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Member Advice on Friendship 02/06/2009

True Friendship is a gift

Member Advice on Friendship According to the dictionary; 'Friendship is a relationship between two or more people.' or 'The mutual feeling of trust and affection is called friendship.' I totally agree with the above definitions but according to me Friendship is another name for Love. If you cannot love a person, he or she cannot be your friend. Friendship is a sort of relationship in which we are not related although by blood but we care for our friend, we share out laughter and joy, our grief, our tears, our secrets and even our selves, now what could be more special relation than a true friendship. With the use of word 'true' I mean that not every friendship is a true friendship, sometimes people come in disguise of your friend and proves to be worst than your enemy. Well a few tips. •Never let them use you even as a courtesy. Be aware of self-centred ones. •It is easy to make friends but it is not easy to maintain a true friendship. •Quality is better than quantity. One true friend is better than 100 untrue ones. •Be a good friend, listen to them and help them without thinking of any return. •Never expect too much from your friends. •Never back bite and never tell one friend's secrets to the other. •Never be jealous of your friend's success. Be happy for them. •Never let the distance come between you and your friend. •Trust them. •Love them. Well next few paragraphs are about my life history of friendship. What I learned ...

Everything that starts with A ... 17/05/2009


Everything that starts with A ... I remember the kind of person I used to be 14 years ago. Very shy, sensitive and always afraid of others. On my first day of Art school I wished for just one thing, a true friend, whom I could trust more than my life and who would love me for what I am. I met Aamir on 27th of August, 1995. I still remember the way he looked back then. His hairs were long, he was looking like someone I will not trust let alone give him a special place anywhere near my heart. I liked his sense of humour and felt at ease with him. I myself was a bit afraid of the strangers in my new class so thought it might save me any embarrassments if I stick with him. We talked on lots of topics and somehow he made me feel quite comfortable. One thing I was sure of was that he was not trying to flirt with me although he definitely was that kind. I teased him about that too and he started laughing. From that day onwards we became good friends. I met other people in my new school and made good friends with them but my friendship with Aamir remained on some special sort of basis. He was not that good at sketching so I used to help him. Sometimes when the teacher was not looking I used to do his drawings and felt glad when he gets good grades. Although his sketching improved very much with time. Soon it became very natural and convenient for us to sit beside each other in the class. He had many friends and I also used to belong to a group of girls who are still my very special friends. But apart from ...

Everything that starts with E ... 25/04/2007


Everything that starts with E ... I wrote this poem out of my love for natural beauty. I hope you will enjoy reading it too. Eden On a pretty morn, I woke with a silent knock on my window, silhouetted, shimmering behind the curtains were the golden rays of sun. Drinking the morning breeze along with my tea, I sit on my porch admiring and engulfing the green velvety meadows spread like a carpet, vigorous colors, enhanced fragrance, endearing the roses bathed in the dewdrops. Humming of the birds mumbling through the melodious water of the brook, wandering through the pebbles, reflecting the spectrum of the sky above, glittering with the morning smile, diminishing all traces of blackness. Alone, I just sit closing my eyes, engrossing in the beauty, engraving the memoirs. Thanks for reading. Hina

Sony DEJ825 28/01/2007


Sony DEJ825 On my last birthday my Dad gave me a CD walkman. I am not a very big music listener but sometimes I do love to hear beautiful songs especially when I am cooking or exercising. Well the cute little soft carrying case consisted of a 5.5 x 5 inches, metallic blue (my favourite colour) coloured CD player. It was named as Sony DEJ825. Actually it looked pretty cool. DETAILS…… Well if you ask me the detail information about this smart looking portable CD player then here goes…….. This is a really advanced digital-based player which weighs approximately 175gm and it comes with binaural headphones, an AC power adaptor, rechargeable battery, battery case and its manual guide. The most distinguished feature of the CD player is the G-protection that provides a skip-free playback performance. Apart from the already included NC-6WM rechargeable batteries in the player, a battery case is also included that holds two AA alkaline batteries; I prefer using the rechargeable ones although this CD player provides a really long life to the batteries for almost up to 3 days, which is the second most distinguished feature of this walkman. The player provides 9 playback modes. It has a really tiny joystick type remote control through which you can easily change the songs, repeat, play or stop it. Two Position Automatic Volume limiter System helps to maintain volume of the music and a very clear sound production. Oh yes! And it also has a special feature, the Optical Digital ...

