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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula 12/11/2009

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula is My Very Own Little Tub Of Magic

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula I started using this product a few months ago and now would never look back. I suffer from psoriasis and had been looking for something to ease my skin after i have a flare up. After researching and looking up all different remedies i came across the "palmers" products and i am so glad i did. I purchased this just to see if it would ease the dryness of my skin and i was so surprised at the result. It has helped my skin so much and now i would never do with out it. The result for me personally is that its removed the majority of my scaling and stopped any new patches occuring where the skin has been damaged. I am not a doctor but this is my personal experience that luckily has worked for me. It is a rich thick creamy mixture that looks like petroleum jelly but glides on your skin so smoothly and you can feel it moisturising the skin. You do not not need to use a lot because it can be quite greasy, for me the best time is night time to use it simply because you are not going out and you can just relax and let the cream do its thing. You have the added bonus that you only need a little bit so the tub will last for a very long time. It is enriched with Vitamin E making it a soothing emollient.It helps to heal and soften rough, dry skin.It also helps to blend and smooth scars. It evens out the tone of your skin. Very good for deep moisturising. Also recommended for using on stretch marks . My personal opinion this is one little tub of magic. ...

All About Me 15/04/2007

My Experience of Schizophrenia

All About Me After years of watching my mother suffer with this awful disorder i have decided to tell my side of things.. Here i am at the tender age of 8 watching what i thought was my mom just being very happy.Nothing wrong with that i hear you say but when you come across someone who is usually as timid as a mouse and too shy to do anything out in public, You suddenly begin to realise there is something not quite right with the picture. My mother was 28 when she suffered her first breakdown and to be honest at 8 you don't realise the extent of what is actually happening around you. I mean my biggest worry was that my dolly would not fit in my pram!! But for my mom her world was totally thrown upside down.. All i remember was my mom constantly laughing at such a high pitch cackle and talking out loud,I remember being in bed at night listening all the time and when i called who you talking to mom she used to shout sorry bab im on the phone i'll be quiet now..She didn't though... As time went on things began to get worse mom went from being over the top happy to suddenly being aggressive and thinking everyone or everything around her was evil....That was including me i was "the devils child" i had to be destroyed..I remember being screamed at i was no good i was evil and i should be dead.You imagine being a little child and having your mom right in your face saying die i want you dead!!!!!! its heartbreaking I loved my mom with all my heart and didnt understand why my mom would ...

Tesco Nappies 15/04/2007

nappy day's are here again

Tesco Nappies After thinking long and hard and not being sure as to wether i should go for it and buy the dare i say cheaper nappies , i finally took the plunge and did it.. I went into my local tesco held my head high and walked right past the premium nappies as quick as i could..When i finally came to the "cheaper section" i took a deep breath and looked at what they had on offer in there purple section..I was amazed as to the selection they actually had to offer you..They had a great selection with a great price to match. I was pleasantly surprised when i got them home i have a little boy who is into everything and never sits still for long so i really needed a nappy that was going to be strong ,soft and not make my little boys bottom sore.. Well we waited till his next nappy change and decided to take the plunge and put the said "cheaper "nappy on. All i can say is WOW they were great..They didn't leak at all they did't rub and make him sore and the material inside the actual nappy was as soft as soft can be.. they come in all ranges of sizes right from newborn all the way up to junior ..The price i pay is a little over £4 a pack and i would never go back to any other nappy again..Over night they are great as well i can change my little boy at 7pm ready for bed and it holds till he wakes the next morning which is sometimes 12 hours later Well done tesco on a fab product..

Daewoo KOR638 15/04/2007

come take a spin in my nifty little runner

Daewoo KOR638 When you think of kitchen appliances you wouldn't automatically consider daewoo would you??well i wouldn't normally.That is until i saw this nifty little model. I don't have a huge kitchen and i have very limited space for certain appliances to be added , when i first saw this microwave i wasn't to sure wether it would be ok considering how compact it looked..It does the job great though.. It comes in back or silver and has a 20litre capacity, 800watts in power with an E rating..It has 5 power levels,4 auto cook menu options and an easy cook facility which is basically a one touch option allowing 30second or 1 minute if you only need some heating slightly. These are ideal if you need to maybe warm milk through for a little ones bottle.. Another great function is the concave reflex system which is just the posh way of saying it's more efficient to ensure food is cooked more quickly and evenly. This product. The inside of the microwave is acrylic which makes cleaning inside a lot easier.If you need to warm through or even cook more than 1 meal at a time there is a duo plate which is a removable shelf positioned in the middle of the units,This gives you the option of cooking two meals at the same time. you get a timer like you would with any microwave but the beauty on this model is there is a child lock which stops younger children pressing any buttons and accidentally starting the microwave.. The cost if you are interested is within the region of £50 and can be purchased ...

