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Acoustic Solutions DVD-222 07/02/2007

MY camping In The Bad Weather Life Saver

Acoustic Solutions DVD-222 Having been camping on a number of occasions, and having encountered bad weather on quite a few of those occasions, being stuck in the tent with a toddler, this time would be different I decided! I had checked the weather forcast for the up coming week and it had lots of black clouds, ok there are a few days with white ones and even one with a sun, but you pretty much get my drift! I know you can take the usual books and games but eventually my little boy ( Isaac) gets fed up. I racked my brain for something a different, then it came to me......a portable DVD player, not so he can sit it front of it all day, but just at THOSE times when he really has had enough! Of course I'd left it until the last minute so had to rush to the local Argos on the morning we were going, but hey such is I didn't want to spend a lot so hunted through the book for a bargain and I got one. * The DVD player* It is a Acoustic Solutions DVD 222, Mmm never heard of it either but I'd never heard of the new vodka I tried last week and I loved that, so I decicded to give it a go. The box was white with purple bits and a picture on the front, it had a little carry hangle on the top which was pretty handy, you can even keep it in that untill you can get a case. It was very well packed with everything in it's own little bag in small compartments, no chance of anything getting broken before it is opened. The actual DVD player measures approximately 9" x 7" and it is only 1.5" high ...

Twinlake Leisure Park 07/01/2007

Twin Lakes Great Family Day Out

Twinlake Leisure Park At the very end of the summer holidays we decided to try something a bit different...we had been told about Twin Lakes, an adventure park just in Melton Mowbray,a few weeks before and off we trundled. We pulled up onto the big car park and to be honest couldn't see a thing, we had to search for the entrance, in the rain I might, not off to a good start, I am happy to say it did get better. As you go through the small entrance, they ask you to get your child out of the buggy to measure them, if they are under 92cm's they get in free. Now onto a short back ground of Melton and then onto the park. *BACKGROUND ON MELTON MOWBRAY * A large park situated just through Melton Mowbray In Leicestershire, ( home of the pork pie and famous for Stilton Cheese). It is a lovely little town, though the traffic does get pretty bad at times as we found out! It is 22 miles from East Midlands Airport which is situated to the west, 102 miles from London to the south, and very close to Stamford Oakham and Peterborough. The saying 'painting the town red' origanated from Melton, in the 1800's some young aristocrats went up to Melton for the hunt and got very drunk, and literally painted Melton town centre red. * THE PARK * The park itself is set in 60 acres of country side, so be ready for some walking. Each area has a different name and theme. There are stream's, lake's,tree's and grass all over the park which make's it really nice to walk around. There are also lovely ...

Duplay Clown Bouncy Castle 29/09/2006

Bounce the holidays away

Duplay Clown Bouncy Castle We bought this last year for our then 2 year old son. We decided that it would be great for summer and even winter if he was wrapped up well and the weather was dry. We bought it when a lot of people were buying trampolines, we decided that this was a safer alternative, we had heard so many stories about children that had had bad accidents on trampolines. Also the fact that the bouncy castle can be used from as young as 12 months ( under adult supervision, and not with older children ) and the age limit is 10 years so we though it would be a good investment! It is very bright and cheerful,using 3 main colours, blue, yellow and red. There are clowns on both of the front ' posts ' that are juggling.The front step is red, the base inside is blue and the main part of the castle is yellow. The hole that the kids climb through is surrounded by a clowns face and the hole is where it's mouth would be, the 'door ' has velcro all along it so it can be fastened, but also so that the kids can get out if they want to. There is also a step so that the drop as you get out of the castle is smaller and broken into two stages. Once inside the castle there ia a basket ball hoop that is also attached with velcro, it can be used without or without this. It can be folded down with it still attached. you cannot use a heavy ball in it though just a small light weight one and there isn't one with it. We bought ours from ebay and it cost us £130 plus £30 P&P, we ordered it around 4.30pm on a ...

Everything that starts with T ... 23/08/2006

I've been tagged !!

