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Asbach Brandy 31/10/2010

Auf Glass Asbach Bitte!

Asbach Brandy --Asbach Uralt Brandy-- Asbach has a lengthy history that goes back to the year 1892. A chap called Hugo Asbach had been living and working in France in the distilling business. He then moved to Rüdesheim on the river Rhein in Germany where he decided to open his own distillery with the aim of creating a product equal to the quality of Cognac but with subtle flavour differences that would appeal to the German palette. Ever since Asbach has been one of the top selling brands of brandy in Germany and has a product range to match. In order to achieve the quality Hugo Asbach was accustomed to he used grapes almost exclusively from the Charente region is France, which is where the town of Cognac lies. The guidelines to which he worked were almost identical to those of the Cognac distillers and so a top quality product was born. This standard of production has been carried forth to the present day thus maintaining a reputation as being an excellent brandy. Asbach Uralt is the most basic of the Asbach range. The word Uralt means 'very old' or 'ancient' though I'm not entirely sure what the average age of the spirits used really is. Distillation is carried out in copper kettles (similar to Whisky production) and is double distilled (all but 1 Scottish Malt is double distilled) to achieve the alcohol percentage and purity required for maturation. The spirit is then aged in casks made from Limousin oak where the flavour is allowed to develop as it draws its rich caramel colour and ...

Blanton's Special Reserve - Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 13/05/2010

Top Class Bourbon!

The Big Fat Duck Cookbook - Heston Blumenthal 07/05/2010

Curious Culinary Concoctions Courtesy of Heston Blumenthal

The Big Fat Duck Cookbook - Heston Blumenthal --Heston Blumenthal – The Big Fat Duck Cookbook-- Heston Blumethal is arguably one of the worlds greatest chefs and definitely one of the most creative. His flagship restaurant 'The Fat Duck' in Bray, Berkshire has been in the worlds top ten Michelin starred restaurants for a number of years now, winning the award for the 'worlds best restaurant' in 2005 and falling second fiddle to Ferran Adrià's El Bulli on four occasions. The 2010 restaurant of choice is Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark. This book covers Heston's history, the history of his restaurant, a selection of his finest recipes and an inventory of the equipment and suppliers to help you on your way to culinary genius. --Who is Heston Blumenthal?-- Heston Blumenthal is an eccentric chap, albeit a remarkably intelligent one. He can be quite simply described as a molecular gastronomist which, in an elaborate manner, describes the art of scientific cookery. He has recently risen to fame with his television series 'In Search of Perfection', 'Big Chef Takes on Little Chef' and 'Heston's Feasts'. Each and every show has been fascinating insight into the thoughts, the cooking process and final dishes of a world class chef. Although remarkably clichéd, he realised at once that he was going to be a chef after having a meal with his parents in L'Oustau de Baumaniére at the age of 16. He bought a copy of the Guide Michelin and GaultMillau where he read about the chefs of the day and poured over their recipes. Instead of a ...

Ardbeg Rollercoaster 12/04/2010

Hop on this Rollercoaster! Ardbeg Rollercoaster!

HP w1907v 10/03/2009

Crystal Clear Computing...

HP w1907v HP w1907v Flat Screen Monitor *************** *************** **** I am a big fan of Hewlett-Packard and have rarely been disappointed by their products, so after receiving this monitor as a Christmas present back in ’07 I was pretty chuffed. This particular model has a 19” widescreen screen, has a resolution of 1440 x 900 and runs at 60 Hz. The contrast ratio (ratio of the brightest white to the darkest black the monitor is able to achieve) is 1:1000 which is totally adequate for my needs. It’s essentially a great all round monitor that suits my needs perfectly. --Installation-- As with most modern computing equipment this monitor was incredibly easy to set up and install. One simply attaches the heavy stand/base to the back of the monitor with a simple ‘push and click’ mechanism then plugs the relevant cables into the back of a computer – audio, power and VGA. There is a disk that comes with the monitor but it wasn’t necessary and all that was required was the usual ‘have a play with all the buttons to see what happens’. If you find the you have apparently irreversibly (and stupidly) changed the settings to something highly useless then there is an ever useful ‘factory reset’ option available! --Picture Quality-- The overall crispness and colour of this screen are excellent. Movies, images, text and the like are all clearly defined with no lag or blurring (the response time is measured at 5milliseconds). The biggest strain that I have induced on my monitor (and ...

Hendrick's Gin 01/03/2009

A Most Unusual Gin...

Hendrick's Gin Hendricks Gin *************** * Hendricks gin is distilled in a shed in Ayrshire not that far south of Glasgow. It’s distilled in one of four remaining working Carter-Head stills where the distillate vapours are passed through a tray of botanicals rather than left to steep in its liquid form. Towards the end of the distillation the spirit is put through a cucumber mash (Pulped cucumbers mixed with ice cold water) where the gin picks up its characteristic cucumbery flavour. Apparently, the slower the distillation, the smoother the gin. --Gin History-- Gin originated (properly – it is believed that Juniper based spirits go back the the12th century but were used for medicinal purposes) in Holland in the 17th century and was discovered by the English when fighting alongside the Dutch in war. The Dutch used to do shots before going into battle and this is where the term “Dutch courage” originates from. Gin was brought back to England and due to heavy import taxes and high beer prices people started to make gin themselves. By 1740 gin was out producing beer six times over so the government introduced the gin act which caused rioting so had to abolish it then reinstated it in 1751. The gin act at the time stated that if you could see the persons face who was selling the gin a tax had to be imposed. This was overcome by one particular chap who made a hole in his wall through which he could pass the gin and receive payment. He painted a picture of a Tom Cat on the wall and this ...

Wingful of Eyes - Gong 18/02/2009

A retrospective -'75 -'78. Gong.

Oran Mor, Glasgow 14/02/2009

Oran Mór - the great melody of life.

Goslings Black Seal Black Rum 26/01/2009

Black Seal of Approval.

Candi Staton [Compilation] - Candi Staton 06/05/2008

A legend of soul...

Martin Millers Gin 30/04/2008

3000 miles for a bottle of gin...

Ketel One Vodka 04/04/2008

A little Dutch Courage...

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Tequila 26/03/2008

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, four...

The River Cottage Fish Book - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall 22/03/2008

Fish. Lots of fish.

In a Soulful Mood - Charles Mingus 05/09/2007

Mingus. The Angry Legend.

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