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Amazon Fire HD 7 16GB 15/01/2015

My New Toy!

Amazon Fire HD 7 16GB **Amazon fire tablet HD 7** = I received this Amazon fire tablet from my grandparents for Christmas. I didn't know they were buying it for me as they had asked me to order it for them and said it was for them. I was a bit confused as they aren't fans of technology or anything small but as it was such a high priced item, I definitely didn't expect it to be a gift for me. When it was purchased mid December, my grandparents paid £109 for it through It was on special offer where the 8gb was £99 but they decided to buy one with higher memory. It is now available on Amazon for £139 the 16gb like this or £119 for 8gb. (Prices correct as of 15/01/15) The Amazon tablet is powered by Android and has lots of different features to use. I find that it is just like having a big smart phone without the ability to make phone calls. I have an Iphone so I am used to using IOS software but it was very easy to adapt to using this tablet as they are very similar in how the work. If you get stuck there is always on-line help to show you how to use it or even it's own help section where you can find the answers to your queries. **what does it look like?** The tablet screen is 7 inches and is surrounded by a black outer frame. The back is also black but can be bought in a variety of colours. It is matte so isn't slippy to hold. It has the word Amazon embossed on the back too and it looks very smart and good quality. The tablet features two cameras, one on the front in the middle ...

Whitworths Sunny Raisin Yoghurt Coated Raisins 13/01/2015

Yummy yoghurt coated raisins

Whitworths Sunny Raisin Yoghurt Coated Raisins **Whitworths Sunny Yoghurt coated raisins** = As a parent, I'm always trying to find healthier snacks for my daughter rather than offering chocolate and sweets as an afternoon/midmorning snack. She eats a lot of fruit but this can get a bit boring for her so I tried looking down the dried fruit aisle. In the past we've tried out things like dried apricots, raisins and nut mixes but when I bought these yoghurt coated raisins, Hollie really enjoyed them. I used to live in the town where the Whitworths factory was so know quite a few people who have worked there and packed these sort of items. After buying these, my partner went to work with a pack and he also really enjoyed them. A workmate of his mentioned that her father worked there and they had a cupboard full of them. The next day she bought in a carrier bag full for us all to enjoy. Whitworths have a range of different coated and uncoated raisin snack bags including this yoghurt variety, chocolate coated and a mix of white and milk chocolate raisins. We have tried all three and much prefer the yoghurt ones out of them all. I wouldn't say these are any healthier than most snack products but knowing it's fruit and they aren't eaten every day make me feel less guilty about what I'm feeding my family. **How they look and taste** These bags are 25g grammes and are just enough to satisfy a child until their next meal or even as pudding after a meal. They have a decent amount of yoghurt coating on them so they look quite ...

Rubie's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kids Costume 09/01/2015

my very own little ninja turtle

Rubie's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kids Costume **Rubies TMNT kids costume** Hollie got this costume as a gift for Christmas and was absolutely over the moon with it. I was also very pleasantly surprised with it as my friend had asked me what she wanted and I told her this would be a good present. I'd seen some teenage mutant ninja turtle dressing up costumes in Asda and told her she'd maybe like those but to be a blue one. When Hollie opened her present, I noticed it was different to the one we had found in Asda but this one was so much better! The costume itself is made from polyester and stretches well. It's very easy to put on but your child may need some help as it has velcro at the back and the shell is detachable so they will need that putting on too. Obviously this is stated as a "boys" costume but Hollie likes more boys toys and boys TV programmes than she does girly things. It is an all in one costume so it's comfortable for children to be running around and role playing in. The main colour of the costume is green with brown detailing and arm and knee pads, the shell is brown with a printed on belt around the waist and shoulder like the teenage mutant ninja turtles have. It had a very good likeness and you straight away know that they are dressed as a TMNT character. The best part of the costume is that is comes with 4 masks so you can pick and choose which character you are going to be whilst dressed up. I thought this was such a brilliant idea as it means Hollie doesn't have to just be one character. The ...

