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Askeys Crackin Chocolate Chunk Flavour Ice Cream Topping 12/07/2011

A cracking sauce from Askeys

Askeys Crackin Chocolate Chunk Flavour Ice Cream Topping I don’t know if it is just my children or if every child is the same but after every meal my children like to have a pudding. I limit my children to one nice pudding a day after dinner they will have fruit for a pudding which is the more healthy option, however after tea I will allow them to have an ice lolly or ice cream. The only thing with this situation is that with 4 children the ice creams tend to start costing a lot of money so the cheapest option that I found was smart price vanilla scoop. This is a little bland so I try to find things to make it a little different when they are having it. The new thing that I found when shopping was this sauce. The sauce This is a chocolate sauce which is to be drizzled on the ice cream before serving, what I didn’t notice at the time was that this sauce was a crackin sauce. I had never had this before and was quite surprised how it worked. It is made my Askeys which is a known brand of ice cream sauces, cones and wafers. Instructions The way that you use this is quite simple to understand but me being me didn’t read them and expected it to just work. When I first used this it poured lovely but didn’t set to make a hard chocolate. When reading the instructions I realised why. You should shake the bottle a lot for 30 seconds which I tend to get the children to do because they find it very fun then you should pour it over the ice cream. I would advise also that you ensure the cap is tightly fitted before you shake or it will go ...

Just Dance (Wii) 09/07/2011

just dance fun fitness for all

Just Dance (Wii) I have lots of computers in my house but the Wii is mine. The best thing about the wii is the fitness which is why I bought it. Lately there are lots of games being made for dance fitness and Just Dance 2 caught my eye when advertised. When out shopping in Game with my partner last week I saw Just Dance in the pre owned section it was the old one but as reading the back of the box it seemed very good so at £9.99 I thought I would give this a try. The Game The idea of the game is that songs are played and you have to copy the person that is dancing on the screen. This can be played as a challenge or just one song at a time. There are different moves and songs and some are easier than others. You can play against upto 4 people and see who can get the most points. I only have one remote so we have to take it in turns. You have two options when you start the dance there is a short version which is not as tiring and the full version that builds up a sweat. The Songs There are 32 songs on this game and each song is a different dance routine some are more difficult than others :- Cyndi Lauper - Girls just want to have fun - this is not a bad dance routine and my 3 year old manages to get quite a high score on this Anita Ward - Ring my bell - this is very enegetic routine that builds up a sweat but is very funny to watch someone dance to it. Elvis - A little less conversation - I don’t find this a very good song to dance to but is easy to copy most of the moves. Rednex - ...

Ikea ANTILOP High Chair 09/07/2011

practical and cheap high chair

Ikea ANTILOP High Chair I have had 3 high chairs so far with my children and all of them have been different. After my son I gave all his things away then found out I was pregnant with my daughter I did the same after having her then planned a year later to try for another I was lucky enough to get pregnant the day we decided so yet again I had to start from scratch. In the time of my pregnancy both I and my partner got made redundant so money was really tight since we also moved house. My friend was a childminder at the time and was having a career change so she had lots of baby things that she had to get rid of. One of these things was a high chair which I needed. The chair This is a very simple chair it has 4 metal legs with a white plastic seat and a detachable white tray. There is a lap belt to secure the child in the chair. The legs just clip into the seat to make it stand up and are easy to assemble and take down which is great. It is easy to clean too because we all know how much of a mess children get into. This cost £10 from Ikea which is the best price I have ever seen for a baby accessory. Practicality This is a brilliant chair for many reasons the first reason is how easy it is to clean. The legs come off the chair and the tray detaches so the whole seat and tray are able to be washed in the sink if there is a lot of mess. I have been able to bleach the chair too when my daughter has stained it with food like spaghetti bolognaise and it has bleached back to white. When she has had ...

LeapFrog Roll & Rhyme Melody Block 13/07/2010

roll and rhyme soft play brick for the babies

LeapFrog Roll & Rhyme Melody Block I am so overloaded with toys that my children have had for christmas's and birthdays and I will admit I am also a bit of a hoarder. I will say though that on this occasion it is a good thing that I have kept so much stuff from my eldest daughter because it has come in for my new daughter and when my daughter has grown out of it my friend has just had a little girl so I can now pass it all on so she has got no expense to pay. This lovely soft play brick was bought for my daughters first birthday and I think that my sister had lots more fun with it than she did and she was 17 at the time. The toy is is a large soft brick that is made of different colours, there is a red fox square that has a small soft fox attached that goes in and out of a pocket., a purple square with a moon on it which is like a mirror which the child is able to see their reflection, a white square with a polor bear that slides accross the square, a blue underwater square that has pictures of underwater animals with a shiny piece on a fish and a picture of a green frog snorkling, a green square which I think is very interesting because it is covered by green material leaves to hide the picture of a parrot, these leaves stay closed with velcro and the last square is a yellow one and the most important square on the block, it has a picture of a lion which it's main is a shiney material which stands out on the square, on the bottom of the square there are three circle buttons which are actually inside ...

