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Garnier Pure A Night Daily Treatment Moisturiser 05/06/2007

Does not do what it says on the box!

Garnier Pure A Night Daily Treatment Moisturiser I bought this product because I have I have annoying combination skin and get break outs during PMT. I remember being told that my spots would clear up in my early twenties, now I am 23 I am getting quite irritated by my blasted 'teenage skin'. I don't have lots of spots, I just suffer from the normal blackheads and breakouts during PMT. Anyway, I decided to take matters into my own hands and put on a full-on offensive against my spots. I purchased 'Garnier (Skin Naturals) Pure A Intensive Night Treatment Gel', in conjunction with other Pure A products to begin a new regime. The gel was £4.24 from Tesco for a 40ml tube. It is packaged in a small cardboard box which may be recycled. The tube is made from a plastic that may also be recycled. Description: the gel claims to clear and tone down imperfections, blotches, visible pores or marks which are caused as a result of hormonal fluctuations and pollution. The product is designed for combination or greasy skin. This product is special in that it is designed to be applied at night after cleansing and toning. According to Garnier, skin is more 'receptive' at night which means imperfections may be better treated. This gel is supposed to be an 'intensive' formula. This leads one to conclude that it is stronger than a daily treatment gel. The main ingredients include zinc (oil regulating), salicylic acid (anti-bacterial), and natural cucumber extract (refreshing and hydrating). It claims also to have some type of ...

La Cafetiere KE000102 06/03/2007

Pink Kettles Ahoy...

La Cafetiere KE000102 Let me tell you a little about my tea-making habits. I am a tea-a-holic. Some people have food, others cigarette, but I have tea. I must drink a maximum of 10 cups a day. Probably because I use making a cup of tea as part of my break from study. I was attracted to the La Cafetiere pink kettle just over a year ago. It was the only pink kettle of its kind on the market, and it had that label 'limited edition' attached to it which forces me into panic buy mode. The RRP price is around £50. I think I paid just under in John Lewis. This is rather a hefty price considering it is just a teapot with pink enamel. But I guess they prey on suckers like me who will buy anything pink for their kitchen. However, compared to other luxury teapots on the market, it is about average. I use this teapot in conjunction with a water filter, the cartridge of which I change every month. I clean the kettle itself in vinegar every month too. There is no element which aids cleaning. The filter is a very fine metal mesh which looks as though it will endure the test of time. None of this fabric rubbish which will eventually decay. The boiling time of this machine varies according to how much water you put inside it. But if you put just enough for one cup of tea (remember the environment) then it will boil in around 30 seconds. There is light to tell you when it is boiling. With the aid of the curved handle which goes right over the top, pouring is very easy, being able to position your ...

Lancome Miracle Eau de Parfum 06/03/2007

My signature scent.

Lancome Miracle Eau de Parfum I have a friend who can guess the perfume that a girl is wearing. If someone can do that then you are wearing, in my opinion, a 'common' perfume. I don't want to be labelled a CK girl, or a Ralph Lauren girl. I think Lancome Miracle is not one of these scents. Lancome Miracle is a very flowery and feminine smell. I don't think it is overpowering. To my nose, it smells very sweet. The eau de Perfum is slightly stronger with better staying power than the natural spray. It is quite expensive, but do look out for it in Gibralter and duty free shops. The design of the bottle isn't fussy. It doesn't need to be, the contents is what is important. However the bottle is elegant and it will fit conveniently in a draw or cupboard or, if you prefer, in a handbag or make-up bag. Someone bought me a bottle of Issey Miyake and that bottle was always quite awkward. I put a squirt on my neck and one squirt on my palm and rub it in. When I go out I put it in my hair. I think there is nothing better than smelling lovely. I really like it when someone walks into the room with a nice fragrance on and leaves a lovely smell. If their fragrance is cheap or not so sweet smelling then this can have a negative effect. I'm not sure miracle is so strong that it would smell a whole room out, but I definately think if someone stood next to you they could smell it. Perhaps it is the perfect poison to seduce that man. I don't believe in varying fragrances for different occasions. I think you ...

Whiskas Kitten 05/03/2007

Whiskas Kitten, chunks in jelly.

