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Member since: 28.03.2003
Reviews written: 593
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First name: Lesley
Sex: female
About me: Still trying to sort out the electronics, but at least back on line and catching up with some of it. Looking forward to the next big trip. Lx

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frankieb1992 My names Francis i love music i volunteer for oxfam and write reviews in my spare time
xxfoxyredxx Love this site! No need to thank me personally for the e's if I give them out you deserve them its as simple as that lol xx If I usually rate you and I haven't its because of the gliches this site is having lately that are simply getting on my wick!
Listerbelle I aim to write fair, objective reviews based on my consumer experience.
MikeOCarroll I think I give too many 'VH' ratings (i.e. for wide quality of reviews), so will try in future to give more 'H' and 'E' ratings to properly reflect differences in review quality.
ryanando Thanks for the rates :-) very much appreciated!
p4blodiablo Loves movies, loves books, loves music, drinks tea
Kukana Living in Cyprus with husband, one of our sons, two cats and around 3,000 books. Hadn't realised quite how long I'd been away... 19/01/14
NotMyToothbrush Been away for a while - working on my latest review for the Toshiba A660-11M. Good to be back!
dawnymarie Next book -- wait and see.
JOHNV Spring is here at last - lawnmower time. As ever, thanks all for the generous r/r/c. PS Please no makeovers, ciao - the one over the road has been a big mistake!
mdall899 Cracking on with trying the 4000+ restaurants in London... eekums
Bollinger28 Some more rates on my latest review on "The George" would be appreciated - it seems to be wearing some kind of invisibility cloak :o( I always try and return a rating...after all it's only polite :o)
Novabug www.thenovabug-blog.blogspot.c - Read it! ;) Like video games? I write for The Pixel Empire, a retrospective game site that bucks the trend! Follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook!
Randal1 No information
Mildew82 What is this bright yellow orb in the sky?
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