Everything that starts with T ... Ok where do I start......Mmmm Thank you to glitterfairy for tagging me, after the initial shock and being very touched I have to say, comes blind panic, what do I write and who do I tag? My first tag is *SHOKA* Though I haven't been using Ciao very long I feel I've known Shoka for ages. Always has time to talk, replies to every message in her GB, a friend! I have had a bad week this week 2 deaths close to me and Shoka was, I felt really supportive, a short message in my GB...and I will be popping by for a chat soon...thanks so much! We are both big fans of CSI ( Grissom and H'....Mmm) and also Law and Order,She has just done a PB in a 10k race....brilliant! As you all probably know she's getting married I just want to say good luck and have a great day, enjoy your honeymoon....not long to go now xx Shoka writes brilliant reviews, always interesting to read, love the food ones, even though I always end up sooo hungry when I read My second Tag is............... *EmBe* EmBe was the first member on Ciao to add me to her Trust and I was sooo excited, She is happily married and has a young daughter and is at the moment on maternity leave! She writes some great reviews on varied things...her EmBe revealed in 100 questions was brilliant and it had me giggling out loud, ( braver than me... I haven't tackled one of those yet). I know if I met her we'd get on really well which is great! When she ' talks ' about her little girl you can see how much ...

Laura Biagiotti Laura Biagotti Venezia 08/08/2006

Laura Biagiotti Venezia

Laura Biagiotti Laura Biagotti Venezia I got bought this perfume a few years ago buy my sister, I loved it from day one, it is quite heavy to begin with but it's gorgeous fragrance lingers all day and into the night. I have never found anything that smells like it and I have looked and looked. My bottle started to get low last year and so I began looking to buy more but have now discovered that it is no longer being made, so on the odd occasion you do find a bottle expect to pay for it. It used to retail at about £30 for a 25 mil bottle, at the moment on ebay ( the only place I have found it), it can be anything from £70 upwards for the same size bottle, a rather big increase! It has a nice clean smell hints of fruit and spice, and it also has a slight musky smell to it. If you use it on a night out, it is still quite strong in the morning, but not unpleasantly so. It comes in a gold box, that has a distressed look about it. The very tip of this top is red,the bottles a very unusual shape clear glass with a gold top. ...

Cher Fitness A New Attitude DVD 27/07/2006

Cher's way to fitness

Cher Fitness A New Attitude DVD I bought this year's ago on VHS and did it every other day for a long long time. I then lost interest ( as you do ) and also gained a fair bit of weight ( as you do ), in my defense I did have a baby in the fitness workout lapse! BACKGROUND It was made in 1991( wow it's 15 years old), and to be honest from the outfits you really can tell, but the excercise routines themselves are great and haven't dated a bit. Cher is not the fitness instructer you'll be pleased to know, a lady called Keli Roberts teaches the class's. Keli is one of America's biggest fitness instructers, she went on to make her own step DVD, amongst other things. She is a renowned fitness educator and has done workshops all over the world. She also does master class's in indoor cycling,kickboxing,resistance band training ( the list is endless). She has countless awards for a number of her workshops and some I believe for competing. Keli is also a cerifiied personel trainer and has worked with a lot of big Hollywood names, Kirstie Alley, Russel Crowe,faye Dunaway, to name a few, but it was this first Video with Cher that made her famous, and a household name...more in America. I do have the first video she bought out on her own ' The Ultimate Step Workout' and that's great too! ABOUT THE DVD It starts with the usual warnings about not doing this workouts if you are pregnant or have an unhealthy heart. In between each workout cher explains about the next class you are going to start and their are ...

Santa Fe Fajita + GR12263 19/07/2006

Sizzle the Mexican way

Santa Fe Fajita + GR12263 I was bought this for Christmas, along with the Quesidilla maker ( but that's another It is a burgandy colour with black trim and sizzle area. There is a hot plate that has a glass lid. The measurements are as follows; Handle to handle ( length) 23" / 585mm Hot plate in diameter 10" / 255mm sizzle plate in diameter 10" / 255mm Total width 12" / 305mm Total hight 4.5" / 115mm Depth of sizzle plate 1" / 24mm Depth hot plate 1.5" / 37mm Flex cord 43" / 1000mm This is a great idea if you enjoy cooking Mexican food ( which I do ). It can be moved even when hot as the handles are away from any area that gets hot. It has to be placed relatively close to a plug socket as you can see from the measurements,the flex cord is 43" long, but what we do is put an extension out and use it like this, that way you can position it wherever you want, inside or out, great if you're doing a BBQ. The hot plate holds about 16 tortilla or corn wraps,whichever is your preferance. It is made of stainless steel and has a glass lid with a little air vent to let out the steam. The lid is plastic and black, and quite large so it is easy to take of and off, it doesn't get hot. This whole thing sits in a small circular well that heats up as the sizzle pan does. You can only choose one setting for both, but this seems to work ok as it has to heat up the stainless steel first so it's slower than the sizzle plate unless you are using it with out the pan. When heating the ...

