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Im 19 and currently studying photography and film production at Lincoln University.

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It's A Wonderful Life (DVD) 03/01/2011

A classic, feel-good, family film

It's A Wonderful Life (DVD) PLOT: It's A Wonderful Life is about a business man, George Bailey, who is frustrated with his life. He has a loving family and lots of friends, but when his business gets into trouble, he decided he is better off dead. It is not until his guardian angel, Clarence, turns up that George is reminded of just how lucky he is; and just how different the lives of the people he cares about would have been if he had never existed. CHARACTERS: George Bailey, the business man who is visited by his guardian angel. Played by James Stewart: Great acting, and a very convincing performance as a man who feels trapped in every day life. Mary Hatch, the young lady who becomes George's wife. Played by Donna Reed: A quiet and reserved character, the role is played brilliantly, and viewers are thoroughly convinced of the love and dedication to her husband. Clarence, the guardian angel sent to rescue George. Played by Henry Clarence. Although he does not appear for the first two thirds of the film, the part is significant in the story and it is acted out well. Mr Potter: Played by Lionel Barrymore Uncle Billy: Played by Thomas Mitchell Mrs Bailey: Played by Beulah Bondi DVD EXTRAS: This edition comes with a colourized version of the film. I have watched it once, out of curiosity, but personally would never watch it again. The whole point of this film is that it is a classic; why would you watch a classic film that was originally shot in black and white in colour, just because it looks ...

The Journey is the Destination: The Journals of Dan Eldon - Kathy Eldon 21/06/2010

A truly inspirational book of a photojournalists life in Africa

The Journey is the Destination: The Journals of Dan Eldon - Kathy Eldon Dan Eldon was born in England in 1970 and was raised in Nairobi, Kenya. He was a photojournalist who worked for Reuters. Dan tragically lost his life at the young age of 22, and despite only living to this age, he had experienced more in his life than most adults who live to their 80’s. Dan had travelled through four continents, written a book, made a film and led expeditions through Africa, (which is where majority of the work in these journal pages were made and inspired by). He travelled through various countries in Africa with friends, experiencing the highs and the lows of the continent. Dan’s mother and sister spent many dedicated hours working through his journals, which they themselves had never seen before, and selected the pages to put into this book that they feel represent Dan’s journey the best. It is not only a wonderful tribute to his life, showing the work of his journals that he kept so private, but also a great source of inspiration to anyone who loves scrapbooking, travel documenting, creating journals or art in general. --------------- - INTRODUCTION: The book begins with an eight-page introduction written by Kathy Eldon – Dan’s mum. She talks about his life as he was growing up, the things they did together, the difficult decision she faced when he begged her not to make him leave Africa, despite the obvious dangers he faced, and finally how she and the rest of the family dealt with the tragic news of his death. The introduction looks lengthy, but is so ...

Artists' Journal and Sketchbooks - Lynne Perrella 18/06/2010

Artists Journals & Sketchbooks: Great for ideas & inspiration

Artists' Journal and Sketchbooks - Lynne Perrella The front cover caught my attention - it is very bright and colourful and looks like it will be done in a scrapbooking style. A lot of the pages in the book are done in bright colours, however I was slightly disappointed to find none quite like the front cover; the inside tends to have a lot more of a formal presentation with less of a scrapbook feel to it and more like a textbook. ------ The benefit to the book being neatly laid out is that the information is easy to read and understand. The font is easy to read and the headings are consistent throughout in terms of font style and size, making it easy to understand what you are looking at. ------ Despite my slight disappointment with the layout, I found the information very interesting, and picked up some great ideas and tips for creating my own journal pages. The artists included in the book are not on the whole people I have heard of, but it was mainly my presumption that it would be world famous artists included, and I feel that it in no way compromises the quality of the work shown - in a way it makes it more interesting to look at as it is all new and I have never seen it before. ------- INSIDE THE BOOK: Some of the ideas included in the book are: - Ideas for adding text to pages 1) Imprint the page with rubber-stamp alphabets 2) Add a painterly quality by using hand-carved eraser stamps dipped into acrylic paint 3) Provide an instant expression or an air of mystery using collaged words clipped from newspapers or ... 14/05/2010