HP PhotoSmart R927 22/12/2006


HP PhotoSmart R927 It all started on our Marriage Anniversary (it was our 8th), we took some pictures from our normal digital camera, put them on our PC and send them to our family and friends. End of the story…………….. Well actually NO……….. I asked my Mum how I was looking in my new outfit and whether I was looking fat. But guess what my Mum said she couldn't see me properly because the picture quality was poor and that all the pictures seemed to be too dark. That was the day we decided to buy a new digital camera. So we got the pleasure of bringing home the new HP PhotoSmart R927. OUTLOOK It is really amazing to know that such a cute little and compact metal body measuring about 9.6 x 5.4 x 6.2 cm and weighing 0.2kg could exhibit such HiFi features and totally amazing results. I like the metallic grey colour as well. PRIMARY FEATURES….. •This is a really powerful camera having 8.2 Megapixel (up to 3312 x 2496 pixels) with 8x Digital Zoom and 3x Optical Zoom (24 x totals zoom). •It has 3inches colour image display i.e. LCD screen. •It has an internal memory of 32MB (up to 10 photos) that can be expanded with SD memory cards. •This is a durable HP's latest technology camera that also features Auto Red-eye Removal, HP Adaptive Lighting, Image Enhancement, Design Gallery, Noise Filter, Preferred Photo Production, Panorama Preview and Stitching, Photo Advice and AE bracketing facilities. •Manual Controls of the camera includes, AE bracketing, AE ...

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (DVD) 29/11/2006

Scrumptious journey in the chocolate world

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (DVD) Oh! How I love chocolates but it was not my craving instead my 6 years old wanted to see it? See what? Well none other than the chocolaty movie you know! Charlie and the chocolate factory. And you know what? We have watched it 3 times by now. Intro to the movie......... It's actually an entertainment chocolaty journey. (Don't watch it with an empty stomach.) Well it all started when the famous and the mysterious chocolateer Mr. Willie Wonka announced that he has hidden 5 golden tickets in his Wonka bars of chocolate and that who ever will find them will visit him and his chocolate factory on 1st of Feb. Everyone went mad because you see his factory was a big mystery to everyone. Nobody knew who his secret workers in the factory are and that no one has seen Mr. Wonka in years. Charlie Bucket, who belongs to a rather poor family and lives just a few blocks away from the factory, wished he could be the one too to visit the enchanting factory. Five children were selected including our dear Charlie, that included; Augustus Gloop (a fat boy from Germany who eats chocolates all the time), Veruca Salt (a spoilt child of a millionaire from England), Violet Beauregard (an over confident competitive girl from US) and Mike Teavee (an intelligent but television obsessed boy from US). Each one of the children along with one adult allowed entered the most secretive and magical factory and then started their enchanting journey. All of them desire to win the final prize in ...

Rose Red (DVD) 25/12/2005


Rose Red (DVD) Teaser……. So are you all in a mood for a haunting journey? If so step inside…………… I will take you to a journey inside a house so haunted that you will not regret it. And along the way some secrets might be revealed. So come and spend some time with me inside ROSE RED. Synopsis……… Let me introduce you to Dr. Joyce Reardon, she is a psychology professor of paranormal studies at Beaumont University. Now she plans a trip to Rose Red with a group of six psychics to spend the weekend of the Memorial Day at the house as a research project. Basically in order to prove her theory that the unexplained do exists in reality. What actually is Rose Red? Well Joyce calls upon a meeting and explained Rose Red in detail to all that are invited. According to her: Rose Red is presumably a dormant haunted house; a mansion to be exact because the size of this house is unexplainable. It just keeps on growing and growing by itself. It was built in 1907 by Seattle oil magnate John P. Rimbauer as a wedding gift to his newly wedded wife, Ellen. This huge mansion was something to be seen, with mirror-floored library, upside down rooms, vanishing hallways, and nowhere leading stairs and so on. But there was actually something wrong with the property as it is said to have eaten up lots of lives even while construction, and then afterwards this place got the reputation where women got lost and were never found and men were killed. Ellen Rimbauer mysteriously disappeared at the age of 70 ...

Veer Zaara (DVD) 02/11/2005

A Legendary Love Story

Veer Zaara (DVD) Intro………. A legendary love story……………. An epic tale of an Indian Man and a Pakistani Woman, yet there is no India Pakistan issues involved in fact you will enjoy and praise the emotional and respective dialogues between an Indian officer and a Pakistani mother. The movie I am talking about is called Veer-Zaara. Directed by the legendary 72 years old Yash Chopra (after the waiting of 7 years) and written by his son Aditya Chopra, Veer-Zaara is a classic but mature love story portraying courage, sacrifice, integrity and emotional values. About the Movie………. Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of a helicopter pilot Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh who is associated with Indian Air Force and Preity Zinta plays Zaara Hayat Khan; a common Pakistani girl the daughter of an influential Pakistani politician (Boman Irani). She was rescued by SRK after a bus accident while she was travelling to India in order to fulfil her Indian surrogate mother's (Zohra Segal) last wishes and spread her ashes in her homeland. A very common encounter and naturally they are attracted to each other. Veer also took her to his Punjabi Village and hence enters two important characters for a short time in this film, Veer's Aunty and Uncle (Hema Malini and Amitabh Bachan) who has raised Veer as their own and they also develop a strong liking for Zaara. Veer and Zaara spent the rest of the day together and starts to fell in love. The twist comes when Veer sees Zaara off at the train station and here ...