Sapphire X1950 PRO Graphics card 256 MB GDDR3 SDRAM 12/04/2007

A good mid range gamers card

Sapphire X1950 PRO Graphics card 256 MB GDDR3 SDRAM Its a good job my husband knows all the tech stuff here lol this is a review based on his experience of this.. Sapphire Radeon X1950PRO The card supports 256Mb of DDR3 speed Memory, with a PCI-E interface. Installation was simple removed old card and replaced with new card powered up and installed new drivers , didn't use the sapphire install disk but tend to use the ATI drivers direct from their website. When I brought the card I was looking for a relatively decent priced card for use with gaming and usual desktop performance. The card is robust with a quiet full length cooling fan which is adequate for my system due to sufficient case cooling. The card supports windows Vista fully so when I brave the upgrade will try that out, works okay on vista beta 2 though. The card is a Radeon 1950 core, which has the following features. 36 pixel shader processors 8 vertex shader processors Crossfire supported 24 bit connection Full direct X 9 support Shader model 3 and full pixel shader support Open GL 2.0 support. Avivo - video and display engine Okay the interesting stuff, Gaming speed difference, before I was using a radeon x500pro 128MB ddr ram. My first choice was revving up my Farcry settings before I used to achieve 39 frames per second at 1600x1200, Sapphire beefed this up to a meaty 87 frames per second with an ultra smoothness and more lifelike surroundings water looked surreal and even frag damage from bullets looked smoother. Next test was Just Cause; ... 12/04/2007

the only pounds you lose are weight If like me you have tried every fad diet under the sun and still had no joy with the weight loss you start to think why bother.. Thats exactly what i did "why bother?" I looked everywhere weight watchers . slimming world , rosemary's GI diet and every other plan going but couldn't seem to stick to a plan or rather the plans bored me.. I don't have the time with a young baby to sit there and weigh this and weigh that to make a meal for the family. I needed a plan that fitted in with family mealtimes..Thats exactly what i found with tesco ediets.. They are great you get the option to join up for a minimum term of 10 weeks which works out to £2.99 weekly which on its own is a fab price to pay weekly.. For your money you get complete 24 hour support via forums online consultants that you can talk to in realtime conversation either on the phone or via your pc..You also get a complete meal plan designed specifically for you, this is made from you input of height , weight etc..I am the kind of person who can not lose weight on my own i need the stability of someone being there at the end of the week to make sure i haven't "cheated"...I have made so many new friends through the site that are going through the same journey as you..The support is fantastic and the plan is very adaptable as well..If you don't like some thing that has been put on your meal plan then you can just change the meal via the substitution list . After your initial 10 week subscription your account gets ...

VAX Rapide XL 12/04/2007

no more grubby marks

VAX Rapide XL The main reason i bought this vax rapide was because i have a young child and carpets and upholstery in lighter colours,i know they don't mix well but i wouldn't swap either. After months of wiping my sofa and my rugs with spot cleaners to remove mushed in banana , jam , sandwiches etc i decided something needed to be done..And rather than cover everything in plastic i decided to buy this rather nifty cleaner.. It is fantastic thats all i can say i purchased mine thinking it wouldn't be a good investment but i'm happy to admit i was wrong. It is bagless and can be used wet or dry, has the abiity to hold 4L Clean water in the tank and 3.7L dirty water in the tank This model is a deep cleaning, versatile upright carpet washing system designed foryou to be able to wash your carpets and sofa's as and when they need at it . The wash head has contra-rotating brush bars for really deep down dirt removal. Its powerful suction allows carpets to dry quickly, iIt is ideal for large carpeted areas. It's on-board hose with wash tool attachment, and large capacity auto mix cleaning system makes it easily adapted for stairs, cars and upholstery cleaning . I think the only downside is that it may be a little heavy for some people to move it about easily..Its not heavy but when filled with water it may be a little bit more awkward,When fully assembled you are no longer able to replace in to its box which means you have to keep it stored ready for use which sn't a problem if you have ...

