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IC 24 28/08/2000

engaged tones

IC 24 You must have seen the advert for ic24 free Internet service. Which offers a free 0800 number from 8pm till 12pm Monday to Friday and 9am till 5pm Saturday and Sunday. Well I thought I would give it try and signed up on line which was very easy to do but that’s about how good as it got. I tried all night to get on the free service but all I got was an engaged tone. The following day I got on during the paying hours but had the same problem when in the evening (engaged tone). When I finally got on the service was like snail. It did improve on the weekend and I was able to get on with no problem the speed was quite good to. The content of ic24 home pages was not that good but I have seen worse. What I cant understand is why they keep advertising when they cant cope with the number of subscribers they have all ready got.

Tesco (Shop) 28/08/2000

there cheap

Tesco (Shop) I think tesco is one of the cheapest shops around compared to the likes of sainsbury or co-op. Tescos like most of the big stores today you can get most things under one roof. But my problem is when shopping in tesco is just sticking to a list as I always seem to spend to much. But what stands out for me with tesco is the service at the tills. There are always enough cashiers there with staff helping you pack your shopping. (My pet hate with shopping is to see fifteen checkouts and only five cashiers and cues down the shop) ...

Homebase (Shop) 25/08/2000

Service of a byegone age

Homebase (Shop) I have tried most of the diy places like B+Q and DO IT ALL, but today I took a visit to my local home base store to see if it offered anything different from the others. The store was well laid out and had plenty of room in the isles to get about if you use a large trolley. What suprised me the most was how helpful the staff were when I asked a question unlike most diy stores you go in where it is hard just to find a member of staff. With their help I spent £70 there today and found every thing I wanted under one roof, with the kind of service I thought was a thing of the past. ...

X-Men (DVD) 19/08/2000

got childern go see it

X-Men (DVD) My wife and I took our 2 young sons to the pictures so they could watch xmen, I thought I was in for 2 hours of rubbish. While the film was a bit slow in parts the special effects were excellent and the storyline pure fantasy it was quite enjoyable to watch. My children were totally engrossed and I did not here a word out of them until the end of the film, but for the rest of the day they did not stop talking about. So you can guess they thought it was brilliant. Yes it was quite good so when is xmen2 coming out. ... 15/08/2000

Not a bad site This is a good site if you are looking for information on PC games and also is well laid out. It has five main headings the first being downloads where you can get the latest patches, demos and extra levels. There is also a review section of the latest games, bulletin section, hints and tips and forum sections. Most of the information is taking from the PCZONE monthly magazine, but this is no bad thing as the magazine is one of the best round. Where the Internet site beats the magazine is that it is updated daily around 3.30pm and I use the site as a backup to the magazine to get all the latest game news. ... 14/08/2000

computer buffs here ZDNET is a great site if you are at all interested in computers it is updated at regular times through out each day. There are sections for news, technology, reviews, and downloads. You will find all the latest computer related news stories from all over the world. The review sections of computer products are taken from its magazines it runs PC DIRECT, PC MAGAZINE, and PC GAMING WORLD to name a few. The download section is huge and is a must see section for you will find most of the software you need or want to try for nothing. There is also a free email newsletter to sign up for or a free email address all in all a very good web site ... 14/08/2000

A hot little number I like hotmail because of the instant notification of any new mail (a little box pops up in the corner of the screen telling you that you have mail. Also unlike most Internet service provider email addresses you wont lose your hotmail address if you change providers. The other good thing about hotmail is you can get your email from anywhere in the world, you do not have to be at your own computer. There is also a instant messenger service which will tell you when your friends are online and you can use this like you would in a chatroom. The downside to hotmail is the amount of Spam you can receive, but there is a facility to put certain types of email in a bulk folder from where you can sort it out. You can actually block email from any address you do not want any more email from. A lot of the spam is of a sexual nature so I do not recommend it for young children other than that I fully recommend hotmail . ...

Egg Card 03/08/2000

Its a cracker

Egg Card The egg credit card is one of the cheapest credit cards around. It has a first six months APR of 2.9% and they’re after 10.9%. Compare this to some of the high street banks rate of 17% or 18%. This could save you a few hundred pounds over a couple of years. What makes EGG special for me is it is run completely on the Internet. Applying for an account on line just takes a few minutes and you are giving a decision straight away with an instant credit limit. To comply with the consumer credit act an agreement credit form is sent out for you to sign, then your credit card is sent by return. You can access your account by entering a few passwords you agreed when you set up the account. This enables you then to make credit transfer from more expensive credit card to your EGG card, check your balance, print statements, make payments to your account etc. The other good thing about egg is that they give you money back as well 1% on items bought with EGG and 2% back with chosen sellers on the Internet. You are also covered for any credit fraud on the Internet. The EGG card can also be used like any other credit card on the high street. ... 01/08/2000

They have had thier chips I signed up nearly two months ago and have had not one single email this looks like another site that promises the earth and then does not deliver. What gets me they are still advertising for people to sign up with offer of giving away a free car a month. Within this 2 months and no one has won a car unless they are not just telling people who won them. My advice avoid this site as I have been receiving lots of Spam since I signed up maybe it’s just coincidence. Beware ...

