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Oral Fixation Vol.2 - Shakira 19/07/2009

Oral Fixation Vol II

Oral Fixation Vol.2 - Shakira Six or eight month after the presentation of "Fijacion Oral Vol I", that I explain on a another opinion when this whole album are on Spanish language she presented the second Volume "Oral Fixation Vol II" when the whole album was recorded in English language, that was presented on the Time Square at New York as I remember singing "Don't Bother" feat the Mexican American guitarist Carlos Santana probably I think successful of "La tortura" feat. Alejandro Sanz (This song was the Fijacion Oral Vol I single presentation) at Lima's radios. A month after it this album was presented with this song and another 10 songs that on my own idea the quality of it are the same of Fijacion Oral so it is more or less where one or two songs of this album is an English translation of two song of Fijacion Oral como "Un Dia Espacial" in English (The Day and the Time). On this album has the featuring of Carlos Santana and Gustavo Cerati ( a principal guitarist of Eighties Argentinian Rock Group Soda Stereo). This album aren't sounded so much in Lima's radios than "Fijacion Oral Vol II" on my own, perhaps the foreign language and the same music style as Fijacion Oral. This album contains this song: 1-How do you do 2-Don't Bother 3-Illrgal 4-The day and the time 5-Animal City 6-Dreams for plans 7-Hey you 8- Your embarace 9- Costume makes the crown 10 Something (It is not the Beatles' song) 11-Timor ---------- This album has another reedit where she add another song " Hips don't ...

Everything that starts with P ... 15/07/2009

On a Peruvian National Day (Something of my country)

Everything that starts with P ... On the Peruvian National Day that is on July 28th we remember the day of Peru's Independence Day from Spain as the history book says when the Libertator Jose de San Martin declared the independence because the people like it and it is the cause that God defend, that was proclamed in three place of the Doentown Lima. Beging the Peruvian republican's times, but on the Mountains at this time there were some Spanish people that 3 years after the Venezuelan Libertator Simon Bolivar ejected then winning the Junin and Ayacucho battles (Both of then in 1824) but this a part of another chapter of the Peruvian History. Returning to Saturday ,July 28th 1821, On the night Jose de San Martin organized pagent for electting a song for a Peruvian National Anthem so 6 songs were presented and the last of them is the today's Peruvian National Anthem, that today is heard and sung on official celebrations for example. On this night and the first hour of July 29th there were many parties celebrating the independence, on the morning there were a Mass and a "Te Deum" (a song on latin language giving thanks to God a biggest event). On the next years the celebration have many changes so On July 28th:On the mormimg there is a mass and a Te Deum catholic ceremony when the President and many Congress and ministers are on it at the noon more or less The Peruvian President of the Republic give a message from the Peruvian Congress talking about what he did on a year and many politics things and On July ...

Fijacion Oral Vol.1 (+DVD) - Shakira 12/07/2009

Fijacion Oral Vol I

Fijacion Oral Vol.1 (+DVD) - Shakira After the recording of Laundry Service where are "Whenever, Whenever" or in Spanish "Suerte, Suerte" for example and Laundry, Shakira decided recording an album with some compositions that she had from her teenager years so some producers suggested her she must be recorded two albums, one of them in Spanish (Fijacion Oral Volumen I) and the other one in English (Oral Fixatuin Volume II). In this opinion I only talk about the Spanish album or the "Fijación Oral Volumen I" that was presented by the single "La tortura" (The torture) feat. with Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz. About this album it is a good song like rock music that is on its lyrics a woman trying to scape of a man love or something like it that being a torture. This single song was sounded like a month or two on the radios on my case in Lima's radio before this album presentation. ---------- About the album it contains this song: 1-En tus pupilas 2- La pared (The wall) It is a good music like a rock only I don't like Shakira's voice because she is trying to force on the higer notes and probably if someone will sing this song she willbe able sing better 3-La tortura (I told you lines up) 4-Obterner un si- This song is like a ballad, could be like her carreer's song as "Pies Descalzos" ' songs that probably if you've heard "Laudry Service" don't like or don't like it so much 5- Dia Espacial (Just another day on Oral Fixation Vol II) - This song feat. the Argentinan Singer and The argentinian group "Soda ...

