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since 29/10/2017


Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii) 30/10/2017

One of my favorites

Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii) Super Smash Brothers Brawl has got to be one of my favorite games for the Wii. I received it for Christmas a few years ago, and I'm not disappointed at all. It really never gets old, as the Subspace Emissary quest is fun and playable multiple times. For me, it was hard to not find something to play. If friends are around, there are multiple types of multiplayer modes. If you're alone, you can play classic mode or even play trials of Nintendo's original titles. There's just so much in this game. The graphics are such an improved work of art from the other Smash Bros game, and the music has been improved as well. There are so many songs for each level and are all accessible to listen to without playing as well! ...

Vessel - Twenty One Pilots 29/10/2017

Personal favorite, But not for everyone

Vessel - Twenty One Pilots Personally, Vessel is my favorite album from Twenty One Pilots, as the messages of the songs are powerful and speak to the lost and broken. The songs in Vessel helped me get through a lot of hard times in life, and I've tried to introduce it to some of my friends, but they aren't really into it. Unfortunately, some people just aren't into this type of music, but that happens with most types of music anyways. There are many different styles of music in the album, so it's almost impossible that there isn't at least one song for everyone. Overall, I love this and would recommend this to any person. Music speaks a powerful message, and It's important that it is a good message. Vessel truly speaks words of hurt and pain, but shows courage through it all. ...
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