B movie actress [rene russo) who acts for a B movie director( Gene hackman).Chilli likes the look of the movie bussiness and thinks about going into it for money.He agrees to help out Harry simm( Hackman) from criminals led by delroy lindo.On his trail is an old associate played by Dennis farina who wants to get even with him.What ensures is a humorous and witty tale of doublecrosses,snappy dialogue and terrific acting. Travolta is excellent in the role of Chilli turning in one of his best performances.He relys on his traditional charm but can do intense serousiness when required for the role.His look and swagger perfectley suit the character who always achieves his set objectives.The funniest scene is when he throws one of delroy lindos henchman( Sopranos Star james gandolfini) down the stairs of a posh resturant.It shows the style and toughness of the character.Rene russo is reliable as always as the actress chilli takes a shine to.Danny devito is really good in his brief scenes as a vain movie star martin short .All supporting actors from the ...

Miami Vice (DVD) 08/05/2005

Miami cool

Miami Vice (DVD) Miami vice was one of the most exciting and stylish shows in the 1980s.I can remember way back in 1985 when the show premiered in the uk for first time being blown away by it.It was totally different to anything seen on tv at the time.When the show was originally devised it was to appeal to the mtv generation who liked a mix of music with there action.The show transcended this original layout and ran for five seasons from 1984 to 1989.It focused on a elite team of VICE detevtives in miami.They were led by the tactiurn Costillo( Edward james olmos) and the star detectives Crockett( Don johnson) and Tubbs( Philip micheal thomas).Every week they would tackle crime in Miami and they would not always emerge with good results.The fashion of the show with the way the stars dressed also raised interest in the show with the electric music adding the drama of the show. The dvd which features the pilot and two parter episodes are both excellent.The pilot sees tubbs travelling to miami to track down Underworld kingpin Calderone.He teams up with miami detective crockett and a exciting game of cat and mouse occurs. The golden triangle episodes sees an old adversary of costillo return to miami which places the streets in danger.All three episodes are well directed and acted and show the series at the top of its game. The dvd sound and picture quality are very good and is a must for fans of the show

The Godfather Part 3 (DVD) 06/05/2005

Third time unlucky

The Godfather Part 3 (DVD) Francis ford coppolas The godfather part 3 ,was released in the christmas of 1990.It marked the final chapter in one of the most celebrated film series ever.The first godfather films in 1972 AND 1974 had been major successes winning awards and praise.They made a stars out of Al pacino,robert deniro,james caan and marked the comeback of marlon brando.There had been much specuation about the third film.When it finally arrived in cinemas it was perceived to be a major dissapointment when compared to what had gone before it. Part 3 kicks of with the godfather (al pacino) haunted by the killing of his brother fredo and by all events in his life.He decides to turn over a new leaf by attempting to go clean and selling of all interests in illegal bussinesses and siging up a deal with the vatican.He also wants to get closer to his estranged family and ex wife (Dianne keaton).However things go wrong and with the help of the new kid on the block Vincent ( Andy garcia) he is drawn back into familar battles.The movie is again directed by francis ford coppola who gives it a epic feel, with violence,romance tragedy and drama all mixed in. Al pacino is once again very good as Michael corleone who is now older,suffering from diatebes and on his last legs.Pacino shows the pain of the character and the terrible guilt he carrys well.However the film is dominated by Andy garcia who is excellent as the hothead Vincent.Showy,violent and straight to the point the film really crackles when he ...
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