Whiskas Kitten My review is purtaining to the above product: Whiskas Kitten Chunks in Jelly. First of all I would just like to say I love my two burmese cat, Alfie and Coco, a lot... and so does my partner. We consider them as part of our family so they have the best that we can give them. I was recommended by Coco's breeder Whiskers Kitten in Jelly and this was the main reason why I bought it. You have to give them what they have been eating at the breeder's house at least for week of introducing them to their new home. So, decided to feed Alfie some too. I had weaned him onto a dry food only diet because his bowels were always so loose. Not that that did much good. The food itself comes in pouches. It isn't particularly unpleasnt, in my opinion, to look at our smell. The 'chunks' of meat (some mashed up stuff I think) are quite small, dense and chewy and there is a small amount of jelly sticking it all together. You buy the pouches in packs of 12, with four of each flavour: cod, tuna, chicken and turkey. This is an adequate My cats don't appear to have a favourite, and they smell the same to me. The smell isn't in itself particularly pungent or unpleasant. However, I am quite seasoned to smelling cat food. They always meow up at me when I prepare it, and as soon as I put it down they start gobbling. So I think they like it. :o) I never wanted to feed them an entirely wet food diet, so I always leave down some James Wellbeloved dry food for them to nibble on between meals. ...

Smeg '50 FAB32 05/03/2007

My 'cool' operator.

Smeg '50 FAB32 I may seem mad, but one of the main reasons I wanted to buy a house was so I could have my very own pink smeg fridge. That time came and a month before completion my partner and I were aimlessly walking through the Bentall Centre in Kingston when we chanced upon a pink FAB32. We were due to complete on our house within a month so we decided to order it there and then, taking advantage of the money off in the January Sales. I think it was around £1,150, which I thought wasn't bad considering the cheapest I had seen on the internet was £1080 and that was plus delivery. The sales staff in the Bentall Centre, whom were working in the Smeg section, were actually independent contractors of Smeg. They were very obliging and informed us that we could purchase it then, and when were knew a definite completion date arrange for it to be delivered by calling a number. The arrangements for delivery were handled directly by Smeg themselves, and so the delivery men came in a Smeg van, rather than a Bentalls van. In other words they were employees of Smeg. They were very obliging and managed to get it through a very tight porch. I always find this particularly stressful to watch, even though I am not the one trying to haul a massive fridge/freezer through a tiny door. They unwrapped the packaging and 'shock horror' a side plate was hanging off. So the they had to get the thing out of the house again and onto the van! Poor things. We rang Smeg and they arranged a delivery for the ...

Member Advice on Bullying 04/03/2007

"The bully is the victim they say" -- wrong.

Member Advice on Bullying I started to get bullied around the age of eleven years. I'm not sure how it really started, it just happened one day and it never really ever stopped until I left senior school. I remember three main 'incidents', primarily because of the injustice of it all. However, I was bullied on a daily basis by being excluded by others, name-calling etc. Which does wear you down eventually. I became quite depressed and had to go to the psychiatrist quite a bit. These people are an absolute joke, but I will tell you more about them in a bit. I can't remember their excuse or the first incident, but it was normally a fictionalised one. It was in 1995 and I had been in the playground (at junior school) and a group of ten girls were gathered around me and pushing, hitting etc. and name calling. After returning to class I, obviously not wanting to get my head kicked in any more, didn't tell the teacher. The next thing I knew my teacher had called me outside to discuss something. She said that she had had reports of from the ten girls mentioned earlier that I had been bullying them in the playground. I told her no, it was in fact they who had been bullying me. However, she didn't believe me and I was punished accordingly. Firstly, now I have matured into a 23 year old, I do not see how or why she would believe that I, by myself, could have harmed a group of ten people. It seems unlikely. I was totally let down by the system. I almost felt as though even the teachers were against ...

Sony Vaio PCG-TR5MP 03/03/2007

Small but not necessarily perfectly formed.

Sony Vaio PCG-TR5MP Around four years ago I purchased a Sony TR1MP for £1700 (and that was a cheap internet price at the time). This has exactly the same exterior to the TR5MP but slightly less in stats. I acquired my TR5MP by sending my old TR1MP back (after one years' of use) for 'review' to Sony because I believed that the bit where you rest your hands, just before the keyboard, was warping and dipping in. Oh, and I am not some chunky man, I am a size 8 (European) petite girl. Sony refused to accept that this was a problem and so decided to charge me £45 for the bother of them looking at it. I was absolutely appalled and felt abused by these huge national corporations. These guarantees really aren't worth the paper they are written on. After two months of them threatening me that if I didn't cough up they would dispose of my laptop, they decided to send it back to me free of charge. This took two months and around twenty phone calls. DHL 'lost' my TR1MP on it was way back to me and they provided with me with a reconditioned TR5MP. It looked brand new. So I was quite happy. I was one of the lucky ones... I will not go into the stats. They are incidental to this machine. As they are perfectly adequate for a tiny laptop on the move for business, educational purposes, burning music/video and even the odd film. The battery life is great at first and slowly descends into crapness. For a new one it will cost around £70. The keys are quite small so if you do have wide fingers you may have ...