Hasbro My Little Pony Crystal Kingdom Figure Pack 08/01/2015

My little pony figures

Hasbro My Little Pony Crystal Kingdom Figure Pack **My Little Pony Crystal Kingdom Figure Pack** = Hollie was bought these by her nan for her birthday April 2014. Hollie loves small figure and small toys to put into her pockets or carry around with her so this was a lovely present for her to receive. Hollie will often bring something to school in her book bag so she has something to play with on her walk home. Her favourite of all the character from My Little Pony is Rainbow Dash as she is the blue one. Hollie has another set of these small My Little Pony characters but they are more like the ponies on the TV than these ones. This set has the ponies in all one colour whereas on the TV programme and other figures you can buy, the characters have different coloured hair to their bodies. They do however have their own little symbol on their bums like the characters do which is a symbol corresponding to their name. For example, Rainbow Dash has a rainbow symbol and Fluttershy has butterflies. The newer my little pony that airs on the TV is much different to what I watched as a child and the figures you can get now are far more superior and look much nicer than what I had. Hollie really enjoys the programme so it's nice than she can recognise the character figures and knows all of their names. The figures themselves are made from plastic and are very sturdy and solid. They are quite small so perfect for fitting into pockets. The figures have a glittery covering but the glitter doesn't come off so must be encased in more ...

Ravensburger Despicable Me Puzzle 07/01/2015

minion madness

Ravensburger Despicable Me Puzzle **Ravensburger Despicable me puzzle** = This puzzle was bought for my daughter Hollie for Christmas by my dad when we were shopping in B&M bargains one Sunday in October. I can't remember the exact price he paid for it but I think it was around £2.99. It is much more expensive to buy on-line but it is definitely worth it. The box states on the back that it isn't suitable for under 3 year olds and that the suggested age is for 6 year olds and upwards. Hollie is very good at puzzles so I knew this one would be a good choice as it looks difficult with all the eyes and yellow in the puzzle. To make it slightly easier, this puzzle has the photo on the box like most do so if you get stuck you can refer to the picture and see what goes where. There are a total of 80 pieces in the box for you to put together and it is a brilliant puzzle to keep children occupied for at least an hour. Ravensburger do a large assortment of puzzles and looking on their website I can see they do a large range of Disney and other well known character puzzles. I have seen frozen puzzles in Home Bargains but my daughter is some what of a tom boy and prefers the more boyish puzzles and toys. Hollie has completed the puzzle fully and has it set up on the kitchen table for when she feels like she wants to pick it up again. I much prefer that this puzzle is that bit more difficult because it means it's something that will take a bit longer and isn't too easy for her not to want to complete it again. I have ...

Marvel Spider-Man Pop Up Tent with Sleeping Bag 05/01/2015

Best Christmas Present we've bought

Marvel Spider-Man Pop Up Tent with Sleeping Bag **spider man pop up tent** = My daughter Hollie absolutely loves Spider-man and when I spotted this tent and sleeping bag in Home Bargains for £9.99 I just knew that it would be just the perfect present for her. On the box it states it is for children 2 and upwards so at first I was slightly dubious to whether it was suitable because Hollie is 5 almost 6 so I decided I would take it home, try it out and look at the size and return it if it was no good. I opened the box to find two bags inside. One containing a rolled up sleeping bag and the other in a circle shape with a zip, contained the tent. To open the tent it just needs opening out and it pops up very easily without the need to do anything but help fold it out. The tent has 4 sides and a mesh netted top so I can peek in and keep an eye on what she is up to in there. On one side it has a Spider-man motif, on the other it is just plain red and on the front there is a 'door' which rolls up and has a tie tabs to keep the door open or you can have it down and Velcro it shut so the child has some privacy for their secret camping adventures! It also has a bottom on which would be ok to sit of grass or pavement depending on your own judgement but I think we shall be keeping this tent as an indoor toy just to play with in the living room so it doesn't get ruined outside. **What it get used it for** = We live in quite a large house yet the living room isn't very big at all and at the moment we only have a 2 seater sofa. This ...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Shell Donatello 04/01/2015