Amazing selection of high quality charms I first came across this website when I decided I wanted a personalized charm bracelet for my 18th birthday. I searched endlessly for a bracelet that I felt suited my personality, and after failing to find one, searched for a website that would let me create my own. This is when I found The Charm Works. The website has a simple layout, with a category list down the side listing the following choices: - Silver Charm Bracelets - Sterling Silver Charms - Finished Silver Charm Bracelets - Swarovski Crystal Charms - Silver Necklaces & Chains Charm Bracelet Builder: (Link found on the Silver Charm Bracelets page) This is all done online - no software needs to be downloaded to your computer! You select the bracelet you want from the side bar on the left, then browse through the charms using the drop down list of categories, then simply drag the charm to the bracelet image displayed at the top of the page. It is easy to remove a charm too if you change your mind on it. The price is displayed on the page and updated each time you add/remove a charm to let you know how much you are spending. Once you are finished with your bracelet, you just click 'add to basket' and go to the checkout. Price: This really depends on what you are after - bracelets can be bought with as little as one charm on, all the way up to seventeen. The bracelets average at £18, and then the charms are generally between £4 and £6 each. This means that a bracelet can be created for as much or as little money ...

Wicked: The Grimmerie - David Cote 27/11/2009

A perfect reminder of an excellent show

Wicked: The Grimmerie - David Cote Having been to see Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London three times, and with tickets booked to see it on Broadway next Easter, you can tell I am a fan! What I wanted however, was a reminder of the show for when it is no longer in production, and this is exactly what i found in 'The Grimmerie'. The book is named 'The Grimmerie' after the spell book that features in the musical, and to me is a perfect name for such a book. It contains information on how the musical 'Wicked' was created, interviews with the original cast, stunning photographs of the production from Broadway, behind-the-scene looks at the production of the musical, and my personal favourite; parts of the script and all the song lyrics form the show. PRESENTATION: The front cover is simple but striking. It is green; to tie in with the colour's of 'Wicked'. It has the show's logo and name, and then 'The Grimmerie - a behind the scenes look at the hit broadway musical' printed in the centre of the cover. The book has an old fashioned style to it, with an antique look to the front cover. Inside, the pages all follow in the same antique style. Most pages are cream, which makes the text (printed mainly in black with some green) easy to read. Photographs are present on practically all pages, breaking up the text and making it easy to read. There are some stunning pages mixed in with the text that are full double page photographs from the broadway show itself. These images are so bright and colourful, you ...

Asda Create Your Own Pizza 09/11/2009

Great taste, Great value!

Asda Create Your Own Pizza These pizzas are avaliable in many Asda stores across the country. The stores have their own 'create your own' pizza stand, and you can either select a pizza that has been freshly made and pre wrapped that day (in my opinion, no fun!) or create your own, right down to choosing base type, toppings and how much cheese you want! What is there to choose from? BASES: - Thin crust (thin and crispy oven bake style) - Stonebaked (flat and crispy base, firm texture) - Deep pan (thick base, soft bread style) TOPPINGS: - Bacon - Ham - Spicy beef - Spicy pork - Chicken - Cajun chicken - Pepperoni - Pineapple - Olives - Onion - Pepper - Mozzarella - Mushroom - Anchovies - Plus more! The toppings are charged for separately, an average price of £0.99 each. The portions are always generous, and you get more than your moneys worth with each topping selection. To finish off your pizza, a second layer of cheese is usually added on top of all your toppings. This not only gives a more cheesy taste, but also (and it may sound stupid!) helps to keep all the topping on your pizza, instead of them all falling off when you pick up a slice! How to cook: The pizza's don't take long to cook in the oven; 12-14 minutes i have found. If the pizza has been frozen, which we have done occasionally (but rarely as the idea is a freah pizza!) the pizza takes 18-20 minutes in the oven. Taste & texture: The taste of these Asda pizzas cannot be faulted. In my opinion, the pizzas from Asda's 'Create Your ...

A Shadow Falls - Nick Brandt 08/10/2009

Undoubtedly the best photography book I have ever seen!

