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BBC1 - Holby City 05/04/2009

Never fails to suprise, amuse or keep me hooked!!

BBC1 - Holby City Holby City 8.00pm tuesdays (Usually) BBC1 Length-1 hour Medical spin-off of 'Casualty', drama following the work lives of doctors and nurses as well as their personal, and the lives of the patients they treat. I really enjoy this show and find it very 'watchable', unlike many other dramas it has a very big variety of cast and has many new actors and actresses coming in and out every week - this may give the effect that its not a friendly and familier drama however there are around 20 or so regular faces recuring in every episode which give us many great and gripping storylines and the most amazing 'one-liners'! My favourite being.. 'You went to public school right?' 'Yes, but what has that to do with anything?' 'well, you must be used to bending over' Never gets old! Another good fact is that it is only one once a week, this makes it something to look forward to where as a program that is on every or every other day seems like a chore to watch and somehow it becomes less enjoyable no matter how good the stoyline!!! It has been well written as the writers/producers have researched into medical facts to make it realistic and the show also deals with daily problems that people may face in everyday life. This show is extremely good to relate to! Also it has the most amazing special effects team, who created everything we see in surgey, it also looks so real and only last week they created conjoined twins-althouth that looked SO real- im beggining to think they actaully ...

Emmerdale 05/04/2009


Emmerdale I have watched Emmerdale my whole life, my parents watched and therefore i have grown up with it . I really enjoy this program as I find the storylines much more realistic and the scenery much nicer than the other popular soaps. (naming none!) There are a wide rande of actors with all sorts of different backgrounds. It is gererally about a small villiage in yorkshire, although that may sound boring, there are plenty of different stroylines to keep you on the edge of your seat, a plane crash, affairs,murder(S!!!) to name but a few. Along with all programs you get the good the bad and the plain right stupid, a down side to the show is that it is on 5 days a week (it use to be 6!!) this makes it more of a chore to watch rather than for your pleasure and you dont really find yourself looking forward to it, it almost becoms routine..

Channel 4 - Friends 05/04/2009

I'll always BE there to watch it!!

Channel 4 - Friends This program, with out a doubt, is one the funniest programs out there!!! You can watch the episodes over and over again and never get bored even if you know every single line, having said that new comides are giving it a run for its money and sadly i rarely watch it these days..but still when i do its always enjoyable! Main charcters are-Courteney Cox-Monica Geller, Jennifer Aniston-Rachel Greene,Lisa Kudrow-Phoebe Buffay,Matt Le Blanc-Joey Tribbiani, Matthew Perry-Chandler Bing and David Schwimmer-Ross Geller. Basically about a group of six friends living in New York City and their lives, and for some reason their favourite place to hang out......a coffee shop!?!? In my opinion the best actor and character has to be Matthew Perry/Chandler Bing, he has the ability to say someting that isnt really funny and still be able to make you laugh with his facial expressions and actions! This show is truely a one in a million! It started in 1994 and ended on its 10 year anniversary in 2004, but is still going stronger than ever on our TV screens today A show that was great in its time but sadly with the final episodes airing date moving futher away from is its charm..

Samsung SGH J600 05/04/2009

Stylish and practical

Samsung SGH J600 Great design, colour and useability! Truely a 'one in a million' Brilliant battery life, great features and a very good buy for your money!! Room for a SD card for extra memory (and when i say 'extra' i mean ALOT!!) mine cost £38!!! although that was the best one you could get.. Bluetooth comes in very handy as does the camera and the video and voice recorders. Room to hold over 200 texts, good choice of ringtones and even if they aren't to your fancy you can always upload your favourite songs through your very own built in mp3 player. One problem is that you only have a small choice of text tones and you cannot set your own tune for a text. Another problem is that as it has touch buttons, you may find yourself ringing someone in the middle of texting them however this is a very small problem as your get used it it within a week or so. However it does have the use of radio, many java games, 1.3 mega pixel camera, calender, calculater and converter for currency, length and weight. Great alarm..with lots of tones..always get me up! Overall has many useful features and at the same time has many new gadgets, I love my phone and not only is it an amazing colour, it looks good and is pratical for everyday use. ...

