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Still trying to sort out the electronics, but at least back on line and catching up with some of it. Looking forward to the next big trip. Lx

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since 28/03/2003


The Indian Clerk - David Leavitt 13/04/2014

(Don't) Do the math!

Machu Picchu, Peru 12/04/2014

Peak Peruvian Experience

Hundred Days - Nick Lloyd 12/04/2014

The Last Days

Damaged Goods - June Hampson 06/04/2014

Kidnapped - Sixties Style

In Search of Kazakhstan: The Land That Disappeared - Christopher Robbins 23/03/2014

Apples are from Kazakhstan

Hacienda Del Valle, Urubamba 22/03/2014

Bella Hacienda

The Sacred Valley, Cusco Region 17/03/2014


Climb the Green Ladder - Amy J. Fetzer 16/03/2014

Greening Work

In the Valley of Mist - Justine Hardy 09/03/2014

It Began With Beauty

A House in Fez - Suzanna Clarke 01/03/2014

Move to the Country

Sillustani, Puno 26/02/2014

Not Just Another Burial Site

La Hacienda, Puno 25/02/2014

Great Face, Shame about the Room

In Arabian Nights - Tahir Shah 23/02/2014

Are you sitting comfortably...?

The Host - Stephenie Meyer 22/02/2014

Unwelcome Guests

The China Bird - Bryony Doran 20/02/2014

Only the Lonely

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