A Shadow Falls - Nick Brandt I don't think it will be possible to explain to anyone who does not own this book just how amazing and inspirational it is. But I will give it a go... I went to an exhibition of the work of Nick Brandt (the author) in London last week, and was captivated from the minute I walked in. The prints were stunning, and when I saw that he had books on sale in the gallery with all of the exhibition prints in, I knew there was no way I was leaving without one! FRONT COVER: A simple cover, with the title of the book and the author's name at the top, then one of Nick's striking elephant portraits on the front. The image is in sepia, as are all the images in the book. This is just one of the features that makes Nick's work stand out from the crowd. INSIDE: There are forewords by Vicki Goldberg & Peter Signer, and then an introduction by the man himself; Nick Brandt. He explains the reasoning behind his images, and his passion for African wildlife oozes from the pages. Now, the part you all want to know about; the photographs! Giraffes, Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Buffalo & Nick's apparent favourite Elephants are but a few of the animals featured in this stunning book. The first photograph is of two giraffes, locked in an intimate position. The next page is an amazing double page spread of a huge herd of zebra's (literally hundreds!) crossing a river. This image has clearly been taken with a wide angle lens, and this not only catches the atmosphere, but gives the image a real sense ...

L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss 26/09/2009

sometimes unexpected results can be best, but not for everyone!

L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss *NOTE - I AM REVIEWING THE SEMI-PERMANENT VERSION OF THIS COLORANT* *I USED THE CHOCOLATE BROWN COLOUR* SMELL: I wasn't too keen on the smell of this colorant, and so the 20 minutes that it was on were spent in the garden breathing in some nice fresh air! Ok for then, but not if its raining! Also, the glossy conditioner that was to be used afterwards didn't smell too great, and left a distinctive 'I've just dyed my hair' smell to my hair! PRICE: This hair dye was rather on the expensive side compared to other semi-permanent hair dyes. It costs £5.74 in Boots, and similar, I believe in Superdrug. To me, this is too much! EASE OF APPLICATION: This colorant is applied to wet hair, and while this makes it easier to spread, it makes it hard at times to see where you have applied the lotion and where you haven't,s it can be tricky to ensure an even coverage. THE IMPORTANT PART - THE COLOUR As said at the beginning, I bought the 'chocolate brown' version of this colorant, and I can honestly say, my hair was nothing like chocolate brown when I dried it! I had my reservations from the start, as when the dye was on my hair, and I looked in a mirror, it looked as if it had a reddish tint. I left the dye on for the required time, washed it off, and as expected, the colour ran red as the excess washed off. I then applied the conditioner, left it for 2 minutes, and rinsed my hair thoroughly. Drying my hair, I could tell my hair would not be chocolate brown. When fully dried, my ...

Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Tooth Polish 25/09/2009

finally, a product that does what it promises!

Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Tooth Polish I bought this product out of curiosity a month or so ago. My teeth are not something I am overly conscious about, but I began to be slightly aware that they were not as white as they used to be. I saw this advertised in a magazine, so took a trip to Boots to buy some. I guessed it couldn't hurt... THE PROMISE: Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile toothpolish promises you teeth that are two shades whiter in three weeks. It also promises guaranteed results, or your money back! The box states you will see whiteness you can actually measure. Hollywood Smile comes with a shade card so you can measure your teeth colour over the two week period. MY EXPERIENCE: When I got the box home, I opened it right away, keen to start the 'treatment'. The instructions were to brush teeth twice a day using the polish. I used the shade chard that was supplied to check the current colour of my teeth, then squeezed some toothpolish onto my toothbrush. I was surprised to see tiny blue dots in the paste, but I guess these are to help clean the stains off of teeth. Anyway, I brushed my teeth with it, and was left with a cool minty taste afterwards. My mouth felt nice and clean, like I had just come back from the dentist. I continued using the polish, and after the first week took out my shade chart and re-measured my teeth. They had come down a shade! Things were on track! After using the toothpolish for another week, I dared to check my teeth against the shade chart. I couldn't believe it! They had come ...

Tussuads Thorpe Park, Surrey 25/09/2009

A theme park you will never tire of!

