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since 29/03/2004


IMate JAM GSM/GPRS Pocket PC 22/02/2005

The amazing i-mate JAM

Oil of Olay Daily Facials 15/07/2004

Oh, I love Olay.

HP iPAQ Pocket PC H4150 13/07/2004

Can't live without it!

Boots No.7 Intelligent Colour Foundation 04/06/2004

Freaky Feel but Flawless Finish

Boots No.7 Intelligent Colour Foundation First let me give you the facts: Cost The product costs £12 for 40ml. Not cheap by any means but well worth it. The value for money comes from the minimal quantity of product you actual need. I have had by latest supply for 5 months now and I use it every day. To get a better price: don’t forget Boots offers – at the moment there is spend £15 and get 500 points, also there is a voucher for a half price foundation in this months advantage card magazine. If you miss out on these offers there are also 2 for 3’s to look out for…………. Packaging Outer packed in a black box with gold lettering. Inside is a black flat tube with gold lettering with a wide black lid. Looks OK, not great but practical, the slim tube makes it easy to slip into yur makeup bag or box. The product: Colour: It comes in only 3 colours (Light, Medium, Dark) so makes choosing the right shade easy. For fair or medium white skin – use light. And don’t worry about colour matching – it will tone in with your natural colour. When first dispensing form the tube is looks dark but don’t worry, on application and spreading the colour adapts and gives a sheer natural effect. The only way to convince you it works is to try it – the women on No 7 counters are normally very helpful. Ask to try some on and check it out for yourself. The benefits of this colour adapting properties make this product such a good buy – this will work on your pale winter skin and when you have a tan in the summer. Also it ...

BeneFit High Beam 30/05/2004

Beamingly beautiful.

BeneFit High Beam Benefit is an expensive but effective make-up brand, they are US based and retail through some UK department stores, larger Boots and as well as online. They are well known for innovative, multifunctional make-up products. My advise it: ‘If you can afford it – it is well worth the investment.’ High Beam is Benefit’s ‘luminescent complexion enhancer.’ Price: £15 (or there abouts) – watch out for offers in Boots (at the moment they have buy 2 Benefit products and get 500 points (that’s £5) – also you can get a bit of discount buying online – ebay has it for about £12. The pack size is 13ml. Packaging: Nothing special. It comes in a pale pink box and the product is in a small durable and robust glass bottle, like nail varnish. Attractive and simple. The bottle is made out of clear glass through which you can see the pale pink iridescent liquid that is High Beam. The lid is white and holds the application brush – again like a nail varnish. Application: You dot the product on your face – where ever you want to highlight. I go for the top of my cheek bone (under the outer part of my eye) and along the top of my brow bone – just under my eye brows. Then gentle dab and blend. It si very easy to use. Wow - the effect is gorgeous. The result: Shimmery (not OTT glitter or shiny). Pearly and luminous – just as if you are illuminated by candlelight. My brows appear lifted and my eyes wider and brighter. Also my cheekbones look very well defined. I ...

Wilkinson Sword Intuition 30/05/2004

Womens Intuition

Wilkinson Sword Intuition This is a brilliant new product: Cost: The price for this product is £4.99 (from Superdrug and similarly priced in other supermarkets and chemists) – this is for the ‘starter pack’ which includes the Intuition razor with one blade already attached and a spare blade. Replacement blades work out at about £2 each – they come is packs of 3 and 6. Now this may seem a bit expensive compared to other razors but this price includes the foam – from my calculations this works out really good value. Especially considering how long this razor lasts………………. The razor:: It is blue and white in colour with a large easy to grip handle and a wide, large head. In the head is the razor (with the Wilkinson sword triple blade) and the shaving ‘skin conditioning solid’. The solid looks like soap – it is creamy white in colour and hard to the tough, when mixed with water it produces a creamy light lather – this is the magic part. The formulation in the solid is really nice – it is extremely soft and ‘slippery’ which helps the razor glide over you legs. It contains aloe – which is great for soothing damaged skin and shea butter – the rich, moisturizing natural ingredient that gives the solid its special properties. How does it work? The blades sits inside the solid block, slight sunken down into the block. The block is supported by a spring mechanism. When you press the razor down onto your leg, the solid moves down exposing the blade. As you move the razor along your leg the ...

Laboratoires Garnier Fructis 01/04/2004

New and improved and so much better

Riemann P20 P20 Sun Filter High Protection 01/04/2004

A consumer and an 'experts' point of view

Toyota Yaris 1.0 30/03/2004

I'm loving it. 30/03/2004

Bad experience with

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