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LG S5200 02/09/2006


LG S5200 I first came across this phone after searching through thousands of phones on the net and i thought i must have it. After i finally purchased it i was quite dissapointed with it i spend most my time charging the phone back up the mp3 takes a lot of the battery up some times it can be a bit annoying if you put it in your pocket one slight knock off the phone can cause the lock to come off too easily.But it aint all doom and gloom there is some plus points to this phone, such as the mps player is good quality it can hold quite a few songs i have found it holds about 12 songs maybe more.As for the camera quality i found this to be too a very high standard the pictures are clear and also the video camera is good on it as well as like the camera its clear.The colour i would say does suit the phone if your going to buy the phone do not pay more than 100 pound as i feel you may be dissapointed i picked the phone up at 79.99 from woolworths.This phone would suit someone as a first phone I thought i would update this as i never said what else it includes also on the phone it has bluetooth and alarmclock, a calculator,unit converter, world times, and a modem. It also has a calender and a memo pad.Another thing i like about this phone as well is that you can put your music off your computer onto your phone and set your favourite song as your ring tone i think thats pretty cool like i said before i really think this would make a good present for someone who has never owned a ...

Member Advice on Anxiety 26/07/2006

Beating the demon

Member Advice on Anxiety In thought id write my review on anixety i suffer from anixety i have suffered from anixety for nearly 3 years now.It all started when i was eating a burger i choked on it after that incident i stopped eating all together as i was too scared of having that choking feeling once again.When i went to go eat something solid it made me feel sick it also felt like my throat was closing in and made me feel dizzy.After about 2 years of feeling this way and after alot of hospital appointements i was told it is all down to anixety my advice is this dont let it beat you as my mistake was let it ruin my life i used to weigh about 13 stone but now i weigh 9 stone this was due to me stop eating becouse of the anixety and the panic attacks i suffered.The way iv started tacking it is saying in my mind im not going to choke im not going to let it beat me i am stronger than this.Anixety can be treated dont be afraid to ask for help as your not alone many people suffer from it its nothing to be ashamed off visit your doctor and let him know as they are there to help.Also speak to family and friends dont bottle it up speak to someone and dont let that anixety demon beat you. ...

Member Advice on Tattoos 26/07/2006

Should i or shouldnt i

Member Advice on Tattoos If your reading this im guessing your after advice on getting a tattoo.There is a few things you should know about tattoes yes they look good but remember a Tattoo is for life if you want a Tattoo but have doubts dont get one as you will probly end up regretting it.I got my first Tattoo when i was 20 i remember standing there looking at all the diffrent designs and thinking which one should i get it is quite scary but when you find the one that you want you will know.Im not gong to lie to you yes it does hurt but its not that bad and i suppose it depends on where you get it as well.Tattoes look good if done correct if not done correct they look bad and can cause problems.Before getting one done take a few months looking around and finding a decent tattoist and weigh up the pros and cons remember you have to be 100% sure that you want one tattos are for life ...

Football Manager 2005 (PC) 09/05/2005

Fancy yourself as the next alex ferguson

Football Manager 2005 (PC) Football manager 2005 for the pc is a superb game for me it has everything its fun to play can be very annoying at times though.Basically as the name suggests it is a football managerment game you can take control of a premiership club or if you want a challenge why not take control of a lower league club and guide them to the greatest league in football the premiership.Football manger 2005 is created by sports interactive the team behind the early championship manger series it has features like talking to the press after the game and before the game, all squads use original name and data i would say it has to be the most realistic football magerment game you can get other features include club history, cup history, player and team editor, a massive range of leagues to choice from such as the premier league,championship, league 1, league 2, confrence, confrence north and south .This game also has a massive player datebase and manager try your hand on the transfer market could you manage a club with no money and guide them to glory?.This game can be purchased as low as 15.99 depending on where you get it from too me that is a top price as you will have hours of enjoyment playing this game. I own this game and i can tell you i can sit there for hours and play this game once you get started you dont want to turn it off its very addictive and fun to play its a must have if you are a football fan grapics are good as well why not buy it and see for your self how good it is ...

Microsoft Xbox 07/05/2005

Xbox takes gaming to the next level

Microsoft Xbox Xbox console and controller are designed to capture the power and performance that Xbox will deliver . Sleek and powerful in its look, in a rich shade of black, the Xbox console is emblazoned with a large X and a signature green Xbox jewel positioned in its center.Many people have said that the xbox is so chunky maybe it is but its got a lot of things inside of it see below. The xbox comes with Four game controller ports that allow easy multiplayer gaming and enable other peripherals; ranging from game pads to voice-activated headsets.A front-loading DVD tray A multisignal audio-video connector that allows for easy hookup to televisions An Ethernet port for rich; fast-action online gaming via a broadband connection.An Intel 733MHz processor; the most powerful console and An internal hard drive for massive storage of game information.Obvisley the xbox is not going to appeal to everyone but in my opinion i think its better than the playstation 2.With games like halo and halo 2 out for the xbox plus more and more games are coming out for the xbox its a must have if you love playing on consoles i own one and would not dream of getting rid of it i would be lost without it grapics for the xbox are top class. Games are clear on the xbox and look good so graphics are very strong on the xbox as for the price it really is value for money depending on where you go you can pick a xbox up for as little as 85 pound but if you want a brand new one your looking at about 99.99 thats just ...