Nivea Moisturising Sun Lotion 13/07/2010

Nivea Moisturising Sun Lotion factor 50+ for those milk bottles

Nivea Moisturising Sun Lotion I have very sensitive skin and when the weather gets really nice like it has lately I need to make sure that I have the best protection due to burning very badly. I also have 3 children who I like to make sure are well protected against the rays of the sun due to their skin being very sensitive. I have always used nivea because I think that it a trusted brand that is well known to many people and is always recommended. Latley I have been told that sun protection is not the factor that it states on the bottle from news reports and tests that have been carried out and I know that the factor 50+ is the highest that is available so I cannot go wrong with it. It is a 200ml bottle which will last around a month when using twice a day on the whole family. This is good but can be very expensive depending on where you shop. This size bottle has cost me upto £8 once but I now tend to search for the shops that are selling it on a special price. This is a moisturising sun lotion which protects you from the sun and keeps your skin soft and supple which is good due to the sun can dry out your skin and when you are exposed to sun rays on a daily basis it can make your skin age quicker than it should. It has immediate protection when you first apply it and helps to reduce the risk of sun allergies. The formula along with the skins own hyramaine provides long lasting moisturisation for smooth and supple skin. This formula is specially designed for sensitive skin like mine. On ... 24/08/2009

Bounty Web site I recently used the bounty web-site and was very impressed with their service. The web site is easy to use and all you have to do is register. I had heard about bounty when I was in hospital with my son and was given packs with free information and products to try. In the hospital people used to come round from bounty to take photos of your child. With my son I never had these photos done due to my uncle came and took them. However with my daughter they did and they were lovely photos that you could view before you buy. At the time I was in the hospital with my daughter I didn't have the money to pay for the photos but was assured that this didn't matter because the pictures were stored on a special file for you with your own unique code for when you wanted to order. You could phone them or go on the web site to order them where you can also view them. I registered with the web site about a week ago now almost 2 years after I had my daughter and wasn't sure if they would even have my daughters photos still, also I had lost the log in number for my photos so I wasn't sure if I would be able to order them. When I clicked on the photo section it took me to a page where you would enter your personal photo code and also had an e-mail section where you could e-mail them to request the code if you didn't have it GREAT. I filled in the e-mail and sent it, it asked for my sons date of birth his name and the hospital that he was born in. Within a day I had an e-mail ...

Birds Eye Potato waffles 24/08/2009

Potato waffles from birds eye

Birds Eye Potato waffles When you have children you notice that you haven't got enough time in the day to do everything. I have noticed that I always seem to forget to get things out for the kids tea. I always make sure I have quick easy frozen food in the freezer so they don't have to wait forever for things to cook, as we all know children are not the most patient of creatures. These are great for the children and I love them too. I have tried the cheaper brands but they are not as thick with potato and they do not get as crispy as the birds eye ones. I usually cook these under the grill which takes around 8 minutes turning them half way through cooking. These can be cooked in the oven which takes around 12 minutes which is a bit better when you are cooking something with them that will take a little longer to cook but they do not crisp up as much as under the grill. I usually put these with beans or pizza for the children and they also go nicely with veg too. I have mine with melted cheese on the top and salt and vinigar as a snack when I am peckish. You can only really eat two with any meal and most children will only manage one with their meals. They cost almost £2 for a pack of 12 of these you can get the cheaper version of the stores owns but they are not as nice.