VTech First Steps Baby Walker 22/03/2007

come take a walk with me baby

VTech First Steps Baby Walker I bought this for my young son who is at the stage where he has the strength and ability to stand but hasn't yet developed the nerve to stand away from furniture. When looking for a walker i searched everywhere for something that was going to be safe sturdy but most of all fun.. Vtech has been around for years with all of there products which aim to teach youngsters of all ages in a very simple yet fun way. When you first open your walker you find you have to assemble it yourself which on the first though you think "oh no" but it couldn't have been easier, It was just a case of fitting the wheels on and attaching the handle then the activity tray onto the walker base. It comes with Textured wheels, easy grip handle and is a durable design making sure your baby gets ample support for taking those first steps. It assembles very easily and can be stored away in small spaces This particular walker is fantastic it is so sturdy that even the most adventurous child wouldn't be able to topple easily.The overall design of the walker is a similar shape to a stroller pushchair allowing stability all around. The age range of this is from 6-30 months and for the price you pay for it i would say it is excellent value for your money. I bought mine from amazon for just over £22 and my little boy loves it.. On the activity pad you come across a colourful puppy that plays games with you when he is pressed, a piano keyboard that plays some really happy tunes, ...

The Guv'nor - Lenny McLean 26/12/2006

This has heart to bring to life who this man was

The Guv'nor - Lenny McLean Lenny Mclean is a book that you must read over and over to bring into mind who the man was , To overcome such a harsh upbringing at the hands of his step father. Lenny was a book brought for me over a year ago and I havent gone a month without re-reading it. Classed as the deadliest bare knuckle fighter in Britain beating roy ' pretty boy ' shaw. Lenny rubbed shoulders with the famous and the harsh underground of crime. In lennys words whatever he did was for his family in his words to put steam on the table. Lennys early life brought him to understand that the beating as a kid made him a ' hard bastard ' with over 3000 fights and never to have lost this is more than your fight book its a story of life and how to overcome what has been thrown at him. Lenny Mclean in my opinion is the guvnor a respectable family man who grafted hard to try make his family never go without. This may not be the kind of book for everyone and i agree on first being told about this particular biography i thought it was not my kind of relaxing read. Look past the fact he may have been a mad man in the ring but under neath that harsh exterior was a big soft cuddly pussy cat who looked after his own. For a different kind of read i suggest you give this a go. It takes you through the journey that was his life right up until his unfortunate end due to illness beyond his control.

Deal Or No Deal 1 (DVDi) 27/11/2006

one question.. buy or not buy

Deal Or No Deal 1 (DVDi) Before you all laugh at me and say how sad are you for having this hear me out....Its not actually that bad....Honest You all know the basics of the game you have to try and beat the banker to come away with the best deal that you can you must decide whether to sell your box to the banker, or play on ..Its all done by a plan of elimination..Just like on the program you have 22 red boxes to open hopefully finding the huge wad of money in your own personal box.. For someone who really enjoys this program i have to say i was not happy with this.It is like its been thrown together. The game play is a bit slow to be honest with you and the option of you choosing your own box to play with is not actually allowed you only ever play with box 5..Why i dont know..It's slow selecting the boxes but maybe thats the way they want the suspense For a first edition i dont suppose its that bad.I mean its playable but time consuming.. Even after my negative comments i will still say i have enjoyed playing it but then again i like deal or no deal..If you are not so hot on it then i dont recommend you buy it.. ...

White Knight 447 26/11/2006

My Knight in shining armour...Well in my kitchen

White Knight 447 i bought this to replace my old creda model that i had had for years..The thing that attracted me to this was not only the fact it was more efficient on the energy but it looked fresh and clean and had the added feature of reverse tumbleaction which will make the clothes less tangled.. It also has a great feature called sensor dry which in simple language basically means if your clothes dry before the drying cycle has finished the machine will stop the program which saves your electricity usage..It works by detecting the moisture in the drum..It has 2 Heat settings and final cool tumble to reduce creasing. Comes with reversible door and can hold a weight of 6kg which is ample if you have a large family to cater for.. The dryer is vented and comes with the vent kit supplied.. I wouldnt be with out my tumble dryer, this is one piece of equipment i definitely couldnt be with out..I paid £128 and this was worth every penny so far ..