Mistresses (TV Series) 05/04/2009

Refreshing break

Mistresses (TV Series) A brilliant first series! TV reached new levels when this show aired, they seemed to invent stroylines that had never before been used and obviously have a great team of writers, and of course, not forgetting the very memorable actors and actresses. Not really a family show, more for a girly night in and a few glasses of wine :) Basic storylines about a group of female friends and their relationships, affairs and kids etc. However in my opinion the series was not long enough and they kind of left it on a cliff hanger so I think a second series is needed to prove this show at its best. Very recommend to watch as it is a show that I think would suit anyone looking for a refreshing break from your average drama. ..... Now a second series is being aired... i must admit i do not watch anymore! Sad to say the storylines are way too farfetched which makes it very unenjoyable! Still great acting but...very un appealing to the average person with the average lifestyle. A dissapointment.. ...

Monarch Of The Glen - Series 1 (DVD) 07/08/2008

Love it!

Monarch Of The Glen - Series 1 (DVD) The main stoyline in this series is Young Laird-to-be Archie MacDonald having to sell his share of a restraunt in London so he can put the money towards renovating his familys estate and home (more of a castle) which has been owned by the macdonalds for over 400 years-he doesnt want to be laird and doesnt want to move back to scotland as he loves the restraunt and owns it with his girlfriend Justine, who doesnt want to be Lady of the manor either as she is english and has lived in london all her life, the story consists of many complications as Archie later find out that as his father has no money for the estate and he has handed over the Lairdship to Archie a long time ago without his knowing. This angers Archie even more as the only real reason he came back was because he was told his father had an accident in the estates Loch-which we find out has huge significants as when Archie was young, he and his brother were in a boat when it capsised and his brother drowned after getting caught in reeds, ever since this happened he has always blamed himself. This has also effected his relationship with his father, Hector, as Archies brother, Jamie, was the oldest and therefor should have been the rightful Laird. Hector has always held a 'grudge' against Archie and they have never got on as Jamie was the 'golden boy', this is the whole reason that Archie resents being Laird and so he tries, many times, to go back to London. And thats only the start...... Love this show! ...

Alton Towers (England) 23/07/2008

Alton Towers

Alton Towers (England) English theme park located in Alton in staffordshire. This is a great way to spend a day out- although i would say to be able to do everything, you would need to spend longer than a day there....but do not fear as they have a hotel to which is connected to the park by a monorail. I would say this is a theme park for older people-around 12 years and up, there are not many rides for the kids below that age, however there is still enough to keep them entertained for the whole day! Down sides are that it is expensive,(ticket costing £35 for an adult!!!!!) however once you have paid to go in you are able to go on all the rides and all you really have to pay for are smaller games/sideshows, food and the gift shops. Also the queues are really long although the wait is worth it for most of the rides!

Diggerland, London 30/06/2008


Diggerland, London This review is based on Diggerland in Collumpton, Devon. Brilliant day out and a nice difference from you average theme park,There are lots of things to do including driving your own digger, mini digger games and take a spin in 'Spindizzy' the huge JCB, this ride involes sitting in the custom made bucket and being spun and dropped at all different angles, I would say this is a ride for the older child, although almost the only one, as I think the parks target ages are around 4-14, however only people over the age of 17 are aloud to drive the diggers. Tickets are £13 per person with children under the age of 3 entering the park for free. There is a cafe, the food is good generally your typical theme park stuff i.e burgers, hot dogs etc OR if you dont fancy that and want something a little more 'adult' there is a restraunt/bar just outside of Diggerland, and you still will be able to get back into the park!! However this is alot more expensive although the food is very very good!! There is also a shop full of digger things, toys, clothes etc although it is expensive with a cap costing £6 (although with fuel prices these days, keeping those diggers running IS expensive, let alone the cost of the diggers themselves, e.g 'Spindizzy' cost the park £118,000!!!!!!!) A very good day out if your looking for something a bit different. I have been to this park twice and have loved every second of it!!! I would jump at any chance to go again as it is rather a long drive away for ...