Canon Laser Shot LBP 5000 03/03/2007

Great for the money and size.

Canon Laser Shot LBP 5000 I bought one of these babies because I hate inkjets and love laser. This was the only one I could really afford which was small enough to fit on my desktop and had colour. Laser printers are better than inkjets because they give a crisp and professional look to word documents and spreadsheets. Even with a fine quality inject it still looks home-made unless it is on hideously expensive paper. Therefore the LBP 5000 it makes my assignments look great. There is always a slight shininess to the text and pictures which sends shivers down my spine with excitement. It is generally understood that lasers are far better value for money on a long-term basis. When you replace cartridges in an injet they can cost £15 plus for each colour. A replacement toner cartridge for the LBP5000 laser printer is around £50, however they need replacing far less frequently. I have had mine for six months and have gone through at least two reams of paper and still have plenty left. The colour is an added bonus, especially for printing revision notes where the use of colour is very important. Laser printers will always have a vibrant colour, and in the case of the LBP5000 this is no exception. I paid around £160 for my printer from Misco. This, I felt, was an excellent price when compared to other, even larger, printers and their quality. The picture quality of photographs are not that of a photo printer, however they are perfectly exceptable for an assignment or publication. They are a ...

Law 03/03/2007

Worst four years of my life.

Law Law is an incredibly difficult subject. If you don't enjoy 'hard work' then I suggest you think very very carefully about doing this degree. As it is not fun to study at all. Many people drop out in the first year for this reason. If you enjoy another subject and don't particularly enjoy reading endless facts and statutes I suggest you do that instead and then take the GDL. Last year an equal amount of students got a 2.2 as those who got a 2.1. Around six got a 1st, however beware of these people as they are incredibly competitive and hence insufferable. Two people got a third. I had no experience of law before going to the university and I must say there wasn't much of an introduction. My first proper lecture was on criminal law and I had no clue what I was supposed to be doing. They hand you out a pack but I think that there was no excuse for not giving a few lectures of legal technique as it is so crucial to the degree. There is one particular member of the teaching staff who swears in seminars and ridicules pupils who attain a 2.2; as this is half the year I think she has no right to do this. Also, most of the students are from the middle classes and, being from a working-class family, I find some of them rather annoying.

Waitrose (Shop) 03/03/2007

I wish I could shop there all the time...

Waitrose (Shop) I love Waitrose. I love the quality of the food and the selection of fresh foods, breads, meats and ready meals. However, I hate the price. I understand this is because it is 'fairly' priced. I.e. they give the farmers etc. a fair price, unlike Tesco (from what I hear on the news). Observations on why I still go in there even though I can't afford to: I bought some burgers the other day and they were from Buckinghamshire. I live in Berkshire so that was very promising for the 'freshness' test. There was also a picture of the farmer who had slaughtered the cows for my burgers. I always find that fruit and vegetables from Tesco decay quicker than those from Waitrose. The pasta is very good. It doesn't taste gritty as some do. The own brand spreadable butter is better than Achor. I adore it. The 'poppy seed knot rolls' are to die for with above butter. I will forgive the condescending looks the check-out people give me for the above reasons. I will brave the 4X4s and those that drive them for the same reasons. However, I will still feel a lowly student walking around its aisles. I have just remembered. I found lots of yoghurts which were one month out of date once. I informed the pubescent worker who didn't really apologise. I have never found anything out of date in Tesco before.

Apple MacBook Pro 03/03/2007

My purdy laptop.

Apple MacBook Pro I decided to get a 17inch Mac Book Pro (Core 2 Duo) to replace my Sony TR5MP. It was obviously quite a jump from the tiny laptop, which some might say I could have hung onto for a while. However, I had it for two years and thought I needed something new. After all, I do spend most of my time on my laptop (law student). I wasn't sure whether to go for the plain MacBook or the Pro, but I eventually decided upon the Pro because of the titanium shell, the backlit keyboard, and the fact that you can choose either a matt screen or shiny screen. The MacBook only allowed you to have a shiny screen. I had a shiny screen on my TR5MP (Onyx Black) and it showed up the dirt a treat and it reflected the light so that in certain conditions (lecture theatre, library) where there are vast windows I was unable to see the screen. I read much debate on this in certain forums, but I decided I wouldn't risk the inconvenience. The Pro is slightly large that the MacBook, but this is negligible really. Oh, and if youa re deciding to buy one in a hurry, I would suggest you go to an Apple store. They take at least two weeks to arrive from CHINA!!! You can track it from Although, that site is rather addictive. I was tracking it every five minutes and it was absolute hell when it showed 'flight delayed'. It is inadvisable to go elsewhere than Apple direct because the models tend to be older in normal shops and websites and, although apparently cheaper, if you don't know what you are ...