Virgin Mobile 25/07/2000

You cant get cheaper calls

Virgin Mobile I bought a Phillips savvy phone from Virgin online for £71.49 which include £10 of calls last November and I still haven’t seen a better buy any where. Buying online rather than from a virgin shop you get a years free insurance on the phone and next day delivery. Virgin use the one to one network for their phones, but have their own billing, helpline etc. The price of the phone calls is unmatched it is 15pence a minute for the first five minutes of the day and then 5pence a minute for the rest of the day and that is to a BT landline phones as well. On top of this there is no line rental or service charge so if you do not use the phone you pay nothing. All in all Branson has done it again a quality service at a reasonable price ... 25/07/2000

Yes you do win I have been doing Tombola for about 3 months now and after a few weeks was getting bored of scratching the foils off giving squares. The main games are. GAME1. ISCRATCH You are giving ten numbers out of sixteen to scratch off to find four same amounts. The amounts being between £20 and £5000. GAME2 PASSPORTS Scratch off all the cities they spin and stop and you hope that they match the six chosen cites giving by tombola. You can win £500 on this won. Now to the good bit I have read quite a few of the opinions on this site all wondering if you can really win. Yes you can I won £200 on iscratch on a Saturday and had the money on the following Thursday. They also promote scratching games from large companies every now and again. At the moment it is LYCOS where you can win ten thousand pound a week for the next two months. Just to show you do win I won £50 on that yesterday. So to all you doubters out there get scratching you do win. ...

ONDigital - Ondigital 24/07/2000


ONDigital - Ondigital I was browsing through QXL actions the other week when I noticed they where selling ONDIGITAL boxes (start bidding at £1). They had 75 to auction. Included in the price was the ability to received 14 channels 8 free ones i.e. BBC1,2, ITV1,2,and several others, Plus 6 others from a choice of about 12 which included sky1 ,MTV discovery . I waited tell about 10minutes before the auction was going to end and looked at the lowest price which would guarantee me a box and I bid £36. The auction ended 10 minutes later and I had a email telling me I had won at my bid price. I HAVE FOUND OUT SINCE QXL ACTIONS 75 BOXES EVERY WEEK. Three days later I received my box installation is a breeze you just connect your Ariel into the box and the lead out into your video or TV. Just follow the onscreen instructions it takes about 20minutes to find all the channels then ring ONDIGITAL to activate your card and you are away.(The box comes with full instruction and smart card so you can see your chosen channels straight away). Picture and sound quality is excellent so I recommend you get one straight away. One word of warning check to see if you can receive ONDIGITAL in your area, this can be done by entering your postcode on the QXL web site where the ondigital auction is. ...

Renault Scenic 1.6 24/07/2000

A good family car

Renault Scenic 1.6 On august 1st I will have had my Senic one-year and it has been superb. I had the megane before this car and with 3 young teenaged sons things were getting rather squashed. My local dealer has always been very helpful so I decided to have a look at the senic. He let me test drive the senic for a morning so I drove it home put my 3 sons in the back and went for a drive. The kids loved it they all had their own seats plenty of room and there was even two fold down trays for putting drinks and food on. These were attached to the back of the front seats. If you only 2 passengers in the back you can fold the middle seat down and it becomes a small table. On the driving side the height you are sitting at compare to my old car does take a bit of getting use to, but you do get a feeling of being safer with the added height. The handling of the car was good and breaks excellent the only downside for me is that I am only getting about 28miles to the gallon All in all a great small family car with plenty of room for all and touch wood I have had no problems with the car so far. ...

Tiger Woods 23/07/2000

Babes in the woods

Tiger Woods Not being much of a golf fan I decided to watch a bit of it yesterday to see what all the fuss about Tiger Woods is. After nine holes I was thinking yes he is very good player and deserves to be rated in the top ten, but he is no Jack Nicholas or a Gary Player. Two hours later I had changed my mind and am now of the impression he is the greatest golfer ever. He seems so unflappable and cool and took it all in his stride for someone so young .He just upped a gear and must of said to himself I think its time to put a few birdies in. I will be one of the millions of people watching the Tiger Woods show this afternoon and if he continues in his relaxed way surely he will be champion this evening. 21/07/2000

Bigger is not always better where formally know as Software Warehouse and they where the first people I ever bought online with. They then only sold computers, Printers, Scanners etc and I bought from them regularly as they where nearly always the cheapest and had a quick delivery service Today they are a very large company, which sells COMPUTERS, CDS, VIDEOS and CONSOLE GAMES, But I think they have lost their way and expanded to quick. I find that the free delivery service they offer which is 5 days regularly turns into a week or more. I also ordered a music CD of them last November as a Christmas present but a week before Christmas it had still not arrived and I cancelled it with them and bought it elsewhere. Two weeks after Christmas I received it off them and had to go to the trouble of sending it back. The other thing that I have noticed is their prices are not as good now Bigger is not always better and I do not use them very much now. ...
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