WeightWatchers Perfect Balance Toasted Multigrain Flakes with Apple 02/11/2005

An apple of an eye

WeightWatchers Perfect Balance Toasted Multigrain Flakes with Apple Hello to all my friends @ Ciao, hope you all are doing well. As for me I was making an attempt of dieting once again. If any one has read my PCOS review they would know that I suffer from the mentioned disorder and due to which I always have to keep my weight checked. Although due to high insulin resistance problem it is sometimes very hard to lower my weight so when attempting to do so I decided to try this cereal. A LITTLE ABOUT WEIGHTWATCHERS Weightwatchers is an organisation which has been helping people loose weight with healthy approach and balanced diet. They offer dietary programs and their product are lesser in fat and healthy as well. It has been 35 years since they launched in UK. They offer a revolutionary diet by giving all food a Points value based on saturated fats and calories. This means you can eat your favourite food by just calculating the point values. For more information visit OUR ENCOUNTER Well I was roaming through the streets of Asda; up and down the isle we go............... .....:) When I came across this product, the very thing which attracted me was the huge title of "WeightWatchers", as I was on diet I decided to pick it up and read the details. "Toasted Multi-grain Flakes with Apple" Flakes with apples sounded tempting enough and the point value according to weightwatchers: 2, I decided to give this one a go. I didn't realize at that moment that this was the beginning of our long-lasting ...

Everything that starts with I ... 15/10/2005


Everything that starts with I ... Hello to everyone out there. Sorry! but I have been busy lately and have not been writing much reviews. Today I just felt like writing this piece. Can't explain much but I hope you people will understand what I am trying to say here. I AM I am a bird, I am a flower, I am the cloud, I am the wind, I am a dewdrop, I am sunshine, I am the rainbow, I am the day night, I am an artist, I am a dream, I am an angel, I am the theme, I am the music, I am a friend, I am the beginning, I am the end. I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a woman, I am the life. Thankyou all for reading... Best wishes and regards. Hina. Why on earth do we have to fill the details which are not related to what actually we are writing about?

Sense And Sensibility (DVD) 08/09/2005

Feeling the essence of the past

Sense And Sensibility (DVD) I am back with more film reviews. By now you must all be convinced that I am a movie watcher, I guess you are right but not more than once a week. This time I have chosen one of my favourites. I have been thinking a lot about writing on this one so here goes. The Title……………… According to the dictionary, Sense means "an ability to perceive and be motivated by moral or ethical principles" and Sensibility means "the capacity to respond emotionally or aesthetically." The movie "Sense and sensibility" is a combination of both the aspects defined above. Elinor Dashwood played by the Oscar winner Emma Thompson portrayed the "Sense" and Marianne Dashwood (Kate Winslet) has portrayed the "Sensibility" phase in the movie. It is not a battle between the two phases but a beautiful tale of moral, ethical and cultural values with glimpses of heartfelt and romantic feelings perceived by the British woman of early 19th century. About Jane Austen……………. To begin with I must state some of the things I personally like about Jane Austen because this movie is originally an adaptation from her first published novel, Sense and Sensibility, which was published in 1811. Jane Austen (1775-1817) was an English author who is classified as one of the best woman authors of all times. Her novels possess the true essence of contemporary English country life. I have always enjoyed her books for the irony, humour, portrayal of inner feelings, ethical values and emphasis on family values. She ...

Mohabbatein (Hindi Language) (Wide Screen) (DVD) 06/09/2005

Take Away Love And Earth Is A Tomb.