TMNT Donatello figure

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Shell Donatello **Donatello Ninja turtle figure** I bought this figure for Hollie for Christmas from Home Bargains for only £4.99. They only stocked Donatello as I know Hollie would have preferred Leonardo as he is blue but I bought her Donatello any way. When she opened it on Christmas day she was over the moon with it because she had also received a dressing up costume to dress as a ninja turtle. The teenage mutant ninja turtle came boxed up with the figure visible through the packaging and you could see it came with a few accessories to make playing with it a bit more fun. It comes with a stick which can be placed into his hand, some nun chucks and some throwing stars. The figure is approximately 4 inches tall and it's shell opens for storing the battle accessories. He is green like a turtle with a brown shell and other brown features. As this is Donatello, he has a purple mask around his eyes which is made from the same plastic as the figure. **Playing with the figure** = The Donatello figure has movable limbs so you can put him into lots of different positions to make the play time much more fun. You can store the weapons in the shell so they don't get lost as they aren't very big at all and would easily be misplaced. Hollie likes to dress us as a ninja turtle whilst she's playing with this as she can then pretend that Donatello is her sidekick and she's a ninja turtle too. The figure is very sturdy and looks well made unlike some figurines and looks like it will be able to endure ...

Morrisons Meat Free Mince 22/12/2014

The options are endless

Morrisons Meat Free Mince **Meat Free Mince** Over the years I've tried different brands of meat free mince and I think I've found my favourite brand. Tesco recently changed theirs and it is chewy and doesn't taste of anything much so I stopped buying it from there. Quorn's mince is too fine and just gets lost in any sauce that I use as it sort of disintegrates. This morrisons vegetarian meat free mince is perfect. It is much bigger pieces and cooks really well. The unfortunate thing about vegetarian mince is that you can't mould it into meatballs or burgers as it doesn't have any fat on it like meat mince does to help it cling together. My whole family really enjoys eating vegetarian mince as they find it much easier to eat and it isn't swimming in fat when it's cooking like meat since does. I try to encourage friends and other family members to try using meat free mince when they can just to try it to see if they find it much better. Obviously it has a completely different texture and taste but it is pleasant and much better for you! **What's it made from?** = Most vegetarian foods are made with rehydrated soya proteins like this is mince product is. The difference between meat free mince and beef mince in nutrition content is: Meat free per 100g: 200 calories 7.5g Fat Beef Mince per 100g: 253 calories 19.8g Fat Meat free mince is a healthier alternative which would be a great idea to just swap into your diet now and again when you're cooking something that requires mince. It doesn't have to ...

Tesco Vegetarian Hot Dog Sausages 22/12/2014

Meat free Hot dogs

Tesco Vegetarian Hot Dog Sausages **Meat free Hot Dogs** = I've been a vegetarian for 13 years now fully after years of barely eating meat as a child. I have never liked the texture of meat and much prefer the texture of these products. Over the years more and more vegetarian products have come into the shops and it has been a real blessing as I can enjoy the same meals as everyone else can but using meat free versions. These hot dogs from Tesco come in a pack of 9 now and are always on offer for 2 for £3 which you can mix and match with the rest of their range. As a family of 3, We don't often have hot dogs but when we do, I buy meat ones for my partner and daughter and I have these vegetarian hot dogs. As they are frozen they need cooking a little longer than ordinary hot dogs do so if you are planning to cook both, you need to have these ones boiling in the pan for around 2 minutes before putting the meat ones in their pan. They look and smell just like ordinary meat hot dogs do but have a different taste. My partner has tried my vegetarian ones and said that they aren't as salty and are must softer inside than meat ones are. In the picture I've added you can see the difference in colour compared to meat ones, they are much lighter in colour and only come in the smaller size. Some packets I've had in the past have been different colours which is very strange, sometimes they are darker in colour and other times they are very light. I've also had problem with cooking them where weird bubbles create on ...