Lego 24/08/2009

Lego Lego Lego

Lego Lego Lego Lego, I love it. When I was a child it was the only thing I would ever play with. I owned a big box of it and I would dissaper into my bedroom for hours making houses to play pretend, I would see how high I could build a tower up the wall, make cars and casltes. This never failed to amuse me. my son has never been the building type so I never bought him any he would much prefer to be destructive. So when I met my current partner it was great his son loved lego it made it so much easier for me and him to relate to each other too we would spend hours building things and using our imagination. Lego has come along since I was a little girl they now make real looking cars, star wars figures, Indian Jones and much more. This is one of the main presants that my step son has every year due to each year they bring out another lego figue to build and he is now at that age that he doesn't need help reading the intructions to build it and I am so proud when he does. On the odd occasion he will bring it to me to fix and I love it because I get to play. This is a toy that never goes out of fashion you couldn't ask for anything better, it teaches co-ordiantion and use of imagination. You can also get all kinds of sizes in it now just made by different brands which I think is wonderful. I think every child should at some point in their lives have lego because they can learn so many skills from it and if they collect enough of it it is brilliant to work as a team and ...

Vanish Stain Remover 22/06/2009

Vanish stain remover just what it says

Vanish Stain Remover We all know that we get these unwanted stains no matter what age we are. My children like beans and spaghetti and those tomato stains are tough, and the worse ones have to be curry and we do love a curry take away once a week. Having my daughter she is always in baby pink, I have quiet a few white tops and so does my partner. My clothes get stained from cooking food or making coffee or even the dreaded children liking to wipe their hands all over me after they have eaten their dinner. I invested in this bar when my son was born and had started being fed on the baby jar foods i found everytime I was wasing the clothes that the stains were not coming out. I could always remember my mother buying this to get the stains out of our clothes as children so I gave it a try it cost about £1.50 a bar which worked out not bad because it does last quiet a long time. When I came to doing my washing I rubbed it into the stains and put the clothes in to was. When the wash was finished it looked great there was not stains it really lived upto its name vanish. As the children got older though I did notice that I wasnt washing so often so when I came to use the bar some of the stains were not coming out so I now soak the clothes that are stained and rub the vanish in before I put it in the wash and they do still dissapear. It doesnt ruin your clothes or bleach them. I would recomend this to anyone especally if you have children because you will be buying clothes all the ...

PG Tips 22/06/2009

Pg tips pyramid bags are the best

PG Tips I am usually a coffee drinker buy now and again a nice cup of tea is refreshing. I have tried other brands such as typhoo and I find that they dont have much of a taste apart from hot water. I started using Pg tips a few years ago and all my family and freinds loved coming for a cuppa and a chat because the tea made it worth while. When I saw the pyramid bags advertised I had to give them a try see if they tasted any better. Oh yes they did! the aim of them is that because the bag is in a pyramid shape it allows the leaves to move around more freeley to be able to relese that memorable taste. This is a true statement I can tell the difference between the normal pg tips and the pyramid bags you get a stronger tea taste with them and they cost just as much I have been able to buy mine for £3 for a pack of 500 on a special offer in tesco at 50% free which is great. If you havent tried these yet I would you have never tasted tea like it. The packaging is eye catching and from time to time you get a free gift with them that is really great I once had a mug that when you filled it its nose turned red with the heat it was from wallis and gromit and I have also had the monkey from the adverts that now sits in the bedroom window. Alson with free gifts and a great tasting cup of tea you cant go wrong with these you just may not be able to get rid of those visiters. ...

Kellogg's Special K 22/06/2009

special K it is really special

Kellogg's Special K This is very special indeed. It is an adults breakfast by far it is a bit of nice that is healthy and a great way to lose weight. I started eating this when they had the 2 week challenge diet I was a size 14 then and I would eat one bowl in a morning one for my dinner and have a healthy tea. It is a wheat cerial with barley and milk added into it and it is less that 2% fat. After 2 weeks of me sticking to this diet I had lost weight and also felt better for it. What I love about the kellogs brand in general it that on the front of the box it states clearly how much sugars calories fat saturates and salts are in each serving most foods you have to search for this infomation it shows you exactly what you are eating. It will also explain to you on the side of the box the amount of daily intake of calories that your body should take and need. It clearly outlines all the ingredents that are in it and tells you all about their aims for the cerial. They clearly state their contact methods for any queries or complaints which is good but I will say we all eat some sort of kelloggs brand breakfast in our house. I usually buy the biggest box of this that I can which will cost me almost £4 and will only last a week in our house because even the kids pinch it from time to time. Asda have recently bought there own brand out which I tried because it was cheaper but nothing could match the lovely taste of special k. If you are planning on losing weight and need that ...