Chronicle of a Death Foretold - Gabriel Garcia Marquez 11/07/2009

Chonocle of a Death Foretold

Chronicle of a Death Foretold - Gabriel Garcia Marquez Chonicle of a Death Foretold or "Crónica de una muerte anunciada" in Spanish and original language, is short novel of 6 or 7 chapter that Gercia Marquez wrote about a death recreation so the begging of the story is the death of Santiago Nasar at the 5:30 so the first chaater of the book describe the Santiago Nasar's life last hour. The next chapter describes about the police reserching and the judgenment so It describes what does each people of this storry did before the Santiago Masar's death, so when you read it you discover who was the killer. This book is interesting because you turn on another police or a judge of it and take some conclusion of it and know who was the killer and something else, this book is like some witness in a jugde. About this book after reading you take some conclusion and take a verdict of this case. -------------- About the Garcia Marquez redaction is good and interesting and if you read on Spanish there's know new Spanish word because on this book Garcia Marquez wtote word that it doesn't use on Spanish language on a common life, I don't know how is about English redaction. If you read it you probably can't leave reading so it is a good book that I recommend you if you like novels as Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes Adventure or Agatha Christie's books for example of this kind of books ---------- About the writer I think that he is one of the best writers I've read because it describes on another books the diffrent Macondo's story as I ...

One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez 08/07/2009

A hundred years of solitude

One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez A hundred years of solitude or in spanish "Cien Años de Soledad" is for the best book I've ever read because the story that Gabriel Garcia Marquez is about a family The Buendias on the city named Macondo, that it seems a tipical jungle cities in Colombia when Garcia Marquez was born and lived his years of life. On the Macondo's description on the first lines of this book he describes Aracataca (the city where Garcia Marquez was born). About the story it talks about Macondo's foundation and its first people living there: The Buendias in 4th generation where the Buendia family's names are reapiting as Jose Arcadio, Aureliano so Don Jose Arcadio Buendia is the father or Jose Arcadio Buendia and he is the father of Jose Arcadio, Aureliano, etc, etc being a little confuse understanding it. The future of The Buendia is writing on some papers writting by Melquiades, gipsy who comes each to Macondo for knowing the last inventions that is written in a foreign language, so some Buendia's members are trying to read those papers, being and at the final those papers are completed reading. On this book it explain about Macondo's foundation, the Colonel Aureliano Buendia's revolution and the Ursula's (the Jose Arcadio Buendia's wife) death and many another things that I don't remember exactly. Beside of it there are part of the argument of this book that are on others Gabriel Garcia Marquez's book as "The Bad Hour" , The Mama Grande's funeral", "The litter", "Colonel has no who type ...

Everything that starts with S ... 07/07/2009

Something about Spanish

Everything that starts with S ... Bause I wrote on my first opinion that my mathernal language is Spanish I try to talk about this 2nd european language speaking in the world (the first you know is English) because it us speaking in Spain. in Latin America except Brazil and Equatorial Guinea officially, and 3rd web page language. I define my language that have the same letter characterized by the letter "ñ" (I hope it can see on this opinion, if it is not I describe it, it is the letter "n" with a line upside this letter) with a dificult grammar because if the verb combines because it depends of the the time and the pronun perhaps like Verb To Be in English, on any verb. About the verb to "be" meanning in Spanish have two meaning "ser" and "estar", so you like "Estar" if you talk who you are for example "I am a student" (Yo soy un estudiante) and "estar" if you talk where you are for example " I am in London" (Yo estoy en Londres). About the verb "to have" in English have two means as "tener" if you talk "I have a dog" (Yo tengo un perro) and "haber" if you talk "I had been" (Yo he sido) About the Spanish verbs on onfinite form have an "ar", "er" or "ir" ending as "poder" (to can) or "dormir" (to sleep) , and there's no two or three word verbs as "get back" in English. There's no verb as auxiliar verb like "do" in English that use on Question or Negative form using directly the verb as "Yo no tengo un perro" (I don't have a dog) or "¿Tienes un perro? (Do you have a dog?) About the another verb the noun ...

