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Being Human - Series 1-2 (DVD) 06/09/2013

Great TV Series

Being Human - Series 1-2 (DVD) This review is for series 2 only as already done series 1. The second series of Being Human follows on from the first series. The three main characters are the same, Annie, Mitchell and George. Annie is a ghost, Mitchell is a vampire and George is a werewolf. The gist of the story if you have never heard of Being Human before is that the three characters are all trying their hardest to live a normal human life even though they are all now supernatural beings. None of them want to be what they are but there is nothing they can do about it so they have to get on with their lives and try to live as normal as possible. This isn't easy when one of them is changing into a werewolf every month, one of them is fighting his craving for blood and one is a ghost. The second series sees them all carrying on with their stories. George is now dating Nina who is a doctor at the hospital where he and Mitchell work. She comes to live with them in the house so they have to adapt to having another member of the household. Mitchell is now trying to sort out his own life and relationships and at the same time is trying to lead the vampires in the area and get them to stop their feeding and live better lives. Annie now is more relaxed in her self and is getting used to being a ghost but still finds lots of challenges to get through. The main story running through this series is that there is a group set up called CenSAA who are a religious group set up to try to convert the supernatural ...

Being Human - Series 1 (DVD) 03/09/2013

How To Be Human When You're Not

Being Human - Series 1 (DVD) I absolutely love the tv series Being Human which was originally on BBC 3 and was really pleased when my Other Half bought me the first three series on dvd. This review is about series one. The story is about three 20 something people who share a house together. The strange thing about them is that one is a werewolf, one is a ghost and one is a vampire. The house they are living in is in Bristol and it is the home where Annie used to live with her fiance Owen before she died. George, who is the werewolf and Mitchell, who is the vampire, work together in the local hospital as porters and although the vampires and werewolves tend to hate each other, they have decided to try to live like humans and get on with each other so they end up being best friends and move in to the house together. They soon find Annie there and the three of them get on really well together. The series covers a lot of stories, each week carries on to the next week although there is a story going on each one as well. The main story going through this series is Annie and Owen and Annie trying to find out how she actually died as she can't remember. Owen owns the house so he has to keep coming back to check things being the landlord. This makes things hard for Annie especially when he finds a new girlfriend. She has trouble coping with all this plus the fact that she is now a ghost and is always trying to find out why she is still on earth as a ghost and not gone to the other side yet. She is not the ...

Rimmel Extra Wow Mascara 02/09/2013

Wow Long Lashes = Panda Eyes

Rimmel Extra Wow Mascara I wanted a new mascara as my old one had disappeared into my teenage daughter's make up bag, not that I had hardly used it, may once if that. I have quite small eye lases so wanted something that would give me a good showing of eyelash, plus I wear glasses so need something good. Boots had their three for two offer on Rimmel products so I bought myself a new mascara from them. I decided to go for the Extra Wow Lash one as thought the name said it all. It cost me £6.49 which coming in the three for two offer seemed a good price. The brush that is on the applicator is a round brush that has a bit of a cone shape to the end of it so this makes it easy to apply to the ends of the eye where its sometimes hard do get to without the brush touching the skin around the eye. The brush was easy to twist round to get some mascara going on the lashes and you could see a difference straight away with my lashes looking nearly double the size they normally are. Only trouble with this mascara though was that by the afternoon, I went to the bathroom and saw I had panda eyes, the mascara had smudged underneath my bottom lashes and looked quite a mess. I had to clean it off which was quite hard to do without making myself look a mess as I hadn't taken any make up out with me to reapply (put this down to lack of experience even at 54 years old lol). I was very disappointed as I thought this would be a good make and would stay on all day. I had been very careful not to rub my eyes or ...

Sony Dual Shock 3 - game pad - wireless 31/08/2013

Play With Your Buttons

Sony Dual Shock 3 - game pad - wireless We recently bought a PS3 console and it only came with one controller so we decided to buy ourselves a second one so we could play two player games. We had a look on Amazon as I had some vouchers to use up and saw they had a big choice to choose from. We read up all the reviews on there of each of the controllers but decided to buy one of these official sony dual shock controllers as it would be the same as the one that came with it and also it was not that much more money than the cheap ones and they had a bad write up. The controller is good as it connects to the PS3 wirelessly. This is the first time we had had a wireless game console so it was a big novelty to us to be able to play games without having to the the wire trailing across the room or even worse, having to sit close up to the tv as the wire was not long enough to reach. The controller did not come with the wire to plug it into the ps3 for charging but this is not a problem as we had one that came with the console. We do not use it every day for hours on end and there are not that many games that we would be using two player versions so we have found that we can usually get away with charging one set of buttons up while playing with the other set. The battery life at the moment is really good, we have charged up the new ones and have been using them for over a week now without having to recharge them. We have not been on it every day, just may be a little while in the evening if there is nothing on the tv ...

