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since 05/05/2007


Parceline 05/05/2007

Not so sorry we missed you.

Parceline I buy a modest quantity of goods online. In the last six months four of these transactions have involved Parceline. Only on one of these occasions has Parceline managed to deliver the goods without problem. Of the other deliveries, one went missing altogether, never to be seen again. On the other two occasions "Sorry We Missed You" cards were posted through the door, despite, there being someone in the house. (Yes, my doorbell does work!) One of the cards was screwed up tightly and only popped through the letterbox, when pushed through by other mail the next morning. As I needed the last item quickly, I attempted to contact Parceline to either get the item redelivered, or for me to collect it. They "tried" to deliver the item on a Friday, but as previously mentioned I did not get the card until Saturday. They charge to get items redelivered on a Saturday (a nice payoff for incompetency) I entered the details from the card onto a form on their website, but got a message that stated that I could not arrange collection over the Internet, and that I should phone an 0871 number, which I did. The phone line was an automated system with only two options: 1. Arrange Standard Redelivery - 8:30-18:00 Monday to Friday, free, but you have to wait around all day. 2. Premium Redelivery - You pay them an extra £5-10 + VAT to redeliver the item that you have already payed them to deliver, and that they so incompetently managed not to deliver the first time. For this extra ...

Royal Mail 05/05/2007

Great service.

Royal Mail Having just had two very different experiences with parcel firms this week, I thought that I would write two reviews based on my experiences. It seemed only fair to praise the good at the same time as damming the bad. I have just taken delivery of a parcel from the Royal Mail. It was posted yesterday, it arrived today (Saturday), the driver was polite and friendly. The box in which it arrived was not damaged or marked in any way. I could not fault the service I received in any way, if only all couriers took the same level of care, then life would be a lot less stressful. My experience this week with another courier (Parceline) was not quite as stress free (written in another review).
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