Kelloggs Variety Pack 22/06/2009

Kelloggs variety packs great for the kids

Kelloggs Variety Pack This is a great start to any childs day and I think these are the best thing that you can buy a child. On every pack it tells you the ingrediants that are in them gives you the contact numbers for any complaints and they even have their own web site to search on for any additional infomation that you may need about their products. If your child is anything like mine are these work out a good investment. My children get board of the same cerial every day and will complain most mornings if they have to eat the same thing over and over. These packs do usually have two of each cerial but there is still a wide range. I have noticed that the frosties and the conrnflakes are the last ones to get eaten though. You will have 8 of these little boxes in a pack with a choice of cherios cornflakes munchies coco pops frosties and rice crispies, both of my children love these because they get to chose what they would like but I do tend to buy two packs of these to avoid arguments at times. 8 packets mean that there is one a day for a week which is great and it will cost almost £2 which is the same as a big box of cerial which will last just as long. The only complaint that I have about these is that there doesnt seem to be much in a box and I find my children will have two boxes in a morning but that may have something to do with how greedy they are. The other great thing about these for children is that they have activities on the back of the packs such as wordsearches ...

Fairy Washing Up Liquid 22/06/2009

Fairy washing up liquid kind to your hands

Fairy Washing Up Liquid I usually use the original fairy liquid they all seem to hold all the same attributes you dont need to use alot of this to make a bowl of washing up and it works well to dissolve the tough food that is stuck on the bowls. I was up about 3 times a day we seem to cause alot of washing up in out house so my hands are always in water and this does not seem to dry out my hands it keeps them feeling soft and like ladies hands should be it doesnt weaken my nails either. I get mine on a 2 for £2 from asda which is great and it holds a 30% extra free in each bottle too which is great because it lasts me longer a bottle will last me between 2 to 3 weeks. It is good value for money keeps your hands feeling soft and as the advert says mild fairy liquid it is definatley mild which you will experiance when you have used it. I wouldnt recomend the lavender type but some of the others that I have used have been great and the kids love the bubbles. The lavender one doesnt smell that nice but I will admit that I am not a lavender fan, and when I did use it it left a taste of it on my crockery and cutlery especally my glasses even after swilling the glasses out on more than one occasion the taste was still there which i find with the other types I dont seem to get this problem. This is a long lasting washing up liquid that is good value for money that cleans well and looks after your hands.

Asda (Shop) 22/06/2009

Asda's clothing range

Asda (Shop) I could honestly go on forever about asda's cloting range it is such good value for money. I have 2 children and a stepson and another on the way money can get a bit scarce so I love a good bargin. When I was having my second child she wore nothing but asda's baby range, pritty pink dresses plain white baby grows and even owns about 7 fleasy blankets of theirs which she loves. At chirismas I wanted a nice special first dress for her and asda did a lovely posh satin cream dress which I bought a pair of white tights with white heart stitching on them and a cream cardigan for a bit of extra warmth in total this outfit cost me £20 she did wear it more than once which was good and it has been put in her baby box as a memory. Also that christmas my grandmother took me shopping for her and told me that I had £50 limit to spend on her the list is endless but I will try she had 6 outfits 2 packs of socks a coat 3 sets of night clothes and a pack of tights these were great when I looked for the deals on the packs of 2 and the night clothes on by 2 for £5. They have been that good value for money that I was able to pass them on to a friend who has just had a little girl and she is now giving me them back incase I have another girl and they are still in great condition. The boys range lately is not at a very good standard I do struggle to find my son clothes and shoes to wear being 5 I do think that they need to look into that range and they stopped doing their maternity range ...

Nicorette Freshmint Gum 17/06/2009

nicorette gum yuck

Nicorette Freshmint Gum I am a smoker and have been for quite a few years. I have tried many options of quitting and always faild due to will power more than anything. If you dont want to quit you wont unfortunatly. This product was probably the worst I have ever tried tho the Nicorette version is exepensive to say the least that is the first down fall but you can get cheaper versions that will only cost you from about a £1 poundland did do one but I havent seen them in there lately but if you do want to try them i would look for the cheapest version due to they taste the same which is nasty and they burn your throught and tongue and that nasty taste will last in your mouth for what seems forever. I cant say that they work due to the taste I wouldnt have one when I did get a craving I would much prefer to have a cigerette. If you do want to quit the best thing I found was my doctor who prescribed me tablet unfortunatly if you suffer from any sort of depression dont take them they make you worse but you will recive regualr support from the nurses and they do work. Try support groups too they can be alot of help but if you set that date to quit stick to it but I would advise not to use these chewing gums they make you feel sick and will not help you quit.
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