Babyliss 5548U/5548GU 29/08/2013

Blow Your Hair

Babyliss 5548U/5548GU I had been borrowing my daughter's hair drier for a while now as my old one was so bad it had no power to it and was taking ages to dry my hair so I asked my Other Half if he would get me one as an extra present for Christmas. The one he bought me was the Babyliss Pro power 2100 watt hair drier. It was quite a big box so I thought it would be a big drier and I wasn't wrong, it was quite a size up to the ones I have been used to. My first thought was that I would struggle with it as I have bad arms and can't lift them up properly for blow drying my hair but once I tried it out I found it was not that much heavier than the one I had used before. There are three setting on the drier plus a cool button on the opposite side so if you are feeling it burning you can press this and it cools it down right away. I have found that I like to use the drier on the highest setting as this dries my hair the quickest and so means I don't have to hold it up for so long. There are two styling brushes that come with the drier, ones is really good for my hair, it is one of those round brushes with the bristles, not just firm plastic. I find this excellent in conjunction with the drier for getting my short hair to style how I want it and giving it lots of body. The other brush you get is a flat brush which is more suited for long straight hair. I would not use this on my own hair but it has come in handy when I have my grand daughter over as she has really long hair and this brush does her ...

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Trio 30/01/2013

Shade Your Eyes

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Trio I wanted some new eye shadow but wanted some that looked quite natural and not too glaring seeing that I am not that young anymore. I wanted something that I can wear for day time and also look nice wearing it of an evening so was looking for something with more than one shade in a pack. I went to Boots and they were doing the Rimmel offer of buy two items and get one free so I thought this would be a good buy. I saw they had some pallets which contained three colours so looked through these and found a nice one with natural shades in it that are sort of brown shades. It says on the back compliments blue eyes but I have green eyes and it looks fine on me. The pallet cost me £6.49 which I didn't think was too bad seeing as I would get one item free if I bought three things. The shadow powder has a nice pattern on it which makes it look really nice and expensive. You get a double ended foam applicator with the set which has a round brush one end and a pointy one the other end. I wasn't too sure how to apply the shadow as I am not that up on make up so looked online and found that its recommended you apply the medium shade to the crease of the eye, then the lighter one to the lid. This is sometimes enough for me if I am not really doing much, may be just going shopping, but if I want something a bit more substantial then I can apply the darker shade using the pointy end to under my eyes and may be a bit across the top lid at the outside. It does out line the eye nicely and ...

Versace Woman Eau de Parfum 29/01/2013

Lovely Smell For A While

Versace Woman Eau de Parfum I had some nice perfumes for Christmas this year and one of them was Versace Woman. I have never had this perfume before or any others by Versace so it was a new thing for me. The bottle I got is a 50ml Eau de Toilette. The bottle is really pretty to look at, it has a clear purple lid at the top which looks like a sparkling gem and the bottle is tinted a lighter shade of purple, more a lilac colour then at the base it is the darker purple again. It has a nice shape to it too which makes it look very elegant and it looks lovely on the shelf in my bathroom. This perfume has a really nice smell which is very flowery but a little bit more fruity than most. It is quite a strong smell. I had to look up the “notes” on the internet to find out what it was composed of as I am no good at recognising different smells when they are all mixed up together. The top nots are bergamot, jasmine, eglantine flower, frangipani leaves, then the base notes are Iinoki wood, lebanon blue cedar wood, musk, amber and then there are what they call heart notes which are plum, raspberry, padparadscha lotus. Not sure that I have heard of many of these but they sound very exotic and it does have a certain exotic feel to the smell. Now for staying power. I tested this one out by spraying it on my skin in the morning after showering, then waited until after lunch when my Other Half came in and asked him if he could smell my perfume. He said he could smell something nice but it wasn't very strong. This ...

Rimmel London Soft Khol Eye Pencil 27/01/2013

Define Your Eyes

Rimmel London Soft Khol Eye Pencil I had been trying out all my new make up but wanted something still to define my eyes a bit more of an evening as I wear glasses and wanted my eyes to stand out more through the glass lenses. I wanted to get an eye liner so had a look in Boots to see what was on offer. They had the Rimmel soft kohl pencils going for £2.99 which was quite a reasonable price so I bought one. I had used kohl pencils before so knew sort of what I was doing with it but had never tried this one. I bought it in black and applied it just to the lower lid between my eyelashes so it looked like my lashes were thicker. I also used it on the top eye lid just at the very outer edge. It made my eyes look a lot larger and they really stood out behind my glasses. I wear this eye liner mainly of an evening unless I am going somewhere special and want to make an extra special effort. I find if I apply the liner at about 6pm it still looks nice at 10pm which is 4 hours (and about as much as an evening out lasts for me now a days lol). It doesn't really smudge unless I forget I have it on and rub my eye which gives me a black finger and then I know I need to run to the wash room and sort it out. It is also easy to remove of an evening. I use baby lotion to cleanse my face of a night and I don't need to rub it hard to get the eye liner off. If you are looking for a decent eye liner pencil then I would recommend this one as it was a good price and works nicely with little mess. ...