Morphy Richards 48268 26/11/2006

where have you been all of my life

Morphy Richards 48268 This is my first bread maker and i have to say what a fantastic piece of kitchen equipment i have.. The gorgeous inviting smell of fresh baked bread , The ease of use what more could you want.. This magnificent appliance not only looks good but works excellent.. I have had it for a few weeks and already have baked so much bread for friends and family.. It had a nice plain yet stylish look about it with its Compact brushed s/steel design..Inside it is just as good as its outer shell.. Inside the main body of the breadmaker you have a unique kneading blade which drops down during the breadmaking cycle.The blade resembles a paddle which when not kneading lies down,which is good as you dont lose any slices with big holes in them.. It is very easy to use and instructions are so clear to follow , You have the option to bake a 1.5lb or a 2lb Loaf . There are 12 different programs Basic white for your white and brown bread French for your light weight bread such as french sticks wholewheat which contain significant amounts of wholewheat Cake..This is great not only can it mix the ingredients for you but will bake as well for a preset time Sweet which bakes bread with a crispier crust fast bake 1 and fast bake 2 dough This setting only makes the dough and does not bake the final bread Jam yes you read right you can also make jams in this Specialty for your bread types that are needed in a shorter time sandwich this bakes light texture bread but gives it a ...

Gears of War (Xbox 360) 17/11/2006

prepare for war

Gears of War (Xbox 360) Gears of War is in my eyes the most amazing xbox 360 title yet. U play Marcus Fenix a tough looking former soldier for the governments of COG.After u have been locked away for being accused of being a traitor , u break out of prison at the opening sequence to battle the locust thats ravenging the planet. The game is visually stunning with sound effects and music that matches your surroundings or what your trying to blow apart. U need to use your surroundings to survive this is not your gun ho kill everything game , u need to take cover and shoot , wait for enemy to show themselves. The game has large battles between you and your squad of soldiers and the enemy , getting into the game more I can see more challenging opponents and some of the bigger creatures are huge. Your squad is of 3 men but in my opinion not much help there the patsy's let em get shot at whilst u pick off targets , because once your seen your targetted amazingly fast from the enemy. U can play Gears of War also as a co-op with the split screen which is great as u can continue the game as a co-op from where u left it in singleplayer. Online is also a option but not something I have used yet. The weapons at your disposal range from the machine gun , sniper rifle , shotgun etc. There are 4 slots u can carry for weapons u have to make a selection on what u need to kill and destroy. Gears of war looks well modelled , the enviroments are ravaged from war and graphically and realistically show ...

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II (Xbox 360) 17/11/2006

EA attempt at a pc to 360 RTS conversion not bad

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II (Xbox 360) The Battle for Middle Earth 2 was one of my most eagerly awaited purchases to buy for the 360 , In the era of the RTS - real time strategy , EA created the game based on the Epic Lords of the Rings Trilogy. The game is not based on the books I have read or the Movie's I have seen. The game is based on good and evil each is given a long introduction that goes from movie into gameplay smoothly and effectively. What I noticed upon first playing was the staggering differences between the PC version and 360. The control system is hard to learn at first took me a good while to start learning the game play controls. EA should have looked at the control method better somehow the RTS games always play better with a mouse to control with. The game being a RTS centres on Resource management , building your armies etc. There is a basic tutorial to get u started and a more advanced to learn the strategies behind the game. Like the PC version you still battle on land and sea. The graphics are lower than the pc version it's okay to play but could have been improved for the 360 so much more. The AI adapts rapidly to what you throw at it , at lower levels its a challenge , on the hardest difficulty which I have just started you take a real battering. The music within the game is excellent with good sound effects inside the gameplay engine. The Multiplayer is included but something I am yet to experience on the xbox live. This game for me is one I will keep playing until the 360 ...

Far Cry: Instincts - Predator (Xbox 360) 17/11/2006

Slightly better XBOX farcry improvment

Far Cry: Instincts - Predator (Xbox 360) I played the original Far Cry on both the PC and the XBOX . This version to me seems a poor next generation copy over from console to console. The graphics have been re-touched to make it feel and play visually better. The game should have been re-developed for this console as it has a few new ideas but not enough for the money. The gameplay is based on the original pc version's gameplay with a completely free roaming enviroment to play on from island to island , graphics have been twead to a higher resolution and the water is now much clearer. The AI in the game goes from one extreme to the other with often coming under heavy fire from the enemy to being completly stupid at another moment. Far Cry Instincts Predator in a nutshell is full of , Large free - roaming maps good graphics , quick level loading and long gameplay to boot. The game is based on a first person view u are Jack carver a ex merc. He took a young woman to the islands once there he's boat gets blown up by the army on the island. The game has a great multiplayer enviroment sprinkled with a vast array of weapons and vehicles u can dry or fly. My best has to be hang gliding down off a rock face to a boat below. Pro's * Great singleplayer and multiplayer * good gameplay * freedom to explore * good selection of weapons & vehicles Con's * could have been made better for 360 * If u have played Farcry on pc not much more to expect Summary: Worth the buy if u dont own the original
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