Charlie And Lola Vol.2 (DVD) 13/07/2006

I have this little sister Lola

Charlie And Lola Vol.2 (DVD) Charlie and Lola. is a series made for Children mainly aimed at pre school, but to be honest I think most ages will enjoy it. Series one and two are now out on dvd,my son has both but this review is about two. Charlie and Lola are brother and sister, it's hard to guess their ages as there is never any reference to them at all, but I would imagine Lola to be about 4 and Charlie about 8/9. They live in a small block of flats with their Mum and Dad. Granny and Grandpa live at the seaside and they go to visit ( that episode is on the first dvd though). Charlie is patient ( he needs to be...he he ) and really kind to Lola, he's a real boy though and loves football and hanging out with his best mate Marv. Lola is funny, cute, bossy, likes getting her own way ( sounds like most 3/4 year olds), the two of them together are great. The intro music is great, it's catchy and quirky and kind of tinkly, it has Lola giggling throughout and she really does have an infectious giggle,and Charlie laughing, it'll catch a childs attention straight away....and mine come to that! The start is so bright and colourful, with so much going on. It really is all about a childs imagination. There are planets, that Charlie and Lola jump off and on,butterflies, bugs beetles,it goes on and on. "I have this little sister Lola...she is small and very funny" that's how evey episode starts, Charlie telling the story and then the interaction between brother and sister. Each episode is based on a ...

Aegean Strong Spa 11/07/2006

Strong spa have fun in your garden in the winter

Aegean Strong Spa We bought a Strong tub in January this year, my cousins both have hot tubs and also my sister, so we have a few to compare it too! Most people think that a Hot tub is used more in the summer but infact it's more of a winter thing. In the summer the tubs just too hot....we have ours set around 37 degrees, it can be set as high as 40 degrees but this can be dangerous to some people, causing heart palpitations. In the middle of winter 38 maybe 39 is the highest we have had ours set at. The Aegean Anigua is round and made of extremely thick and durable plastic which also acts as an insulater (it has a 10 year guarentee on the shell). It says it seats 5 to 6 people but infact we have had 8 in ours ( ok it is a bit squashed but it is still comfortable). Each seat has jets...starting from either way in sequence, 1,3,1,9,1,3,1...the master seat which has the 9 jets also has foot jets to massage the feet. The jets can be adjusted to suit different people, for some people they are too powewrful and need to be turned down, others really like it when they are on full. There are a number of options you can choose from, you don't have to sit with the jets on, you can just have the air on which makes tiny bubbles (very calming) it makes the water almost fizz, or you could just sit in the calm quiet water with nothing on at all. It has a light that changes colour, you can choose from 7 colours or let it fade slowly from one colour to the next in sequence. You just ...

Sonicare HX7551/02 10/07/2006

Hello whiter cleaner teeth

Sonicare HX7551/02 I did some market reserach a few months ago to test a new sonicare toothbrush and was given this model toothbrush as a "thank you" is a great toothbrush, the head doesn't just move up and down like a normal electric toothbrush but more vibrates, it's a weird sensation but definatley works! It left my teeth whiter, gums healthier and teeth much cleaner. The denist commented when I went for my 6 month check up on the difference it had made. It removes so much more plaque, I had a problem with my gums bleeding, for a while it got worse with this toothbrush as it is quite powerful but after about a week of using it everyday it settled down. To begin with it's a horrible sensation, it tickles but almost to the point I couldn't bare it but that does stop once you have used it for a few days. You can actually see the plaque and dirt coming from your mouth as you use it. The only down sides are the price to begin with and also the heads have to be replaced every 4 months or so and they are about £25.00 for a pack of two. It is easy to charge and comes with a carry case so you can take it safely with you if you travel anywhere, when fully charged it lasts for about 3 maybe four days at full power then starts to slow down. It has a built in timer that lasts for 2 minutes and encourages you to clean each quarter of your mouth for 30 seconds at a time it also indicates when each 30 seconds is up so you know when to start on the next section. I would recommend it to anyone. ...
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