Vidal Sassoon VSHA6471UK / VS444 26/01/2013

A Load Of Hot Air About Nothing

Vidal Sassoon VSHA6471UK / VS444 I have a bit of trouble with my arms and shoulders so wanted to buy something that would help me be able to style my hair a bit easier than the old way of holding up a hair drier and having a brush in the other hand. A good few years ago I used to have a hot brush which used to do my hair really nicely so I had some Amazon vouchers to use up and thought I would treat myself to a new one. I saw the Vidal Sassoon vsha6471 one on there going for £12.97 and thought it would be a good make so bought it. The write up said it has two settings and it has a tangle free release on it. The hot brush came and on opening I found there were two different end bits to put on, both brushes but different sizes. The larger one it said was for medium hair and the smaller one for shorter styles. Seeing that my hair is quite short I decided to use the smaller brush. I washed my hair and gave it a good dry with the towel then started using the brush to style the top. The first thing I noticed was that the air blowing out of it was not very fast although there are two settings on it and I had it on the highest setting. This meant it was taking for ever to dry my hair using it so I turned it off and got the hair drier and gave my hair a boost with that first then tried it again with the hot brush. By now my hair was getting a bit drier and I couldn't get it to curl round the brush so I dampened it down a little bit but again it just didn't seem to be doing anything to my hair. I finished ...

Nivea Visage Rich Moisturising Day Cream SPF15 25/01/2013

Lovely soft skin

Nivea Visage Rich Moisturising Day Cream SPF15 I have been actively trying to sort out my skin on my face as it has been quite bad over the last few years. My skin is really dry and flaky and gets sore easily. I had been using a water based cream from the chemists to try to keep it moisturised but it was not working enough so I went out for a look round the shops to see if I could find an oil based one to try and found this Nivea cream in Savers. The cream is named as being a Rich Day Cream so I thought this sounded like a good idea to try out on my extra dry skin. The cream comes in a small tube which contains 50 ml. It cost me about £2.50 to buy so not really expensive seeing as I was just trying it out first. The cream is really easy to squeeze out, you can just squeeze a tiny dab of it onto your finger tip which makes it easy to work out how much to apply and not end up putting too much on. I have been just applying enough to cover my face and not to feel greasy, it has not taken much at all. The cream is easy to work in, it feels nice and thick and smooth to rub in. After applying I found that my skin felt really soft and supple and this lasted right through the day. I also found it easier to apply make up to my skin especially eye brow pencil as it glided over the top of the skin and left a nice line. The cream has a nice smell to it, not perfumey or anything, just a mild smell a bit like baby lotion. The cream contains Natural Almond Oil and Hydra IQ and it also has SPF 15 which is a good thing to have. I ...

Boots No 7 No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser 24/01/2013

Good cover for my skin

Boots No 7 No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser For someone at age 54 who has never worn any kind of make up on my face other than eye stuff and a bit of lippy now and then, I wanted something to try out so I could practice applying make up for the wedding I am going to in May. I asked a friend who I knew wore make up and was nearer my age and she recommended I try a tinted moisturiser first and see if that was sufficient so I went to Boots to look what they had there. I found one of their own No7 make which looked like a good buy, it was £11.50, which seemed quite expensive to me never having bought anything like it before but thought I would give it a go as I had a voucher for £5 off No7 products. The tube says it contains UV protection which is an added bonus. It also says it is hypo-allergenic which is good at my skin is very dry and sensitive. The hole in the top of the tube is quite tiny so you can squeeze out the tiniest amount onto your finger tip. I have been just applying a tiny amount at a time to each part of my face. It gives it a nice tint without it looking like it is clogged up with foundation and makes my skin feel soft. I am still using my normal moisturiser underneath and then applying this over the top. I am very pleased with the look this product gives, it makes my skin look a lot younger than it does without the make up as it covers over slight blemishes and give it a smoother look. I have been using this tube since way before Christmas, I don't use it every day but it has had a good use and ...