Mohabbatein (Hindi Language) (Wide Screen) (DVD) The Title……….. Well I am back with more Bollywood reviews. This time I have chosen this movie called "Mohabbatein", which is the Hindi word for Love Stories or "Epics of Love". Actually the maker of this film has used the word "Love" (Mohabbat in my language) in plural form and has named this movie "Mohabbatein". About the Movie……. Directed by Aditya Chopra and produced by the great producer of bollywood, Yash Chopra, this movie was released in 2001 and as far as I can remember this was a big hit, a huge and prosperous bollywood venture, with excellent and outstanding cast contributed to the world of Hindi cinema in a successful way. This movie became very popular especially among the young generation. As I remembered I asked my 18 year old cousin how was the movie he replied "For me it was rocking but for Maa it was too long". For the people who were a big fan of Amitabh Bachan and Shahrukh Khan, they went to see this movie anyways. Both the actors have performed to their excellence and it would fully justify the movie if I say that it is only because of them that the movie was a big success and that it was Amitabh and Shahrukh's movie to its core. Other main casts include the breathtaking beauty of Bollywood, Ashwarya Rai, Uday Chopra, Jimmy Shergil, Jugal Hansraj and Anupam Kher. Storyline……… This is actually a story with an inner meaning. I'll get into the moral afterwards. This begins with the appearance of Great Big B Mr. Narayan Shankar (Amitabh Bachan) ...

Everything that starts with M ... 02/09/2005


Everything that starts with M ... INTRODUCTIONS I have always been intersted in the shadows of the past. So while teaching in an art institute I started teaching History of art to my students. This gave me a new area to research and collect as much information as possible. would like to share it with you all , Don't mind if it gets too long. I have compiled and researched on the subject of History of Art My research ""REFLECTIONS OF THE PAST" comprises of the information regarding the historical background of development of art and architecture surrounding the area of Indo-Pak that is the ancient India and modern Pakistan. How the art flourished and which civilization played vital roles in the development of art. This provides knowledge and information to all art students as well as people seeking knowledge of historical art and architecture. The following review revolves around the history and techniques of Miniature Painting MINIATURE PAINTING HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Miniature is also called 'Limning'. This word is originally driven from the English word 'vermillion' and Latin word 'minium', which means 'the colour used for giving details and short inscriptions.' This unique art of Miniature Painting belongs to the 16th century. Hans Holbein is considered to be the earliest miniature artist and he belonged to the country of England. He used to paint both large and miniature portraits, mostly in oils. Although Nicholas Hilliard (1547-1619) was the first great British artist who actually ...

General: Pakistan 30/08/2005


General: Pakistan PAKISTAN Just beginning to write about my country is giving me a familiar feeling like mother's love. Everyone loves their homeland, I do too and to say it all in one sentence it is the liveliest country of all. With its unique cultural background and modern day technologies Pakistan is a mixture of cultural and developmental activities. Pakistan is a land of innumerable splendours. Exotic northern sceneries, coastal beaches, sandy deserts, fertile plains, snow-covered peaks and eternal glaciers in the North. Pakistan has seven of the 16 tallest peaks in Asia, 40 of the world's 50 highest mountains are in Pakistan which include K-2 (8611m); the second highest mountain in the world and Nanga Parbat (8125m). The population of the country is estimated at about 124.45 million. The territory of Pakistan is divided into four provinces; namely Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP. There is also a fifth region called Azad Kashmir which is included in Pakistan territory. Major cities of Pakistan are Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, and Hyderabad. My country was born on 14th of August, 1947. CULTURE AND RELIGION Pakistan is the homeland of Muslims. Islam is the official religion. Although majority of citizens are Muslims, its culture is called as Mixed-Culture. National language of Pakistan is Urdu, which is widely spoken and understood, however the official language is English. Educated people easily speak and understand English language. I have been ...

Tropical World, Leeds 25/08/2005

Journey to the Tropical Forest

Tropical World, Leeds A Little About Leeds…….. It takes just an hour drive from my hometown, Manchester to reach this alive and vibrant city called Leeds. Leeds is situated in the West Yorkshire, in the North of England. According to the recent population estimations, Leeds is the third largest city of England. It is a beautiful and historical place to visit as it has a huge range of attractions. The main attraction for us this weekend was the famous Tropical World of Leeds. One thing I must add is that if you have kids then do visit this wonderful place because my kids probably had their best outing this weekend when we all tasted the tropical experience. So I will try to portray the expressions and experience from my son's point of view as well. The Tropical World…….. This fabulous place is located 3 miles from Leeds city centre in Princes Avenue, directly adjacent to the famous Canal Gardens, in between the main gates of Roundhay Park and Mansion Lane Leeds. It was a bright sunny day yesterday so it seemed like all the people were having outdoor fun, as we can see lines and lines of vehicles parked on both sides of the road; we decided to park our car in the parking lot of Roundhay Park. One of the intentions was to stroll down the exotic gardens as well, because they simply are very beautiful. We crossed the gardens and walked to the Tropical World which I noticed is situated just opposite a Roundhay Inn (seemed like a nice place to have lunch and drinks). The Entrance….. Upon ...
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