Member Advice on Depression 07/05/2005

Where do i start

Member Advice on Depression As the title states i honestly dont know where to start ok so here goes School School was never a happy time for me i spent the first three years been bullied and made me feel like i was nothing,worthless,thick, I used to dread going to school it came to a point where i just did not go i came withdrawn at home my parents started to get worried when i did go to school i spent half my time getting beatings till one day i could not cope any more and i just broke down i can remmber my mam came into my room and i was sat crying on the floor i told her what was going on things did improve for a bit.Towards the end of my time at school i started to rebel i started getting into fights smoking stealing all these im not proud off im very much ashamed but anyway i left school with hardly no qualifactions which brings me onto my next stage off my life Starting on a youth training scheme I started on a training scheme working in a leisure centre which was good but then the problems started again my course advisor made me feel stupid she used to put me down in front off everyone in the end i just snapped called her every name under the sun and walked out i wont go too much into this as its very long and complicated in the end i reported her Joining the army I joined the army and i spent 7 months up in scotland doing my basic training which was fantastic i loved every minute of it i was really happy and for the first time i felt good about myself. But sumthings are too ...

The X-Files - Series 4 - Complete (DVD) 07/05/2005

Mulder and Scully return for a 4th series

The X-Files - Series 4 - Complete (DVD) In the 4th season the X-files are indeed at its best. The previous years had produced some excellent and unforgettable episodes, but overall I'd say that with these amazing stories they surpassed any expectations. Thrilling episodes such as Unruhe, Home, Paper Hearts and Demons are all included in this box set, but also the sad stories about Scully's cancer. The writing was always, at least in the early years, the solid base for the series, but you must never forget the talented actors. Gillian Anderson did an excellent performance in Never Again and in Memento Mori, which gave her an Emmy. David Duchovny dazzled in the humorous Small Potatoes. Also during the 4th season you can sense the developing relationship between Mulder and Scully. A true fan can never get enough when you're talking about extras. . they include The Truth About Season Four Featurette 5 Interview Clips 6 Special Effects Clips With Audio Commentary 9 Deleted Scenes With Optional Commentary By Chris Carter 30 Promotional TV Spots International Clips From 6 Episodes 24 Page Collectors Booklet and much more again this is a seven disc boxset again it is real value for money, in my opinion this season is a fantastic one and is a must have to carry on your x file collection but be careful: before you know it, you might be buying another one

The X-Files - Series 2 - Complete (DVD) 07/05/2005

Chris carter returns

The X-Files - Series 2 - Complete (DVD) X files season 2 is the follow up from season 1, i would have to say season 2 is very good.This boxset contains 25 episodes on 7 discs the price for this is good as well as great value for money.X files is one of the best programmes on tv .Its all very exciting Season 2 sees Mulder and Scully getting closer, the X-Files being closed and of course, Scully's abduction which is classic most of the episodes are exciting and some are damn right freaky.Episode guide is as followed Disc 1 Little green men the host blood sleepless Disc 2 Duane barry Ascension 3 One breath Disc 3 Firewalker Red museum Excelsius Dei Aubrey Disc 4 Irresistiable Die hand Die Verletzt Fresh bones Colony Disc 5 End game Fearful symmetry Dod calm Humbug Disc 6 The calusari F.Emasculate Soft light Our town Disc 7 Anasazi also on disc seven there are bonus features which are as followed The Truth Behind Season Two Featurette Behind The Scenes Deleted Scenes Unholy Alliances Game Episode Guide 24 Page Booklet I have this dvd and i love it its one of these type of boxset you would not get bored of watching final thoughts on this is Buy the box set, enjoy it, then save up for season 3. ...

Sham Pistols Live (Live Recording) - Sex Pistols (The) 07/05/2005

Darkside of the moon

Sham Pistols Live (Live Recording) - Sex Pistols (The) What can you say about Dark Side of the Moon that hasn't been said before? Dark side of the moon is an amazing album! The progressive drumming of the heart beat throught the album makes it dark and surreal. My favourite track is Time, the sudden out burst of guitars, drums, vocals and just sound sends shivers down my spine. Pink Floyd are the most popular and spectacular band of all time dsotm is a bit like one of those hollywood blockbuster movies. It's beautifully put together. Track listings are as followed 1) Speak To Me 2) Breathe 3) On The Run 4)Time 5) The Great Gig In The Sky 6) Money 7) Us And Them 8) Any Colour You Like 9) Brain Damage 10) . Eclipse The total time off the album is about 43 minutes long its the best 43 minutes every song is songs you can really tap your feet too the front of the cover has changed from the original this one has a bit more colour too it and looks more appealing things that are new on this album are The Booklet, cover and the gold thing under the CD i could listen to this album for days on end i honestly love this album i would say if you like echoes you will like this but hey that is only my opinion.So i would say if you can get hold of this its worth the money ...

Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox) 06/05/2005

full spec

Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox) Something that has to be said about full spectrum warrior is that this aint going to be what you expected i bet many of you will think you run around blasting people well wrong this game is about making decisions.The characters are based on americas army.... the game controls are as followed use the left stick to move your cursor around the floor to postion your men.The right stick is used to look around leaving the buttons on the pad to switch teams issuing commands the controls at first do seem a little weird but once you get playing the game it comes quite easy. But on the other hand the game is quite frustrating when you tell one of your men to do sumthing and they wont do it and you end up shouing shoot you fool at the tv.I would say the most annoying aspect of this game is if your men dont raise there rifles fast enough you end up getting blown to pieces. This game will not be popular with everyone which is a shame becouse it offers stunning grapics and great gameplay. Moving onto the scenery a lot of stuff you see can be destroyed in some way , Boxes are great for this if you hit them with a grenade splinters fly all over the place which is pretty cool final note on this game is dont knock it till you have tried it and using cover is very improtant you cant run around like a headless chicken otherwise you will find yourself restarting quite often ...

Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd 06/05/2005


Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here - This album is really good.Starts off with Shine on You Crazy Diamond Then it moves into the shorter songs the album is great to listen too from the first song all the way through to the very last one its one of these cds you could play all the time.The only downfall of the album is that it has not really got enough songs on it tracks included on this album are as follwed 1.Shine on you crazy diamond 2.Welcome to the machine 3.Have a cigar 4.Wish you were Here My favourite track has to be have a cigar this track is simply stunning it sounds excellent.It is a good album to get to add to your collection dont let the lack of songs put you off buying this in my opinion is a good album ...

Microsoft Infrared Remote control for Game console 06/05/2005

Xbox dvd control

Microsoft Infrared Remote control for Game console Well what can i say about this product first off if you want to watch dvds on your xbox then you need this personally i dont see the point in watching movies on an xbox there made for gaming not watching dvds but hey thats jsut me.The price for this is ok but should come with the xbox having tobuy it seprate is a bit of a pain in the bum what i do like about it though is the way the dvd remote looks it looks great and stylish and you hardly notice it once plugged in on the front of your machine.The control it self is easy to use very simple features include zooming, pausing and other stuff basically jsut like a video remote last word on this do buy it but think carefully about buying it ...

The X-Files - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) 06/05/2005

Seeing is believing

The X-Files - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) X files started in 1993 and grew to a massive cult, stars include David Duchovny who plays agent fox mulder, Gillian Anderson who plays agent dana scully.Most of the episodes, since 1993, have been first rate. Chris Carter ,he knows very well his business. Even the movie was excellent scully who is mulders partner is sent in too debunk fox mulders work into the paranormal, This series is thought provoking. When I watch it, I know I´m in for a treat the actual plot is quite simple.FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were assigned to investigate supernatural incidents that take place . Their work is known as the X-Files, and is to be kept confidential at all times. They have come in contact with aliens, vampires, well worth the money i own all of them and i enjoy watching them over and over again special features disc is included a must buy for any x files fan ...

Horizontalios Maldos Palaima - Pergale 06/05/2005

Best ever rock movie

Horizontalios Maldos Palaima - Pergale I seen this movie for the first time last year after years of wanting to see it and i was blown away with how good this movie is, if you loved the album you will love the movie.This movie is powerful and different . Songs that are included on the movie is another brick in the wall, comfortably numb and many more.You dont have to be a fan of pink floyd but it sure does help i also bought my dad this movie and he loved it as well as we both love pink floyd.The main story behind this movie is a burnt out rock star sitting silently in his hotel room awaiting the night's show. On the verge of a mental break down, he spirals into a drug-induced vortex of memories, premonitions and nightmares.Pink's madness is illustrated with living flashbacks of his life... He has visions of his childhood to his present moment...sitting alone in his room Pink, who is destroyed by his evident insanity and is driven over the edge by his wife's infidelity . Pink, a Nazi dictator under the Hammer Regime leading a series of occurrences like raping, breaking and pillaging...The film has great special effects, some frightful and impossible to understand... The music praises the film so well from declaring noisy rock music to quiet ballads of insanity... Bob Geldof plays a excellent role as pink , final word from me on this film is you have too see it even if your not a pink floyd fan but i suspect by the end of the film you will grow to love pink floyd and want to watch it over and over again ...

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (Xbox) 05/05/2005

A Game for die hard xbox fans

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (Xbox) This game is fun to play the game reminds me a bit of splinter cell with the creeping about at the start of the game.The game is probly one of the best games iv played in a long time , the sound is good quality as well with voice overs from Vin Deisel, Xzibit and much more.The onlydownside of the game that the levels are abit short through the game you get the chance to collect cigarette packets that unlock various things.Multiplayer is not included with the game but hey i suppose you cant have everything it is a game that you could play over and over again. Graphics are top quality as well plenty of areas to explore ,controls are easy to get a grip of as well cool features i think that are good you can decide if you want to break a guards neck loudly or silently, either -though that choice is one you'll have to make quite a bit.The background of the game is impressive as well overall this game does appeal to plenty of people plenty of gore as well ...
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