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Samsung ES17 14/06/2011

Terrible piece of kit

Samsung ES17 I bought this camera on a whim before a trip to New York, thinking that I would be able to take lots of photos of all the amazing sights to see. Only when I arrived did I discover that you have to buy a memory card for this device in order to take more than about 3 photographs which was very irritating. It was not a problem buying the memory card as they are relatively inexpensive, although it would have been nice to have known this before travelling halfway across the world with it. The camera is slow to respond and you can be holding down the button to take a picture for around 10 seconds before anything happens, and by then usually people have moved or your hand has moved and you don't quite get the picture you were looking for. I find this camera so confusing that I don't even know if you can turn the flash off. I don't think you can but I'm not about to start looking again. The one major major MAJOR problem with this camera is the battery life. I had no idea that digital cameras these days were even manufactured to be powered by non-rechargeable batteries so I did not check this when buying the camera. A set of high performance batteries (which are by no means cheap) will allow me to take around 3-4 photos. Yes, 3-4. Then the camera turns itself off and tells me to replace the batteries. This is absolutely ridiculous and I will be writing to Samsung to tell them how disappointed I am. Do NOT buy this camera. Yes, the picture quality is very good. Yes, it is a good ...

The Long Weekend (DVD) 14/06/2011

Mother nature has a dark side...

The Long Weekend (DVD) May contain spoilers! Plot: A couple, Peter and Carla and their dog Cricket go for a long weekend break to a clearing close to a Moondah Beach to try to improve their failing relationship. Peter buys lots of expensive camping gear and they arrange to meet some friends. During the ride down to the beach, Peter leaves a message for his friend Luke at the Eggleston Hotel. Peter takes what he thinks is a shortcut down to their campsite but the couple end up lost, arguing and sleeping in their car. During their stay mother nature avenges the bad treatment it has received from the couple. This film was shot at Wilson's Promontory National Park, Victoria, Australia and is also known as Nature's Grave. The plot has the potential to be generally believable (couple on a camping trip getting freaked out by sounds and insects) although the scenarios within are not. For example, in one part a giant manatee which is supposedly dead has wiggled its way up the beach when nobody is looking and ends up closer to home than the couple would like. For me, this is not really particularly believable. Also when Peter finds some dead bodies in the lake and by the shore, the make-up and special effects departments should have hung their heads in shame. The 'dead' bodies floating around look like giant rubber dolls painted white, which is probably what they are. The setting is beautiful, the acting is ok but the props department needs a good talking to. The plot began with the potential to be ...

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 14/06/2011

A very pleasant flying experience

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Travelled economy class LHR-AMS-AUH then AUH-AMS-LHR with KLM on 2nd and 13th June 2011. I found the KLM/SkyTeam check in staff to be badly organised and extremely rude. The lady checking me in had a very thick foreign (not Dutch) accent and scratched my hand with her nails whilst grabbing my passport and boarding card off me. I was not asked the usual 'have you packed your bags yourself' etc; in fact, I was not asked anything at all. On my outbound journey from LHR - AMS the first plane I boarded was a Boeing 737 which was crowded and dated although clean. The snack served was a sandwich, one half was vegetarian and the other half filled with veal. If I were vegetarian I would probably not have been too happy about opening up the packet to find meat! The flight attendants were not really visible throughout the flight apart from when serving the drinks briefly. The second plane I boarded on that leg of the journey from AMS - AUH was an Airbus A330. This plane was spacious and clean, with lots of free seats allowing single travellers such as myself to spread out and families to sit together. The entertainment system is extremely old and dated and very hard to use. It is slow, limited and liable to freezing and crashing as mine did several times. KLM provide long haul travellers with a blanket and a pillow which is a lot less than I was expecting - with Virgin you get a whole pack. I opted for the vegetarian meal as I am a fussy eater, expecting it to be something draped ...

Uncle Bens Express Egg Fried Rice 14/06/2011

Tasty and fast

Uncle Bens Express Egg Fried Rice I bought this rice by accident one day and decided to give it a go anyway when I was hungry after work. It advises 2 minutes in the microwave on the packet, although it only took me 1.5 minutes with a 1000w microwave. The rice also comes with hob cooking instructions. There is a perfect rice:egg ratio which flavours the rice beautifully. I like to eat this on its own as it is tasty and also not as dry as plain boiled or pilau rice. Anything can be added to make a tasty meal, including various meats and vegetables although I usually find that one packet of this is more than enough to fill me up. The Uncle Ben's Express range can be found at all major supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrison's and is occasionally on special offer (usually retailing for around £1.50 per pack).

Kraft Cheesey Pasta 14/06/2011

Delicious, quick and cheap

Kraft Cheesey Pasta I have been brought up on Kraft Cheesey Pasta and love it to this day. Boxes can cost as little as 89p from shops such as FarmFoods. In other countries such as Canada the product is known as Kraft Dinner but is essentially the same product just with slightly different packaging. All you need to add is a little butter and milk and you have a meal in around 7-8 minutes. Pasta and cheese sauce mix is provided. To prepare the dish: Boil the pasta for around 4-6 minutes, drain, mix up butter/milk/cheese sauce mix and add pasta. Voila, a delicious meal in literally minutes! For a healthier alternative add chicken or vegetables to taste. It is hard to find this product in England which means I normally have to order from Amazon.

Boots Own Coconut Leave In Conditioner 14/06/2011

Absolutely fabulous

Boots Own Coconut Leave In Conditioner Boots Coconut and Almond Leave in conditioner is one of my all time favourite hair buys. I have thick, wavy, unruly hair that I straighten and blow dry daily so it can be very dry sometimes. I bought this product on a whim and purely for the price and I am not disappointed! The smell is not offensive but not quite to my liking (I hate coconut) but that doesn't put me off. It is not a thick spray but a light thin spray, almost the same consistency as water. I noticed while on holiday in 45 degree heat that it could make my hair a little on the greasy side. The small bottle has lasted me an age too but I will definitely be buying a replacement when it is finished.

London Gatwick, LGW 14/06/2011

Gatwick needs to be knocked down and built again

London Gatwick, LGW London Gatwick Aiport as it is now known, is actually on the Surrey - West Sussex border and a good half an hour or so from Victoria by train. It consists of two terminals, North and South, which are linked by a monorail which is accessible to all passengers, staff and visitors. The train station is located in the South Terminal and links LGW to London, Brighton and various other destinations. Almost all of the landside shopping areas are gone in both terminals to make way for new check in areas. There are no creche or entertainment facilities for children, although both terminals do have an Arcade with a few rides for smaller children, but only enough to keep them occupied for 10 minutes or so. The North Terminal houses retailers such as Accessorize, Boots, Dixons, Fat Face, Glorious Britain, Hamleys, Harrods, Hugo Boss, JD Sports, Jo Malone, Lacoste, Mango, Master of Time, Next, Ray-Ban, Rituals, Shoe Studio, Sunglass Hut, Ted Baker, Tie Rack, Wetherspoons, WHSmiths, WHSmiths Bookshop, World Duty Free and World of Whiskies. The South Terminal houses retailers such as Accessorize, All Saints, Animal, Boots, Dixons, Fat Face, Glorious Britain, Harrods, HMV, Hugo Boss, Kurt Geiger, McDonalds, Sunglass Hut, Superdry, Ted Baker, Tie Rack, Wetherspoons, WHSmiths, World Duty Free, World of Whiskies. Some gates can be as much as a 20-30 minute walk away from the departure lounge so it is definitely worth leaving enough time to get to the gate. Gatwick Aiport is a non-smoking ...
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