Bodum 8 Cup Cafetiere 11/12/2014

The perfect cup of coffee

Bodum 8 Cup Cafetiere **Bodum 8 cup Cafetiere** I have had my Bodum cafetiere for over a year now and I absolutely love it. I have also have a standard coffee machine which is now sat in the cupboard gathering dust because I much prefer to use this. I have the stainless steel version on this 1L 8 cup bodum which cleans up very nicely after each use. I love drinking fresh coffee and often found the coffee machine to be a waste of coffee as I was only drinking 2-3 cups worth and the hot plate that was meant to keep it warm was rubbish and I was forever topping up with luke warm coffee. The cafetiere comes in apart 3 pieces for easy cleaning after use. The glass jug comes out of the handle holder and then the plunger and lid comes out of the glass. I am reviewing the 1L 8 cup cafetiere which is one of a few different sizes available. **Making coffee** A cafetiere takes fresh ground coffee which you can buy in all major supermarkets. I use Taylors lazy sunday coffee at current which is a lovely medium coffee. To make up 8 cups, you need to start off by taking the lid/plunger out of the glass jug and spoon 8 teaspoons of coffee into the bottom. If I am at home alone, I usually spoon 3-4 teaspoons in and make up half a jug full which gets me 2 mugs of coffee. If you also drink from mugs rather than small teacups/coffee cups then you will need to know that this bodum will not make 8 mugs worth of coffee. It will make just a fraction over 4 mugs worth. Once you have put the coffee in, boil the ...

Phillips LED Candle E14 Bulb 10/11/2014

Perfect lighting to save the pennies

Phillips LED Candle E14 Bulb Philips LED Candle E14 Bulb: Ever since I moved into this home July 2013, I've tried my hardest to get our utility bills right down by using all different types of money saving ways to change the way our house uses energy. I was scrolling through pages of different ideas to save cash when I came across LED bulbs and how better they are for your Energy use. LED bulbs are even better than energy saving bulbs but they are more expensive than the average bulbs are. I bought mine on offer in Wilko a few months ago at £2.79 along with a few other types of bulbs to go in my kitchen. The candle E14 bulbs are usually for lamps but also go into different ceiling/wall light fittings. We need these type of bulbs in our dining and living room ceiling fittings and each needs 5 bulbs. We decided to only use 3 in each as the light would be too bright with all 5. We mainly wanted this bulb for the lamps we have in our home. We use the lamp in our living room in the evenings instead of the main lights, my daughter uses her lamp in her bedroom in the evenings and we also have one in our bedroom. Why LED bulbs will save you money?: LED bulbs are great to save you money on your energy bills and they save you at least 80% energy than a standard bulb. They have the lifespan of up to 15 years so the initial price of the bulbs may seem a lot but you'd end up replacing quite a few bulbs in that time so the price also works out cheaper that way too. I find the colour of the light to be much ...

UniBond Go Seal 31/10/2014

Tricky to get it right!

UniBond Go Seal **Unibond Go Seal** = Wondering down the aisles in Wilko's, I was searching for a silicone sealant to use in the kitchen and bathroom to replace the existing sealants we had that were going discoloured in slightly black in the kitchen. My partner spotted this UniBond Go seal which has a nozzle on which meant it would make our lives easier and we wouldn't need anything extra to apply it with. Knowing UniBond is a good brand, we decided to go for this. It was £5.95 for a 100ml bottle with 20% off at the time. I started preparing the area by getting rid of the old sealant in the kitchen that goes around the oven hob. This UniBond sealant looked great because the nozzle has a cap on to keep it from drying out or going everywhere, a switch to open and close inside the can and you can change how much comes out at a time by using the "minimum-maximum" lever. It also has a button on the front to push in when you are applying the sealant. You are instructed to hold the can at a 180 degree angle when applying so I went ahead and did this. I started down one side and too much sealant came out of the can so I wiped it off (which was no easy feat! lots of kitchen roll and degreasing spray used) and started again. This time it was uneven and looked a mess so I tried to use my finger to smooth it out. The instructions on the can didn't mention how you do this part so using my finger seemed like the right thing to do. What a mess that made! So after scrubbing it again and cleaning my ...