Bridget Jones's Diary (DVD) 03/03/2007

The best film ever.

Bridget Jones's Diary (DVD) This film, in my opinion, contains the two main food groups: Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. Therefore it was always going to be a winner for me. However, I must say, without going into too much detail, that the acting really is superb. I am very susceptible to cringing and I can safely say that it did not occur with this film. The strategically placed jokes prevented that from occurring. Also, Renee's accent wasn't bad, "either"! The plot is based around the book of the same title and the book is a modern day Pride and Prejudice. Need I say more? It doesn't need to be complicated; Jane Austen should know! Lots of laughs and lots of tears. Fantastic. Have watched it at least thirty times.

Hinari Lifestyle Microwave 03/03/2007

It lasted five months.

Hinari Lifestyle Microwave I purchased this microwave because of the colour. I got it in cream but you can now get it in pink and blue. It cost £50 from Argos, but I am aware that the plain colours are cheaper. I thought that because of the mechanical controls, as opposed to electric control, it would be less likely to break down. The mechanical controls are incredibly inaccurate; for example, if you wanted to microwave something for 20 seconds you would have to put it on at higher time and stop it manually. However it still did its job. That was until approximately five months' later when it, for some unexplainable reason, decided it would not start. There was no bang, no poof, nada. It just didn't work one day. We had retained the receipt and because the microwave came with a one year guarantee we took it back to Argos. The lady behind the counter did not quibble and gave us the money back. We used this as credit for a Panasonic combi which is absolutely divine. It has electronic control, 1000 watts of power, grills and cooks.

DFS Furniture Store (Shop) 02/03/2007

Ignore the horror stories.

DFS Furniture Store (Shop) My partner and I purchased two two seater sofas from DFS around Christmas time 2005. We opted for high backed sofas, none of that scatter cushion rubbish, and a taupe colour. We took advantage of the three-year interest free credit which seems to be available all the time. This is well worth it. Our sofas were already, apparently, halved in price. For the two it cost £950. They are very curvey and of an art deco design, and recently I have seen the exact same design in John Lewis at triple the price!!!! Everybody who comes round, including snobs, agree that they "don't look as though they are from DFS"; so you can imagine their surprise when we tell them. Anyway, the delivery was good. They estimated six-weeks but I think they were ready in about five. The scatter cushions which came with the sofa were ick (in my taste) so I bought some nice ones from John Lewis and they look fab. A year on. They have withstood our two kittens. They seem to scratch them but no marks appear! They have maintained their shape well and there are no stains. I give the sporadic vacuum and turn the cushions round every few months and they look good as new. I think DFS have most certainly improved their act. I can only account for my experience, but I would suggest you choose well and carefully. Something which looks nice might not be so durable or comfortable. If the fabric looks flimsy then it probably is.

Burmese 02/03/2007

My Alfie and Coco

Burmese I had been on at my partner to get me a kitten for, oh, six months. Finally he caved!!! My powers of persuasion are second to none. So I searched the local newspaper, really only looking to spend 50 or so pounds. I rang a lady, about moggies, and she told me that a white and ginger one was available and I arranged to see her the next day. LIES! She had some type of brown tortie thing. I couldn't accept it on principle because I felt I had been duped. So I got onto the internet (at the time we really wanted a ginger / white kitten of any breed - don't ask why) and I went onto and I found these little (what I called ginger at the time) kittens. They were burmese. I knew nothing about cats but they were £200 each. I rang the lady and she said she had 'red' burmese kittens which were 17 weeks' old. They were usually £400 but she had had an unexplainable slump. We bought all the necessary equipment and drove down to Oxfordshire, around 45 minutes. She got the kittens out and they were running manicly across the room. They seemed mad. She told us that they were like 'dog-cats'. We were thrilled because we always had wanted a dog but without the commitment. So I chose a little one. I don't know why, I know the sites say you should choose the biggest. He was gorgeous, like a little cream goblin with a red stripe down his back. We eventually named him Alfie. We fell in love with our little tiger. He miowed all the way home. He loves to play games and does ...
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