Tussuads Thorpe Park, Surrey What a place! As a girl in her late teens, I have visited this park many times in the last few years, with family and with school, and I can honestly say I NEVER get bored! RIDES: The park offers a great variety of rides, and they are split into three categories; 'Extreme Thrills', 'Thrilling & Fun', and 'Young Thrills'. EXTREME THRILLS: The thrilling rollercoaster rides are among the highest and fastest in the world. From crazy coasters to petrifying pendulums – Thorpe Park has extreme rides to satisfy thrill seekers everywhere! - Saw The ride - Stealth - Nemesis - Colossus - Tidal Wave - Rush - Samurai - Vortex - Slammer - Detonator - X:/No Way Out THRILLING & FUN: From waterways and railways to cars and carriages, the rides, flumes and rapids will have the whole family grinning from ear to ear from the minute you arrive. - Time Voyagers - Loggers Leap - Flying Fish - Rumba Rapids - Quantum - Depth Charge YOUNG THRILLS: There are loads of rides created just for children, as well as features to make a family day out at Thorpe Park easy, including baby changing rooms and buggy hire. - Canada Creek Railway - Carousel - Fantasy Fish - Galleon Race - Ollie Octopus - Sea Snakes and Ladders - Slippery Serpent - Wet Wet Wet My favourite rides are always the 'extreme thrills'. Stealth is, in my opinion, the ride that gets the adrenalin pumping the most, and although the ride is short (13 seconds to be precise!) it is definitely worth doing! The view from the top is also ...

Clearasil Ultra Spot Blocker Pen 24/09/2009

still waiting for a miracle product... because this isnt it!

Clearasil Ultra Spot Blocker Pen As you can tell from the very poor rating I gave this product... I am not a fan! THE PROMISE: 'The clear, fast-absorbing formula penetrates deep into the pore to effectively fight the spot at its source, before it appears! It also helps clear existing spots by visibly reducing redness and spot size.' (© clearasil website) DOES IT WORK? I have owned this pen for just over two months now, and have used it 5 or 6 times during this time. I have to say I am disappointed. The amount of advertisement surrounding this product before its release convinced me that clearasil had finally created that miracle product; the formula that would stop spots from appearing! But sadly, no... I applied the gel as directed as soon as i felt a spot forming. The next morning when I woke up, i was greeted with a spot on my chin. The formula hadn't worked. I decided that maybe I had applied the gel too ate, and gave it the benefit of the doubt. I continued to use the gel on the spot, as clearasil also promise that it will reduce redness and spot size. It did reduce the redness, but the spot did not disappear any faster than they usually do when i'm not using the gel. Since then, I have tried the gel several times when I felt a spot coming, but again the spot still appeared. I will use up the gel in the tube, as it cant do any harm... but I wont be buying it again! PRICE: At £6.85 a tube, this formula certainly isn't cheap! If it did what it was supposed to, I would understand the price, but you ...

Gosh Extreme Art Eye Liner 14/09/2009

waterproof eyeliner.. that is a bit too waterproof!

Gosh Extreme Art Eye Liner The GOSH range are well known for their variety of colors and types of makeup. I however bought the plain black 'Extreme Art Eyeliner' because of the fact that it was supposed to be waterproof. Well it certainly is! This eyeliner stays on through anything; tears, rain, even swimming underwater! But, as I have discovered, there IS such a thing as being too waterproof! FORMULA: It is a liquid/gel that is applied with a small precise brush (supplied). The liquid is easy to apply to the skin, but can stain if not removed straight away, leaving nasty black marks under the eye. Ok if you have a steady hand ,but not so good if you are new at the 'liquid eyeliner' thing. PRICE: At £7 for a small () tube, this is no cheap product! One thing in it's defence however, is that it does exactly what it says it will; it IS waterproof, and as you find these days when you spend £2 - £3 on a 'waterproof' eyeliner, it usually lets you down. A GOOD PRODUCT? In my opinion, I would just stick to a cheaper, non-waterproof eyeliner. When trying to remove this, it actually gets to the stage where my eyes are hurting where I have had to rub them so much!