Comfort Creations Fabric Conditioner 07/09/2014

Longer lasting scent**

Comfort Creations Fabric Conditioner Comfort Creation I purchased this fabric conditioner in with an on-line Tesco order so I didn't get to have a test of the smell in-store before buying. I bought it along side a value conditioner in case the value one wasn't great quality. I paid £2 for a bottle containing 1.16L 33 washes worth. I really didn't know what to expect as Honeysuckle and Sandalwood as a fragrance, as I'd never bought anything previously with these two scents but I know comfort are great and coordinating and matching different scents. How does it smell? When buying conditioner, I usually go for a "fresh linen" type of scent but I was pleasantly surprised with this conditioner and how it has such a long lasting fresh smell. When I first opened it, it was quite a strong sweet smell as it's double concentrated, it almost blew my socks off with how sweet it was. I worried it might be too sickly to smell on my clothes or clash with any perfumes I would wear. So I decided to give it a go and get my bedding washed first and get it hung out in the beautiful sunny weather we had that day for it to dry quickly. I used the recommended amount for my wash load and the colour of the liquid was a lovely light yellow verging into gold. I popped it into the machine with a bio washing liquid and put it on. Nearer to the end of the washing cycle, the smell of the fabric conditioner could be smelt through the house. It smelt so soft and not sickly like it does when I had the first smell from the bottle. The ...

Wilko Single Stem Orchid in Aqua 08/04/2014

Wilko faux flower Orchid

Wilko Single Stem Orchid in Aqua ****What did I buy?**** = I love to decorate my home with lots of different things and have lots of decorative items for people to look at and enjoy. I have a welsh dresser full of lovely bits and bobs I've found in charity shops and things I've acquired over the years. I have loads of trinkets, candles, crockery items and things that mean a lot to me and then I have things to brighten up the room and make it feel like home. I posted a review about another fake flower I had bought and photographed it along with an Orchid that I had also purchased. This flower is beautiful and comes in such lovely colours. Since I bought this, the design has changed slightly to a newer Orchid with just one stem. The one I bought had 3 stems of orchids in which I could bend and shape to arrange it well in the vase. I have recently been to Wilko to check out the newer version of this and it is exactly the same flower shape and colour but has less Orchid flowers on. The stem is made from plastic and has a metal rod inside which you can bend to position the flowers however you need them placed. ****Does it look good?**** This Orchid is made from a plastic fabric which has been cut into lovely petals and has a plastic centre and stem. You can cut the stem to your desired length with some wire cutters or I used some pliers to cut it off. This flower would need to be paired with either more Orchids or other fake flowers to give it some bulk. You will notice this when looking at them in the store ...

The Amazing Spider-Man Hero FX Chest Light 24/02/2014

Mummy, I'm Spider-man!

The Amazing Spider-Man Hero FX Chest Light ****The Amazing Spider-man Hero FX chest light**** = I bought this for Hollie from Morrisons on a bargain reductions shelf a month or so before Christmas. I paid £1.98 for this as it was half price down from being £3.99. I wasn't sure what to expect with it but as Hollie loves Spider-man, I bought it anyway. The packaging has a hole cut out of the front for me to be able to test it out before I bought it. Upon pressing it, it made a noise which was to sound like a web being thrown. Also when pressing it, it lights up red which I thought meant it was well worth the money I was about to pay. The chest light takes 2 AAA batteries and I was really pleased it came with batteries so I had that opportunity to try it out first. It's been used a lot already and the supplied batteries are still going strong and I haven't needed to replace them just yet. To wear this chest light, you need to be wearing a t-shirt of some sort which isn't too thick. You take the back off of the light and put this inside your top and the light on the outside. You need to match them up then click the back onto the light. Your top should be fine clipped inside this. When taking it off, I did find it kept the shape of the light on the top and Hollie needed to change her top as it looked rather silly but it didn't ruin it. I hung it up and let the creases come out and it was fine or giving it a wash gets rid of it too. The chest light makes a selection of different noises but they all revolve around the ...
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