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream Concentrated 23/01/2013

Keeps Your Hands Soft

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream Concentrated I have never been a one for hand creams but my fingers had started to get really sore especially in between my fingers so I thought it was time to buy something for them. I had a look in 99p shop and they had some Neutrogena hand cream in. Seeing as it was only 99p to buy anyway I thought it was worth a try. They had two different ones, one was unscented and the other was just hand cream so I bought the second. The cream comes in a tube which contains 75ml and it says it is a glycerin-enriched formula. The tube says it is for instant relief of dry, chapped hands so I took off my rings and thought I would give it a go. The cream is really thick when you try to squeeze it out so its easy enough to just get a tiny amount out. I squeezed a tiny amount between each finger on both hands then rubbed it in. The first thing I noticed was the gorgeous smell, it is really nice, quite flowery and delicate. Then I noticed the cream was a nice consistency, it felt a little waxy but was really easy to rub in and didn't leave my hands all greasy and slimy, it just rubbed right in and felt really nice and soft. I have been using this cream now for about two weeks and all the soreness in my hands and fingers have disappeared altogether. I have been using it a few times a day after I have washed my hands or done the washing up but as I only have to use a tiny amount I do not feel like the tube is running low or anything. ...

Ghost The Fragrance Eau de Toilette for Women 22/01/2013

Nice Perfume For Every Day

Ghost The Fragrance Eau de Toilette for Women I had some new perfumes for Christmas this year and one of them was Ghost. The bottle I was given was a 50ml eau de toilette which is a spray kind. The bottle is tall and slim with a pulled in shape near the bottom, it has a nice feel to it in your hand and looks really classy, very plain but a nice shape. There are no fancy bits on the bottle at all, not even the name of the perfume, this is on a label underneath. The lid is a bit weird, it has a hole going right through it so when you put the lid on you can see the top of the button you press for the spray to come out. The lid fits on quite well though so unless you really pushed the centre button down you are not going to lose any fragrance accidentally. I really like my perfumes to have a good staying power as I like to be able to still smell them later in the day without having to reapply. I sprayed some of this perfume on me in the morning after showering and got dressed and ready for the day. I was meeting my friend for lunch so thought it would be a tester as she always comments on my perfume, which ever one I am using that day. She hadn't said anything this time I so told her I had a new perfume and what did she think of it but she said she couldn't smell any kind of perfume so it doesn't look like it has the staying power of some of my other ones. When I got undressed that evening I couldn't smell anything on my clothes either. The perfume does smell nice when it is first sprayed though and for a while I could ...

Ionika MINI Straightener 21/01/2013

Lovely Mini Straighteners

Ionika MINI Straightener I wanted some hair straighteners to try to tame my hair when I get up in the morning as where it is so wavy it tends to stick out at all kinds of weird angles in the mornings. We were in Wilkinsons the other day and they had a stand with some funky looking hair styling tools on it which included some mini straighteners. I thought these might be just what I was looking for as I have quite short hair so don't need full size ones. The make of the straighteners is Ionika and there were lots of different patterns to choose from so I got myself a pair of gold and black tiger stripe ones. They were reduced to £8 which I thought was a brilliant price, I wish I had had enough money to buy some more as they would have been brilliant presents for Christmas next year. When I got home I Googled the name Ionika as I hadn't heard of it and they have their own website and sell these same straighteners on it for £25!!! so I got a bargain. The straighteners have an on off switch inside where the plates are, I thought this was going to be a problem switching it on and off without burning myself but found it was quite easy to do without any trouble, although once I had used them a couple of times I found I didn't bother switching them off, I just turn the socket off and then unplug and leave them to cool down and then put them away. The lead on them is a decent size, our sockets are down near the skirting boards and I can stand up and see myself in the mirror above the fireplace and still ...

Brother RH127 Sewing Machine 21/01/2013

Brilliant Sewing Machine From Brother

Brother RH127 Sewing Machine I do a lot of sewing, I make things for myself and family and also make things to sell online and at craft fairs so having a decent sewing machine is essential for me. Last year the sewing machine I had kept going wrong and I was having to keep sending it back for repair so in the end I decided to order a new one so I would always have two machines on the go. I didn't have the cash to pay right out for a new machine so I looked online at some of the catalogue companies and found one on which was the Brother RH127. It was on sale for £179.99 and you could have it on 6 months free credit. I thought this was quite a good price and as it was coming up to Christmas I could get the machine and not have to worry about starting to pay for it until after the holidays were out of the way. The machine is very sturdy although it is light in weight, much lighter than my old machine, The insides are all metal so it should be long lasting and repairable. The machine has 27 stitches including some really pretty pattern ones which are different to the patterns I get on my Singer machine. The stitch length and width dials are on the top and easy to set. To set the stitch to what you want it to do you turn a dial on the front of the machine. It didn't take me long to get used to the settings. It is really easy to thread, it has a drop in bobbin which practically threads itself, you just put the thread through the groove in the bobbin holder then slot it into the hole in the machine ...
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