DON'T RUN, Whatever You Do - Peter Allison 12/09/2009

hilarious light reading

DON'T RUN, Whatever You Do - Peter Allison I bought this book because of my interest in Africa, and the life of safari guides. I did not expect this book to be so entertaining, or have it make me want to read it over and over again! (As I have done!) SYNOPSIS: The book tells Peter Allison's (the author) account of his time working as a top safari guide in Africa. He tells all sorts of tales about the rich tourists he has to look after, as well as many narrow escapes he was with dangerous wild animals. Using his unique humour and wit, these tales are brought alive, and by the end of the book you feel as if you experienced his life in Africa with him! Allison tells of the young lady who refused to wear the recommended safari-friendly khaki to wear a more fashionable hot pink; the drunk, half-naked missing tourist who happened to be a member of the British royal family; the squirrel that overdosed on malaria tablets; the monkeys with an underwear fetish; and last, but by no means least, Spielberg the Japanese tourist who wanted a repeat performance of Allison s narrow escape from a pair of charging lionesses so he could videotape it LIGHT OR HEAVY READING? This is a very easy book to dip in and out of, and makes for great holiday reading. It is very entertaining, and I would say is suitable for ages 8+. PRICE: This book is originally priced at £10, which to me is on the expensive side, but can be found on the internet for £5, which is much more reasonable. Alternatively, a lot of libraries stock this book, so take it ...

Nina Ricci Nina Eau de Toilette 12/09/2009

sweet scent for any occasion

Nina Ricci Nina Eau de Toilette I was recommended this perfume by a friend, and so bought in in duty free at Stansted Airport. I liked the look of the bottle as I approached, and when i smelt it I knew I had to buy it! FRAGRANCE: This is a sweet smelling perfume, with an almost fruity scent. When it is sprayed, it smells surprisingly strong, and yet is in no way overpowering. It is my favourite perfume, and one which I wear every day, and am frequently complimented on. PACKAGING: The perfume comes in an apple shaped glass bottle, that is coloured red. It has shiny silver leaves and lid, and is a very elegant and attractive looking bottle. I am happy to have this on display in my room, and also to carry it with me as the design is attractive. STAYING POWER: Two squirts to my wrists and one to my neck is enough to last me throughout the day, but if I am going out for the evening, it will need to be topped up. Other than that, it lasts well throughout the day and people are always asking what it is that I am wearing! PRICE: This perfume is not too hard to track down, and can be bought for a reasonable price. It is sold in 30ml, 50ml and 80ml bottles, and expect to pay around £19, £28, & £39 for the bottles respectively. Of course, if you are at the airport anytime, pick up a bottle in duty free for a tax free price! RECOMMENDED? Definitely! If you want a sweet smelling, long lasting fragrance that not only smells great but looks good in its bottle too, then 'Nina' by Nina Ricci is the perfume for you!

The White Masai - Corinne Hofmann 12/09/2009

brilliant read that tells a thrilling true story

The White Masai - Corinne Hofmann I bought 'The White Masai' because of my interest in African culture, and having read a brief synopsis of this book, I realsied that this book was based around a woman and her journey to Kenya. *NOTE* This is a true story, written by Corrine Hofmann, who on a holiday to Kenya with her boyfriend fell in love with a Masai Warrior. It is written in story form, and it is easy to forget that this is real life, but try and remember that this did really happen, as it gives the story another dimension, and makes it an even more interesting read! SYNOPSIS: Corrine Hofmann went on holiday to Kenya with her boyfriend, only to have her life turned upside down. She fell in love with a Masai warrior, and moved to Kenya to live in a small hut with him. They face man obstacles together, but stay deeply in love, and the story follows how Corrine and Lketinga learn about each others way of life and learn how to live with each other the best way they can. MAIN CHARACTERS: Corrine: The author of the book, who moves out to Kenya Lketinga: The Masai warrior that Corrine falls in love with Mama: Lketinga's mother, who Corrine and Lketinga live with for a while WORTH THE READ? Definitely! I picked this up the first time, and read it in two goes; and I only had two goes as I had to sleep! If i could have stayed up all night reading this I would have. I have since re-read it twice, and am hoping to study it as one of my A-level texts. I recommend this to ANYONE!
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