Most Haunted Live Vols.1-3 (Box Set) (DVD) 30/06/2008


Most Haunted Live Vols.1-3 (Box Set) (DVD) A group of paranormal experts go around the world and hunt for ghosts in different locations. Main presenter Yvette Fielding. A good show to watch however their has been many reports as to whether the show is real or fake and critics often report about how it cant be real. Real or not its still a good buy as is very entertaining. This box set comes woth extra features such as un-aired interview footage, behind the scenes show and Most Haunted live:Access all areas, all these extra features make this a very good value for money buy. It is rated a 15 due to some strong language and paranormal horror. Inside it contains three DVD cases with 2 discs each. They will investigate place such as Dudley castle, Dover castle and the witchfinder general. Good for a spooky night in.

Daddy Day Care (DVD) 20/06/2008

Daddy day care

Daddy Day Care (DVD) PG rated: Language-some mild, Sex/nudity- infrequent mild, Violence- Some mild. A film starring Eddie Murphy about a dad two dads who become runners of a day care centre after they both loose thier jobs. And as you can imagine looking after many young kids isnt easy! In the beginnning they strugle to gain the trust of the mums out there and have to deal with issues such as health and safety whcih, again, isnt easy! A good comdey that the whole family can sit down and watch. Special features include : Blooper reel, 'meet the kids' featurette, 'quite on set' featurette, 'what did that kid say' featurette, three set top games and theatrical trailer. Approx running time 88 mins. Includes many subtitles. Very reccomended.

Nou Camp - Barcelona F.C., Barcelona 19/06/2008

Nou camp stadium

Nou Camp - Barcelona F.C., Barcelona If your a football fan this is the most amazing experience that you can get in Barcelona even if you dont support the team!! It is a truly amazing stadium with lots of character and places to see, such as the commentary box, players chapel, away chaning rooms(you can actually go in them!!!) I loved every minute of it and wished i could have stayed longer!! You can also have your photo speacialy taken so it looks as though you were stood with your favourite player and you can have single and group photos holding some of thier many cups, and it doesnt cost much at all and I am the proud owner of a photo of me, my friend and the champions league cup!! Its a truely amazing experience and i would recommend it to anyone, even non-football fans!

Wild At Heart - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) 18/06/2008

A nice change from your average drama

Wild At Heart - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) This show is worth the watch just for the amazing African animals and scenery let alone the good stroylines, although some do tend to be a little predictable. A good clean family drama that all ages would enjoy, however it is rated a 12. Starring Stephen Tompkinson as Danny Treveanion Amanda Holden as Sarah Trevanion Lucy-Jo hudson as Rosie Trevanion Basic storyline is an english family go to south africa to run a game reserve, they go through money problems and alot of obsticals on their way to sucess. If you buy this it is highly recommened that you buy series 2 as it is equally entertaining. This DVD also includes some special features such as the exclusive 'wild at heart' trailer, a picture gallery and a introduction to the wild at heart animals aswell as the production notes. A nice change from your average crime/medical/police dramas.

Nintendo Gameboy Colour 17/06/2008

A good buy!

Nintendo Gameboy Colour I have had this product now for about 6/7 years and it still works perfectly, no problems at all. (in fact, one of my games went through the washing machine and works as though it is new!!!) Although these days new games are very rare to find in shops, however if you do find them they would most likely be very cheap, which is, of course, a bonus.(plenty of games are for sale over the internet though and still come a good price) Controls are very simple and easy to use. Very good battery life and overall a good and worthy buy. Bonus of charger and you can play whilst charging it, also headphone socket and adjustable volume control. Can also buy additional items such as case Very recommended!
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