Lima 01/07/2009


Lima "Something of Lima's history" Talking about Lima, The Peru's goverment hometown, is talking about muy own city that are on the Peru's West Centre in the Coast near the Pacific Ocean that was founded on January 18th, 1535 by the Spanish Francisco Pizarro near the Pachacamac Valley on the Incas time being the Today's Lima's downtown named "Damero de Pizarro" (Pizarro's Chess' field) because its forms seems as Chess' field near the Rimac River (this river born on the Andes going to the Pacific Ocean passing by Lima) having a "Plaza de Armas" (major place) that are near the river on the Lima's downtown west and not on the centre as the King Charles V said on his Real Laws, being the Peru's "power centre", because on the west are the goverment palace, where the actual Peru's President lives and before the Spanish governator, on its right side is the Lima's City Mayor Palace and on its front are the Catholic Cathedral. Outside of this place lived another Spanish conquerors who came with Pizarro from the today Panama named "Los trece del gallo" (In english means the 13 men of Gallo Island) and some catholics congregations founded their own churches as La Merced or San Francisco churches. Because Lima suffered Pirates attacks, Lima was locked by a wall for its defense on this first days. At the midlle of the XVII century Lima was its first demographic growth to the today Rimac distric when having some architure spanish conquest building as "Alameda de Los Descalzos" or Plaza de ...

Michael Jackson 28/06/2009

Remembering Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson I see like a lie that this man that we know singing first as a Jacksons Five's Mamber ( Michael Jackson and his brothers and sister musical group) at the end of the sixties and begging and after that like a solist as a singer and a dancer have dead when at 14:00 Pacific Time or 17:00 Easterm Time US times or 22:00 BST he entered to a Los Angeles Hospital because he can breathe being the reason that he had dead but the medical autopsy will tell more about it . Now on a conner of a Hall of fame with a flowers and a candle and record we remember his song first his first song as "I'll be there" that is probably the best song of Michael Jackson at Jackson five group when he were 13 years old and another soul song of this era. At the seventies ending he sang as a solist singer and as a dancer "Don't Stop 'Til You get Enough" that is the first video music that I saw at 1978, but for me and perhaps you too, the best Michael Jackson's time was at the begging of the eighties with as "Billy Jean", "Beat it" and "Thriller" (it has the longest videomusic: 14 minutes), "Wanna be startin' smoethin" , "The girl is mine (in a due with Paul Mc Cartney, that those songs are in a Thriller Album. And his more recenly songs at the end of eighties and begging of the nighties with song that on my own opinion is not good, as "Bad", "Black or White". As a dancer specially on "Thriller" videomusic with a good choreography with the "monsters" and in a concert a moon walker dance that is like a short ...

Everything About me 26/06/2009

About me

Everything About me On this my first opinion, here in CIAO UK practising English and sorry there are words that you don't undertand of it because pratically I write in American English so I present myself, so I am Daniel Guibu from Lima, Peru with an age of 38 years, so I was born in Lima in 1971, neing a Japanese decendent because my 4 grandparents were Japanese About my studies so I study church school since 1977 to 1982 at San Norberto School and high school or secundary school at Nuestra Senora de la Merced School ( Our Lady or La Merced means in English) and Economy at Ricardo Palma University since April 1988 to June 1995, being a Economy's bachelor but I am not a economist because I didn't do my title's work. About my mathermal language I speak Spanish and I learned English as an American and British form but I'd rather write as American English, but speak like a British and Americans pronuntion,and I leaned Japanese or nihongo (Japanese name or Japanese language) that have an easy grammar but a difficult writting because they use a sillabary and the Chinese letter, where each is a word being ideograms. About my CIAO nick "heisei" it is the actual Japanese era (each Japanese era is time of the emperator living, so this heisei era finish when the actual emperator died)., this year 2009 is the 21st year of this era ------------ I hope I will have a good time here on CIAO. ---------- Sorry if you don't understand me because English is not my mathernal language as I said lines up ...
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